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【图】SWORD ART ONLINE:Memory Defrag
【图】SWORD ART ONLINE:Memory Defrag



Sword Art Online: Memory Defrag is a free 2D anime adventure action RPG game inspired by classic arcade beat-em ups with simple intuitive one touch controls!

Experience the action RPG that contains every aspect of Sword Art Online as characters crossover from the manga, games, and side stories all in one epic anime adventure!

– Collect beloved characters such as Kirito, Sinon, Yuna, and LLenn and more daring sword fighters from the SAO manga and anime!
– Upgrade characters with unique weapons and equipment, such as the Elucidator and Dark Repulser swords!
– All new versions of beloved characters available only here!

– Tap to attack and unleash blistering combos!
– Swipe to dodge devastating attacks from terrifying floor bosses!
– Block & parry, then SWITCH! to finish your foes.

– Relive the classic arcs of the popular Japanese anime adventure and manga series as our heroes traverse the virtual MMO RPG of Sword Art Online!
– Experience virtual action-packed game adventures from outside of the anime such as Ordinal Scale and SAO Alternative: GGO!
– Explore all-new stories unique to SAO: Memory Defrag!

– Party up with friends and other players in LIVE co-op missions!
– Become a Healer, Attacker, or other traditional RPG roles and unleash devastating combo moves with your allies
– OR go lone wolf and fight to clear SAO in Solo mode
– Join a guild and work together to complete special quests for exciting rewards!

Guide Kirito and the Assault Team through the virtual RPG world of Sword Art Online, as they fight to clear 100 floors of Aincrad and free themselves from the death game! Gain new allies in Alfheim Online and battle to ascend the World Tree. Travel to the barren world of Gun Gale Online to stop the killer “Death Gun” before he strikes again!

What are you waiting for? The fate of the virtual world rests in your hands! LINK START!!!

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that can enhance gameplay and speed up your progress. In-app
purchases can be disabled in your device settings, see
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This is the first time Ive ever written a review for anything and Im disappointed to say its for a bad reason such as this. Recently there was a ranking event, and anyone who plays the highest difficulty rating knows its not an easy thing to do. I started it with 10 minutes till the end of the ranked event played it. However I had finished after the ranking event ended due to the fact that the game kept crashing in missions numerous times with me having to wait for the crash to finish freezing, the crash shutting the app down, reloading the app, asking if i want to continue which i said yes then repeating all over again. Eventually I was able to finish and my score failed to post because I was delayed due to the crash. So I told myself, not a problem I’ll contact customer service, however there answer was there is nothing that can be done because it was after the time, Despite the fact that bandai namco failed to maintain a ‘Duty of Care’ in regard to this app crash issue that they were aware of and I only found out after I had contacted bandai namco and researched it myself which you would reasonably believe they would do of their own volition and not ignore these incidents. If it wasn’t for this, I would have been happy to give it 5 stars. However, customer service is important especially when a company makes a product and fails to attempt to look into it or see what options are available instead of giving the metaphorical “its not my concern”.


It’s a good game but it keeps kicking me out when I try to do anything


It’s a really good game overall! It has a really unique battle system and controls I’ve never seen before! I’ve been playing this game since day 1. But like every game, it does has its issues. For starters, the in game town chat is the most toxic thing I’ve ever seen. Almost every time I go to the town, there’s a mix of overly sexual role play, offensive comments, faking and/or joking about mental and physical illnesses, and people cursing others out and being really rude. And let me say that there is NO REPORT SYSTEM WHATSOEVER. I think this is a vital feature for a game where you can chat with real people in real time to have to keep stuff like cyber bullying etc from happening. Secondly, It’s a little too pay to win for my tastes. The diamond/item packs available in the in-game shop are hella expensive. For example, 50 memory diamonds (which is enough for two SOLO SUMMONS) costs multiple US dollars. I think this is rather ridiculous considering you have to be rather lucky to get a 6* character from the multi summons (11x scouts), let alone two solo scouts. Lastly, It’s a little too grindy imo. For example, let’s say there’s a new quest out that has a max of 50k event points that you can rack up in order to get rewards. That’s all fine and dandy until you realize you have to play the master plus one level (aka the hardest level) 40-60 times in order to clear it all. Now, I know a lot of people have no problem with this, in fact I know some people really enjoy it. But for people who don’t have a lot of spare time or don’t like grinding but still wanna get the good rewards, this can be a real pain. Besides these issues, this game is pretty good!


