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【图】SoLo Funds: Lend And Borrow
【图】SoLo Funds: Lend And Borrow

SoLo Funds: Lend And Borrow iOS

SoLo Funds 简介

Trusted by hundreds of thousands of users, SoLo lets you borrow money on your own terms or lend and reap the benefits in the form of a quick return. It’s never been easier. Join the SoLo community and leave payday loans in the past! With SoLo, there’s no credit check on your loan so that we can ensure equal access to all.

SoLo’s online lending and borrowing is supported by leading innovators and press such as Forbes, Techstars, and Money 20/20, as well as Visa, Kiva, and thousands of banking partners. Download now to start enjoying more affordable loans or a new way to make a quick return on your extra cash.

— Earn Money While Helping Others —

Lending on SoLo is a great way to make a social impact while also earning a return on your money. A leader in the peer to peer space, our loans are short-term, so you’ll receive your capital back quicker than anywhere else. Use our data-driven SoLo Score or view another member’s transaction history to assess creditworthiness. We have the tools to help inform your lending decisions and create a balanced portfolio according to your risk and returns goals. After funding, SoLo takes care of the rest through automation and step-by-step updates.

“A model for lending that doesn’t screw over the consumer.” Techstars, Lesa Mitchell

— Borrow Up to $1,000 On Your Own Terms —

Borrowers on SoLo enjoy fast, easy, convenient funding with low costs and no hidden fees for small-dollar loans. By using SoLo responsibly, you’ll be able to increase your SoLo Score and the total amount you are able to borrow. We provide a structured community for individual lenders and borrowers to meet, and have created smart features like automatic paybacks to make sure your personal loans are never late.

“Finally, An App For Borrowers Living Paycheck to Paycheck” – Forbes

— Safe & Secure —

We take the safety of your personal information seriously and we are committed to protecting it. Our hosting provider is a Level 1 Service Provider under PCI DSS. At no point does SoLo ever store your online banking credentials. Additionally, each depositor’s account held at our partner bank is insured for at least a balance of $250,000.

— Free Education —

SoLo provides users with a full financial literacy curriculum. We believe that access to information is the key to building strong financial habits. Take courses, learn, and share this free resource with others. Knowledge is wealth, help us spread it! You can learn more at www.solofunds.com.


If you need assistance, please contact us anytime. Email us at help@solofunds.com and we will get back to you as soon as possible. We’re here to help!

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SoLo Funds 下载

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The app is what it says, however, horribly mismanaged app. Customer support was somewhat helpful, however, I’ve had issues every time I used the app. If you need a loan, look elsewhere.


I love this service great for emergency funding when you are in a financial crunch thank you!!


I would give it one but it’s ok. And would get 5 if I could add my card keeps saying I can’t add it


If i could give them negative stars I would. I provided 4 loans for $100 to different people. 3 never paid back and its been 180+ days. Yet Solo was able to keep the Solo Donation. So im out $300 yet Solo somehow made $20 from the donation. The 4th paid back but Solo kept the money until i reached out and asked about it. Only then did they send me the money.


Helping a stranger in need always feels grand. SoLo is an easy way to do just that. You’ll find lots of folks in need of a little help and be rewarded for your kindness with a tip. It’s a win-win!


I’ve heard a lot of great things about this app from at least 4 of my friends that use it on a regular basis. However, I have yet to even get my license to scan. My license was one day old, as I had just had it renewed in the State of Florida. My license has 2 different types of barcodes but neither would scan within the app. Support for this issue was less than helpful. While responses were somewhat prompt, they literally repeated the same phrase over and over in each email. I tried scanning with an iPhone 7 and an iPhone XR. Both were tried under various lighting conditions. Going on almost a full week of the same problems, I’m done trying. I have since downloaded a similar app called “Lenme” and successfully set up an account and scanned both sides of my license with no issues. The only reason I gave this app 2 stars is for lack of genuine support regarding this issue alone.


thanks solo y’all was first ones to help


Cool idea. If I could actually get a loan.

better then the old

Works great glad to have found this app thankyou Andrew for helping me out since my work screwed up my paycheck. This app is a lifesaver


Customer service has definitely been a hassle, but they fixed my issue and restored my account. Great concept and good app.


10/20 So, do yourself a favor and ask yourself. Do I have enough money to gamble with? With mixed results, lending money to strangers. There’s no real guarantee you will be paid back. Other than that, it’s a great platform as a borrower. Update 11/16/20 : 8 on time. 3 late. 8 currently late. 3 current. The recovery fees paid by the borrower when the loans default. Almost add an additional tip for you. If you were to have purchased protection. You’re only receiving the original loan amount. Instead of the additional tip and recovery fee.


