【图】Color Noir: Coloring Art Games下载
【图】Color Noir: Coloring Art Games
【图】Color Noir: Coloring Art Games

Color Noir: Coloring Art Games iOS

Color Noir 简介

Finally a coloring book app for the culture.

Hundreds of amazing pictures to choose from! Join millions of people rediscovering the soothing bliss of coloring through the world’s best coloring book mobile app.

“I have never been as relaxed while having as much fun!”

Color Noir will take you through a massive array of pictures ranging from novice to master level, allowing you to explore every imaginable category from People to Mandalas to Birds to Flowers, and many, many more…

Remove the stress from your life through coloring today!

The Color Noir Unlimited Subscription provides you the premier coloring book experience and is the recommended way to enjoy our app:

– Subscribing to Color Noir entitles you to continuous updates of our full picture catalog
– You’ll be able to access all available pictures and receive daily updates for the duration of your subscription
– Subscriptions are priced at $9.99 monthly, $19.99 USD quarterly, and $49.99 USD annually, or equal to the same price tier that “Apple’s App Store Matrix” determines in other currencies
– Payment will be charged to your Apple ID account at the confirmation of purchase.
– The subscription automatically renews unless it is canceled at least 24 hours before the end of the current period.
– Your account will be charged for renewal within 24 hours prior to the end of the current period.
– You can manage and cancel your subscriptions by going to your App Store account settings after purchase.
– Any unused portion of a free trial period, if offered, will be forfeited when the user purchases a Color Noir Unlimited Subscription
– Privacy Policy: https://appmagic.co/apps/privacypolicy.html
– Terms of Use: https://appmagic.co/apps/terms.html

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Color Noir 下载

App Store 官网美版


Uylees Boutique

I absolutely LOVE this app! It’s so addicting! 😊 I’m enjoying it and would recommend it. Uylee’s Boutuque


My daughter and I love this app!!! But it is soooo expensive. $40 would be no problem if it wasn’t for tough times. We’ll be back though!


I like this app I just wish more free pages came with it. Also, if you don’t have a stylus, kiss the details goodbye. Overall good game though.


I was excited to see this app not only for my granddaughter but for myself. We did not have coloring books with little black girls in them when I was little. It’s good to see this. I was having trouble with the app yesterday and someone provided excellent customer service from start to finish. Thank you again!


It seems as if the app is down I signed up for the free trial for it to not be any pictures to color it tells me I haven’t subscribed when I have and only half the screen shows anything big waste of my time


Been on this app all day coloring! I love it!


I super excited for this app and the fact it offers real life representation and reflection of me. I have sent this to my family members so they may share with their kids. Pure dopeness in a swipe of an app ✊🏿


I love coloring apps, and I love apps with different categories, but Color Noir really does it up in the people section! Representation is everything and it feels so good to be represented in that category. The color choices and options are endless. Literally, THE BEST skin tone shades. The creators really knocked this project out of the park. I love it!


I really enjoy using this app and love the representation. I love the different skin tones and sizes available. I would’ve given five stars but a couple of minor fixes are needed. Some of the pictures color unrelated sections. For example, if I tap on a window it colors the window and the face. The other issue is some area at the bottom or edge can’t be reach when zooming in.


There are SO MANY good pictures but the subscription is EXPENSIVE but over all it’s a good game!👍🏾

Go grannie

I love the appt, but having trouble continue coloring tap one time but tapping twice changes the color easy. Can I color like the other coloring appts. Please. 🙏🏽❤️


First let me say THANK YOU for creating this app!!! I love being able to add “Flavor” to drawings that look like myself, my family and friends…. Two thing I would love to point out, however, is that 1) Some of the “skin tones” don’t translate very well onto the drawing and 2) There are some portions of the drawings that cannot be customized because the sections bleed together. For example, I want fully able to color one of the drawings because changing the background also changed the color of the characters face/eyebrow. But again – I Want To COMMEND YOU for creating something that represents people of color!!! It is TRULY APPRECIATED!!!