Really good


My quest 8-7 still isn’t working after all of the updates it still is saying that supporters can’t participate in the quest even though their required for it so please fix it as soon as you can.


Grindy but fun, that’s pretty much it.


This game has no flaws really, I’d just like if you had/could to team up more and had the option to skip the tutorial in and before the game


I been playing this game since 2017 and never had problems till hackers came in the game they banned my account and now I can’t play anymore Bandai doesn’t even know how players feel about this problem ban users without giving a warning that’s just stupid they need to fix the game like the game is going to die because of problems like this please I want to play on my account unban it and there won’t be anymore mistakes

ehhhh i guess

This app has stopped outputting sound


Fix the crashes Also please add skip tickets it would help a lot


Great game! Love it!

Tyson Xeno the Amate

After i complete a few missions in one go it freezes in between the loading screen and next mission. Plzzzx fix this


I think anyone would love this game if they tried to play it. The way you fight and clear mobs is unique. I enjoy all of the different characters (units) that you can unlock through gacha and I feel like this year has been the best year for this game. The developers have been very generous with the amount of memory diamonds (the currency needed for the gacha banners) but I feel a lack of care since the developers have known about the app crashing for months now when playing. Due to them allowing the crash to go on for this long, I can’t give them more stars. 🙁


I normally never write reviews, but this game truly is amazing, so many systems to do to power up your characters so that you never lack behind, pretty amazing and generous summons, plus you get 5 of the premium currency per stage which is amazing, i highly recommend this game too for its unique gameplay and addictive events and stages, bandai namco REALLY outdid themselves with this


This game seemed awesome in the tutorial but as soon as it was over it keeps crashing in like 3 seconds after it loads. I have a iPhone 6 Plus and I would give this a five star if I could actually play the game 🙁

buddy guy pal

Best anime game on the market. I’m grateful that it is free. Would be cool if you could create a character, with his own skills. Make skills into loot crates or something


This game is so cooooooooooooool rpg

r tybtbt nonlmjnyvec

This game is trash


Good game from a fire anime


This game is great b it mines keep crashing can’t really enjoy a mission anymore


Can you guys add Alicization and war of underworld Bc it would be so awesome but overall keep up the amazing work

Devin the mega star

Best game to play If you love SAO

Laharl the great

Supa fun

SAO fan 3

Its great


The game is the only kind around that ive played that works the way it does. Pretty fun and easy to play. Story follows the anime perfectly and rewards are good. Not hard to get good at the game, just some grinding is necessary as in the anime. Only problem ive ever had was trying to get an old account from many years back. You gotta answer very specific questions that nobody would pay attention to normally. So i lost that account. But im getting back to where i was originally, slowly but surely.


Para mi el juego esta buenísimo y muy bien trabajado me gusta mucho el tema de armas y personajes exclusivos, lo juego 24horas al día, con esto yo paso la cuarentena de lo más cómodo


Before I say this I should say that I had a solid 300 ( probably not exactly what I had but this was like almost a week ago) diamonds then I spent at least 150 on the new Kirito got him first try. tried to do a weapon scout didn’t get anything good but that’s not the point so I was left with only like 100 something So recently I spent about 17 diamonds because I didn’t have enough upgraded materials for one of my characters but I only spent 17 diamonds I still had well over 120 left at least from me getting diamonds from some events but I logged on today and I only have 60 which is not what I had last time I played don’t know what happened please look into it (I also have not scouted recently due to me trying to save diamonds so that rules that out)


I have no sound why I play for some reason

Abram Figueroa

I saved up about 400 diamonds and scouted 3 times and just didn’t get that [Eternal Bond] Kirito. I’m just asking if the Rates of getting him are that bad maybe we should have more ways to get diamonds.


