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AT&T Mobile Security iOS

AT&T Mobile Security 简介

AT&T Mobile Security

Enjoy additional peace of mind with AT&T Mobile Security

AT&T Mobile Security Basic (FREE)

System Update: Keep up to date with operating system changes with reminders.

Passcode Check: Ensure you have a passcode to help keep your device and data secure.

Breach Reports: Get alerts about company data breaches, along with helpful tips.

AT&T Mobile Security Plus (In-app purchase):

AT&T Mobile Security Plus includes all the functionality of AT&T Mobile Security Basic, plus more features to help protect against threats that could compromise your personal information.

Secure Wi-Fi VP* (Virtual Private Network): Helps protect your data over open (unencrypted) Wi-Fi networks.

Wi-Fi Alerts: Get alerts when a Wi-Fi network you join may be dangerous to help protect your privacy.

Personal ID Monitor- notifies you if your personal information is found on the dark web.

New -Safe Browsing – analyzes and warns you about suspicious websites.

** AT&T Mobile Security: Some features vary by mobile carrier. Eligible AT&T customers receive automatic fraud blocking and warnings of incoming nuisance calls (Basic), and Enhanced caller ID for US numbers (Plus).

AT&T Mobile Security PLUS: Subscribers pay $3.99/mo. Auto-billed every month through your iTunes account unless canceled. Subscription automatically renews and your account will be charged $3.99 unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24-hours before the end of the current period. To manage your AT&T Mobile Security Plus (“Plus”) subscription, go to iTunes. Once your Plus subscription is canceled, you will be downgraded to the basic free version of AT&T Mobile Security. To remove the service entirely, you must cancel within the app or via myAT&T, once your iTunes subscription ends.

Rates: Data charges may apply for app download and usage. Other charges and restr. may apply. Payments are nonrefundable (subject to applicable law).

For complete terms for AT&T Mobile Security, see att.com/mobilesecurityeula.

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AT&T Mobile Security 下载

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Ladybug 01



It takes sometimes ten times to get me inside. Get pops saying errors. Need a new update fast.


I only downloaded this because it was free and to test it out. It’s currently NOT COMPATIBLE with the latest iPhone 12 Pro Max 😞 until then the rate will remains 1 Star. Waiting for the developers to release a new update


I’ve been having so many internet connection issues for the past month. I have have either full WiFi bars or full 5g connection and it will still not allow me to connect. My husband has the same phone as me (iPhone 11 pro) and he had no issues. Once I removed the VP* I could browse smoothly again. This application use to work fantastic but I will not sign up for it again until this problem is solved. FYI, I’m running on the latest iOS 14.2 – thank you

lets get that dub

It is telling me error when I press continue. Won’t let me use the security app and my phone is up to date.


This app is amateurish It will not allow me to install it. Tells me to try later. A multi billion dollar corporation cant install a simple app. Child games are easier to install. I am about to choose a new carrier


At “Verifying” screen kept insisting I had to turn off WiFi and turn on cellular data. I did both and turned off VP*. Kept getting same message. This over AT&T’s own 5G network.

Teeshot 50

Can’t install/ope with IOS 14.2. System is never available


Would love to use the app and services as part of my plan. When trying to install and activate the service I receive the following error message: “the system is currently unavailable” “try again later” “error code: SN1” Restarted my phone, deleted app and re-downloaded and tried for a couple of days. Update: received a quick developer response to turn off WiFi – at first I received the error again with error code SN0 – tried it 5 min later (WiFi still being off) – and it worked. Thanks for the quick help.


Error Code: SN1 Unable to use.

PoPardner Production

This is an essential app.


Not impressed

Nestor Nino

It cannot be activated, I paid and nobody helps me


I need to disconnect from home Wi-Fi and use cellular service because the VP* feature prevents updates on certain apps like Twitter as well as Email while on WiFi. Why would this VP* block updates ?

Zea man

Excellent app keep up the good work…


“Call protection enabled” but I get more spam calls then ever after installing this app. It’s appearing like my number was exposed or sold by this app.


