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【图】Power Rangers: All Stars
【图】Power Rangers: All Stars

Power Rangers: All Stars iOS

Power Rangers 简介

Join your favorite Rangers in battle!
It’s your time, Rangers!

Ranger Operators Red, Yellow, and Blue (from Power Rangers RPM) are sent to Corinth, the last inhabited city on Earth, to investigate Venjix activity inside Professor Q’s research laboratory. There, they find that Professor Q has opened a dimensional portal in hopes of helping the people of Corinth escape from the incoming Venjix threat. When Doctor K investigates the lab, she finds that the “”quantum anchored”” portal there leads to parallel dimensions full of monsters!

Ally with Power Rangers from throughout history, create the ultimate Ranger team, and thwart the monsters and their evil machinations!

▶ Features
– From MMPR to Samurai, join over 60 Rangers in your quest to vanquish evil!
– Pilot mighty Megazords to defeat your foes!
– Create tactical Ranger teams for Dimensional Rift and Dimensional Exploration!
– Engage in 5-vs-5 PvP battles in the Dimensional Arena!
– Form Alliances and conquer dramatic, large-scale Raids!
– Defend against the boss’ attack using Megazord in the Epic Mission Stage!

Experiencing issues? please send us an email – allstars@movegames.co.kr

Terms of Service: http://www.powerrangers.co.kr/All-S/Terms_Of_Service.html
Privacy Policy: http://www.powerrangers.co.kr/All-S/Privacy_Policy.html

[Recommended Specifications]
Power Ranger: All Stars performs optimally on iPhone 5s (iOS 7.0) or newer devices. Network connection required. Wi-Fi or cellular connection required.

[App Permissions Information]
Power Rangers: All Stars requires the following permissions:

[Mandatory Access Rights]
Saving media to devices, including game data, save files, and screenshot attachments for customer service.

[Permission Management]
Settings > Privacy > Select App > Permissions

※ This app offers in-app purchases. You can disable this feature by adjusting your device’s settings.

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Power Rangers 下载

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Had to start all after they switched and I can’t even get the game to save my progress ever time I close the app it started my progress over and ever time I load it it up I got to start over this game not worth playing no more till they fix this problem

wanaza boy

I just got this game today and I got so excited but then when it told me to choose my team I choose Dino charge then immediately it glitched me out


Love the idea and way they did the rangers thing, but lacks a lot of support and little things to the game. Pros: Good Graphics, Easy to understand the mechanics, and enjoyable to play. Cons: Lack of rangers (meaning: there are over 25 different season of power rangers and only like 9 of them are included, which is very lame and is a huge kill to the game.), No Support to help you if you loose your account (I was log in through fb(Facebook) and out of nowhere I couldn’t play anymore on that account because of an authorization issue with fb.), summons themes are ruined because you don’t get the rangers in the them you choose, all the good rangers you want are either and event or pay to get them, stamina is too low to get each of your rangers the same level at the same time, needs move storyline, and there’s way more to go into but I’m gonna leave it at that. The game has good potential to be a number one game in the App Store because it brings ppl back to their childhood being power rangers themed, the way the game was made, mechanics, and the ideas put into. If the game was cared for just a little bit more then probably would have a big outcome for the inventors. Fix the little thing first, work on the major things second because Ik it can be harder to do or put together. I would love to see more updates on this game and more support system and last but not the least more rangers groups from other season like lost galaxy, time force, jungle fury, zeo, ninja storm, ect. Would love to give you five star rating after that.


The game doesn’t have all of the power ranger teams but besides that it’s a good and fun game. It seems like only rangers that have a main logo like Dino charges logo.


All my hard work gone and now having to start over makes me angry I do not recommend


I can’t play the game it gets past tutorial and crashes , I delete it and reinstall it and the same things happened again please fix this issue, I’m also using an iPhone 11 and the game won’t work past a certain point


I love power rangers, but when I got this game I finished tutorial the game lagged out on me, so please fix it.

Gloomy Mint

This game is good but there’s a problem. When I battle in the dimensional rift, my rangers just go somewhere random, and then they run in place, and then lose. This bug didn’t happen before. I wonder what happened.


I love this game but it’s missing a lot of power rangers like the white mystic ranger and it’s missing power rangers time force, power rangers zero, power rangers ninja storm, power rangers galaxy, power ranger beast, power rangers jungle fury, power rangers turbo, power rangers rescue, mighty morphin alien rangers and a lot more. And logins don’t work it only allows me to be a guest


Please beast morphers next


All the progress I made previously was erased and I was put back to player level 2 and I was way passed that please fix the glitch if that’s what it is


It keeps on resetting itself, I want you to do something about it.I want you to fix it right now


So I like this game. I’ve seen Power Rangers MMPR all the way to Ninja steel. And I like all the characters and everything but… 1. Takes a long time to load. 2. Kicks me out EVERY TIME I get to the part where you choose your team to begin with. 3. Sometimes it kicks me out when I fighting.Also kicks me out doing the tutorial. Please fix soon. That’s all for now. I like the app but it wasn’t like I expected. -Bye


The game loads and takes you through the tutorial and asks you to join a ranger team. Once you choose it closes out. And you have to start the whole process over again


Note this game says copyright 2018 tells you other this beta version of final product which coming or hasn’t been updated in years and left in App Store for Apple to remove. 2nd there 2nd power rangers game developed with capcom games hence why it has street fighters in it as well which called power rangers legacy. Finally power rangers all stars don’t always load or startup.

mimi k10

I just got it it lords slow


Game is broken completely, instead of fixing the account deleting bug they bricked the app then abandoned it.


