【图】Lovee Dating – Meet & Date Me下载
【图】Lovee Dating – Meet & Date Me
【图】Lovee Dating – Meet & Date Me

Lovee Dating – Meet & Date Me iOS

Lovee Dating 简介

Lovee is the best dating app for seeking love and meet new friends. How does Lovee work?

You can like the profile and their photos/videos/personality. Commenting on others’ photos or personality means like as well. If you both like each other, it’s a match. Only mutual matches can send messages to each other.

We make it easy to start a conversation. Every match begins by someone liking or commenting on a specific part of your profile.

Truth or Dare is a new feature you can play with during the chat. You and your matches can choose from the questions Lovee provides and invite each other to answer. It can be a great way to break the ice & spice your conversation up.

Please contact support@lovee.co if there is any question.

The most popular cities in US on Lovee are New York, Los Angeles, Houston, Chicago, San Diego, Las Vegas, San Antonio, Phoenix, Philadelphia.

Privacy: https://www.lovee.co/privacy-policy.html
Terms: https://www.lovee.co/terms-of-use.html

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Lovee Dating 下载




I tried setting up my profile and I even uploaded my favorite headshot photo. Then they wanted me to take a selfie mimicking a man and when I did it, it would say time ran out. I retook the pic SEVERAL more times and they claimed if I was using a “fake” photo I would be blocked. Oh, then it kept saying it has to be exactly like the person on the app I’m suppose to mimic; it also said I my pic wasn’t clear & could see my face. Well the profile pic (which was taken earlier this this)I had on makeup and was out for a special occasion. The verification photo I was bare faced and tired. It’s the same person. It’s not even worth the headache. I get the verification process but the app won’t let you go any further to or even start over. I closed the app then reopened it and it’s stuck on retaking the selfie. So hopefully they will DELETE ALL MY INFO I put on there.

Bring it on 2013

It’s an ok app just there is no one near me to even look at. Poor filter stuff and hard to do much

Varjrini Sunshine Ga

Only problem I have with this is the height part of the questionnaire. I am shorter than 5’0”… there’s nothing under that! It’d be nice to put down my true height! It’s not fair since I am 23 years old and shorter than 5’0”. What the heck??


The “guy” actually admitted that he/she was not American after telling me they were in the Army. Have photo to prove it. Need an easier way of reporting such things. Deleted my account.


It’s a great app, but it continues to refuse to verify my photos despite me doing the sample pose. Please fix this


Before you download this app, you need to know that this app is much better than others.


Great for people who enjoy the game Truth or Dare.


Dating apps used to ask us to pay but this app doesn’t.


I’ve used serveral dating apps, including Tinder, Hinge, Hily and Meetme, Crush is the best.


Crush isn’t perfect but it definetly deserves a 5 star.


I want to share our success story to inspire others who are still hesitating to download this app, but it’s too long, hope they can have a place to share in the app.

Bodie ray

No users within 100 miles waste of time


I’ve found the one and been together for over 2 months, thanks to Crush.


Highly recommend! I like dating apps which treats women with respect.


I do not need to pay to chat, that’s awesome.


Good algorithms, better than all general dating apps, should have a chance to beat Zoosk and Match.


This app allows you to connect with real people who are looking for serious relationship.


Crush is fantastic, I love the idea to let women make the final choice.


I’ve met several quality matches, thumbs-up.


I lov this app most among all the apps I have, like Bumble, Match, Clover, Hily and Skout!


Tried to contact the customer service with a problem, they solved it very fast and I like their attitude.


Crush’s a solid and safe dating without any glitches.


This app is obsulutely for people who are looking for a serious relationship, just like me.


I’m 24 and used many dating apps like Meetme, Badoo, and Tinder of course, this one gives me the best experience.


I was recommended to use this app while I was using POF, this app doesn’t take me down.


Met a bug and it has been solved, but other than that I give it five stars


The app is good so far. I think the only complaint I have about it is that it doesn’t have enough types of girls I like.


New to the app. But so far looks like a decent app. People seem real.


Very thankful for this app!I’ve already found the one on Crush.


Thanks for making this great app! As someone who has a preference towards serious relationship, I actually have a very hard time finding them. This app makes this quick and easy 🙂


So far it seems that the app ok. I have had a few responses. Will wait to see what happens


I’m getting a lot of people in my area. So far good! 5 stars!


The UI is pretty eye-catching, while it’s new, I’ll keep patient.


I’m a big fan of Tinder but many people there are looking for hookup or onenightstand, so I joined this app, it surprised me!


I’ve used the app for only a day, no replies yet but it’s free. So we will see what happens.


Many girls checked out my profile recently, that makes me feel great.


Don’t understand.


This app is nothing but fake reviews run by mentally disabled people who can’t tell the difference between a persons photo. This app should be banned for stealing people’s pictures to create fake profiles.


They want you to match a lady that isn’t holding the camera

I Kallien bad boy

Excellent excellent excellent. Beautiful women well put together and wonderful to know and website is this good


I put the profile picture and when I came back to the app, my profile picture automatically got deleted


I have installed it for at least 3-4 days. Did everything but was unable to find any single user even. I’m going to uninstall it.


This app is awesome it just is amazing

joe c payne77777

There were 4 women in my area. I opened the age and location all the way and nothing more. 👎


I don’t really have anything to compare it to ,But it seems straightforward. I like the way it’s set up. Doesn’t seem like there’s a lot of people on it right now I might just have to expand my search parameters. you can tell it’s real people looking for there next crush.


There’s no one on this app. It’s like I see another person once per week.


Does work not worth downloading save your storage space


Waste of time!


Do not wast time this is junk


It wont let me use it


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