【图】League of Angels-Paradise Land下载
【图】League of Angels-Paradise Land
【图】League of Angels-Paradise Land

League of Angels-Paradise Land iOS

League of Angels 简介

Endorsed By Gal Gadot!

An epic fantasy RPG adventure with beautiful graphics and procedurally-generated levels created by a senior art director who worked on GTA5. The game features a new dual-resource combat system that incorporates Roguelike and MOBA elements resulting in a truly unique and innovative RPG in the LoA universe.

When the Prophecy of the Apocalypse spread across the land, it became woven into the fabric of fate. Legend says only “Omega,” an ancient relic of the Angels, has the power to alter fate and prevent the end of the world.

Join the epic saga! EMPOWER YOUR HEROES, BATTLE WITH ANGELS! Reclaim the glory of the League of Angels!

[Game Introduction]
The newest mobile game in award-winning League of Angels series is here! League of Angels: Paradise Land is the next epic fantasy RPG that will take you on a harrowing journey through the world of the Angels.

[Game Features]

Superb Visual Presentation:
– Stunning combat effects
– Dynamic 3D scenery
– Exquisite character art and design

Engaging Strategy:
– Epic Battles: Recruit Heroes and strategically build your team to defeat the forces of evil
– Innovative Dual Resource combat system adds another layer of strategy

Multiple Progression Methods:
– Recruit Heroes, Augment and Ascend their power, learn and upgrade powerful Skills, and build your ultimate team
– Thousands of Hero Equipment to find; Upgrade, Refine, and even Awaken them to unlock their true potential
– Imbue your Heroes with new powers using the mystical Magistones
– Hero Blessing allows all your Heroes add to your strength

Wide Variety of Gameplay:
– Honor Trial: Dungeon-crawling game mode based on the Roguelike genre
– Labyrinth: Explore the darkest depths, find hidden treasures, and confront epic Bosses!
– Arena: Battle players around the world, use strategy to conquer your rivals
– Guilds: Create or join Guilds with hundreds of players, strive towards common goals

Follow us on Facebook for a chance to earn special rewards: https://www.facebook.com/LoAParadiseLand/

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League of Angels 下载

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I played loa fire raiders every day since I was 8 until it closed. I was very sad, but I didn’t read they were making a new game. I found this a few years later and started playing regularly for about a month. I still think fire raiders is better, and I wish the old servers could be kept up, even without the save data. I would play that game from the beginning again.

i wirh the Voices wa

I wish the Voices came back bc they are gone:(


This game was fun… for a couple hours. Then it quickly became incredibly repetitive. Good graphics, but horrible gameplay.


why?! i need their voices so bad


I miss the League Of Angels(Fire Raiders) so much!!😭😭 This game replace that, but it just doesn’t feel right! The animation of the game change so much from the Fire Raiders!! And it doesn’t have that much angels as Fire Raiders do!!(Including to FB posts) R.I.P League Of Angels : Fire Raiders, you will alway be remember by us! Deep in our hearts!! ⚰️💔


Imo, it is insincere on the part of dev or whatever. Just downloaded the game, and start up screen showed downloading of more than 100 MB, and even after that the onscreen message said nearly 1 GB of download is necessary for updated version. Something fishy can be sensed since installation.


👍 great🌹🌹🌹

Fire Raiders Is Bett

Honestly… I Miss Fire Raiders… make 2 versions of this game.. i REALLY miss fire raider, and paradise land is just.. NOT IT


I love this game but wish league of angels fire raiders was still up. My nephew and I played that game for years. Maybe consider bringing some more of those characters over? Blazing soul?


This game has repeatedly sacrificed its aesthetics. Sprites were made more cartoony, even though its predecessor was abandoned for being too cartoony. The character portraits were “Americanized” and much of the artwork & animations were censored. All of that is just an aside though. The main offender is the horrific game balance. It used to be manageable, but not anymore after the addition if the “SSS”-rarity of unit. Even with higher Battle Rating & a 4-Nobility Rank advantage, it’s literally impossible to defeat a freshly-bought, untrained SSS unit. Which, like most of the content in this game is hidden behind large paywalls. The ability to advance in this game is unrelated to strategy, composition or skill, all that matters is the rarity of your team & how much money you willingly give to China. Effort, consistency & loyalty are irrelevant.

