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InboxDollars Surveys 简介

Earn cash for sharing your opinion and completing surveys. Join the millions of InboxDollars members who have earned over $59 million in cash to date.

Companies and brands want your opinion and we will pay you cash for it. You’ll earn real money for surveys you can take every day.

Check back daily to see the best paid surveys that are available. Once you complete a survey you get cash rewards immediately. Paid surveys are only available in the United States.

Download and signup to InboxDollars Surveys today for Free and start earning money immediately.

*** Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.

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InboxDollars Surveys 下载

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Some surveys are to long for the value. Thanks




1. It looks outdated. When you’re signing up it FEELS like a scam. 2. It wouldn’t even let me register. I put my email in, my password and I confirm my password and it just tells me “Validation errors”. That’s it. Nothing more, nothing less. Did I check if my information was correct? YES. Many times. Don’t believe the hype of this app.


I’m going surveys honestly and giving proper and valid answers . Still I’m not getting any rewards . I felt it’s bluff in the survey and not worthy to do surveys.


Why don’t you have Playtime for IOS users? It’s just not right.


I was Supposed to get a $25 offer for investing $5 and downloading the stash app and I haven’t gotten it!


Great Way To Make Money


U just want my info


This is Another App To Still your info & cheat you out of time!!!! So don’t waste anymore time looking for quick money tips, this is not the app!!!! SCAMMER


Trash is numbers


You spend 20 minutes doing a survey just for it to come back that you do not qualify for the survey! SCAN!!


I’ve only had it for a day and I’ve spent hours trying to earn by doing surveys and playing games. It tells me that I don’t qualify. I read and answer each answer carefully and truthfully but I’ve never gotten a survey that got me money. The games I would play them but they don’t give me anything.


Tried to take 5 different surveys, I read the questions very carefully and answered truthfully and all it tells me is I don’t qualify to take the survey. It makes absolutely no sense and it’s just a big waste of time.


I worked really hard to earn 35 dollars and I never received my payment and when I try to call inbox dollars customer service you can’t really call anybody and they tell you in the site to contact Tango cards but tango cards says they do not have my account anywhere.


I tried it before and I’m trying it again. A few things have changed. There’s no more spin to win (which never gave you much anyways) no more games you can play, no more credit for using their search engine. Also the surveys take a LOOOONG time. Not bad really but boy so I miss those games. It wasn’t much but it was way more fun that whatever this has turned into

Equals 06

I enjoy making extra money with this app


I tried to sign up I was creating a password and it said it was a strong password but still would not let me sign up . I spent 15 minutes trying to find a perfect password and this was an absolute waste of my time . Smh . Fix your app .


Hopefully I can get someone attention on here please


It’s ok kind of boring asks a lot of personal questions


You answer a lot of questions than it says you don’t qualify after you have answered tons of questions. A lot of the surveys are just scamming.


Doing surveys it’s easy and earn and complete surveys get a 2X progress ❤️ I do ❤️ because it’s easy and helps me earn fast. Thank You Inboxdollars 👍🏻 and love this because it’s easy for to refer to my neighbor friends and family!




Every survey asked you the same questions over and over. Age, education, etc. Then all of a sudden you don’t qualify and you are asked to start another one. Ridiculous.


Why are they so different? I used to have an android and could do everything like the TV, search bar, spin it wheel, etc. Apple app only lets you do surveys? That’s no fun.

Lilayy Isabel

This would be a great way to get some extra cash, but I have yet to get my rewards from offers that I took almost two weeks ago because they are “pending”. I have 40 dollars pending and I can’t cash out because I have less than 30 from actual surveys and scratchers. Please fix this or give a time estimate as to when it will stop pending.


They kick you out of every survey after u fill out your personal information and say you are not qualified what a scam


When you try to click links to get prizes the links doesn’t work so it’s like you only get approved for surveys that you can’t even click

bwown eyed girl

qualified. Frustrating after the time that I spent on the survey.


