【图】Evercoin: Bitcoin, Ripple, ETH下载
【图】Evercoin: Bitcoin, Ripple, ETH
【图】Evercoin: Bitcoin, Ripple, ETH

Evercoin: Bitcoin, Ripple, ETH iOS

Evercoin 简介

Wallet & Exchange Cryptocurrencies on the Go!

Cryptocurrencies are always on the move and so are you. When you need to make a trade, you don’t want to mess with transferring funds, copying wallet addresses you just want one app where you can make it happen with the push of a button.

Well, if you want to trade cryptocurrencies on the go, please try Evercoin Exchange iOS app.

Evercoin is an integrated non-custodial wallet for managing and exchanging cryptocurrencies.

Supported coins:
● USD Coin (USDC)
● Bitcoin (BTC)
● Ethereum (ETH)
● Bitcoin Cash (BCH)
● Litecoin (LTC)
● Binance Coin (BNB)
● USD Tether (USDT)
● Ripple (XRP)
● Eos (EOS)
● Stellar (XLM)
● Cardano (ADA)
● Tron (TRX)
● Dash (DASH)
● Bitcoin SV (BSV)
● Ethereum Classic (ETC)
● Qtum (QTUM)
● Decred (DCR)
● Bitcoin Gold (BTG)
● Dogecoin (DOGE)
● Basic Attention Token (BAT)
● Chainlink (LINK)
● And more to come

Need help, chat with us on the app or email us at support@evercoin.com

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Evercoin 下载

App Store 官网美版



Why in gods good name is there a 7 dollar miners fee when I want to send money Theo’s makes no sense n y’all are basically milking ppl for money y’all are a terrible app would not recommend at all I’m glad I only send a few dollars because I would have been very upset if it was more in conclusion don’t waste ur life seconds with these worthless ppl use something else

127001 Boy

Love Yubikey love crypto so I love evercoin!


Trying to sell my coins but doesn’t let me exchange with USD. How am I supposed to get my money?

Nothing Burger

App is currently frozen, wont open up for days




I love Evercoin. Ripple, cardano, litecoin …


Good app. Responsive support team.


To many bugs and issues to list here

jepoy popoy

I’ve used it to store and exchange some of my cryptocurrencies. Talip (Founder or Evercoin) will help you if you have any problems or issues with the Evercoin app. He replies fast and will work with you. Highly recommended!

javad mahdavi

Your wallet is great but I think you really have to add USDT to it. Tether is #4 in cryptocurrencys world!!


Very easy to use! sometime wallet not in sync but it normal! could be in maint. mode


All of a sudden it stopped opening the app. Nobody from support cares about it. Not follow up at all. I am very disappointed.


This scam company Evercoin ripped me off and never delivered what I bought from them so everyone avoid buying and downloading their app scam and ripoff company ! ! !


As far as using as a wallet it’s always worked well, the exchange I am currently having a problem with. I’ve used it probably 500 times with no issues, but when I do have an issue I contact support. They claim support responds within “a few hours”. It’s on the second day now with no response. Would have been faster and easier to use an actual exchange and paid the fees.


I am still new to this app, but I feel that it is one of the most promising app in the crypto currency market. Great for bitcoin and ripple.


I ordered a couple hundred dollars worth of bitcoin almost a week ago and still haven’t received it. It’s irritating cause if I buy it from anywhere else I receive it within a day.


This is a really good app. I’ve tried many other apps and by far this app is the best. Not just because of the friendly ui and the cool features, but mostly because the devs are really responsive and fix issues very quickly.


What’s going on with evercoin wallet it’s just displaying a blank green. That was a scare as I wasn’t able to get into the wallet for a while but now it seems everything has been fixed thanks guys back to 5 stars for you


I joined this in September 2018, I was able to have access for several months until the app started saying it was the incorrect passcode. I went through hoops with it as the code I programmed for my sons investments are one that is impossible to be wrong!! I reached out to customer service they offered no help except failed response the first time, then said there is nothing they can do the second time! It’s awful, my sons investments have been stolen by most likely the owners of this app. I am going to report this to the authorities, but my fault for not doing my research on the app before hand I guess! Do yourself a favor and stay clear of this app as you risk being robbed of your entire investment “if you suddenly have your passcode changed on you” terrible to do this to a child’s money overall


I love evercoin. Best ripple wallet.


