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Mitel Connect 简介

Bring your desk phone with you wherever you go with the Mitel Connect mobile app. Easily access your enterprise contacts, join conferences with one click, and manage your calls and voicemails – all powered by our new user-friendly design.

Key benefits:
– New dashboard to manage your work day
– Contact your colleagues without using carrier minutes
– View upcoming events and join meetings in one click
– No more giving out your personal number – your business caller ID is used when placing calls
– Reach coworkers quickly via favorites or extensions
– Visually manage your voicemails
– Manage your missed calls and view recent activities from your dashboard
– Handover between WiFi and cellular and never lose a call
– And more!

For more information go to:

Note: This app is for Mitel Connect, Mitel 14.2 and Mitel Sky customers only.

Warning: VoIP over 3G/4G/LTE networks
Miltel is not liable for any charges, fees or liability imposed by your mobile carrier for the use of this service. Voice quality is subject to Wi-Fi or 3G/4G/LTE signal quality and available bandwidth.

• This application requires connectivity to a Mitel Connect Mobility Router and will not operate without this component. Please contact your business ‘IT department if you are unsure if your company has deployed the Mitel Connect Mobility solution.
• This application is intended only for enterprise calling. As such, emergency calls (e.g. 911) will be routed over the cellular radio when available and not over WiFi.
•By downloading and using this application you hereby agree to the terms in the accompanying End User License Agreement (EULA).

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Getting TLS errors. Was working fine on iOS 14.1


App has worked out great! I like that people can call my work number and it goes to my cell. I also like that I can turn it off. Sometimes there is a connection error and I have had to exit the app and reopen, but it is super quick at reconnecting. So I am very happy with the app.


Very plewsed with your app! Thank you for making my work easier!


This phone app is useless unless you have the app up at all times to receive calls. I have never had a phone app that has done this. The app doesn’t work unless this feature is fixed. UPDATE – Response to Developer 07.21.2020 Our IT team has worked tirelessly with Mitel support and was told that there is no fix to this issue. This app needs to run in the background like all the other (much cheaper) phone apps. Can you confirm that the app currently runs in the background for all your mobile clients? Based off your recent reviews, I don’t think it does. The mysterious “missed” and “straight to voicemail” calls are an intentional and fatal flaw to this app.


At times the calls are disconnected or don’t go thru completely. Still getting used to this.


I have numerous people who call in. It rings once and goes to voicemail. I’ve tried to change settings to no avail. Other than that it’s fine.


Great having my office phone on the cell phone as well. Makes it easy


We just upgraded to Mitel and with the work from home thing, started using this for employees 100% at home, such as myself. I can place calls to co-workers which is wonderful. However, I have troubles hearing people when they call me. I have our support folks looking into this issue. The app also downloaded to my iPad and since I’m using that as a speakerphone since the sound is better than my iPhone, I tried to start the app but it said it doesn’t support iPad. Why?? Requiring a cellular connection is ridiculous when I have solid WiFi. Not to mention that I DO have a cellular data plan on my iPad. Fix it for use on my iPad AND make it suitable for landscape use (not just portrait) and I’ll upgrade my rating.


This app is absolutely worthless. It barely alerts me when a call comes thru, and for the past few days, it says that it can’t communicate to the server. Bring back ShoreTel


Calls keep coming in through my actual cell, ringing my actual cellphone number, instead of coming through the mitel app. I get notifications for “missed calls” on my cell network and then open the mitel app and find voicemails. This app has serious UI issues.


Calls coming from a dedicated line directed to hunt groups will not ring your device… there is no documentation about this severe limitation. As a call center you would think this would be a feature as many other businesses rely on hunt groups for directing call traffic. Ridiculous!

La ChiChi

Gave 3 stars only because we cannot set forwarding/ring to options from the app. Otherwise 5 stars.


I have it set up correctly and it worked when I tested it. Now it won’t call out (acts like it but then stops and reverts to the main screen) and it won’t ring when someone calls my extension (and it did when I tested it so I know it’s set up correctly). It’s useless.

