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MuzArcade 简介

MuzArcade technology generates awesome gameplay “on the fly” based on the lyrics and music of any song. Get ready to Unleash the Games Inside Millions of Songs!

• PLAY 9 puzzle and action games powered by millions of songs from thousands of your favorite artists
• CHOOSE your favorite songs; New releases every week; Add your own playlists from Apple Music
• COMPETE for ranking on leaderboards for every song
• EARN achievements for songs from every artist
• BATTLE with your friends in head-to-head duels
• GET SOCIAL – create your own game boards to challenge groups of friends
• BRAG your accomplishments on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook

Stream Powered Action Games – Your favorite arcade games powered by the lyrics and beats of today’s top hits, your nostalgic favorites, and tomorrows new releases!
• Stream Snaker – Slide your snake to slither through lyric blocks in time with the music
• Stream Quizzer – Guess words to complete lyric lines while you listen or sing along
• Stream Flapper – Tap to fly flappy characters to catch streaming lyrics
• Stream Blaster – Blast away lyric asteroids in this music powered space shooter
• Stream Breaker – Bounce balls to break all the blocks in each line of lyrics

Music Powered Puzzlers add a lyric-powered twist to the most popular styles of puzzle and card games
• Song Cipher – Solve word puzzles to find missing lyrics while the clock is ticking
• Song Solitaire – Complete the lyric lines in this music-powered twist on the classic card game
• Song Ball – Shoot balls to reveal letters in lyric and trivia puzzles in this pinball-themed bubble shooter
• Song Jeez – Match 3 to free “emojeez” and solve lyric and music trivia puzzles

Play with your choices of millions of songs in MuzArcade’s free puzzle and arcade action games.

Music game lovers – Go beyond all the rhythm, piano, and tile games.

Puzzle, word find, quiz, trivia, and solitaire lovers – Relax and learn the lyrics of your favorite songs as you listen and play to solve lyric puzzles.

Arcade and action game lovers – move on from the crossy, jumper, runner, flipper, or io games as you blast, tap, swipe, slither, and slide in music powered gameplay for your favorite songs.

MuzArcade delivers literally millions of hours of gameplay with more addictive and challenging levels than any puzzle, action, card, quiz, word find, or slots game you’ve ever played. Work your way up the leaderboards for every song to become a MuzArcade Ninja. You can even improve your karaoke singing skills as you play and learn the lyrics to all your favorite songs.

We also make it super easy to find the kind of music you love. You can search for any song or artist or start with any of our playlists:

– Radio Hits
– Hot Hits
– Streaming Hits
– Hip Hop Hotness
– Country Spotlight
– Rock Out
– 10’s Best
– Gen Y Hits
– Classic Rock
– Latin Groove
– Country Hits
– Hip Hop Hits
– R&B Best
– Pop Gold
– 2000’s Pop, Country Rock, Hip Hop, and R&B
– 90’s Pop, Country Rock, Hip Hop, and R&B
– 80’s Pop, Country Rock, Hip Hop, and R&B
– 70’s Pop, Country Rock
– 60’s Hits
– Your Recently Played Tracks
– Playlists from Artists you have favorited in the games

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Terrible doesnt have juice wrld or x.


This game was fun at first until some tab labeled “Unlock Artist Catalogs” popped up and it won’t let me exit out of it. Based on my lack of knowledge for why I can’t close this pop-up, my assumption is that I’m being forced to ‘unlock’ all songs from one or more artists of my choice via payment and I feel like I’m being manipulated into paying for something I don’t want in order to continue on with the game. If there is a way to exit out of this pop-up without paying please let me know. Otherwise, this app is kind of worthless and doesn’t work. Thank you.


This app is great and everything but it has one mayor issue and that’s that the game freezes and then in order to unfreeze it you have to delete the app and download it again, meaning you start from the beginning all over again, because the app won’t let you do anything.

Shasta c

you have a great game and it fun for a while. i like the music selection. well, liked it. now there was an update with in-game purchases for everything. because this game was free was one of the main reasons i loved it. if you’re making a free game, then actually make it free.


Is so stupid…and I don’t understand the rules of this.

Silver Jedi

I give this game a big thumbs down, I like classic rock and old metal, add bands like Queen, Guns N Roses, Pink Floyd, Metallica, Ozzy. Not everyone likes crappy rap and pop music

the i dont career

i love her.


when I try to look up a song to play it, it says that i need to be a member of apple music (which i am) and it’s really annoying because i can’t even play the songs that i already have downloaded. please fix!


I thought this game would allow you to play any song you want put I was wrong. You Apple Music


A lot of songs I try to play say “error playing this song” then when I pick another song, the game just freezes up and I have to restart it. It’s really annoying.

cooky the bunny

The game is really great overall but it sometimes has glitches. I also can’t seem to connect my Spotify with the app or is it just me?

anonymous v

this concept is wonderful and has so much potential, but there’s several things that need to be corrected;; • too many bugs in the games that often cause you to lose a heart to no fault of your own • DOUBLE ADS. you tell me i have to watch an ad for an extra turn and that’s fine, but as that ad is finishing another ad pops up and plays too? so now i have to watch two ads?? and more often than not, it crashes my app or level so i lose the heart anyway. super upsetting. • there’s no way to earn hearts anymore, which is incredibly disheartening as it makes it less fun and more about the money • playlists are very glitchy and bulky • theres too many unnecessary and unskippable animations that take too long (i.e. like the fact that it tells you what a raid is every. single. time. you come up on one)


Game doesn’t work


Lost $20 playing this game in trying to buy more hearts!! The game is great, but not when it steals money from people that truly enjoy playing your game. Very disappointed!!


