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【图】Eastern Bank – Mobile Banking
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Eastern Bank – Mobile Banking iOS

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Secure, fast, and easy to use — Eastern Bank’s mobile banking app puts you in control. View balances, transfer money, make payments, and deposit checks anytime, anywhere.

24/7 Access to Your Accounts
* Instantly login with Face ID® or Touch ID®
* Quickly view balances
* Keep track of your transactions
* Conveniently view eStatements
* Activate, cancel, and manage your debit card
* Enroll and manage your alert subscriptions

Easily Move Money
* Send money with Zelle® – a secure and easy way within the Eastern Bank app to send money to trusted friends and family using just their U.S. mobile phone number or email
* Pay bills on the fly
* Deposit checks from anywhere
* Instantly transfer money between your Eastern Bank accounts

Expand Your Eastern Bank Relationship
* Apply for a personal loan in less than 5 minutes*
* Open Free Checking, Premier Checking or Statement Savings accounts in minutes*
*Restrictions and limitations may apply

Good Evolves
We are committed to providing the best mobile banking experience possible, and we think customer feedback is extremely helpful. Please email us at feedback@easternbank.com to let us know what you think!

Eastern Bank does not charge fees to use its mobile banking app. Your mobile provider may charge fees for its text messaging and web access services.

Check with your mobile provider for information about their fees.

Zelle and the Zelle related marks are wholly owned by Early Warning Services, LLC and are used herein under license.

Face ID and Touch ID are registered trademarks of Apple®

Eastern Bank, Member FDIC, Equal Housing Lender


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Very easy to use and secured


I have been too a couple different banks and by far this is the best one out there. And my branch in Mattappisett the employees are the best, they are kind and always ready to serve with a smile on their face.


The app is great when it works which isn’t often and drives me crazy. I’ve had to change my password about a million times because it just didn’t work even with Touch ID, go figure, and have had to delete and reinstall so many times I’ve lost count. Sometimes it won’t even connect at all. It’s a crappy app. When it actually works it’s got some decent features to it but it barely works. Need to update more often or scrap the whole thing and start over from scratch.


I have been a member of EB for over 30 years. EB is the best bank. The app works, customer service is always helpful, tellers are friendly and most importantly I fully appreciate their security. Other banks don’t compare.

What happend

Garbage app, trash bank.


Really reliable, love it


Dios los bendiga hoy y siempre amén


Don’t ever forget your password because you will end up going to the bank and being told that they have no control over the whole “online side of things”. Then you’ll spend over an hour on hold only to be hung up on. You’d think a company like this would have the knowledge and resources to deal with someone forgetting their password. I’d recommend any other bank in the history of mankind.

okoa t

TheControls that allow the user to go to the previous screen or not readily apparent. There should be a method for adding a new repeat payment like a scheduled payment in the app user interface.


Hi I like using your app but…I would like to when you go in to manage your debit card if you could change your pin from the app can you please go back to that way especially doing this crazy time


My Branch has been simply outstanding with all my needs . They help me several times to set up pay by phone and electronic Banking . They have even reached out to me by phone to see if everything was good !

Angry Man from Bosto

Your app is very slow and constantly is not working correctly. I have experienced these problems with 3 different phones. I relay on apps for all my bank and yours has to be the worst. I use Metro Credit, Key Bank, Amex and never have issues with them. Often have trouble signing in or it fills in the acct name then you enter the password and it closes. I am surprised, I love your bank and have had an account for dozen years at least, but the app is close to useless for me. Sorry, I hope it will improve.


Very Happy with Eastern Bank and their App


I have had my account for over 40 years and have not had any problems. Everybody that I have dealt with over the years have been very professional. Thank you. Anita Tivey

Adelson M

This is the best bank here in US.


Extremely user friendly. Good job guys!


The End!


For years I avoided the Eastern Bank mobile account even though I had the account on my computer. Covid-19 forced me to try it. I am so very happy, it is wonderful, saves me many steps and a huge amount of time to go to the bank


Can only do one type of transaction at a time in Lynnfie


I’ve had nothing but excellent personalized service from the people at Eastern bank no matter which branch. In addition, their tech services through online banking are reliable and super convenient. I’m glad they’re looking out for everyone too, with their charity programs.


Everything is great except User name will not save when box is checked.


So easy!

not tecnical

First timer like all other services “easy” to accomplish Thanks


Yet they say we can’t get a button to cancel transactions but I got scammed with my card like 3 times and the bank don’t care! They care if people get scammed with our money but don’t see people scam people with items or online!


“convenient online enrollment” means call their 1-800-number before you can enroll. Only Massachusetts !


Worst app performance ive seen Crashes mid deposit and takes an hour to load Waste of time


Can you please fix the sign in so i don’t have to do it 3 times before it works‼️Worst app EVER‼️


So easy to use


I would give this zero stars if I could. It’s super glitchy and never accepts the check picture the first time on mobile deposit.


This app is an improvement from the previous version that didn’t work at all. However the app is only as good as its glitches are resolved in a timely manner. I have not been able to deposit checks as of the last few weeks because there’s a known glitch preventing check deposits. it tells me that any new checks can’t be deposited because the app mistakenly confuses new checks for previously deposited checks. The tech support person I spoke to says it’s a known issue but won’t be fixing it anytime soon and suggested I go out during the covid-19 pandemic to deposit the check in person. Seriously?! I am switching banks.


Answer me


App is ok, would give it 5 stars if I got notifications from it. Like deposits and transactions. Like every other banking app….


To deposit checks over 5,000.00 you have plenty of time to verify… just means another trip to the bank

big ggghn

spoke with

Chelsea M 5

I always have issues with logging into this App. It always gives me the error this app is unavailable right now. Disappointing since this is my main account. Now I keep getting a message that I need to update the app but when I go to do so in the App Store it says it’s up to date. Please make it easier to access my account!


The app doesn’t even open after the update


Bill pay glitches on entering amount. Wont save my user name.


So easy to use!!! Especially with social distancing!!


We love Eastern bank I recommended all the time great service very professional fits all standards we are glad we found them. Thank you so much for your service 🤗


This app has always been a nightmare. Very rarely does it open the first time, almost always just opens to the splash screen and that’s it. After typing your username and then tapping to enter your password, the keyboard pops up but the cursor disappears. You have to tap password again.


App only opens 50% of the time maybe less. Just never gets to the login screen. Thought it was my phone at first recently just got a new one and same issue. It’s to a point I’m expecting it to not be able to open and when it does it’s a surprise. Although the off chance it opens the app is great and easy to use.


Needs an update it’s not letting me past the eastern bank loading screen on the app. I can’t even check my bank account.


Love the Eastern app. It’s easy to review my checking account daily and transfer funds from the checking account to my savings.


what was my review to you?


Most of the time the app won’t open. It is so frustrating!! But when it does open it is a great app.


I have been trying to open this app for a week and it will not open

DL Tile

I have worked with other banks and RIGHT NOW Eastern bank makes “going” to the bank easily through the app! Reps at the Lynn Location on Boston street are kind and friendly and if you dont know how to use the app they are there to help with a smile on their face and making it a breeze to use the app!!!


App is fine when it works but 95% of the time it just opens to a blue screen and does nothing. It’s so annoying that I’ve opened an account at another bank so I can get rid of this annoying app.

Gabes computer

The app is fine…when it decides to work. It launches correctly about 10% of the time – and is a good app when it does, but 90% of the time I have to close it down, relaunch, close it down again, relaunch… and then try again later. Very unreliable. It used to be great.


I like easymfeen


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