Kurt in Houston

I am using this app on IPhone 11. The app works well when it will connect but that is rare. Constantly says that it is making connection, or, says password is no longer valid w can though it is and has not been changed. Sure wish they would improve this app because really needed when out of office.


I had no trouble connecting Zoiper to my SIP server, but the Mitel app couldn’t connect.


The promise of seamlessly being able to get your business calls via your mobile and manage features is great. Having a cloud phone system is 2019, like Mitel Connect Cloud, makes it seem like it attainable. Unfortunately this app fails miserably. Calls come in as expected, with full caller ID and functionality if you have VoIP over Data enabled. The only problem is once you roam away from your WiFi signal the call drops. Mitel try’s to do a failover via a call over the cellular voice network but it creates dead and and most of the time the call still drops all together. When turning on the VoIP over LTE option it just plain doesn’t work and still uses the cellular voice network and calls you. Super annoying and frustrating. It’s 2019 people, VoIP shouldn’t be this frustrating.


For those reviewing VoIP options, add this to your evaluation; Mitel creates a flaw in their 10.10 series over a month ago and it still isn’t fixed. I’ve talked to support and they have confirmed this. Stay away from versions in the 10.10 range (on iPhone) period. The issue they tried to fix going from 10.9 to 10.10 made it worse. if the app is not on the foreground then calls to your extension come in through iPhone Phone app instead of the Mitel Connect App. When this happens then you lose all the ‘softphone’ features of the Mitel app and your let with just call on you your iPhone (which is crap to begin with). Result for the caller is they’re going to have to call back if they need to speak to anyone in your offiCe.


Would love for the App to have a way to notify me of calls coming in from my work phone versus cell phone. They both appear the same. Old versions turned the screen blue with the Mitel logo.


Update: in response to my original review (below) Mitel informed me that push notifications for new calls do not work for on-prem users, only cloud users. Add this feature for on-prem users! Original review: Despite Mitel saying this is working in the latest version it’s not. If iOS quits the app (as it does by design if an app is in the background inactive for a period of time) push notifications for calls do not come through. Please fix this.


Combined with Teamwork it is the ultimate UC experience. Great for communicating intra-business across any media (voice, video or text)


One of the selling point of this app was that I would be able to use the app to make and receive phone calls anywhere that I was connected to Wi-Fi. When I have a Wi-Fi connection am I am using the app it works beautifully! The Challenge that I have encountered is that unless I am using the app, I cannot receive phone calls such as the intercom call asking if I can take the call. All in all, this is only a minor annoyance. I am still able to mask my cell phone as my office, and that is a huge help. The other downside that I have discovered is that the app does not play well with the VP* on my phone. Unless I disable the VP*, The app will time out before making a connection to the server.


The app only works if it is in the foreground. Basically useless! It has been a year since this app has worked in the background!


My office just started using this app as we just got Mitel phones. It worked ok for a day – come to find out it was the older version. I updated to the new version – nothing works. The App asks me “How to make it better?” Have the app work as it should! I couldn’t even send the survey because it says my email is not configured on my device. Really? I’ve got 3 email address that deliver to this device. Problems: It is not ringing my mobile phone as if it is a mirror of my Mitel office phone. It comes through as if forwarded from my office phone with the caller ID of my office. This is using it on an iPhone. All settings are what I was told to use. I deleted the app yet my office phone still forwards my calls to my mobile phone! The old version worked. This new one does not.


Shady developers prompt for in-app reviews even when my iOS preference is set to not allow it. Shady and disrespectful. And before Developer Response whines about about how much they need them, I literally couldn’t care less. I care only about my user experience, which apparently you don’t since you disrespect your users’ stated preferences. So tired of garbage developers.


This app is atrocious. It may work properly around 25% of the time if you’re lucky. They make zero effort to make it function properly. You can make a call and it will sit in idle status for the longest time, and even when you do connect after about 3-5 minutes either the audio or voice gives out. -3/10 don’t recommend.