Since I discovered that app, all I’ve been doing is coloring. I can’t stop. These images are real. Them black queens and kings to color, them beautiful trees. Y’all definitely should give it a try.


I first downloaded this app in 2019, and I enjoyed coloring the few free images available, but as I looked through the collection, I felt let down. There weren’t very many of the images I’d hoped to see, and I just couldn’t justify the cost for what I was getting. Fast forward to October 2020, I open the app to see it has been updated with a bunch of new images. Yay! However, as soon as I upgraded to the trial, the app crashed and I could no longer open it — on any device. I ended up deleting the app, thinking a clean install would resolve it. It didn’t. Thankfully, the developers released a fix soon after. That said, the app is still not quite “there.” The artwork in the people section is beautiful, but it’s a bit redundant. Some of the characters are simply plopped onto multiple images. That feels lazy. I know this is a self-funded app, and I truly want to support it, but I expect a dang near flawless product for these prices. Perfection might be unrealistic, but as someone who works in the UX space, I know there are things than can make it better. Tighter QA is one of them. The most annoying bug I’ve encountered is the sloppily drawn borders on some of the images. For instance, one of the characters eyelashes aren’t separated from her face, so if I want her to have black lashes, sis will also have to have literal black skin. In another image, quite a few things are connected: the plant leaf and the wall; the curtain and the ceiling; the background and the character’s shirt… I could go on, but I think y’all get the point. I will likely subscribe once my trial ends, but I do hope the app continues to improve with bug fixes, better QA and a more regular cadence of image updates (more than just 1-2x a year). Good luck. I’m rooting for y’all.


I am overjoyed to see a coloring app where we are not an exception, but the RULE! I enjoy coloring apps. My favorite, though, are the ones by number. They are less stressful to me. I don’t buy coloring apps nor games, BUT if you had the color by number option, I’d subscribe. Blessings!!!

Storm Scott

I have not been able to use the app for a couple of months now. Everything I open the app it spins and crashes. Since I paid for the app, I would have expected for the problem to be fixed by now. I will wait a little longer, but after that I will just delete the app and cancel my subscription.


App crashes too much, I’ve been tryin to open it for 10 mins, will be deleting

Support black busine

It is difficult. I don’t like the the color changes on you. It is not what I expected. I’m not artistic so I would like some color suggestions. I’ve used the Happy color App and I was expecting something like that. You definitely have some beautiful pictures.


This is one of my favorite coloring apps but every time up I finish a photo somehow the app starts messing up, or when I exit out and try to get back into the app it crashes to the point I can’t even open the app. I uninstalled the app and downloaded and it continues with the same issue


Can’t believe you charge for this app!!! Deleted!

j4j address

It’s not what I expected


I’m in love! That is all!


I’m confused on why I would need to subscribe to be able to color. I think $10 is too much to pay to color on an app and to get rid of the ads. I don’t mind watching them because that’s how I find other apps. I am aware that the ads are needed to keep some apps and sites free for everyone but this is only a coloring app and the price is a bit steep. My soul purpose for downloading was because of the “Black people and our culture “ I’m deleting it. 😞


Absolutely amazing. I love coloring books and finally seeing pictures that look like me is amazing. Thank you so much.


With a wide variety of skin tones and cultural images, this color app allowed my 5yo daughter and I to color a picture together while she asked questions to learn more about herself. She told me that she wanted to have one of the dresses like this because they are beautiful and so pretty. It provided another opportunity to explain to her the specialness of the patterns with her while she got to make them the colors she wanted. It’s more than a coloring app, it’s a chance to open the dialogue with your children.


I downloaded it today and love it! The images are incredibly detailed and beautiful. It’s so soothing!

last vin gin

Thank you for this brilliant app!!! I’m always using my iPad to draw/color digital art on different coloring apps but could never find anything that represents us. So, I would usually color the digital art and make the characters black even though their features were not. I got tired of the lack of representation and decided to search for black owned coloring books to download for iPad. That’s when your article popped up and I got too excited. I never knew something like this existed before and I wished I would have found this app sooner instead of wasting my time and money on those other apps.


