【图】TruckMap – Truck GPS Routes下载
【图】TruckMap – Truck GPS Routes
【图】TruckMap – Truck GPS Routes

TruckMap – Truck GPS Routes iOS

TruckMap 简介

TruckMap is the best free mobile app built for Truck Drivers. The only app with truck optimized GPS routes, diesel fuel, weigh stations, overnight parking, Walmart, and Rest Areas.

Truck Optimized GPS Routes
– Routes and directions for Trucks, not cars
– Plan for truck weight, low clearance, and HAZMAT
– Customize truck height, weight, and avoid Toll Roads
– Route around truck-forbidden roads and highways on your path
– Filter locations on the way and never miss a stop

Over 14,000 Locations
– Walmart, Pilot / Flying J, Petro, Love’s, Roady’s, AM Best, TA TravelerCenters of America
– Thousands of other trucker stops with laundry, showers, and truck washes
– Thousands of Weigh Stations, DOT Inspection Sites, and Rest Areas
– Over 400,000 truck parking spots

Filter Locations With: Parking (Daytime, Overnight, HAZMAT), Truck Washes, Convenience and Grocery Stores, Diesel Fuel, Biodiesel, Propane, DEF Lines, CAT Scales, Air Hoses, ATM, Restrooms, Showers, Laundry, Wi-Fi, RV Dump Stations, and Open 24/7

Truck Services: Truck Washes, Oil Changes, Tire Service, Truck Mechanics, Truck Dealers, Roadside Assistance, Towing.

Made in Chicago, USA

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TruckMap 下载

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Downloaded this to drive a 15’ uhaul and it tried to take me down residential areas waste of time


This app still needs work

Cast Theatre

I’m new in the truck field on 2 months I drive a 18ft Box truck that is 12’6 This has helped me a lot as I’m new to the no truck route I want everyone to download this as it’s helped me a lot with no issues All I want on here is the ability to see where police are (such as Waze) It saves your routes too so when you need a address just type in a little bit and it will pull up Also shows diesel stations, rest stops, weigh stations & Walmart’s 10/10 thanks truck maps for keeping me safe and getting me around

Road Runner 13

It’s a decent app but don’t let it be the only gps you use. Several times it has taken me out the way and added 20-30 minutes to my route. Sometimes it will take me off the interstate to towns and back road just to put me right back on the interstate I got off of.


Very useful Save me on numerous occasions


Accurate directions but the map is small and difficult to see


Easy to use. Never fails




Gets me to the places I need to go on truck routes, and has reviews for some truck stops. A few changes would be great: • Light/Dark should depend on time of day • Light mode has white time, gps indicator, signal, battery, etc against white background making them illegible • All text in navigation screen should be bold • Remaining time and distance text is so small I can’t read them while driving.


Need a little work but ok


Map does not keep up with location always. Sometimes it can be a mile behind the actual location. Cannot zoom in and out consistently either(compared to a google map)


I’ve used this app a few times when renting trucks and it worked okay shorter local routes. However on the most recent trip I took going from Long Island to upstate New York, this app initially suggested an idiotic seven hour scenic tour through Connecticut and Vermont for a trip that should be 2.5 hours tops. In order to get it to choose a sensible route, I had to add multiple destinations along the way just to keep it on track. Unfortunately when you do that, it messes up the ETA calculation which would show anywhere from 10 minutes in the past to ten minutes in the future. At one point I had to ignore it because it seemed to forget about an entire stretch of 495 and kept trying to get me to exit the express way, go onto a bunch of residential streets, only to have me get back on a few miles later. The next time I ignored it because it wanted to take me into Manhattan, and it then decided it wanted to reroute me onto a parkway, which do NOT allow trucks and have very low 7-8’ clearance, when I had put in my height of 11’. Simply put, use this app at your own risk. It’s not worth the trouble.


Hi, I Love My TruckMap, Thank U, :)….


This is my go to app for getting to my next drop , I wonder though if there’s any inclement weather app to pair with ? It would be nice if I knew which way to avoid with winter coming

cokes man

Very good trucker app


Awesome navigation


As an RVer, I use this app more than other Navigations apps. It finds the better roads to drive and avoid small tight roads. This works phenomenally well and it is very accurate.

