【图】Lost Island: A Tropical Blast下载
【图】Lost Island: A Tropical Blast
【图】Lost Island: A Tropical Blast

Lost Island: A Tropical Blast iOS

Lost Island 简介

Welcome to your very own island! Step onto its shores and solve puzzles together with lovable characters to build a beautiful tropical paradise!

But this is no ordinary island. Legends tell of ancient spirits that haunt its sandy beaches and lush jungles.

Design, build and decorate to transform it into the home and garden of your dreams. Solve challenging match Blast puzzles and a treasure hunt to investigate and uncover the secrets of the past.

Combining the best of match games and adventure games, Lost Island takes you on a fun-filled journey through a mystery paradise.

Travel to the heart of the island and unearth its mysteries!

Game Features:

● Play exciting Blast puzzles with explosive boosters and tons of levels
● Construct and customize buildings, beaches, gardens, jungles, and more
● Go on a magical quest through the tropical island and uncover the fun story behind its ancient culture
● Repair and decorate the island to restore its beauty and magic
● Experience a fun story set in an exotic, magical environment
● Investigate mysteries and discover secrets while combing through ancient ruins
● Explore the island and find gold, treasure, and historical artifacts
● Meet interesting new friends and help them fulfill their dreams
● Partner up with Ellie, the adventurous archaeologist
● Play and hunt in the quest for treasure with your cute pet seal

NOTE: Lost Island is FREE to play and download, but you can make in-game purchases with real money. If you don’t want this feature, please disable it in your device settings.

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Lost Island 下载

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I have been playing this game on both my iPhone and iPad, but at two different levels. I clicked on the wrong thing when going into the game on my iPad. It set me back to the very first island. I am not happy. How to recover my lost game? I even lost the group I was in and too tired to remember what the name of the group was.😬😑


I have been playing this game almost 2 years with no end in sight. I could have bought multiple good trips with the money I have spent on it. You do the same stuff over and over. Just in different areas. It is the game that never ends. I was on level 2,600 I think. And I’m just tired of wasting my time and energy trying to play a game that you cannot find a end to. So , good luck to the people who are willing to endure the crazy loss of life it takes to get there. I am going to enjoy my life.


I haven’t been able to play for over 24 hours I don’t think that that’s right because it’s already put me to help our league.

Sexy recedes

Very addicting and it makes you use your mind. Great game…


The game forces you to buy coins to get anywhere.

Lori Hilton

This game is getting too complicated I had to uninstall Willy Wonka‘s game due to the extreme complication of playing.I hope I do not have to uninstall this game to


You would have a bunch of coins and they would disappear you also have three stars and they would disappear It’s like other teams would steal coins and stars

isllabd Nanny

I’m so ready for some new levels! Please hurry. I love this game and play it all the time


This is just to fun for me


The game is nice but tu hard. please it is a game why you put it so hard for my 6 year old. Let’s them have fun. They want to discover what is next but it is hard to get stars after Make it easier. It is very hard. To past some levels. The good about it is not advertised.

tired of same games

I have been playing for quite awhile. And I have noticed the games are repeating – over and over. I have spend money on the games and because it seems I just play the same games over and over, I am deleting this game.


Games get to ridiculously hard that it’s not fun to play. I probably get rid of it. Liked it in the begining

Ellies gone

So Ellie went on vacation and now I can’t open the game. I’ve played this game longer than any other game I’ve tried. I’m going to miss it.


I spent money to get energy I had 500 I used some but when I reached the next level it took them all away and gave me 69 energy I’m exchange. I’m so upset that I wasted money! I would not recommend spending any money !!! I like spending some in the games I play to support the makers but that is wrong !


I’ve played Lost Island for several years, but since the last update the game won’t even load. I’ve invested quite a lot of money to get to my current level, and am concerned I’ll not get to play again. I tried to contact support but that wouldn’t open either. Please help.


I love it it is so fun it is the funniest game ever…….

