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WorldWinner: Play for Cash iOS

WorldWinner 简介

Compete to win REAL MONEY! Play your favorite games in skill-based, cash tournaments, with entry fees as low as 88¢. We prize out more than $200,000 EVERY DAY!* Practice in free warm-up matches, too.

• Solitaire Rush
• Bejeweled™ Champions
• Wheel of Fortune
• Angry Birds Champions
• Catch 21
• Spider Solitaire
• Solitaire TriPeaks
• The Price is Right: Super Plinko
• Two Dots
• And more . . .

• Make a deposit.
• Enter a head-to-head or multiplayer tournament.
• Compete against real opponents of similar skill. Each player gets the same game board, turns, and time limits.
• Beat your opponents and win CASH PRIZES!

More than 20 years of fair play and big prizes!

WorldWinner – Play for Fun. Win for Real.

Secure deposits & withdrawals. Easily withdraw winnings!

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Twitter: @WorldWinner
YouTube: http://bit.ly/2sUUZj8

GSN Games BBB rating: A+

*Note: Based on awards across platforms since January 2020.
Skill-based, real-money competitions are not available in all locations.
Questions? Visit https://gsnweb.zendesk.com/hc/en-us

By downloading the App, you unconditionally consent and agree to the following:
Terms of Service: http://gsngamesnetwork.com/terms.html
Terms and Conditions: http://terms.worldwinner.com/
Privacy Policy: http://gsngamesnetwork.com/privacy.html
Recommended devices: iPhone 5s or higher, iPad mini 2 or higher, iPod touch 6 or higher.

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The Price is Right: ®/© FremantleMedia 2020.

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I’m deleting it!! I love playing Bejeweled but it’s supposed to match you and it doesn’t come close. I’ve had a couple blow-out games that were practice rounds and now my opponent seem to be able to do those scores every time. Also the sound went bad weeks ago and they tried to fix it but made it worse. I have a lot of other glitches too.




Hey I won like three games in a row and I never got my prize . This is nuts last game I had I used the last of my money won but didn’t get my reward . What’s up with that


Long story short, these people may as well claim to be a Nigerian prince that needs you to send them $2000 so they can get their royal inheritance money which they will split with you……oh, you wouldnt send them $2000?????? THEN DONT PLAY THIS APP, NOT EVEN ONE TIME…..absolute lowlife scam and you will NEVER come out ahead…….the games are really good fun games which makes you want to keep playing, but please if you have ever taken a strangers advice please trust me and do not even download this app……you may win a game or two at first, but u will never come out on top…..they claim to put you against same skilled people, NOT TRUE…..you will lose 20 times in a row to the same people, which means they arent moving up a skill level, but once you happen to win at the most a couple games the next thing u know you will get you rear handed to you for 30 games in a row against “people” whose average scores are way higher than yours and “people” whose skill level is far above yours…..and about these “people” you play, once you win one or two on the rare occasion it happens, its always these same “people” who come take you for all you got, not to mention there are no profile pics, no messaging, no ANYTHING to even give one spec of prof its a human that youre playing……i could go on for hours about the bots that take your money, but lets move on tothe fact that all you see is scores, no replays of your opponents like some games do, nothing at all to show you are playing an identical game as them, just play a game then your score shiws up with a few others to show you that you lost…..when you get a normal score as soon as its done ur opponents are either playing or done already and bam you lose, but for the 1 out of 1000 times u have a good score, all of a sudden theres no opponents, and it could be hours before a ramdom unverified name and score pops up to let you know someone just edged out a victory against your best score ever…..For 2 weeks i kept track of my wins/losses, my opponents, their averages compared to mine, and how many times in a row the same people were allowed to beat me without getting different opponents, and other things…. PLEASE TAKE MY WARNINGS because my experiment solidified my assumption that these are lowlife predator scumbags only here to rob you of your money with a false claim of fairness….so if u do decide to play this app, then after u get robbed by these weasel rat pieces of shut your face, make sure you imagine me laughing so hysterically i can barely say the words “i told you so”