I’ve bought some XRP from Evercoin. It is really good ripple wallet. Thanks for all.

Jonah AzBay

Best XRP wallet & exchange. Highly recommend it.


What An amazing app experience, love it!


New to cryptocurrency but it’s okay cause this app is great for rookie crypto investors


One of my friends told me about Evercoin. I never knew it could be so easy to buy bitcoin and other cryptocurrency. The first time, I bought some bitcoin and some ripple was around $500. They came to my Evercoin wallet just in 3 days. Thank you for all the service.


I have been using Evercoin for nearly 2 year and I love it. It is best cryptocurrency exchange to me. They support many popular coins like cardano, tron, stellar, eos, ripple and of course bitcoin. It is also easy to use and customer service is awesome. ✌🏻

yasin tamer

I transferred and exchanged ripple, cardano and other coins many times and never had problem, was easy and fast to transfer and exchange. They support most of the major cryptocurrencies, and you can also buy bitcoin at the best price which is awesome. And the best part they developed a recovery system so it is impossible to lose your assets. You are doing great, keep being awesome!

Mr Tesla from Ohio

Every coin, one platform, no bs! Great Application!


I have been using Evercoin for 6 months. I strongly recommend it. Bitcoin, ripple, cardano, tron, eos and many other cryptocurrency.


This wallet is a must have! The layout is awesome and the software is simple and easy to use! Plus they give you free money to write one of these 😉

can sf

I had some BSV and tried to find BSV exchange. Finally, I found Evercoin and convert them to Bitcoin. It went through in just one minute. Also it supports ripple, cardano, tron and eos coins. Thank you Evercoin team.


I bought some ripple and bitcoin two days ago. And they came to my wallet today. Also the prices were cheaper than Coinbase. I like Evercoin wallet.


I was new to cryptocurrency and just wanted to purchase some ripple and cardano. Luckily, I found Evercoin wallet. Great customer support, price charts, wallet, exchange, everthing about cryptocurrency in your hand. Thanks YOU guys!!!


I just wanted to buy some xrp and found evercoin. I think, it is the best ripple wallet. Just 20 xrp issue but it seems that it is not about Evercoin, it is specified to Ripple blockchain.


Evercoin is the best wallet to buy/sell your ripple and other cryptocurrency.


Work great


Very good app. Definitely my favorite

1 Crooklyn Dodger

Just started using this app maybe about 1 week ago, it was one of the few apps with TRON cryptocurrency availability. Long story short the costumer service team assisted me immediately after I had an inquiry about a transaction. Evercoin team, thank you!


Can’t wait to get trading



Jack Curious

Just need to buy some more!


This app is excellent


Evercoin is an easy way for you to buy bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies along with a very intuitive design that’s clean and easy to use.


Wow, I can’t say enough of how Satisfy I am with this app. the customer service is incredible; they respond to you with a quickness. I am brand new to cryptocurrency, and this team has shown nothing but love and knowledge for their customers, the app is fantastic and easy to use as well. I will recommend this app to everyone.

gamma quadrant 42c

Simplicity with security and timely customer service. Oh yeah, and crypto exchange.


Easy to use . Customer support might take a minute but ALWAYS gets back to you personally . Easy to transfer and exchange all kinds of cryptocurrency and a live market.


Heard the app was great but I can’t get past the 6 digit code part


Nice clean, crisp look. However, I’m still unable to purchase funds. My brother recommended I buy some cardano coins so figured I would. This seemed like an easier app. It makes no sense unless you’ve researched cryptocurrency and even then, it won’t allow you to load funds from your bank in order to purchase.


Keep the updates coming also add apple watch


Love the app! Wish y’all would add monero, omg and others !


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