Arianna 7618

I love this game you should definitely give it a try great graphics, super fun, and pretty addictive. But can you guys please fix this problem in sever 644… I spent a lot of money in this game and every time I press my picture and go to choose a different hero or frame it exits me out of the game… please fix thank you!!! I will greatly appreciate it.


I really enjoy playing this game but it freezes and reboots a lot which makes it really annoying. Also I can’t seem to change the deployed campions which is stupid.


For months and months ive tried to open the game but stuck on the loading screen! Is there even a game anymore??? 0 stars until its fixed😡


Its different from all the other rpg it’s in-depth Time consuming and The best thing yet fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you my guild my first guild got made because of this god of a game got create I Am thankful . Mapletree is my guild btw😂


I’ve played from day 1, and it has continually improved. It’s worth a look.


Years ago I had this on my kindle and it had this great cartoony style which I really liked but now I can’t really tell who some characters are I hope the old style comes back


I was a player in this game for about 3 years and after an update my account got deleted. I put in an in game ticket for support and did not get any help for it. The game is very fun but the fact that my account got deleted and I didn’t get any help for it after submitting a ticket for the help is just terrible.

A Pil

Almost as good as the original. Still, fun to play and can enjoy even if you don’t P2W.


Reported issue with events not showing and war of saviors not giving rewards, but it was ignored. Support doesn’t care and waits until this problem dies out just so nobody complains about it anymore. Useless support and developers honestly. It was better in the past. At least they tried to fix it. Now they don’t care. I wonder how long this game has until they shut it down like fire raiders.


Been playing since the first game and came over to the second when it shut down. You of course can pay to win, but you can easily get by playing for free. You get enough free gems as you progress through the game.

Magnus Thorsson

Your team needs to take a look at the servers or something. This game does not work at all. All I get is idling in connecting to servers….fix it or you will lose me as a player. All other rpgs work why not yours?


Pure poop


I love this game so so so so so so much but can you make manual a thing when your battling cause they keep choosing feather when I want forest ranger so please make manual a thing I don’t like that they keep choosing feather when I have multiple opponents but I really really really really really really really really really really really really like it don’t take this as a bad review it’s just a tiny problem


I loved this game but it really needs an update because 7 months is too long to go without an update. I will play this game. Just please update. Thanks ~ a concerned gamer

Th3 b3st th3r3 is

League of angels-Fire Raiders was better imo. It was easier to understand the controls and you could get characters faster


When I started playing this game, I just fell in love with it. The graphics as well as gameplay. Now that I’ve been playing for a long while, I came to the realization that the only way I can get ahead of the crowd is by spending a lot of money. The players that I have spoken to have poured thousands of dollars into the game. I understand you want to make a profit, but do you have to gorge people’s wallets?


This game is great I love everything about it and it is really fun , but the only problem I have is that when I try to purchase diamonds I will touch whichever pack I want to buy and it will load for a split second and it doesn’t take me to the paying screen I can’t buy any diamonds or increase my VIP level at all , I hope this gets fixed but besides that I will still rate it a 5Star , Server Us-616


I’ve spent over 1k on this game and now it doesn’t even load. I can’t get past the title screen with the version number. I doesn’t load past that. I’ve let it sit for over 20 min. I’ve restarted my phone. I’ve tried on different days it’s ridiculous.



Dogfights hfs

Been playing the game for 2 weeks I liked a lot. The graphics are amazing and the game play is fun.


Good game


I’ve played many of games that fall under this genre. Hands down THIS one is the champ! The audio/visual quality is great. I love the style of it. The voices are the best I’ve heard. The music is beautiful throughout. It’s a true master class game in its genre. I took some time off from playing it awhile back and went through a handful of other similar games. They all lacked in one way or another. Not to mention the p2w wall one hits. This game however provides you with so much to do and so many ways to gather the things you need. Once I came back it hit me. I realized just how wonderful this game is. With some headphones the music/voices/sound effects makes the experience very immersive. Thank you developers for creating and continuing develop this product, it is truly appreciated.