First of all the games good has most of the character but in go the battles are way too hard I spent so many gems just to do the first chapters can you please make go a little easier

what name is nit tak

U need and assist I did that and STILL CAN’T DO IT


I enjoy playing this game, it’s really fun. I’ve been playing this game for three years now and my game is starting to crash I have no idea what’s causing this to happen but just wanted to say this and want to know if this is something that can be fixed, I don’t know if other people have this issue but hopefully this is an issue that can be fixed.


I redownloaded this game becuz I love sao and even though I rarely play games now this one is fun!!I do have a issue which is why I’m giving it 3 stars it randomly freezes when I’m in a quest then crashes and I don’t know why it’s doing that.


the game keeps crashing every time i have started it, i have repaired the game data and there is nothing else i can do to fix it.


I love this game to death, but when I got yo the point about special quests or events, it loads then immediately kicks me out of the game. I’ve tried letting my phone cool down, and I’ve tried restarting my phone. Nothing’s working and it’s pissing me off and making me really sad at the same time.


It’s a good game . The end


The game is really fun and addicting, but sometimes the game just restarts at random for me. I hope that this problem will be fixed in the future.


When I went to scout earlier, the page specifically said 6+ star guaranteed, unfortunately I didn’t get any 6 stars, but only a 5 star and that it. Please help


This game is an addictive game and I can’t stop playing it total five stars rating

Joe Wonder

Constant crashes make this game unplayable


So i have spent quite some time grinding into the bigger ranks of this game and I gotta say it’s pretty awesome. The Characters, weapons and abilities feel nice all together and the game is more or less spot on with the anime. If you want go all in and take this grindy game a test. I personally won’t be playing it anymore due to the poor account recovery system. Two or so years of progress all thrown out by apples new system of offloading apps when not used often, It caused a bug in the game and I couldn’t update at all. Now it’s all gone but still. Good game.


This is the best game ever keep up the good work


It’s great although it logs me out sometimes but I still love the game. Something I would like is for you to add pvp for it to feel more like the anime


I’ve had this game from release date and recently have been experiencing nothing but random crashes. Already have repaired the game files and updated to the latest version but I still get nothing but random crashes. And forget about support the only support is a forum and none of that ever says anything on how to fix the issue, you can’t even contact devs for more support. It’s sad to say that this game has really gone down the tubes as of lately it was so good when it came out now I can’t even play or login in without the app just crashing and kicking me out.

beyblade fan 190

So I updated the game again and it still crashes I want to give a note that my phone is a iPhone 6 Plus so can you check the game for any bugs


I have been playing this game for a long time. I stopped for a while because my phone glitches and deleted all the progress I had for my games, but that’s besides the point. Maybe it’s just because I haven’t played in a while but the controls are just kind of hard to use. In a lobby, when you’re trying to run, there’s not much room for your finger on your phone screen and just accidentally end up blocking instead. Or the same thing in a quest. Other than that though, I love the game!


It’s good but recently it’s just been non stop crashing. I do 2 missions and then it just crashes. Would really like to see this fixed would really help the game


This is something very important and the chances of the developers seeing this is slim. I just upgraded from an iPhone 8plus to an iPhone XS Max but unfortunately made the mistake of not saving my account’s ID. I love this game a lot and have been playing for nearly 5 years! If there’s any way that I can acquire my old account back I’d very much appreciate it. And to those who are starting, please make sure to know your account info.


My game has bugged or glitched or whatever and cannot continue past the tutorial. My game bugs when I have to make a party and won’t let me select a character. I have beginner kirito, 5 star Alice, and 2 six star characters idk if this game hates me or what. If someone has a solution please help me because I played this game on my android and it was a lot of fun and now I downloaded it on my iPhone and this game seems to be hating me.


The game is cool and all but I think it needs more characters for more fun


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