I can’t even play the game. I can play up through the tutorial and to the team selection, but after that it just sits on the menu and won’t react to anything. I even tried deleting and re-installing and it still doesn’t work.


I take a 2 month break and now all of a sudden I can’t log into my game and there’s absolutely no notice from developers of any kind! Not only that but there’s no way to contact the developers to let them know of the issue.


Please add the beast Morphers rangers into the game for the next update especially the yellow ranger


Downloaded and goes thru tutorial but won’t let me play says error200


Play the tutorial and everything is done downloading and yet I can not play the game. It lets me pick my starting rangers and then that’s it. I can’t click on anything or start a mission or nothing. Easy delete of the app


So I just started the game but right after the tutorial it go’s into a loading thing then it says network error then I restart the game and still it keeps doing it


Fun game but too many bugs… never wants to load. I had to re-download the game like 6 times. It still doesn’t want to load.

do little to late

Server crashes server crashes Game can be fun but is plagued with server crashes on the 4th server. If you haven’t started choose 1. Otherwise your out of luck with constant disconnects and failed log in attempts. More often the higher the server number

GreeMatC Gamer

The game is nice overall but I’m no long going to play it because most of the time when I try to login to the you I can’t.

temle runner

I unlocked almost every character in power rangers all stars I will never stop playing and thinking about that game.


It crashes to phones home screen after picking the power ranger team.

B Bear 123

I like this game it’s a good one but it barely works even when I have good WiFi or internet service it always says networks error and it won’t open

StonE FaXe

The game looks amazing but every time I try to login it keeps saying pass expired but it’s my first time trying to play please fix this😭😢


I gave it a one star review because the game made me restart it and I did it again and that’s why I gave it a one star rating.


When I first opened this game I was super excited but then after the tutorial nothing worked! And when I tried to exit out of the app to see if it was just a glitch the game made me do the entire tutorial again! 😡 and then I deleted it and after a few days a reinstalled it to see if It would work and then SAME PROBLEM it made me do the tutorial again and it didn’t load at all!! Can you guys fix it?? It’s super annoying when I have to wait forever to play it! And it’s also super frustrating! When it makes me do the tutorial again (P.S I play on tablet)

shadow sniper king

The game keeps freezing in the main screen every single time so I uninstalled it than reinstalled then it keeps freezing and I signed in to Facebook and everything and it keeps freezing so I don’t know what’s happening but can you fix it

Codeeeeee active pla

Had plenty of potential once released .. but even with the change game couldnt thrive sad rip


Tutorial plays over and over. After selecting a team, home screen becomes unresponsive. Closing the app restarts tutorial. Dont waste your time, especially with an extra gig and a half of memory it needs for additional data.


After tutorial it goes to main screen and it just has a spinning icon and does nothing! I was excited for this game too! Such a shame!!!


After the tutorial, it starts loading on and on and on and then it crashes, does anyone know how to fix this?

jt the pro

Good but when I go to the next sever I can’t go back to the one I was at can you fix that please also make it not take all my battery power to 0 k and really the loading screen seriously fix it and it keeps on not working k


It’s sad to see how it’s been ignored. It’s honestly wicked fun and I think the graphics are great. Had almost every character and found it easier to play and achieve stuff in the beginning when it was first released. I wish the Ruins and Rift was still operational, even if it’s not being actively worked on. Is it? I want to pay money, but the other part me is hesitant because how can I even pay to get the green mighty morphin power ranger? One last revision that makes it playable and everything operational, please?


It will get to where you pick the rangers then go to the home screen and freezes up plz fix


I like this game but I think you have some bugs in the game you should really check that out. Also you should put the lost galaxy power rangers in this game.


As much as the game is good the terrible support and the amount it crashes just makes this game unplayable. I got to play one time and the next morning it says some sort of socket failed and keeps crashing. If you want to enjoy the game this hot trash is just not that.


After tutorial is over which I’ve done 3 times still can’t play game after that


This game was extremely fun and enjoyable pre 2019. When the developer “move games” picked up ownership they killed the game. No content for over a year, they took down the Facebook page for the game, all while continuing to accept money for a game they clearly have no interest in doing anything with. Not to mention the countless bugs that exist since the ownership transfer. I would love for this game to come back, but under move games I wouldn’t expect anything.


Add more Rangers and Megazords. We haven’t got an update for like months.


Having trouble logging in


I really use to love this game. I am a huge fan of Power Ranger and was excited when it finally came out, but with that said this game has fallen apart. I can’t even get past the load screen. Someone suggested that I deleted it and redownload it. I did as they suggested except not I can’t find my server. So I tried to redownload it again and I’m stuck on the load screen. This app never broke the mold, but it was fun and it was power rangers. Now, it is a dying shell of what it was. Please fix your game.


If you fix some glitches with every two days my account is gone and all my progress is gone so fix it please


I love power rangers but this game ruined it for me it won’t let me get past the first screen after beating the tutorial I redownloaded it twice and still nothing I have been waiting for 15 mins and nothing I give up


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