This app isn’t worth $7.99 a month. I am trying to cancel the subscription but there isn’t a cancel button and the app doesn’t show in settings as the instructions say. In addition there’s no number to call for assistance. Don’t upgrade it’s a scam! Very disappointing!

Wood Woody

I like the concept. However, I downloaded this app a while back when I first heard about it, back when the app first launched. I deleted it because there were no free coloring pages at the time. Came across the app again and it is still the same, literally three free coloring pages. I shouldn’t have to be required to download for 7 days just to get free pages. The app doesn’t even give you the option to watch an advertising video for free coloring page. I know the 7 day trial is optional but there’s absolutely no way to enjoy the app to even consider paying for it. Not those three little free pages to entice people. Stick to Recolor, at lease there are many free coloring pages to help pass time with that app.


Awesome! If I can give 100 stars I would!


UPDATE: received a very nice and poignant reply. When funds allow, i plan to invest in this app fully. Why is this so expensive? Why not a free version? Especially at a time like now? I was looking forward to coloring something that is close to my heart but it’s just not affordable.


I love it

autum morning

I love being able to see me in what I color

S Lawrence

I can’t use this app anymore. It’s disappointing. I had to uninstall it, because I can’t access the coloring pages.


If you get it you will love it


The different textures don’t work 🥺


So, of course I started with the free version to try it out. Fell in love immediately. I’ve had an iPhone since 2010 and this is the 1st App I have actually paid for. I love the pictures and the array of colors to choose from. This is an amazing app.!


I love this color book


Love the drawings. Reaction time is a little delayed but great concept


I was so excited to show this app to my 9 year old daughter this app. It’s beautiful!!! So empowering for her to see and color images of gorgeous chocolate folks that reflect her own image. Great job!


I don’t want to pay monthly for a coloring app. Sorry. A one time purchase for a reasonable amount, fine, but monthly is not in my budget.

the Z Queen

I love it but one thing you still need to accomplish. When you zoom in I cannot move around. So in the future can you make the game different and you can move around when you zoom because it is much easier

MDM Branch

My wife and started incorporating this into our quiet time away from our girls, and then share our creativity with one another. We love it!

Kai K4i

Ok… can we just talk about how amazing this app is? The quality is so great, and I love all of the different colors to choose from! This is the best and I HIGHLY recommend it!!! 😌💕


This is an amazing app! I love it soo much and I have even had my 5th grade class download this. I love this for our culture.

Mommy of Three Beati

My three beautiful girls love this app, they are all different shades of chocolate and finds the coloring app very relatable. And I as native born and raised African I love to see my people succeed.


First off, REPRESENTATION MATTERS! I am so in love with the designs, the people, the patterns and the inclusivity Color Noir offers. It is so refreshing to tell therapy clients about this app and to be able to create pieces dripping in melanin & with so many shades to choose from, there truly is something for everyone here! I personally downloaded Color Noir for myself and for Art Therapy usage. When the developers say “all ages” they mean it. I really enjoy the complexities of some of the pieces but also love that there are less challenging ones for my 9 year old to create as well. This is also my favorite “Miss, do you have games on your phone?” App to pass around to my nieces and nephews. It has been a life saver at several BBQ’s this summer and the parents (myself included) didn’t feel like we were handing off our child a device for a parenting break, resting assure that this is one of the “Good Apps”. I strongly encourage you to download this app for yourself or the young people in your life, you won’t be disappointed!!!


This app is great for being creative and letting your imagination run wild. This app is for all different ages and gives you a sense of how you would like to make art with technology.


It’s about time for an app like this to exist! Kudos to the developers for creating such an inspiring idea for many. I really dig the style of all the artwork too, totally retro and super fun to color. I love it!


This is relaxing and good if you are looking to focus as well.


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