【图】Easter Sweeper: Match 3 Games下载
【图】Easter Sweeper: Match 3 Games
【图】Easter Sweeper: Match 3 Games

Easter Sweeper: Match 3 Games iOS

Easter Sweeper 简介

Spring is in the air! Get in the mood for Easter with this wonderful match 3 game! Play over 1500 mesmerizing levels filled with many challenges. Collect the golden eggs, fill your basket with chocolate goodies and get the Easter bunny out of the magic hat. Clear the remaining ice, make the spring flowers bloom and collect the first butterflies. Eat the cookies, uncover the tasty cakes and fire off the explosive candy canes!

Easter Sweeper will keep you engaged until long after Easter!
There are no lives to lose, and you don’t have to annoy your friends to progress. Play as long as you want. This game will fill your holidays with lots of pleasure!

Swap, drag and sweep the sweet Easter pieces, like the Easter eggs, the chocolate bunnies, the creamy cupcakes, the candy stars and green spring leaves. Make matches of 4 or 5 to create powerful bombs and power-ups. And use the magic wand to collect a single piece. You’ll be rewarded with cookies, cakes and lots of chocolates!

Be sure to share the fun with your facebook friends. Invite them and compete with them in the leaderboards and on the level map!

If you like holiday themed match 3 puzzle games, click and match, swap and match or any type of casual match 3 puzzle game then Easter Sweeper is the perfect game for you!

Check out our facebook fan page for more match-3 goodness: https://www.facebook.com/SmileyGamer

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Easter Sweeper 下载

App Store 官网美版


Lonnie Mathews

LOVE THIS GAME!!!🎉Thank you for this joyful game!!


Awesome game!!!!


Fun to play. But for some reasons the only bonus’s that they have been giving out is is only one extra move.

Brooklyn 1732

Great game

Pat SM

Love this game

Snoozin Bee

I love this game! Fun graphics, challenging games, unlimited games 👍🏼


Soooo much fun, and challenging!


Great game. Lots of fun yet challengingZ,


Enjoyable and addictive!!


Fun game to play. Lots of different screens and challenging levels.

Bett sue

Love this game❤️❤️


Absolutely LOVE this game

Purple Queen 2

Please make the full basket free. I’ve worked hard to fill my basket only for it to cost me to open it?

Becky m r

I love this game So much fun. I can’t stop playing it. But the hard levels are really hard to beat. Need more power ups to beat the levels.


Good fun


Took me a while to conquer so I enjoyed it!


I love all of my smiley games. Every time I need to upgrade it wants me to purchase it again. Now a lot of the app developers seem to be using Crossinstall which locks up the game every time it runs. I don’t mind some ads but this is ridiculous.


Great game. Love it!


The puzzles are interesting and challenging 🤗


It a time for me to get back together again with this wonderful life.


I enjoy this matching game, however sometimes it moves in slow motion like its stuck. The daily rewards are nice. The special events are nice but way too hard to complete in the time frame they give you.

rebel gran

I’m having so much fun playing this game. I really have to think about my moves. Some of these levels are so difficult, but i like that. I’m like, i’ll never get out of this level but after trying over & over finally success. Great fun.


Challenging, brain workout.


This game is not bad.


Keep it where we can win sometimes. The computer cannot win each and every one. So far you’re fairly good.



The Kitty Lady

Too many advertisements! I got too aggravated with the advertisements that I deleted the game after I typed the review. I understand that it be some advertisements but after each level, that’s ridiculous!!! Not happy at all with this game.


This game is s nice change of pace for me. It has just the right amount of challenge.


I love the images! They’re adorable. I also love the challenges. Trying to clear the board around blocked pieces makes it interesting.

sandy 996

The game is easy to learn and time flies when your playing it.


Having fun with this app .


So fun!


It’s a great game to play when you are bored as don’t have nothing to do.


Keeps my interest

Not many reviews

Love it


I always enjoy




Those bunnies make me hungry yep

kayleigh witt witt





Right now I’m giving this game 3 stars. I gave playing a couple of weeks with NO problems. Now the last two days it keeps freezing and will not move unless I turn my entire iPad off. It’s annoying when my other games don’t do this. Please fix.

Played Out Too Disc

Have enjoyed your game!! I find the music relaxing and pleasant. I’ve listened & watched thru your various sponsored ads. But the last two days have irritated me extremely. Fantasy XV wants to Take Over. They insist I play their sample. Finally I spotted an ‘x’ to clear out. Most times it’s unresponsive, when it’s there. To clear it I’ve had to shut down my phone. This last time, I downloaded their game!!! WHICH I DO NOT WANT!!! I have NO interest in it! (They must be hard up for fresh blood) It still would not clear so I could get back to your game. It will be deleted. I’ve had to start your game over recently due to a crashed phone. But this ad is about to have me give up on your game. Update: 11/19/19: Thank you for clearing up the Fantasy XV ad problem. Sorry I didn’t get back to you sooner. I was able to enjoy the game again. I stepped away from it for awhile & around mid-October I tried to play it and it would not come up. I’d get the home screen & immediately get kicked out. I finally gave up. Had thought to contact you through one of your other games I have, but didn’t. I was curious this evening, so I tried to bring it up. New privacy policy had shown up. Then this ‘review’ showed up. This is why only 1 star. The rating would be LOTS higher if I Ever get to the game to play it! I had really enjoyed the music. I found it relaxing & chipper. I’ve missed it. Hopefully the new updates didn’t disrupt what I enjoyed. I’ll see if it will Finally play.


Takes too long to get bonuses.

jasie y Laure

Jasie y Laure


I enjoy playing this game. But then I like most SmileyGamer games


Knnjii Mom


I know, loving a game is hype, but I love this little game. Bought the paid version so I don’t “die” all the time and have unlimited lives. I have played for hours and been very happy. Lots of levels and you can actually win…eventually.


Love this game and all the Smiley games


Time passes without you noticing it when you play this game. This is a really fun game, especially since I like match three games. The graphics are really cute and the variety in the levels keep you thinking. I’m giving it a four star rating because the levels are inconsistent. One level might be super easy and the next one will be so hard it takes days to get through it. Overall great game and I love most of the games by this Company.


Today I’m giving it a 3, but it would be a 5. Since getting tp level 220 it’s freezing about every 3-4 moves. Help!


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