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Returner 77 简介

Experience a sci-fi 3D puzzle adventure game like no other. Immerse yourself in a story of post-alien invasion Earth as one of the last survivors, exploring an alien spaceship that might be your key to rebuilding humanity.

“It’s among the best and most surprising new games we’ve encountered in recent months” – Apple Editorial Team

“Returner 77 certainly promises to deliver one of the most eye-popping iOS game experiences…” – Cult of Mac

“You’d be hard-pressed to find something more visually impressive on the platform” – Appunwrapper

-Engaging single-player puzzles with unique and surprising designs
-Stunning 3D graphics with highly detailed environments. As good as a console game!
-Beautiful dynamic sound design
-Puzzle game with hints and auto solve options so you’ll never get stuck
-An ad-free premium experience
-No micro-transactions, pay once and get the full game
-Story with live-action video clips
-Auto-save feature so you can pick up where you left off
-Intuitive interface and sleek design
-Frequent updates and added features

Buy the GAME OF THE DAY featured game today and begin your journey to save mankind!

Returner 77 is designed for the iPhone 5s and iPad Air 1 or newer devices
Supported Languages: English, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Danish, Swedish, Dutch, Turkish, Polish, Russian and Chinese.

Fantastic, yes is an indie game company based out of Copenhagen, Denmark
Find out more at fantasticyes.com or
follow us on Twitter @fantasticyes3D

If you need help or have any issues with the game please send us a message at support@fantasticyes.com

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Returner 77 下载

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The graphics are great and the




I thought I would enjoy this game. Just finished House of da Vinci and Forever Lost and enjoyed House of da Vinci the most. Saw this one and thought wow! Purchased it and am so disappointed in redundant puzzles. It was interesting at the beginning but ended up with having to the same same puzzles at around 5-6 times to move on, only to come to the same puzzle!! Don’t waste your money….. it’s more expensive than other great games.

Uncle Fecal

Thoroughly enjoying this..awesome graphics, enjoy the puzzles. Playing a little at a time to savor this and stretch it out. No binge playing on this one. You’re killing me here. When are you releasing another adventure? BTW, ignore every bad review. Your product is awesome! If some people have technical issues, they need better tech. Lol


Great game. Lots of puzzles with increasing difficulty. Beautiful scenery, great surround sound. But. Lots of frustrating tapping. Finding the tap target sometimes is not intuitive. Ended up watching a walkthrough to find the missing part of a room I didn’t see. Saving grace: if a puzzle just gets too frustrating, there is an “AI” solver that can help you get the solution.


The game is enjoyable. But it has crashed hard, 3 times so far, taking down my iPad with it. Not worth the hassle.


I bought this game with the expectation that it would be extremely similar to some of my favorite puzzle games like The DaVinci House or The Room 1, 2 and 3 but unfortunately I was pretty disappointed. Don’t get me wrong, the graphics are incredible. Which is why I gave it a second star. But the puzzles are sooo repetitive! It’s the same pattern over and over and over again. It’s also hard to figure out what the next move is, I found myself having to watch the walkthrough on YouTube just to reach the next puzzle, which once found, was the same or extremely similar to the previous one… again. How disappointing every time.. Also? There’s almost no story line.. just a bunch of videos spread out throughout the game. Honestly, I didn’t even keep going until the end.. When you guys do evolve the game, you should also make it last longer, as other puzzles games usually have twice the depth. Sorry fam. For me I feel it wasn’t worth buying.


This game is filled with repetitive puzzles that require no imagination to make. I got this one of their other games and trust me. Just get The Room. It’s 5x better than this game. Couldn’t the game. I got to the last level. It’s just more of the same crap repeated. Not worth the money at all. I wish I didn’t get the combo pack. Wasted even more money on a horrible game. I will be staying away from this developer. Just stick with the room. This game doesn’t compare to the room at all. STAY AWAY.

o t r

This game is amazing. The graphics and story line were excellent.the puzzles weren’t overly challenging but lots of fun.I really enjoyed it and can’t wait to play the next one. Great Job.