I’m not liking how the app lets you practice one thing but then when you play for $$ it is different. Example: Angry Birds U practice a progressive scoring. U have 3 scenes to accomplish and they “add” the 3 scenes together. Highest score wins. When you pay to play. It’s best score out of the 3 scenes. If your highest score of the 3 is more then your competitions highest score, then you win. Let us practice the same thing I am putting my money toward.


good games deposited $5 played the cash games kept losing all the .88¢ entry games i played. app not worth losing your money. if you are good at doing puzzles download app called consumer break its free to play and they pay


I downloaded this game as a bonus for some survey app that I never even got the bonus for but quickly became addicted to the game even though you know the results are rigged. You compete in tournaments where the odds aren’t fair because you aren’t playing against others who are playing the same exact tournament as you and basically they can take take take from you. I’ve spent $3000 since December 15th 2018, clearly I have more issues than just this game. But they take advantage of morons like me who keep dishing it over just to have it swept away.


The odds are always against you. The game only presents large prizes to entice you to pay and play more, when each time you enter, there will always be someone else with a score 10-100x higher than yours. The only time you can win somewhat consistently is when you play for amounts under a dollar. Quite a scam.


The program had cost me a lot when it gathered data while I was playing money games about 3-4 months ago. I quit playing with money until this week. I think you should reimburse those people that had this happen on each game that it interrupts where money is involved.


Keeps glitching and taking my money. Game starts then freezes where restart is required. Can’t reopen game even within the five minute grace period to keep playing. No way to contact support through app so here’s my review. Love the games hate your glitches. Free warm up games only for me until you pay me my $20 I’m out after multiple glitches in last two months.




First of all you wont withdraw the money you win, secondly they will close any account that requests for their money back, my brother won some money and emailed customer service and next day his account closed. I have proof. Do not waist your time guys, the games are fun but trust me you wont think so when you want to withdraw your winnings and you are blocked


I love playing, I do win money and so far I have won up to $50 on separate games. But the one thing I have a problem with is that I do not see an option that I’m able to put the money back into my account like I’m able to withdraw. The reason why is because say if I have a certain amount of money, I don’t want it to just sit there. I do want it to be able to deposit back into the card that I used. Also, it would be nice to have slots as an option even if it may be 25 cent or $1 games.


The other company Skillz is fake too. They also give you no money for winning games without paying. You only get lucky if you pay a few dollars. They want payments but expect you to log in regularly, or else you lose everything.


I was kicked off the app because they claimed I was fraudulently using the game. I won maybe $40 total, played casually for about a week and suddenly was locked out of the game. After nearly a month of reaching out to the fraud department, they told me that after a technical and manual review they decided I was fraudulently using the game with possibly assisted software or hardware. Good grief! I don’t even update my phone right away because I don’t like re-learning how to use it. What a joke! Don’t be so good that you win enough money for a tank of gas or you’ll be flagged!




I’ve been playing this app for years and I don’t know why I still even play it. They constantly take money and say that you can’t play the game and then when you try to email them about getting the money back because you were booted off the game they never respond. I’ve lost quite a bit of money and still haven’t heard anything about anything. Just saying if you play for real money be expected to lose some from them


I read the reviews BEFORE downloading any of these so called money games. I noticed if someone says something good about the games, the developer comments back but if someone has a problem with the game or gives it a not so good review, they don’t say one word and that’s not right. We deserve an answer just like everyone else. I was going to download the Gabe but after reading the reviews, I think not and for that they get 1 Star. These games are not meant for you to win any money and their ads of people winning bundles of cash is fake. Why can’t we all as players, actually win money like they advertise? I’ve only found 1 game that you can actually cash out on. WORDS LUCK. I only play for something to do but even that game after 15 games, you only win between .1-.2 for every 15!!! games. Like all these games they start you off good but as you progress the payout gets lower and lower. As for games like this one, I’m not depositing one dime because they should be paying us players to play. After all they are making more on us watching their ads than we do playing the games so no thank you I’ll just try and find another game but I’ve already played so many I’ve lost count abs they are all the same. You are not going to win all those bundles of cash. It’s just a trick to get you to download their games and watch all those ads making your bank account go down while theirs goes up


So, I deposited money and I actually won… it was only $16.00 but before I could play any more or withdraw, they closed my account saying I did something fraudulent and took those winnings. I never did anything but play the games. I wouldn’t have the 1st clue even to know how to do anything fraudulent. So I guess because I actually won… they took my money. I think it was a fluke that I won more than a $1.00 and when they realized, they claimed I did something wrong, closed my account and took my money. I tried to contact and ask why but of course they offered no explanation other than I violated their terms. So, I guess winning is a violation. Don’t waste your time or money here, they are thieves!,!


