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DART Say Something iOS

DART Say Something 简介

DART Say Something: Free Safety and Security Mobile App for Dallas Area Rapid Transit Riders

The DART Say Something Safety and Security App offers riders a quick and discreet method for reporting concerns directly to Dallas Area Rapid Transit. App users can send photos, six second video, text descriptions, and locations of suspicious people or activities. From the home screen, users have two easy options for contacting Dallas Area Rapid Transit:

* The “Report an Incident” button allows users to send text or photos directly to Dallas Area Rapid Transit. To ensure discretion, the camera flash is automatically disabled when photos are taken through the app. When reporting an issue, users can select locations and report categories. Riders can also send reports anonymously if they choose.

* The “Call 911” button will connect riders directly to the police.

The application is designed for robust operation even under conditions of poor signal strength. If you send a report from an area without cellular/Wi-Fi connectivity, it will be stored and sent when connectivity returns. The system is also designed to send text descriptions before photos so that the police can get information as quickly as possible.

Additional Features:

BOLO (Be On the Look Out) Alerts. BOLO Alerts on DART Say Something may display alerts from Dallas Area Rapid Transit about specific persons of interest. For example, information may be displayed about a missing person or child, such as where they were last seen. If you see a person from a BOLO, immediately call 9-1-1 and send an app report to Dallas Area Rapid Transit discreetly.

Check-In. Users can share their location on a map and indicate if they are “OK” or “Need Help”. This information can be shared with friends and family by Email and SMS.

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DART Say Something 下载

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Tiffanie S Barbary

I do not work for free I am self employed

Reggie Roxxis

Buses never ever on time complaining on the app never solves problems


Dart seriously needs to get their act together. Someone is going to get shot before dart gets in to respond to call


Reported a man masturbating at mockingbird station laying on the floor in full view of at least 30 people. Took a picture from as close as I cared to be and was told by the App “no one in the picture is masturbating”. Waste of everyone’s time, app deleted.


The authorities are slow to respond. I’ve been told by Dart police if ur a single woman don’t ride Dart alone.


You give all relevant information and they still ask you information that you’ve already given them


Just a marketing trick to make DART riders feel like they’re safe. I’ve had several situations where I’ve had to use it and it’s done nothing. DART just needs to up its game in security, that’s all.


Have made multiple reports, DART seems to be ignoring their own policies, or this app just sends complaints into the void. The bike lids say 72 hours but some people leave locks without bikes for a week or more, DART doesn’t seem interested in taking action

Rambling Stoner

We need to be able to text! Not just use an app


Sent a message… never heard a response!


Well, it appears that “the app” possibly works as I get a text reply; however, I have never seen a Police or Fare Inspector board and respond to the issues.


Thanks DART PD for providing this great tool!

Dr Pepper and Gracie

Getting better all the time!


Nice app. It is so easy to send a message to DART police. Thanks DART!


Why wasn’t the Report an Issue feature just integrated into the DART GoPass app? It’s a great idea but I don’t want to have to download two apps both related to DART to my phone. Also, I don’t get the Check In feature – who would use that?


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