Love the app, but calls continually get pushed through my cellular voice network rather than my cellular data or WiFi networks. I’ve made sure calls over WiFi and data are enabled, and I have a very solid WiFi connection and decent data connection. Calls via data/WiFi are preferred because the app lets me know who’s calling. Calls over the voice network appear as if I’m receiving a regular phone call and only provide my company’s general number via caller ID and require me to press a number on the keypad to start the call after I’ve answered the phone. Would love to understand why this is happening and, if this is a bug, to get it fixed. The app is flawless otherwise.


Through several support sessions with Mitel, I have learned that the background app refresh feature does not work with the latest Apple updates, so in essence the app is useless. As soon as the app goes to the background, it loses connection and I can’t receive calls. It has been two months since the last app update. Why does it take so long to get this updated??


If the Mitel app is running on my phone CarPlay will crash. You have to swipe out of the Mitel app and car play works fine.

Michael Dean

I am really amazed at the positive reviews. This app is really poorly designed. I wish we had been able to test it before signing up for Mitel cloud. A cloud app is supposed to be set up so that you are not tied to one device and can be device agnostic with all of your data being the same. This does not do that at all. It is completely separate from the desktop app and doesn’t log the same information as if you’re sitting at your desk. It logs only what comes through the mobile app and doesn’t show what’s happened on the desk phone at all. When you are not actively in the app, meaning when you open another window or your phone goes to sleep, as it should for good security, calls to the desk number FORWARD to the cell phone instead of coming through the app. This is very confusing because it just looks like a direct call to your cell and you don’t know that the person dialed your office/desk phone number. Plus it loses the identity info saved in the contacts of your Outlook. It isn’t logged as a Mitel call though it does log on the desktop app if they are set to ring simultaneously. Wow, what a mess. Don’t even get me started on Events. Why would this not be synced with Events created in the desktop app?? It’s synced to your phone calendar events? Why? This is a business app, not a personal app. The desktop app syncs with Outlook calendar but the mobile app syncs with the phone calendar? Why would they just not be the same information all stored in the cloud?? Just terrible. The worst cloud app I’ve ever experienced.


Using iOS 11.2.1 on iPhone 8, can no longer login and use this app after the update. Error says incorrect username or password. Logs are showing the username, which contains some Capital letters, is being changed to all lower case. Can still login and provision same user from other devices on older app version with no issues. Please fix.


Works pretty good when you don’t have access to your office phone. It would be great if you could use the VOIP when not having to be connected to Wi-Fi. Other than, it gets the job done.


If you are iPhone XS Max user, some menu items are hard to read or select at the top and bottom of the screen.


Error message requiring cellular connection. I have a cellular connection. Bria works on iPad.


Excellent product that gives the presence like that of the office phone, but in a mobile app.


Never logs out. Calls comes through on data plan even when setting are selected only for WiFi. Not appropriate to receive phone calls during personal time for hourly employees. Calls cut in and out all the time. Doesn’t register voicemails that are accessible from desktop phone. Overall it’s always a battle with this app.


The app is buggy, I need to open it twice because it always crashes the first time it opens. I don’t use it enough to know what else is wrong with it but for the most part it does the job. I use this for work so I don’t care to have my work number forwarded to my cell in real time but I do like the ability to make calls from my work number for work purposes instead of using my personal cell phone number. What I wish MiTel would do is restore iPad support. It was originally advertised that MiTel would support iPad, was even given documentation from MiTel support and the sales pitch I was given from MiTel reinforced it but was then told later on that this was only available under ShoreTel. When I do try to open this app with my iPad I get the error, “This app is not supported on iPad as it requires a cellular connection”. Wait what? Does MiTel not understand how VOIP works? My PC doesn’t have a cellular connection, my phone in my office does not have a cellular connection, my spare iPhone without a SIM card doesn’t have a cellular connection and they all work! The kicker here is that I do have iPads with cellular data plan and it still does not work.