Parcel Tracker

I work to clear puzzles in order to earn points to make upgrades/changes. I have “added lights to hotel” and “added sign to hotel” more than 3 times each. It takes my points, makes the update, and then goes back to saying I need to make the update, but my points are still gone. Deleting game. What a waste and dishonest.


The things On level 748 that can only be gotten rid of with bombs or rockets but move each time you move ruin the entire game. They make it nearly impossible. When you can build a rocket/bomb they move in your way so you can’t do it. If you have a rocket to play it moves out of its way each and every time. They really ruined the game. Thanks. Update. It became impossible to win. It wants certain things. It doesn’t give you. I needed 48 purple. There where maybe 5 purples the whole game. Can’t win without power ups. So that’s how they make money. DON’T WAIST YOUR TIME WITH THIS GAME.


I like this game I play everyday but for some reason it is frozen and I can’t play


wish there were ways to gain more lives. it takes way too long for them to refill, and players can lose interest. I would like to see perhaps treasure chest on the map that you can try to find and if you tap on it you can find a limited amount of free lives


This game is pretty interesting, but I’m around level 300, and it has gotten very hard to clear levels, so I do the same level over, and over, and over, and over, and over, and over, and over, etc etc.. How about giving more moves, and boosters so we can actually have a little fun. I’d give this 3 /12 stars because the story is interesting, and it’s not next to impossible without spending money (Toon Blast comes to mind). I like that the arrows change direction, which at least gives to a fighting chance to win a level once in awhile.


Me fascina este juego lo deberían jugar😘😀

peashers and cream

I been on 1845 seem like it made so you can move on even after you buy coins feel like not playing to many small things to build for a lot of buildings


Yet again, I have quests to complete, which require earning stars, but earning stars isn’t an option. Due to my level, I can only play in the “legendary arena.” If there was no content yet to play, I would get this. But there IS! What’s up with the hold on earning stars?


So there is no adds really and the concept is nice 8 think they should upgrade the options a bit and less talk8ng ty no hate I love this game


I don’t understand why, once you reach higher levels they make the game SO HARD it’s not fun any more. Do the developers really think I want to try 20 times to pass a level?? Why keep making it harder and harder till you just feel like deleting it?? That’s my reward for gaining levels, that I just can’t pass new ones? I’m about ready to delete this game even though I’ve played it for over a year. I want to developers to reset me back to about level 500 when I could actually enjoy playing.

short ant

I like doing the puzzle I order to change appearance of game


I worked for a few days to get a hundred stars. Usually that goes a long way right? No…be prepared to be amending soil that takes a lot of stars and all kinds of trivial things! The story might be okay if you ever get past the mundane stuff. Actual game play is okay!


I am on level 2146, because I love this game so much. This is one game I can go to for stress relief. I find helping them through their problems helps me forget about mine. I get enough lives to play for awhile and all the specials along the way helps me play even longer. I love the totem pole, I can play for over five hours with that. I can’t say enough about this game. Right now, my boosters froze and I can’t choose them. Quite annoying, but I will survive. Lol. Thank you Thanks for fixing the boosters. From a happy player.


I am very upset. I have been Playing this for a long time. Have time and money invested in my progress. 3 days ago it refused to load fully and stayed stuck like that. Today I deleted and re-down loaded it from the cloud. There was a pop up about changes in privacy and then the game would not load my original game. No matter what option I picked it launched a new game as tho I had never played before!!!! Just lost a customer update it has now happened again the game has been stuck on a loading additional content screen for about for five days so you can’t even get to the settings to submit a problem report. I uninstalled reinstalled and once again I tried to start me over from the very beginning. This time when I told her to load save game it loaded me right back to the same frozen loading content screen that has been there for several days. This time I am positively done this has happened two times in less than a year.