This app is ridiculous! It’s a total rip-off! Don’t use it!!! They definitely take your money. I got currently 2 loans out 1 with a “solo score” of 44 and the other one with a “solo score” 86. They’re both overdue by 37 and 32 days respectively. Supposedly solo team already knows what’s wrong with those loans which is a problem with their card but both of the have done loans before 2 and 5 but for some reason they now have issues with their card when I loan them money. Yes I didn’t purchase your insurance because we don’t make a little money by doing so you do but it definitely doesn’t take that many days to resolve an issue like that but their solo team is working so hard on it and when my money returns if it does they’ll take even more money from me for “solving it” and “working so hard” They better work harder before I take them to court patience is over!!!!!


I am fairly new to the app. I borrowed money only 3 times l. The 3rd time was my last time. I love the concept of Solo but the payback fees are a little higher then similar apps. My real issue with solo was when I requested funds to hold me over until payday. My paycheck deposited into my bank account 1-2 hours after solo funds tried to debit my bank account. They tried again 3 hours later and was successful. I know because of the email notification times. Since the first try was unsuccessful I was charged an additional $29 late fee on top of the other fees I was charge. I borrowed a $150 and I had to pay back $204. I reached out to solo and asked can I get my late fee refunded since I repaid on the due date. I was told that there wasn’t anything they can do because the money was already giving to the lender. My advice to anyone borrowing avoid repayment on payday because if your check isn’t deposited before they initiate repayment you will be out of $29. I think they should initiate repayment in the afternoon or by 5pm.


I had a big review typed out, but I switched over to the SoLo app to look at something and came back with my review gone. Oh well. TYPICAL LOAN Principal: $100 SoLo Donation: $7 (fronted by lender unfortunately) Lender Protection: $5 (paid up front, gone no matter what) Lender Tip: $12 (maximum possible, needs to be much higher) If repaid late, you’re down $12 from the $112 fronted. If on time, you make $7 with $119 repaid. That’s $112 fronted by you with $119 (+$7 net profit) repaid if perfectly on time and $100 (-$12 loss) repaid if late and by late I mean even just a day or a couple of hours. If the loan is late by even just ONE day, it is in “default” for Lender Protection opted loans. So you’re looking for people who will never pay it late, ever. That’s pretty difficult to near impossible to do if the borrowers are on here looking to borrow $100 outside of the traditional credit system to help make ends meet. So by definition this whole platform is a fool’s errand for a lender essentially That’s a $12 loss if the borrower doesn’t pay on time, but a $7 gain if they do. And we’re talking not one day or seemingly hour late. Well, you need a pretty decent on time payment rate to outpace the loss. You need 63% (12 / (12 + 7)) on time repayment to break even. Good luck trying to get 6 out of every 10 people to pay on time. If you go without Lender Protection, you’re talking extreme risk. I lost $2500 before I switched to exclusively Lender Protection lending. Many of the defaults were to decent lending history too. Never heard from the borrower again. Seems like many are trying to scam. Lending amongst friends until an unsuspecting lender comes by and scoops up the scammer’s loan with lending history built with their friends to fool the unsuspecting lender. CHANGES NEEDED Increase the maximum tip percentage. Make the SoLo Donation only paid upon loan repayment. Let borrowers go through a lending and borrowing educational seminar to help them understand how this is supposed to work. Show more data per user/borrower/lender/platform. Force borrowers to be lenders first before they can borrow. ACH debit all loan payments so none are ever in default.

Nicole R4

Being able to help people brings joy to my heart. I love this app and what it does for people. Very beneficial for lenders as well

Mike from Raleigh

I followed SoloFunds best “ practices “ by only picking borrowers with high solo scores and good repayment history. Unfortunately regardless of my efforts I have 5 loans that are delinquent. As a borrower I have to pay 20% fee to Solo for the collections processes. Stop letting borrowers get loans with NO JOB or income verification. Solo should require income verification.


Better pay that fee to guarantee 95% of your money back, otherwise there’s no guarantee you’re getting paid anything in return. If it goes to collections the lender loses 30%


This app always comes through when you need it. I have been in the most desperate positions and the lenders always come through in the clutch!!! Thanks SoLo Funds!!!!