It’s a fun app. Great way to kill time and make some cash.


They say they match you with a similar skillset, but they match me against someone worse than me when I’m playing for free, and always someone better than me when I pay to play. I’ve played tens of thousands of games over the past year on this app, and I win and win and win…while I’m playing for free. As soon as I get brave enough to spend money, I win 1 or 2, then lose lose lose. So frustrating. That said…I’ll continue to play the free games because they’re really fun.


You have to have a 2:1 win ration to profit at all, I have been steady. BUT they have been spamming my email and they have made it extremely difficult to stop it, I wish I never got the app… I am so fed up!!!🤬 Update: THEY WILL TAKE YOU FUNDS DUE TO INACTIVITY!!!


It’s fun and u win real money


I play games for CASH and can’t get the $0.50 or $10.00 I won


I love playing scrabble cubes in this app. You don’t need to spend any money but I like to deposit a bit here and there just for fun. Their customer support is great! I’ve had a couple glitches and they fix any request I have within a day. They are super responsive and helpful.

Lotto Ladybug

I love this app because it’s the only one so far that pays real cash. I also love the fact that you don’t just throw your money away they let you play the games and practice until you’re good enough to play for money. I love it.


This is an awesome game with a chance to win real money. Thank you for the opportunity!!


So, I’ve been playing solitaire rush on here for 6 months now. I have deposited hundreds of dollars a day and thousands of dollars total, compulsively. One month, $7,000 alone. I have never won enough to have over a few hundred dollars at a time and if I do win it takes it all back to be able to win again. Some days I login and can play where I feel like it’s fair and others is just absolute robbery. I am very good at solitaire, like I can easily finish in 1:00 when given an easy hand (which is a score of around 1849 and very rare) but for some reason I can’t get the scores that I constantly see winning from the same “people.” First of all, the decks are rigged. They give you a deck based on if you are going to win or not. All players get different hands and the ones who win get the easy hands. Secondly, some of the players aren’t real. I’ve seen the same 15 players play all day 24/7, doesn’t matter the time and they win every single time. With unbelievable scores. Not impossible scores, but scores that have been either won by a computer or scores that the producers of the game allow they to get based on easy hands. If you have played this game, you will know what I mean. Scores of 1865 or 1870 by the same person, every time. That’s beating the game in I’d say 45 seconds, which is impossible with 99% of the hands given. I’m assuming these “people” are just automatic scores given by the company when they haven’t had a lot of money be put into the game. It’s just all rigged. I have cashed out twice, $200 and $300. When I got fed up with losing. Which was NOTHING compared to what I had put in the game those days. The bonus and tier levels are a sham. You don’t get extra anything because you already get discounts when you are a vip player so the discounts are just there for bait. This is strictly gambling, don’t let them fool you. It is not skill based and you will lose to fake people. Even if you win the first few times, you will lose. That’s how they get you hooked. For instance, I cashed out $300 for the second time ever a week ago after putting in around $600 that day. Yesterday I put in $300, that was gone within an hour. Today I put in another $300 and that’s gone too. It’s not even fun anymore, every single game i play there are automatically “people” who score 1860 in first place, which is actually impossible to beat. The app itself is also rigged, I notice that every time I get a good score, the game glitches or something pops up and says “cannot connect to Internet, blah blah blah.” Honestly, I’m addicted to solitaire and highly advise against putting any money into this game. I PROMISE you will lose. This is my third honest review of this app. The other two were deleted, which should tell you all something about the way this company runs their business. Apple and developers- Please don’t delete this review. It’s a scam and unfair if you don’t allow people to actually give fair and honest input. Apple – If you allow this to be deleted, you are a third party and contributing to a fraudulent app and game.