Dilliha Brockway

Thank you! FINALLY got a NEW storyline download! I had been waiting months and months and months for the new download, just playing to be playing! I was planning to remove the game from my phone if there was no new storyline by Friday. Thank you so much! But really please don’t let it take over a year for the new downloads for storyline!


blaire white brought me to this gaame


I had 83 stars. Now I have 2. Plus, all the quests disappeared; and I am stuck in ‘games’ that are impossible to pass. It would be nice to skip an impossible game; sadly, that is not an option. I would not mind as much if I still had all my stars because I would wait for the quests. Lastly, I’ve never had this experience with the game stealing a majority of my stars, quests, and sticking me in an impossible to pass ‘game.’ Poor form. Do you really expect gamers to purchase anything when this happens? Time to wake up, Lost Island. There are other games worth my time and money. Your treatment of gamers that previously purchased game packs from you and earned stars from those purchased packs is over since all that time and effort is worthless because of your greed and thievery. Time to delete this game and spend my money elsewhere. Toodles.

star ann johnson

Don’t know what has happened this week, but I can’t use any if my boosters. ?? So disappointed. Maybe because I’m on level 1075 don’t know. I use to love to play thos game.

Cro Quill

I like how the story is expanding. The levels are challenging enough to keep me entertained. There is one slight glitch. It won’t allow me to select any power ups to use on the levels.


Latest update Won’t let me use the bomb, rockets or pearls I have accumulated. On my last life when it ask if you want to use a rocket pearl, it takes away all I had (3) and didn’t show up on the game.


I really love lost island. The maps are so beautiful and I really love decorating them. Unfortunately as the game goes on you need more and more stars from winning the match three games to do the renovation process. And the match three games get more difficult as well so it can take a long time to get even 1 Star to do renovations. At the level I am at it now takes 4 to 8 stars to get something renovated where it was so fun in the beginning where you could renovate after just 1 Star. Sad to say I am not willing to play anymore because of this. It also costs a lot of money to buy lives and such and you also do not earn enough from winning levels. I have paid in the past and I would continue but it is not enough value for what you are paying for.




I’ve played this game for probably two years now and am pretty far along. For the second time, I have made it far enough in the game that there is no more story line. It’s been weeks. The others in my group are in the same boat. How much longer is it going to be?

punk by havker

Great game


I have played a lot of “blast” games and “build town” games and this one is the best! It’s challenging without being so difficult that you want to quit. Tasks don’t cost an arm and a leg and that makes it a fun game to play. I enjoy the game so much! The graphics are great, the storyline is great and I would give this app many more stars if I could! Thank you Plarium Global!!! This is the best game ever! Keep the exact same game play as this one and create ones with different story lines and I will download, play, and recommend them all day!


Since the last up date I have been unable to open the game. I am requesting assistance. I had been enjoying the game up to that point. Does anyone read these comments? It is now 7/20/20 and I still cannot open this game any idea if it can be corrected or do I delete it? It is now 7/23 and I not able to open this game. Is anyone reading this?


Lost Island is a great game and the story line is inspired. That being said I am only giving you three stars so that you may feel the frustration of your players. Not only do we have to wait days or weeks for our update in order to play the game, but now you’ve decided to slow us down by requiring 4 stars to get a job done and move on… I’ve decided that I’ll just stop playing for a month or so. Maybe content will be there, maybe not, but I am tired of working for that freakin star and it not being enough.

Tanyia Diaz green



I have been playing the game for awhile and I have to say I love this game, the only thing I wish they could do is give you some chance to get more bombs to help clear the game so you can move on.


I love the concept of game. I enjoy the challenges and earnings for placement. I like having a team to share lives, and group efforts. Although, I’m currently sitting 386 stars and NO AREAS TO RENOVATE! I only have 23 more levels before I’m caught up with levels to play again. The last time I was sitting in this position, quest became available. I quickly cleared the area with 300+ stars sitting then. Anyhow would love it it evened out to playing levels and using earned stars for continuously progress with no interruptions.


I hate how you use the bombs and they sit next to each other. Wish they would spread out in the game. Otherwise it’s so much fun!


I did enjoy this game when I started playing. Now it is simply frustrating. I realize that as the game advances, it becomes more difficult but when I spend over an hour on one game, it is no longer enjoyable.


Annoyed waiting for more games!!


I am so addicted to this game. I do 50 levels a day. Get it now.


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