I have several now that I spend 35+ minutes on the final page loads and thanks me and then just stays there without redirecting me to inboxdollars website to give the $. Is this on purpose? Read the others reviews. Tell me what you think. Cheats they are, dishonest they are.


I don’t mind doing surveys so I thought this could be a fun way to kill time. I have not qualified for a single survey, and have spent way too much time trying. You have to enter the same demographic information over and over and over only to be told that you don’t qualify. I have made $.52 in addition to the five dollar sign on bonus, and you have to make $30 to cash out. I think it would be impossible to cash out by taking surveys.

roblox player player

This game s an nice app but can you make 10 dollars


I understand pre-screening for a survey. But I get a few questions for pre-screen, then it switches to the survey site. After about 10-20 minutes of answering questions it says I don’t qualify. This seems like some of these surveys are fixing the results. Also, it makes it not worth my time when I spend so much time answering questions for nothing


Good layout but this program is such a waste of everyone’s time. You spend 20 minutes making a quarter. Sometimes they will give you a dollar for 20 minutes. Don’t do this!


I’ve done at least 12-20 surveys and i always answer and finish the surveys yet i never get the money and there’s always “Sorry you did not qualify”! So i’m seeing tho as basically a scam. FIX THIS PLEASE! And they only support Paypal, not CashApp, or Apple Pay so you’ll need to make a whole account if you don’t have PayPal.


Every time i go to take a survey i get half way through and it says sorry you do not qualify for this survey!


This app acts a bit odd in ways that prevent ny usage. I would like to opt in.


$30 as the cash out threshold is ridiculous. Especially when the surveys offer such little rewards.


I wish the surveys would pay more but, I do really enjoy the app & taking them!!!


I’ve been using Inboxdollars briefly, but so far so good!! This seems to be one of the better apps for doing surveys so far, as it’s easy to navigate and the surveys aren’t that long.

Mom Dukes1799

Great extra jingle making app.!! Cashed out $30 on 10/8 and the check arrived today.!! We could all find faults with these money making apps, but this one seems seriously legit.!!!!

Boo IPhone 4

It was great and easy till I warmed almost enough money to cash out and no matter how many times I reset my password I cannot log in now. 🙂


I identify as non-binary and as such don’t identify as male or female. I don’t mind having to select a gender on a survey that isn’t my own I’m used to it by now, I just select which one I’m feeling more like that day. Well now my account was suspended because I gave inconsistent answers to those questions. I’m angry because now all that time was wasted doing surveys for free because I didn’t reach the payout amount. Maybe just add a third option?


Where is the survey I just want to know where is it I download and re-download this dump app more then 7 times every time I try to take a survey from the year of 2017 tell 2020 sorry this survey is not a fit for u if 3 years trying to take a survey and every time this survey is not a fit for u if this survey is no fit for me what is


Surveys take a while but payout is ok/decent ig


I can’t get the validation code through sms text message

Almight kash

Made an account then it signed me out so when I logged back in it said combination don’t match. Customer service is horrible haven’t helped me at all


This is fake


It’s ok. Like many other survey apps. Plenty of surveys, though often screened out. And several glitches and/or reaching the end of a survey to only have an error. Wouldn’t be so bad if you didn’t have to earn $30 to cashout. And there are other ways to earn besides surveys, but they either involve spending money, filling out ridiculously long spammy surveys/forms. You can also earn playing games, doing searches, paid to click emails (for 0.1), and a few other things I might be missing, but the progress is slow. Overall it’s decent, it just seems to take forever to get to $30.


Do this site one time for the initial incentive and then drop it. It takes forever to reach the threshold and is an annoying app to use. It is not user friendly. I can think of 10 other similar sites that are much better.

Kris10 Dachshund

A few years ago this was one of my favorite apps. They have steadily gone downhill and are now basically just a scam. I’ve been trying to just cash out and cut my losses but somehow I’m magically unable to cash out despite purchasing the offers. Their customer service takes a “its not our fault” approach to issues so it’s difficult to resolve any problems. There are legitimate apps out there. I strongly advise people to stay away from this one.


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