Glad y’all added wheel of fortune always love the tv show


I’ve deposited so much money compulsively, to the point where I struggled to find what I need for utilities. They don’t care.


Great game

to go f no jfh

Games are easy to play yet tricky enough to be chance. They made it so you can still play even if you a broke joke


It’s very hard to play.

Old tv show junkie

Can you play a game without actually winning real cash?

omg u guys pick

Not cool at all! The only way to win money or redeem the points is if you pay for it!! That’s BS!


Why can’t I play online anymore rather than just the ap? This is bs


Pay 88 cents, win get 1.25 , lose get 5 cents If you: Play two games, win one: you paid 1.76 and get 1.30 (lose 46 cents) Play three games, win two: you paid 2.64 and get 2.55 (lose 9 cents) Play four games, win three: you paid 3.52 and get 3.80 (win 28 cents) WOW! In other words this is a scam and should be banned from the App Store as such. You may win pennies if you can win 3 out of every 4 games, but you probably wins so don’t get your hopes up.


Great app to have


So I am allowed to deposit money and play for real cash games fine because the state I live on allows it . Then I play a bunch of different games and I win a bunch and then I lose some down below my initial deposit . So I’m playing the tournaments for real money just fine . Then all of a sudden it states that I’m not allowed to play for real money in the state that I’m currently residing when I try to make any money back ????! They are just trying to steal your money and won’t refund what you put in cause is glitches in the game


When you win they don’t give you your winnings. I knew this app was to goo to be true.


I got notifications I won two of my matches and now the app refuses to open at all. I’ve restarted my phone and nothing is working. If this gets fixed will move stars back to 5!


I started plying today and have already lose money because the game glitches when you try to start and there is no safe way to reload. There is also no obvious reason way to contest the glitchy games. The worst gambling game platform I have ever played.


You will lose your money, WorldWinner is nothing more then a Ponzi scheme. WorldWinners is expected to declare bankruptcy and sell your information.


I haven’t been on this app in a while but today when I returned I didn’t see the only game I played on here which was Mrs. Pac-Man what happened to that game ? Please someone respond back. I have deleted this game because of that but when you add mrs pac man back I will re-download this game


Waste of time and money


I found this app through Swagbucks. I did the challenge, and played 15 games with real money in WorldWinner for swagbucks. I never got the SB. But anyways, I deposited $10 into this thing. I figured I’m good at games, hopefully I can at least cash out what I put in and get that swagbuck bonus. But yeah, it’s a trick. You are allowed to cash real money out, but once you deposit into it, they convert your money into WorldWinner currency. And they don’t refund “their” currency. So I played my 15 games. They got a pretty sad collection, but it’s for money right? Your choice between competitive spider solitaire or stack the cats. The only decent game is angry birds, so I did 15 of those. I broke even, made and lost my way back to the $15 marker. (When you sign up, they give you a bonus $5 of “their” currency.) But yeah, it’s June 14, 2020 right now. I withdrew my $10 back on May 30 or 31. They say it takes 5-7 days for PayPal. I haven’t got it yet. I sent them a ticket, and they said it’s on the way, and then resolved the issue themself. If they do give me the $10 back, I’ll bump up this review. But yeah, I’m feeling pretty cheated and tricked. So 1 star until the ticket is actually resolved. Thanks ~ Andy Gameguy


This game is a joke. You can’t even rewatch matches to see if this app/game is just stealing from you. I suggest going Blitz games all the way.

lady from lakeshore

I have tried many gaming websites but this is the best of the best! Fair competitions, options to play on different levels! And win! I have been a member for over 8 years.

The Borg five

I think the advertising for these games is great however when actually playing there are way more rules to win money. This one is like a gambling app. Pay to win $$. So it’s free to play but not for winning prizes or PayPal money. False advertising


I tried to register but every time it would say I lost connection to the server then it would tell me my email is already registered but when I tried to login it was saying my password was wrong. I did that 3 times


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