I LOVE this game, but the only two things that I don’t like is that the heroes Enchantress, Fortuna, Glacia, and Juventas aren’t free, because I’m on a collecting spree, trying to collect all of the angels and I don’t feel like spending that much money. The second thing, is the difficulty. It takes me a long time to clear one level when my BR is low, and because I can’t afford the strongest angels, It makes it a little harder. Still a GREAT game, nonetheless.


Good game I liked a lot

Oryx of Fundament

It’s a shame that i spend over 800 dollars upgrading and finessing all my characters the way i wanted then to be. I’m talking about League of Angels- fire Raiders just so you guys can turn around and create a new game with the same gimmick. So i have to start all over just because the developer couldn’t handle the volume of players that to me seems to be a you problem. So now you have the balls to start a new game without benefiting the loyal customers. No refund not even a reach around. Because I feel cheated and betrayed by a company/developer that takes the money and runs just like when the American banks had to be bailed out. Better example, you guys are worst that Microsoft and Activision combine.. You broke my heart when you cheated your supporters out of 1000 of gameplay hours and money.


can you guys PLEASE bring back league of angels fire raiders or make a new animated/cartoon game that’s very similar to it? fire raiders was literally the BEST game i’ve ever played, it was truly amazing and i instantly fell in love with it, the graphics, and the heroes in the game. please please do what you can to bring it back or make something almost identical to it in that same animated cartoony style, it’s so inviting and beautiful. thanks !


It’s a lovely game, played it for about a month and I was thinking it would be better to get SS grade heroes a bit easier instead of just recharging or getting a certain amount of shards which is like up to 10 for certain SS grade heroes like Glacia and Juvenitas, but that’s just me. Anyways great game though


I love this game it is amazing. I find that all the characters are so well made and cute. I definitely recommend this to anybody that likes cute characters that can fight.😁




It’s good I guess, but why did you remove fire raiders? I loved that game😥


This game hasn’t worked for me for over 6 months. I have written support about it and haven’t received any answer. I have deleted and reinstalled…yet it still doesn’t work. I enjoyed playing this game and have many fighters in my account but no access. It can’t be my phone, my phone is recent. Please fix this


I play this game everyday ever since it came out I love it


Highly addictive!


As far as gacha games go, you probably can’t go wrong with this. It’s so easy to get premium currency as a F2P. I regularly have at least 1000 that I haven’t paid anything to get. It’s super easy to get shards too and I think the time investment versus reward here is a good balance. It’s worth a try at least before you completely write it off.


I can’t get enough of this game.


Fantastic gameplay


This is the type of game people should be excited about. Great competition, but still fair. The game is very generous with diamonds (the premium currency), and so even f2p players can enjoy this. The highest levels are still for those who pay, but the best characters can be obtained for free with time. Great job!


I use to play this game 24/7 this was the best game I’ve payed over 100 or $200 or more and now every thing is gone I lost my account, and all my hard work I played on the game the game is not bad I just want my money or account back


So as I am a new player on the game I thought it seemed very enjoyable so I chose to download it but as it seems as soon as I do all the updates the game freezes as soon as I hit a magical book cut scene I have now deleted the game many times and redone loaded it and nothing so to the developers you guys just lost another player that possibly would have not only played the game in a daily bases but also depending on how it went wasted my money on it, my wife as been has played this game in the past and recently has tried to introduce me into it and this is the road block I get, I’m no developer but I’m sure freezing as soon as the game starts isn’t a good development


I made two tickets. Call me impatient but I’m tired of accounts being lost. Over dramatic or not, you guys have terrible customer service from previous experiences. My account from server US-153, if I remember correctly, is gone. I did the “Bind Account” choice with Twitter, but the server keeps saying is down, which is undeniably annoying and extremely aggravating. It’s pathetic and it’s really disappointing. The app was great, despite the “shard system” or whatever being time consuming. I left the account for a while because of personal issues, though I DID NOT delete the app until recently as it would not function even after the latest update. I’m furious, to say the least. I feel disgusted and betrayed and it’s sad that I’ll be swept under the rug again.


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