【图】BeatEVO YG – AllStars Game下载
【图】BeatEVO YG – AllStars Game
【图】BeatEVO YG – AllStars Game

BeatEVO YG – AllStars Game iOS

BeatEVO YG 简介

[BeatEVO YG] the only YG Licensed Official Rhythm Mobile Game! Play as a YG Manager, sign and promote your favorite YG Artists! Debut your Artists and play with YG FAMILY fans from all over the world with the Social System! Featuring all of your favorite YG Songs and Artists, like: BIGBANG(Including solos and feats), GD,T.O.P, Seungri,Taeyang, Daesung, iKON, WINNER, 2NE1, EPIK HIGH, PSY, AKMU, LEE HI, JINUSEAN, BLACKPINK and others! A pocket Live Show! See the music and touch the rhythm!

[3 Game Zones System! Fun and Easy!]
Original 3 Game Zones System,combining high quality musical design and multiple play styles, creating a smooth audio-visual gaming experience.The game brings the mix of Hip-hop and various other genres,and gives every YG Artist exclusive content.Different Artists will influence the gameplay in an unique way!

[The ultimate music source, listen for free]
To create an immersive experience,players will become YG Managers, guiding their favorite Idols through different Shows and Performances! The powerful Ranking and Social System will also give players the chance to compete against each other for the best scores, Besides the game`s already huge song collection, players will be able to experience and listen to their idols new releases at first-hand!

[Incredible Rewards and Brutal Ranking System]
Every region will have 2 to 4 Performances,with the difficulty set to EZ(Basic),NM(Normal) or HD(Expert).Every performance will grant Manager Experience, Exp Cards and other Items. The Ranking System will allow players to test their skills to be the best!

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BeatEVO YG 下载




I honestly haven’t gotten to play much of the game. Why? Because when I go to hit a note, sometimes it just doesn’t register. This is not a problem with my phone, this only happens in this specific game (I have others with a similar concept and have never experienced this issue in them). I think I’ll wait for an update that fixes this issue to play again, the game has promise if time is taken to fix this rather unusual issue.


It won’t let me play.


I find this game so confusing the 1st time i played it and i would never play it again. Go download SuperStar YG instead it’s a LOT more easier then this game


I’ve been playing this game for almost 2 years, and still enjoy it. However, I don’t feel like this game gets a lot of attention on development. There are a lot of known bugs that people raised, and it sounds like the developers/company know about it from what customer support center says. It’s a great game, but you are losing your players everyday if you aren’t fixing it fast enough.

Roni 8

game sucked menu too confusing how tf did you even get better cards? superstar yg outsold


I love this game when I can play it. I’m constantly getting “server data error” and have to restart losing my rewards for completing schedules, quests, and contract purchases. This game needs some serious fixes. I’ve spent a lot of money buying diamonds…how about you put some of that towards software patches?!?!


amazing game but they removed lee hi >:/


One time I was doing a ladder battle and then I wouldn’t let me click


we need a new update for where this game is also compatible with newer iphone models such as iphone x and so on. thank you‼️


I will say there is a lot of music and its great that there is. The only problem I am havin is the shows I have completed. For example I will have 96/96 stars. I would click on it but some songs wouldnt have starts but yet it says i have them complet. Id play it but then all of the sudden it says 99/96 its leaving me uncomfortable and a glitch


it says touch to play u press my screen and nothing happens it


I came back to this game after a while of not playing it and there’s SO many bugs!!! It won’t let me click on certain menus and when I click on others it won’t let me use the back button. I wanted to pick this app back up but I CANT even play properly. Why hasn’t this had a proper update in TWO YEARS? Please update!!!!


It needs to be updated BIG TIME come on YG.


There are no category for 2NE1.


I’ve been a long time player of this game — had sighted up for it over a year before it’s release — and love it to pieces. I’ve invested tons of time and effort and was super sad to see some of my most treasured iKON and Epik High cards leave, and the developers did wonderfully for compensating the loss. However, when I go into complete schedules the artists who have been removed from the game will still show up; or if they have left a group, the schedule will not be able to be completed if you must debut all members. It’s very tedious and I always feel bad rejecting schedules, so please work your hardest to fix this!! thank you ☆

c superior

i waited a whole hour for the data to download to 100% and the app wouldn’t let me open it after i logged it this is ridiculous FIX YOUR BUG!!!


I would give the game more stars if I can open the game. I can’t even pass the loading screen. It goes to 100% then the screen freezes.

Lojyn Abdul

I have a problem with accessing the collection page. When I click it the game stall and I have to exit the game and refresh all over again. I’ve deleted the game and install it again but still having the same problem


I’ve played this game when it first came out and deleted it somewhere in between. Just downloaded it again to play but I cannot start. It doesn’t go past login. When the touch to start tab comes on, that’s the end for me.


This used to be my favorite game. I spent over $100 on this game for it not to work when I want to start playing again!

Kabuto and Orochimar

The only problem is that due to the new iPhone update my old phone doesn’t work anymore and I had to get a new one. I just reinstalled this app and I have plenty of space but the back button for the game and the volume for both the songs in game and in the lobby don’t work and they are not turned off. Also with my new phone I have a Samsung( not by choice) and when I went to download this app the game won’t load up at all. It just stays on the same screen.


