【图】Quick Pic Crosswords下载
【图】Quick Pic Crosswords
【图】Quick Pic Crosswords

Quick Pic Crosswords iOS

Quick Pic Crosswords 简介

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. But they didn’t say you could take just a dozen or so of them and make a crossword puzzle!

Test your observation skills on hundreds of beautifully crafted picture crosswords in this 21st century take on the classic newspaper puzzle!

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Quick Pic Crosswords 下载




من فترة بعيدة ونحن ننتظر التحديث أرجوكم أسرعوا


This game is extremely fun. I love it


Fun mind game


Finished all levels months ago. Are you ever really going to have more levels? If not, let us know.


Been waiting a long time for updates. Will there be some or not.


Fun game. Some challenging, some easy. I like how you can bring the picture to full view when you get stuck.


A great game I enjoy doing the puzzles


My favorite daily game, but it sounds like I should delete since no updates for 8+ months. Very sad.

K Robins

Have been waiting for a long time ( at least 8 months ) for Quick Pic to offer new levels to the game . Finished your game and really enjoyed playing .I read that others are waiting also , however Candywriter never responds to anyone. If your not going to offer anymore levels to your game , please say that and take that statement from the “ front “ of the game. After all ,many of us hung in there and played the entire game will lots of fun. Just asking for you to say SOMETHING, please ! Thank you from all of us .


Same for me!!!!


It’s taking you forever to do a new game. Most of us has probably forgotten what we played before. Why not play it again? You can somehow take a vote on it.


Way way to long of a wait for updates. It’s been months and still waiting for more. What’s taking so long. Love the game but not the wait. About to delete

Nonni L

Wondering like many others when more levels will be added. Can you reply to the question please? Thanks!

Jar by

When are more levels coming?

Milly Jo

This game is loads of fun and gets you thinking. Wish there were more like it!


What’s going on with the new puzzles that were coming? It’s a fun puzzle but what’s taking so long to upload new ones??


Love this game but have been waiting for awhile for that update!!!

Little neene

When are the new ones coming. Five stars if you come up new puzzles.


Great game but misleading I referred 2 friends they started to play the game and I never received my coins.


When are new ones coming. I have lots of points.


Love it but it accidentally got deleted and I can’t go back to where I was. It wants me to start over. NO!


I have been waiting for the new puzzles that you assure us “ARE COMING SOON” not much to recommend.


Have completed one set and got the message that more games are on the way. This was weeks ago and no new games yet. How long does it take for new games ?

l18 p

When will you have a new version and will the info come up on our quick pic puzzle app?


I’ve been waiting for months for the update puzzles to come to quick pic crossword. Your message continues to say new puzzles are coming but none have been posted. What’s going on?


I’ve completed all the games & the notice on the screen says it’ll be back soon with new ones, but it’s been well over a month & nothing is appearing.


I love this game but I referred a friend and didn’t receive the 350 points. Cane you help.


I love this game but was charged $1.05 for some coins I ordered at a time when I wasn’t playing, I was asleep. Plz refund and I will upgrade to 5 stars as it deserves, it is a great game. Plz refund! Thank you!

Short Ukie

Worst game ever. Most of the obvious words you would pick in the puzzle don’t make sense with the pictures.

J Defendi

After the 3+ times it crashes before the app loads there’s a million adds. The game itself is great but it’s a lot of trouble just to get to it!


Love this game. Like the hints


I urge you not to make in-game perchases until you have experienced the apps ads. I was beginning to like the game. Then, consecutive in-app ads popped up during the game, one after another. Happened to me 3 – 4 times during one turn. So very annoying. Game not fun enough to balance irritation I experienced being constantly bombarded with ads.


Great game. I like playing the game


I enjoy playing this game but it just told me I have played all they have and more games are coming soon. Really or a lie?????

Neo 2301

Quick Pic is fun. I love that you can get coins for watching ads. Most of the ads are interesting. I like the pictures that are used.


Great fun and encouraging!

finished in 3weeks

Great game waiting for more levels


My mom Refered me and never received the promised 350 coins. I Refered my husband and was with him while he downloaded and played several levels. I never received the promised 350 coins either. For this reason I won’t recommend.


Didn’t like. I didn’t like that they didn’t give coins After completing entire puzzle! You had to watch A video for Any coins. You had to finish the set of Ten Puzzles before Any coins. No Thank You. I’m done. Deleting.

Cuto richer

Great game


I love this game but when I’m stuck for a couple of weeks the quick pic answers doesn’t work can you fix the answer sheet or just take it down


So much fun. Very addictive.


Fun game


Easy fun addictive


Good game if you like this type of game. Lol glad we now get daily reward.


The game is great but 150 is too much for a hint.


This game is great and I love it!


Love this game. It’s easy enough to be fun. But challenging enough to keep my interest.

Friends Forever

I enjoy playing the games


This game is awesome. It’s easy to play and love the pictures that are taken for the puzzle. I find it easier than some of the picture crosswords.


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