Does anybody notice that that mysterious Colonel woman is from Wuhan? This city name appears several times in her video clips. And then she talks about some kind of virus that quite succeeded in its objective of eliminating aliens. Sounds creepy, is not it? The game was produced in 2017 or before, and its creators could not predict the new Coronavirus COVID-19 originating from Wuhan and turning into a global pandemic. Or could they?


Like the title implies, the graphics are breathtaking in execution and creativity. They are a bit “cartoonish”, rather than photorealistic (like Riven, for instance). The AI assistance feature is more useful than it ought to be – in about half the puzzles, I get bored before I get frustrated, and the AI solving it for me is a welcome relief, enabling me to just move on. And the Asian young lady in the movies doesn’t seem to serve any purpose. Basically, this is a game of barely-related puzzles, some interesting and some not, one after another. It’s fun enough, but not compelling. Update: Nope. Couldn’t take it anymore. Deleted it without even bothering to check the online walkthroughs. Why? Because I couldn’t stay that interested.

OnTheBus 666

I really love this game it’s got a cool story with some pretty weird stuff and the puzzles are all straight forward without being too easy really hope that it gets a sequel. Also the soundtrack and sound effects are awesome


Graphics are good, sound & music are GREAT… but the game itself is not very good. It pretty much boils down to solving the same exact “puzzles” used in a hundred other games – and usually the ones that AREN’T fun (siding block puzzles, etc) The AI gives you the option of solving them for you, which would be nice if the story actually made sense or had any redeeming draw to it. Sadly, though, it doesnt. I bought this game in a bundle with its sequel, and at this point I’m only finishing it to see if the second one is any better. Oh well.


It is the best game I ever player


I did not beam out of the River and am now stuck on the pad. I can’t move anywhere! Bummer when you pay for a game.

it is bad news

The purpose of a game is fun, this game is not. The story line is not engaging and I found the puzzles tedious. If you get stuck on some puzzles you are told there is no help or on others the AI button indicates it can calculate the answer, but you are not shown the solution which would be instructive but rather you are just moved ahead in the game. Additionally the snippets from Col Ling are obtuse and I found of little help/interest. Graphics and music are nice. Should have spent my money on a coffee.


After playing all the Room series and Da Vinci I found the puzzles and gameplay here slow and tedious. Also on iPhone (XS) the finger controls are poor and constantly miss what I want to happen – unlike the other games. I feel as if too much time was spent on visuals rather than user experience and gameplay. Steep for $5.

teo ballout

This is one of my go-to games when I get to play videogames


Got tired of being asked to review so. Here it is.


The graphics….excellent. Sound…awesome with headphones! The puzzles…good, some very challenging. Ending could use a little hint of ‘what just happened?’…but this is obviously a continuation game, right? Not sure what kind of ‘story’ some of the ‘1 star’ reviewers wanted but the story is in the progression. And I’m not gonna be the guy that says ‘I never write reviews but…’ cuz I leave a lot of reviews. But, in comparison to similar games, I thought it was well worth the money I paid, tbh. Also, lemme say I didn’t experience the ‘badgering’ for a review like some reviewers did. But all u have to do is answer ‘never’ and you can come back here to review if u want later, like I did….and just like ANY app.


Great space Alien game with great puzzles that look like they came from outer space , very reality feel to this game , gives a true feeling we are in their spaceship for real why I give it a 5 rating


The sounds and graphics are really cool. Other than that, it’s just another watered down version of The Room. The puzzles here are repetitive. So much so that I started skipping them. I was going to give this 3 stars, but now that I’m on the third level, the game flashes its “Are you enjoying this game?” every time I click. I’m not going to bother finishing and definitely won’t be playing the second game in the series, Returner Zhero. 07/20/19

Original Quartermoon

This is a terrific puzzle game, where you become immersed in a beautiful and fascinating alien spaceship. I enjoyed playing while it lasted, but the so-called “final” chapter, the Den, ends without anything like a satisfying story. The closing text clearly says “come back in 2018 for the conclusion to your story,” so I assume there is some intention to actually finish this game…someday??? It’s July 2019 now, so I do not have high hopes. Begins really well, ends deeply unsatisfying.


When will the sequel be released?


One of the most boring games for which I have paid.