Just downloaded this after a couple years. The last time I played I stopped because it was saying I missed beats and the calibration was so off. Now I can even play it because there is NO SOUND at all. I opened yesterday afternoon itnworked but not now even after reinstalling


Everything is good, I have no problems with this game except I’ve had it ever since it first released internationally, and I’m SO sick of the icons, and of course, the ‘better’ looking ones are for platinum. Can you guys please add some more icons WITHOUT us having to buy plat. membership every month to change/use them? Thnx.


Almost all the songs are locked and you have to pay diamonds for them or earn them (the worst way) I also get very bored playing this. I think its too easy for me. I just wouldn’t really recommend this app.


We’ve been here for so long yet we never get new BLACKPINK songs. We haven’t even gotten our debut song Boombayha, Whistle, Ddu Du Ddu Du, Kill This Love.


When are we going to get an iPhone X update? iPhone X has been out a year now. Let’s get the update out. I wrote the above review over a year ago now. When are we getting the update?


Played it before,loved it! But I’ve recently downloaded it 3 days ago and was not able to start the game! Fix it!




It freezes in the loading screen most of the time I play it


This game is good asf but I’m still questioning why the screen is small on iPhone X


This is a really fun game to play. Although some of the levels may be a little difficult, it’s fun to discover songs that you may not have heard before. It’s also easy to play and takes a little time to master but all in all, one of the best games that you can play.


this game would be better if they put one’s (jaewon) songs in here and if yg let him have a comeback it’s been almost two years. his fans are waiting for his return in the music industry, not another drama.


This game is really nice but at this moment I don’t want to have anything to do with yg when he decided to drop hanbin but keep seungri. I don’t think I can support this company anymore…

Faith Banthox

I’m a big fan of BLACKPINK, and they only have a few songs from each album, none of which are the hardcore bops, like Kill This Love, DDU-DU DDU-DU, and not even BOOMBAYAH or WHISTLE. They left out a lot of opportunities for more individualized skins. I understand that the game is kind of dead at this point, but it would have been nice to see more support for the adoring fans of BLACKPINK. Still a great game though, and I’ve had it on my phone for almost two years now, picked it up every once in a while to play 😁


The game looks awesome but it won’t let me play I get stuck at the Tutorial when it say (lets go to road show) then it won’t let me go I’m stuck I keep pressing the roadshow button several times and nothing I even didn’t play a single song pls help! ;-;


They’re software is so much better and a lot more people would play this game. The artists of YG deserve a better game tbh


After making an account I couldn’t even get in to the title screen. 👌


The app doesn’t even let me play the game. Like whenever I try to play something it lags or the screen goes black. And whenever I click onto something it doesn’t go back… please fix the issues


I love this game and played it ever since it came out but recently I’ve been having problems with management, I can’t access it! I’ve clicked it several times and still wouldn’t go to it. And if I enter the roadshow I can’t exit, none of the exit buttons will work. This is very irritating since I want to play so badly but having it be delayed like this! I would really greatly appreciate it if it can get an update to fix this. Update: Can you please make the ladder more fair? I get pair with ridiculous people that I obviously can’t beat. Also when are all gonna add IKON’S new songs huh? Another Update: Can you update the game so the game can fit the screen of the iPhone X Max? That’d be great!


Sometimes when I click a song to play it, it kicks me out of the app. I can no longer progress in the roadshow because of it. Please fix this issue! Other wise a great game!

jennie kan

I can’t even go into the game at all since installing it. Please fix it, I was really excited to play.


I used to enjoy this game, but it couldn’t keep up with the dalcomsoft games. They have considerably better events that make it worth coming back to. However, I finally had to delete the game when I realized Seungri was still listed as a member of Big Bang. After everything that’s come to light, a small reward for “contract suspension” is totally inappropriate. I’m not going to reinstall unless Seungri is removed from the game. It’s ridiculous that Minzy and Bom aren’t there, but a sexual predator is.


the game won’t even start. I’ll log in and I’ll press the screen the start, it won’t. and when it does and when I sign up for my nick name and group, I can’t select one


okay, so i barely downloaded this game and i’m fairly new to it. but when i got to the tutorial part of this, it keeps freezing when i tap on “roadshow”?? i can’t seem to tap on anything else but this. yet, when i tap on it, nothing appears or happens? what’s up with this? is this a bug?


Bro Seungri still on the game.


I have no idea why but yesterday I couldn’t open the app at all. It just gave me a message saying “Cannot connect to server”. I’ve tried a lot of things except for uninstalling the app, but LITERALLY nothing is working!


The system continuing showing cannot connect to network, but I play another games which require internet can play smoothly. Please fix this problem ASAP.


I currently can’t get into the game so can’t get the ‘in-game’ help. And when I messaged the Facebook page it told me to go in-game which I can’t access.


I can’t open the game the server won’t connect please help


The developers seem to have given up on the game. It used to be they’d announce when an update wouldnt allow you to log into the game, now they dont let you know. I’ve also been getting a server error for 2 days now and nobody from the game has updated any of their official accounts, so nobody knows what’s going on. People on Twitter have been posting screenshots as proof, myself included. I’ve been playing for over a year and keep getting the same bugs over and over. There’s one where a note gets “stuck” for the duration of the song. There’s one with a song from ikon where even if you meet all the challenge requirements you will still fail the challenge.


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