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Fling Fighters iOS

Fling Fighters 简介

Fling hard or go home.

There’s no other way to conquer the five islands in this ultimate PVP battle arena. Fight against Fling Fighters from all over the world or challenge your friends. Once you conquer all islands, you must defend them to win the season and climb the leaderboards.

Fling Fighters is a fling combat game where you time each attack for maximum effect. You jump and you evade enemy throws. You wait for the right moment to throw your weapon.

While you’re at it, you must keep attention of your surrounding to avoid getting trapped in steel cages, electrocuted with hi-voltage traps or falling off of a train. At the same time, you should force your opponent to these exact traps to get an advantage over them.

Choose your favorite fighter from 40 available play cards and upgrade them to keep up with your opponents. There’s Greenie. There’s Apeboy. Big Basketball Fella and plenty more to choose from! They all have their special combos.

Each island is defended by a boss. The bosses guard treassure chests with valuable loot. You’re there to fight for it, become the champion and enjoy the spoils!

Game Features

– 5 islands to conquer and hold against players from all over the world
– 40 freaky characters to play with and against
– Card upgrading with powerful combos to unlock and use
– Boss fights on every island
– 10 maps for strategic fight moves
– 9 traps and mechanics to avoid or use to your advantage
– online multiplayer
– Free local multiplayer
– 2-day challenges
– leaderboards and ranking system

Are you ready to fling hard?

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Fling Fighters 下载




It’s very fun

Old ft

Took a while to get used to it, but now that I have I’m progressing and enjoying it.


I’m having so much fun.


Sigan agregando mas niveles,la jugabilidad esta perfecta!✨


! I love this game! ! I love this game!! I love this game!! I love this game!! I love this game!! I love this game!! I love this game!! I love this game!! I love this game!! I love this game!! I love this game!! I love this game!! I love this game!! I love this game!! I love this game!! I love this game!! I love this game!! I love this game!! I love this game!! I love this game!! I love this game!! I love this game!! I love this game!! I love this game!! I love this game!! I love this game!! I love this game!! I love this game!! I love this game!! I love this game!! I love this game!! I love this game!! I love this game!! I love this game!


This game is great but before you go into a battle the guy says some cuss words so I think you should change that so when kids play they won’t get there phone or device that their playing on taken away


This game is not for kids 12+. The game has bad language and they should have their age permission up.


Hella ads tho

Skibble nanners

Downloaded did not work, trash

girl rights

There is no girl skins when men are not the only people that play this

Im not reviewing any

First off I spend way more time than I should playing this game. The boss challenges take up much of that time. The challenge it’s self last about 3-4 hours but you don’t have to spend anywhere near that much time playing that part of the game. I would like to thank tech support for reimbursing me on the gems I accidentally spent on a skin for a character I only accidentally purchased. They obviously didn’t have to do that ( I haven’t spent any real money on the game, just lots of time) but unlike some of the other games I’ve played they don’t mind helping their players when there’s an issue. I would like to see the pop up skins ads purchase button relocated to avoid this kind of accident for me and others in the future. Either that or another statement saying “are you sure you want this purchase?”. Other than occasionally wondering whether or not I’m getting all the challenge credits for “undamaged victory” or not I really like the game.


Good game why does it have to swear in background music



MyNameIsi dont CAAAR

They reward you with such little xp and only a little bit of coins at a time. And you need that xp and the coins to level up your characters. Plus the game also puts you up against higher level enemies who have an extra health bar and do so much more damage than you so I don’t see how it’s balanced at all. Uninstalled. May return once I see more updates focused on these issues.


I completed very first demo fight, then went to try out tournament, from there its not moving forward, stuck at a screen where there is a tapping animation


It is one of my best games


i delete the game directly after the freaking pop out advertisement


I would say it’s a cool game but it won’t work It keeps crashing


Please fix. I really enjoyed playing this game until it crashed on the loading screen in an endless loop. Everything on my phone is up to date and I even tried restarting the phone. This is ridiculous.


This game keeps crashing on my iPhone 7. I would really love to play it. I am losing all of my territories because of it. I have even deleted it and re-installed it. It’s only good for a couple of games and then it crashes. Please update.


The game doesn’t let me entet it stucks at loading screen


Nothing special, not actually fighting other ppl just their character, glad i didnt give them any money




First thing game “was fun”.Game crashes after third “ commercial break”. Restart game will not pass loading screen. Reinstalled game same thing keeps happening. Please fix.

Eli Mercer

It’s goofy. Try it out. Also I’m not a robot. 😉



Sandesh Bharre

Please fix the bug that closes game after few games every time every time game is started.


So for over a week now I’ve been holding down the islands and fighting off opponents. The game makes me fight the same the same person twice after I’ve already won the first time. I think they need to get a solid update to stop that nonsense from happening. I’ve already invested money into this game and I’m starting to regret it. It also crashes on me everyday out of nowhere. I literally just tried opening the application 6 times just now but it won’t let me. Fix your app guys


Every time it fully loads, the game crashes.


Got this game and played a few rounds and it was ok. Meh, to to sum it up. Updated the game and now it won’t even start. Endlessly searching…. don’t bother with this one. It’s a total waste


The app is great but throws you about of the game some times and we all know that’s annoying so pls pls pls fix that


An ad loaded, game froze, won’t load back up, reinstall, lost progress, it was a sad day for me….


Fun app, not a ton of adds- only beef is that as of yesterday the app no longer loads. Waiting on an update.


This game could be great. Super simple and loads of fun (when working). Sadly 90 percent of the time when I try to open it, it crashes. Wildly frustrating.


Way to mAny adds


Veremos que pasa por los momento está fácil y muy bueno


After playing the game and fighting against a bot the game kicks me out and not loading back up. So I restart my phone and clear the app still didn’t work.

Whackadoodle Dandy

5 stars all the way!


Crashes constantly after finishing the first yellow island on a iPhone 5s! Please help!!




Had fun, three rounds in they forced me watch a commercial. And said pay us to make it go away. Nah I’ll just delete the game and it will go away


I was playing on island 6 and somehow island 1 people managed to get into the match and the a.i for them is ridiculous also they have island 6 heroes also one match they started spawning a crap ton of traps like logs and stuff.


Needs to make adrenaline pump.Maybe add obstacles like hydraulic presses in some places or smoke grenades covering some screen.

Griffin R

This game is pretty fun and still confused where to fight bosses, and every character is a copy! There’s a Batman a Harry Potter, Mario just plz make original characters and don’t make characters be for only one island, plus I can’t even play the levels without having to defend my islands


I purchased the starter pack 2x and got none of my rewards from it Plz fix☹️


It keeps saying theres a server maintenance


Good game and love how like the people are in the toy boxes and keep up the good work!!!!

Dylan Mahaney

I am constantly winning, except the train map and any other map that requires no skill just jumping against someone can make them fall off the map and lose. I have also played against people that take no damage from getting hit, I have hit someone more times than I got hit and he didn’t even take any damage and he had no shield. The game crashes a lot too. Do not put any money into this game.


Good graphics


I understand free to play but they intentionally but real $$ purchase buttons right where your fingers will be tapping the next screen to get you to accidentally buy


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