One thing that is frustrating is that while maneuvering the puzzles sometimes you get the puzzle almost solved and the screen will zoom out and reset the puzzle, iPad Pro, OS 12.3. The graphics are great though, some of the best I have seen.

Ghostbusters a

They keep asking for a review ever few minutes


I haven’t gotten terribly far yet but the puzzles are incredibly easy. Mostly just tap and guess. We shall see.


I love mystery/adventure/puzzle type games, but had never played a sci-fi based game or one set in the future. I was afraid I wouldn’t quite appreciate the graphics or storyline but I’m thrilled to say that I was very very wrong. I started playing about an hour and a half ago & haven’t put it down, well, only once & was hat was to go ahead & download the sequel. F’n amazing!!


I am a big fan of point-and-click adventure/puzzle games and am always searching for another. I don’t like much or any dialogue (hated Thimbleweed Park), and the snippets from Returner 76 in this game were okay, but they were also extraneous. I found the puzzles in the last section, The Den, to be a significant improvement in difficulty over the earlier puzzles. But overall, I found this game to be too much of the same thing all the way through. I got through it without hints pretty easily and felt on the verge of boredom. The artwork is accomplished, but the story and game complexity just weren’t up to snuff. Yes, I like The Room series, House of DaVinci, and the Eyes of Ara, but I also love Botanicula, Samarost, Machinarium, Inside, Limbo, and the whole Rusty Lake collection. I want gameplay that is surprising, varied, and long-lasting. I enjoy a series of unexpected discoveries. Returner 77 lacked all of that. It was just meh, and even though it ended with a cliffhanger, I won’t be spending money on the sequel.


Here’s my deal with apps that I pay money for, don’t annoy me with constant app rating requests. If I say, NOT NOW, I mean not now. That should mean not in the next few hours, not less than five minutes. After the first few, I was ok with it, but after too many, you get a one star.

Abundant Grace

This is a graphic intensive game that will drain your batteries but it is worth it. The movies and 3D moving are seamless and you get immersed in the alien world. Puzzles are excellent and logical. I have enjoyed this game more than any I have played in awhile. On to part 2!!


So disappointing after reading “rave” reviews. The puzzles are very similar to each other and just keep coming and coming. However, what I found most disappointing was the fact that the puzzles really had nothing to do with the alien invasion plot…the plot could have been anything. Matter of fact, if one is a fan of these type of puzzles, the “story” just gets in the way, especially with the appearance of videos of a female astronaut giving meaningless warnings and thoughts to the player.


This game’s troubling premise of an alien attack on earth is not lost on my grandkids. There is a very good balance between problem solving and beautiful surprise environments on the crystal ship, not to mention the scarry aspect of occasionally meeting up with the aliens. I will help the gkids with some of the problems, but I get to see their logic, spatial, and math skills grow as we share my Ipad. (My grand kids range from 3 to 8; I will usually play the game before I play it with them.) Your game is world class.


When are we getting new chapters ❤️ this game


Really not that great.

Old gamer60

After playing House of Divinci, I discovered that it is in a class of its own. This game was suggested as a similar game, “similar” being the optimal word here. I found it to lack a little intuitiveness. For example, Divinci offered various hints on each place you were on the screen, this game offered very little hints. I got more “there are no hints available for this screen” (paraphased), than valid hints. The game lacks any type of instructions on what your suppose to do. Like when you reach the bridge in the first adventure and arrive at a board where you maneuver a rock to a hole, and nothing you try works, a little hint of the rules to the game would be helpful. I am stuck there and frustrated to a point of discarding this game. Maybe the writers should play Divinci so they know how a game should be played. This is only my personal opinion of the game.


To short. Left hanging. Maneuvering in game not easy. Puzzles ok. Finished game relatively quickly.


This game is truly incredible; just wish there were more of it. Great work guys! Keep ‘em comin!


As noted elsewhere, the excessive four sets of four on and on are not a “challenge “, they are totally frustrating. I gave up on this game. Which is too bad, since it has great graphics. There also seemed to be a story developing, but I gave up. One set of four is enough!


Would be more stars if it didn’t pause the game every 2 mins if I choose not to rate! I paid for the game…do not force me to rate it!