This app works well, but it needs to implement persistent VoIP for incoming calls. Currently it doesn’t work for incoming calls via the app unless the app is open or has been recently opened. Other VoIP apps implement something that lets them ring at any time (open app or not) and have those calls identified as coming from the app, even registering as such in the iOS Phone app’s Recent Calls list. The Mitel app needs to implement that


The app closes when the phone is locked. You won’t get calls or messages. So the main use of this is to call out from which is nice. If “Keep WiFi Connected” is turned off, it hands the calls of right which the old app didn’t do well at all. IM is nice to see now and that works good too. You can’t create meetings or calls anymore which is frustrating, but the UI is nice and works good! Make it so the app doesn’t “close” and bring back calendar access. Five star app if that happens.


App can be a little off sometimes, but is overall useful and am glad to have it on my phone. WHY though is there no iPad support?? Doesn’t make sense. Please update for iPad compatibility

Foco Bill

Game changer. I can place and receive work calls from anywhere with my work number. Move calls instantly from desk to cell when I have to run. When I’m traveling or driving I don’t have to miss calls if I don’t want to.


Our organization has pushed heavily and spent a lot of money for the use of the mobility client… Only for it to not connect over LTE. App crashes immediately. I’m on iOS 11.3. It will connect over WiFi but that is pointless… Please fix! Your customers have clearly been upset with the app’s cellular functionality.

SysAdmin to too many

Thus app handles the hand off between wifi and mobile data badly. It cannot show call history related to calls that occurred if it was “disconnected” due to a change of networks. It is also fairly unstable and seems to crash fairly regularly. We have not felt comfortable handing it off to non-IT personnel.

Youre irritating me

All of a sudden the app keeps crashing. Can’t use it at all. Very frustrating.


I’m happy to say the 3/1 update solved all the issues I had been having with the app. I no longer get random communication errors, voicemail and IM are working and stable, and I’m actually able to manipulate my availability. Good job! 👍


Okay so the ShoreTel app used to be really slick, and now Mitel owns it. The new Mitel app looks like a Wordpad document compared to older ShoreTel app. Unimpressed. The iOS Mitel app also doesn’t WORK. The Android version does, however. Waiting for the latest app revision which has been promised for 3 months, so I can actually use the licensing we bought a year ago. Get it together, and put some effort in. I need messaging, mobile extension, video calling, Exchange contact integration—all of it to work as well as the ShoreTel app did 2 YEARS AGO.


Can’t make calls with AirPods. No audio is heard. Way to go Mitel. 🙄👎 Can we get a fix for this already?! Was told by TAC and app support here that IM was going to be reintegrated into this new app on next update. Update happened and still no IM integration. Also, the previous Mobility client also had video conferencing capabilities and this one doesn’t. How is this an upgraded platform for Mobility when you take away features available in the last client?


I don’t have any trouble with this app. Very reliable and easy to operate. Great to conduct business while on my way to work. Our phone system is a legacy cloud platform from the M5 and we do miss some current whistles and bells, but I really don’t need those IM or Presence. Most important that the calls to my business number is delivered to my device and I always can call out, or check my voicemail in the old style pressing 1 on the dial pad. However, integration with outlook calendar and one touch dial to the scheduled conference is the best.


Refreshing voicemail consistently notifies me of an authentication failure, then I’m presented with a login screen and my creds don’t take. Recents calls don’t synchronize with the desktop client. This I don’t get at all. The information is there, and the best way for me to see it is through the user portal. Why can we not SMS via this app? Had to drop to 1 Star, because this app is worthless. I can’t receive or dial out of it unless I use carrier minutes.


Each revision brings new issues, breaks old functionality, and generally makes the app less functional. Currently it rarely connects over LTE data, only wifi, sometimes tells me to please wait (forever) when dialing a call, has difficulty searching enterprise contacts, etc. The new swipe to dial is a terrible feature, usually launching the iPhone menu instead. And technical support, if I can ever reach it, is of little help, and rarely solves any issues without creating additional problems. Please fix your service and your product, you currently hamper my productivity, not improve it.


The old Communicator used to work on the iPad, including video chat support. This new client won’t even let users login an iPad, displaying an error about requiring a cellular connection. Of course, it also does not support iPad resolutions.


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