This could potentially be an amazing app. But if you lend someone $100, you have to pay $8 on top, plus if you wanted to protect that $100 by getting insurance on it you have to pay another $3-5. If the person doesn’t pay you back immediately, you lose the $8 and the $3-5. This should be set up to allow you a month to recollect payment. The company is taking the lenders money, and on the back end charging a late fee to the borrower. They screwing both parties.

treyvon 1

I’ve been trying to get in contact with customer service for funding issues and they have not been contacting me back this very unprofessional and lack of customer service skills do not use these people


I been using Solo Funds now for a couple months and is very practical. The signing up and the verification process was a breeze for me..


Funded my first loan and I should be boaid back this week. Ill udate my review if anything changes.

Dun ediaen

I needed help and their support team assisted me with getting on the app.

patty ethan

Thank u

Brandon Ranly

I submitted a loan recently for 100.00 dollars. Still haven’t heard back. Definitely not worth it

Chr oniclets

Solo allowed me to have some breathing room. So simple and easy. Thank you!

Ifb ypoi

This app is both easy to use and comes with excellent customer support! As a first time lender, I had several questions and they were always eager to help

Buttylesl a

Great market for those who have problems getting loans. Customer Service is very helpful and friendly.

Major ialicaa

Fantastic design, easy to use and I received my loan thee same day. Wow. Thank you solo!

Gineve nia

I have been on the platform for about a month and I have been seeing great returns. The protection plan has been improved and that has been helpful in some cases. Great to see a small company doing so well!

Insom os

Found the app when I was going through some tough times and I was instantly accepted for a loan. Really grateful and impressed!


I haven’t had any problems with this app so far. Looking forward to seeing my return grow.

Leny mariaa

I’m just so impressed that a lender fulfilled my loan within the first day! I know I can count on this app in a moment of need.

JideWiz ardPatty

I’ve been using this app for a good while now and am impressed with the new features.

Ide alHot

Solo funds has helped me so much. Their customer service is super responsive and has been helpful in fixing some issues on my account. Thanks solo!


Too many people not repaying loans. What are you guys doing to recover the funds?


This app is amazing for a quick and easy loan. Word of advice, don’t borrow unless you truly plan on paying back.


I just started Lending with the app and I like the protection features they have in place. So far so good. I’ll update my review if anything changes.

erdedl laniav 1990

An app where I can ask for a small loan until my next payday and set my own terms? Brilliant!


SoLo Funds is collecting on my old loans. Honestly, I am super suprised as I have been waiting for a few months. Keep up the good work.


I love being able to borrow when I need to and not pay crazy fees and interest like other places. It makes the borrowing process much more approachable and knowing that there are real people helping out other people is amazing.

Quadrumed Bradley

Should you have money lying around you wish to accumulate, you can lend out money to smart canditates and makes decent return on top.

Ann nNight

SoLo is great if you have extra $$ sitting and want to lend a hand to those who may need it. The customer service team is super helpful and I feel supported.

iNah ttuo

I used to be a borrower but now that I am in a more stable place, I am able to return the favor. Really grateful for this app and appreciate the hard work behind it.


Wow! I was in a bind and didn’t know what to do to make ends meet. Luckily, a friend suggested I use SoLo and I’m so glad they did. I was able to get what I needed, and pay back early. Seriously, thank you so much SoLo!

Smarter Edgy1

Very simple interface, and very user friendly. Plus the customer serice team is super helpful. Awesome app!!


I appreciate the customer service team and knowing that they are actively trying to get back the funds from my defaulted loans. They are really proactive and make me feel like I am in good hands, even with the given risk of lending.


So the concept of the app is amazing however it makes no sense that my bank is accepted by the app but not my debit card my bank provides. That’s a bit backwards. And I can’t link any other debit card not associated with that account but you also can’t change your bank account once you sign up. Very backwards.


Lender here. This app is run by a bunch of middle schoolers. Most loans go through and are paid back fine. But sometimes there are issues with getting the leant money back to me (no fault of my own). But there’s no way to track the problem or the resolution of the problem. Customer service is a joke. They have no ability to do anything without you screen capturing every little error message or email. I am legitimately worried my money is getting lost by this app. Additionally, lenders have to pay the app donation and just hope the fee is repaid when the loan is repaid. But lenders eat the cost if the loan goes into default. So if I lose money when the loan defaults, I still have to pay the app’s donation? That’s bull. I plan to wait until my money is returned to me and delete this app forever. I hope a better option is developed because there’s a lot of money to be made in payday lending.


I would really be able to like to see my total revived back, or even total tips earned, a way to easily see your lended Amount vs your paid back amount, this would make it more trusting to look at for bigger lenders


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