Other games have adds pop up every minute or so this one doesn’t! my sister told me how it’s pretty fun and how there’s no adds whatsoever and I should download it. I did not believe her that there are NO ADDS but I downloaded it anyway. I played this game for a few minutes and my sister was right no adds! Me and my sister beg for you to put a multiple player mode on the game! – Leah and her sister Amaya


I really like this, but it’s not letting me play the solitaire game, which is my personal favorite. Whenever I go to click the game it loads a blank board with no cards or anything and you can’t quit. Other than that problem, the app is great!


I played this and no music came out. Any ideas?


I love the games and everything, the ads where the only problem to I bought the “no ads” but for some reason I keep getting them regardless, quite upsetting.


This game is a lot of fun but the problems is it’s kept on closing the game back to my home page which I don’t like it. Please fix this game and thank you! From Karina Techtmann 🙂


Every time I play this game I go to a song the it says song not licensed for use and I want to papyrus this song but a can’t play it but I played it on my tablet now my bothers phone


This app is very good, very well made and over all I like it. I’m only disappointed that it won’t let me play any songs from my favorite band MISSIO 🙁


I love this game because you have so much songs to choose from and I love how there are so many game to play but I hope someday you can play arcade when there is no WiFi PERIODT.


Very well done . Addicting instantly.amust try for anyone who loves music n games a master piece of synergy

Boardroom Commodore

Each release adds more customization, graphics, game challenges and music, music, music. The XStream Challenges with the artists are great.


Honestly once you play that first game! You’ll never stop it’s so fun to play 😆


This game is not worth downloading, it has way to many requirements for a game that’s suppose to be fun.


Very fun game overall, only issue is that when I watch an ad my AirPods disconnect front the game and I have to relaunch it every time if I want to play it with headphones


This is the best game in the world

Dawg One

It is ok


It might just be a me issue but when I get an ad the screen goes completely black and the only way to make it go away is if I close the app completely and I lose my progress. Other than that it’s extremely fun.


Overall it is a great app to use when you’re bored but recently when I have been trying to open the app it just crashes and goes back to my home screen so I haven’t been able to play on the app. Hopefully you can fix the problem quick so I can play again. Thank you


So I love the game, but sometimes it says the song or artist is not licensed for use, which is quite annoying because it is for most of the songs I want to play. Secondly, for one of the songs I love, the only the acoustic version was playable. That was annoying enough, but what is worse is that when I load the song, the song is very delayed. The lyrics on screen appear about 10 whole seconds before the lyrics are sung so that the lyrics being sung don’t match what is being sung for the entire song which is very annoying. The only way I was able to complete the song was because it is one of my favorites and so I know the lyrics. The song is Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing by Set it Off so if you could fix that that would be great.


Everytime I finish a game or a duel level it crashes. I have to close the app out completely and go back in. SUPER annoying. Please fix!! Other than that I really like the game!


So I basically redone loaded this app a long time ago (because I offloaded it). After I re-downloaded this, I tried using my Spotify account, I was happy that it worked so I can play the song “Darkside”. The next day, which is today, I wanted to play this before I went to school with the same song. I noticed that my trial turned off, so I did the application again. Later, after school, I wanted to play, but I had a problem getting into the app. So I wanted to use the Spotify Premium, but after I clicked that button, the website didn’t load all the way. I’m guessing it was the internet, but later, like now, I wanted to see what was going on, but it keeps crashing me out of the game. I’m guessing it was a bug? Or I had too many storage. I just want to play my favorite mini game in MUZARCADE.


I like this game but one problem is that it crashes every time I start up the game. I tried restarting my phone like 2 times and the problem is still there. Can you fix it?

T wickware

This is actually a really cool fun app. Kept me entertained . And wanting more. I love Stream Quizzer . I highly Recommend MUZARCADE⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️


Tbh this it really fun I just downloaded it like yes i need WiFi for it but it’s rlly fun because I love to listen to music and it lets me do that and play a game to learn the lyrics

Marissa Tanner

While I would personally add some tweaks I think this game is worth 5 stars. It gives people around the world a new way to express their favorite songs.

Blue fusion

This is a really fun app that people need to play


Its kicking me out every time I try to get in please fix please and thank you 🙏


I listened to two songs completely through and neither time did it ask me to pick the correct lyric that goes with the song like it’s supposed to.


My game is not allowing me to play


When I try connecting my Spotify it says “server has been running fine since: 14:05:16 GMT+0000 (UTC) Platform: iOS” and when I go back into the app it says it failed.


The game seems so fun until I try to play it and it does nothing but load and never loads up to play. I click the app and click on arcade and click any game and it says “lyrics loaded” and just loads. The loading freezes my phone up and I cannot exit out of that screen☹️


All I have to say is it’s overall a great game, but there are too many ads. You should have 1 every few rounds because getting 1 after every round I play is a little frustrating.


I downloaded this game super excited about it, I tried to open the app and it automatically shut down, I couldn’t even fully open it. And it’s definitely not my phone because I have the iPhone XS and it’s the latest phone.


I just downloaded it after seeing an AD for it, it doesn’t work… whenever I click to open it it crashes 1 second after


I just downloaded this game tonight and I tapped to open it and it crashed right away. I tried it a few times but it still kept crashing!


This app is the worst it doesn’t even launch


its good until a couple of days ago it started crashing and immediately exited out of the app soo idk what happened but otherwise its a fun app to play 🙂


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