Scott fiend

So far so good love all the features


I really enjoy using the app and it helps me out thank you

Garrison Jester

This trucker GPS app works quite well.

obi george

The app its lovely and helps alot but need more improvement


They desperately need a way for truckers to notify them of the many times they put us on No Truck Allowed roads, low clearance routes (despite knowing I’m 13’6”) and sending us to the wrong place. It’s one thing to say it’s on the left when it’s on the right but for instance Alcon is on the outskirts of town not an apartment complex inner city and Romark & DHL in Irving Texas is by the airport not in a grocery store parking lot in Ft Worth. DO NOT USE in Chicago YOU WILL be constantly put on no truck and low clearance roads. Learn to follow the truck route signs. I use the app and appreciate the effort but let us drivers help you improve it.

J Angel Rivas

This app it’s garbage


Please add option for alternate route. And live traffic. I can guarantee it even if you make this paid app . Everyone will buy it. Thanks


Great Job Left from Cadillac, Mi To Grand Rapids Terrific Job Team


Been using the app for several months and have experienced several glitches. It always gives the longest route, adding tons of miles to trips despite choosing the “fastest” route option. Most of the times the glitches happened while driving, commanding me to exit roads only to tel me to U-turn with the Semi to get back on the same road I was driving on to begin with. It has also lead me to roads where trucks are not allowed. It’s by God’s grace that I have not caused or been involved in an accident – or have gotten a ticket, because of this app. Find other options, please.


No truck map should be routing you to take a u turn


This app needs a lot of work. My first generation TomTom works better than this. I do not recommend this app to anyone. There were several times I got lost, brought to the wrong location or told to make a turn at the last second nearly leading to an accident. Word of advice – find another application to download and don’t bother with this one.



Ktl1 drinkyface

This map routed me through downtown Fort Collins, past the route to I-25. I don’t know what it was trying to do but it didn’t track me well enough to give me the correct road to turn on. When it updated it routed me around the block, definitely not a truck route. I swung it as wide as I could and still ended up hitting a light. I’m deleting it.


It’s important that you show the name of the streets instead “CR 861” for example.

deezz nuuuutz

Tracker circle stops tracking. Screen freezes. Not reliable


Was sketchy at first but so far I’m happy with it

Gregory Rose III

Battery improvements to the app in 3.18 were much needed and appreciated. Need to test more, but I used it once and didn’t use half my battery. Thanks! Looking forward to the improvements in 3.19 as well, just updated.


Business is on right, not left when coming from Hwy 127S


Great directions sometimes it take you to the wrong corner. You have to figure out from that point but it will Get you to the area


Seems like it’s a bit slow to know where I am so a few times I wasn’t sure what direction to go but it all worked out – I’ll try on a longer trip

to old to cook

Great app, well done.

highways and interst

Great app and has tools

Old school vs New sc

App is good for getting you to the vicinity but has you making wrong turns that take on non truck roads which results in tickets and fines. You end up behind your destination a lot of the times.


This app isn’t bad ….. the app doesn’t show or specify when you need to get into a highway …. it doesn’t say if it’s north south East or west …… I have lost a exit several times because of this application.


Terrible app. Takes you down no truck routes all the time


Truck routes are terrible and rerouting gets you in big trouble. This app works as if it is google maps for 4 wheelers. Truck routes need to be completely redone or trash this app for truckers.


It try’s to send you down streets that are blocked or no trucks allowed.

Slow Grinder

Great user-friendly application. Literally the best I’ve ever used.


I used this app to get me where I wanted to go using better routes meant for my big rig… I was heading south on Rte 75 out of Tampa to go to Tropicana in Bradenton, FL… I’ve been there once before and I noticed that this app took me further down Rte 75 than the GPS on GoogleMaps… I was like, “Oh, a better route… OK” Well once I got near the area, I didn’t recognize where I was… then I saw some industrial buildings and the GPS told me to turn right into the facility… Well, luckily I saw before I acted.. That right turn was what looked like maybe the far back entrance to this complex… 50ft down this little road there was an old rusty 10ft high fence that was padlocked shut with an old rusty lock & chain… Not the entrance to this facility! Went right into GoogleMaps GPS to get me where I wanted to go… Got rid of this app right then an’ there! Gone!


Better than using google maps. This app takes you on safe truck worthy routes. Love the Truck entrance option. No that was a great idea. 5 stars


Very good Gps app. Helpful navigation. Con Direction needs to be announced East, West..etc But I’d recommend to others


Is a good app exactly routes


Use for RV and keeps me off dangerous roads


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