Tells there’s a breach offers no solution to fix it


Constantly kicks me off WiFi connection. Have to disable VP* to use WiFi. This needs to be fixed.

fired up a

It is great to see dates and where the leak has occurred for personal info.. the reminder to change passwords is critical to do when a leak has happened




In the few days since I installed this app, my phone has been dropping 70-80% battery charge each night, and the only program appearing in the Battery settings is background use of this app. Cancelling this service until this problem is resolved.




The message filter does nothing – I have gotten 20 spam messages in one day and it did not catch even one. Sure you can report them but you are paying to do their work!


Thank you for having such great security and letting me know about apps that have been breached !!!

dont look down

I love rhudgskr


Great app it definitely works and a five star I was asleep snd some hoew they were alerted and call sheriff dept ti check on me and the text me I resounded with secret code abundance they canceled and told me glead I was okay.


Not working properly I get hacked by coworkers All the time. I doesn’t block I still get hacked having issues with my gmail and google getting hacked every day


I still get spam calls multiple times a day


So far it is working. Just down loaded.


The app keeps saying they hit a bump won’t won’t open


Loaded APP because because ATT sent message that it’s a free service. First thing it told me is my IOS is out of date. Not true. It’s still swirling on wifi set up, has been setting up for last hour. It turned my cell service off for some reason. Turned it back on manually… I’m deleting it and hoping it hasn’t done any permanent damage.


Error message stating: “System in unavailable Error code: SN1” for the past days. Currently not compatible with the iPhone 12


So far be please with the Securty on my phone protecting thanks


I provided my phone number to Mobile Security and I am receiving spam messages about penis inserts and I’m a woman! I am going to delete my phone number from your security


Never have I ever wanted to give a application 0 out of 5 I am a network security manager and I have never seen such a trashy service. I am immediately going back to NordVP* because the customer service is amazing and I love having immediate responses to my issues and not have to send a ticket in for help. It has the baseline protection if I was a high school or college student maybe but really it’s trash for what you pay for.


I have four lines with ATT&T. Two are Motorola G6s I did not buy from them. Both phones are VOLTE capable in any country and all GSM based technology in the USA and AT&T has assured me they would enable it on my phones and they don’t. So this and Call Protect do not work on them. AT&T assured me many times they would fix this; hours on the phone with them. VOLTE is a codec for Voice over LTE. It is the ONLY codec LTE uses but, yet, AT&T refuses to enable it. So I get all the spam calls on those two phones that Google does not warn as possible spam. I get better blockage from Google!!! I cannot forward calls, from my phones, I must wait on hold to have AT&T do it on their backside. LTE calls drop to UMTS so no internet while talking. This app is nothing but a way to manipulate all customers to purchase their devices from AT&T directly so they can take up Gbs of storage with bloat ware. AT&T solicited this review.


When I first open the app and select continue it says we hit a bump in the road and couldn’t complete your request try again soon. What can I do to fix this??


I downloaded this and every time I would try to use an online app nothing would load. On WiFi or 5g. What a waste. Suppose to protect how? Oh by making me not want to use my phone. Uninstalled the app and now my phone is working like normal. Definitely don’t recommend.

Burning upp

Signed up for this and default setting is the pad subscription, not the basic as is implied in app description. Also you need to call notoriously understaffed 611 instead of being able to change within the app. Very disappointed in my carrier—att.


I removed app as it drains my battery.


Took about an hour to get around the error for the app to work. Made the mistake of getting a new iPhone and I’m having the same issue again. Way too many errors. Can’t even get app to function on new phone


This service is a waste of money!!!! Doesn’t block spam or telemarketers!! Lies is what their selling!


Thank You Thank You Thank You For your protection


Great app


I purchased this app only to keep receiving an error code! I would like a complete refund


I enjoying your service and it is helpful.

Wised up

When trying to report a spam text, they do not always include a phone number, but just an email. What good is it to report it if you won’t accept it without a phone number? The spammers have LEARNED how to get around this by not including a phone number! Time to readjust YOUR tactics as well.

Triple Fustrated

Got an error box immediately after update.


Because of this Wi-Fi and all the breaches and hacking, you will be notified about and this Wi-Fi tells you the things that has happened and how many months ago.

Mr Neutron

Verify loop nonsense. If zero stars was an option…


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