Although the game has its impressive art design; the puzzles four in a row and then four more after that, and four more…it takes away the fun in playing the game. It is very frustrating especially when after getting through/ finishing the battery of these puzzles (someone texted me) and I was not able to save where i was at, getting back to it i need to start all over again.


Graphics and special effects: awesome and wonderful Story and acting: great Puzzles: either too dull or too frustrating to be fun I’m going to leave this game for a while and maybe try again later. Either that or just delete it. I could have listened to all the folks who said ‘nay’ on this one but I had to see for myself. They were right.


This is seriously one of the best-looking games on the App Store. Several scenes are absolutely breathtaking. Unfortunately, many of the puzzles are frustrating and/or can be solved by trial and error. Most of the puzzles are mechanical and not tied to the story. At least there’s a hint/auto-solve system. Speaking of story, buyers should know that it’s not finished. A cliffhanger could be fine, but this one provides no resolution or explanation whatsoever. Hope there’s an update or sequel soon. Overall, it’s a fun way to spend a few hours, but it’s not the next Myst…


I purchased Returner 77 Lite and enjoyed the amazing art, concept, audio, and storyline. So when I paid to unlock it, there was the first missed opportunity for clarity. Once unlocked, and upon downloading the remaining content for the game, the title for the app should drop the “LITE” designation. The second element lending to confusion comes to play when one completes the unlocked content and sees the option to continue-it’s unclear whether one is paying to unlock the third and final portion of Returner 77, or whether one is perhaps purchasing the sequel. As it’s presented, combined with the fact that my unlocked app is still showing as the Lite version, I try to discern what my purchase to further play will get me by going to the App Store. I am shown three options: Returner 77 (without the “Lite”) Returner Zhero Both of the above, bundled, at a price break I take the bundle only to learn that Returner 77 Lite PLUS the unlock IS Returner 77, so now I have fully duplicated my purchase of Returner 77. Nowhere in the description is this explained, nor is there a prompt during the purchase to indicate that I’d already paid for Returner 77 and did I wish to proceed and pay twice for it. Sure, if the name for the Lite app doesn’t update to drop the “Lite” in the name, it is more likely to be missed as a duplicate-HISS & BOO for murky, tricky transactions games! Third, it should be clear that at the end of Returner 77, the only continuance to a finale is not a final, unlocked part to the game (perhaps revealed in the “full” Returner 77 without “Lite”), but in purchasing the separate “Returner Zhero.” This game plays differently than the first, though this may or may not be problematic for the player. The player’s “name” also changes. Not a typical gamer, I found it too frustrating-though I may have been overly influenced by the resentment of having paid twice for the first game after having done my best, pre-purchase, to discern whether I’d get a finale tacked on, or a duplicate purchase alert and a chance to opt out. I feel I was robbed of the opportunity for informed consent. I hope that these missed opportunities for transparency are addressed so that this doesn’t happen to others. I have requested a full refund for the bundle and have deleted it.


With all the trash on the App Store this game was a breath of fresh air. I read a lot of reviews complaining about repetitive puzzles but found them unwarranted. I thought the puzzles were fresh and fun and became more challenging as the game progressed building on themes already learned. The story and the graphics were top notch. I found a couple of the puzzles beyond difficult but there is a generous hint system and the ability to skip. Complaints about movement and the Autosolve time are petty. I found it to be fine. I remember when it took forever to do things in games in the 90’S so I was pleasantly surprised that the wait times were overstated. I am now playing the sequel. This game was worth every penny.


Metroid prime type sound and graphics with interesting environments. Visually very impressive and beautiful. Puzzles were fun and challenging without being impossible. The video messages from Ling were poorly done and annoying and IMO detracted from the game. My main annoyance was the game isn’t complete and that wasn’t apparent when I purchased it. I am hoping another chapter is coming to finish the story arc.


Despite the amazing graphics the game lacks content and constantly glitches. This is very annoying.


I loved, loved, loved, this game. The graphics and feel of the transactions were out of this world (pun intended). Great job with this game.


I really like this game nice puzzles and love the storyline.Is well worth the money.The game is running smooth on iPhone X’s.Make more games like this and I will keep buying 👍🏼


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