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【图】Volt: Gym & Home Workout Plans
【图】Volt: Gym & Home Workout Plans

Volt: Gym & Home Workout Plans iOS

Volt 简介

Whatever you’re training for, wherever you’re training — Volt makes it easy to get a world-class workout, with AI-powered programs that evolve weekly and never get stale.

Why Volt Works:
It’s all about the plan. Unlike other fitness apps that randomly generate unconnected workouts, Volt takes a long-term, science-based approach to fitness. Designed by CSCS-certified strength and conditioning coaches, and powered by Cortex®, the AI that adjusts your program in real time, each Volt workout builds on the last to progress you toward your goals.

Choose Your Training Focus:
General Fitness
Choose from our classic gym-based programs for Strength and Size, Weight Loss, or getting Lean and Toned — or try one of our new At-Home Workout programs, designed specifically for limited or no equipment. Current options include Bodyweight, Band and Dumbbell, Dumbbells Only, and Kettlebell.

Sport Performance
Build the right combo of strength, power, and endurance to dominate on the field, court, track, or wherever you compete. Choose from 40+ sports.

Tactical Readiness
Volt’s Fire/Rescue, Law Enforcement, and Military programs prioritize physical readiness, injury prevention movements, and equipment flexibility. (Training for the new Army Combat Fitness Test? Reach out to feedback@voltathletics.com to request our ACFT program!)

What You Get With Volt:
The Right Plan — A structured workout plan that tells you exactly what to do to reach your goals.

NEW! Equipment Customization — Tell Volt what equipment you have, and your workouts will adjust accordingly.

Weights & Reps Planned for You — No more guessing on what to lift. Volt’s AI learns what you can lift and progresses you automatically as you get fitter.

Built-in Variety — Your training plan evolves weekly to keep your workouts fresh and fun (and to keep your body guessing).

Well-Rounded Workouts — No muscle group is neglected with full-body, balanced workouts that target functional movement patterns.

Flexibility — Customize your workouts with easy exercise swaps. Search our library of 3,000+ movements, each with HD video demonstrations and step-by-step instructions.

Structured Workout Plans For:
All-Around Athlete
Alpine Skiing
Cheer & Dance
Combat Sports
Field Hockey
Half Marathon
High-Intensity Bodyweight
High-Intensity Dumbbells
High-Intensity Kettlebell
Ice Cross
Ice Hockey
Law Enforcement
Lean and Toned
Low-Impact Bands & Dumbbells
Low-Impact Bodyweight
Rugby Sevens
Strength and Size
Track & Field
Water Polo
Weight Loss


Join over 1 million people who trust their workouts to Volt.


Subscription Details:
Volt is free to download. Ongoing use requires an active subscription, available on a monthly, quarterly, or yearly basis. All plans currently include a free trial period. You can cancel any time. If your subscription includes a free trial, your iTunes Account will be charged at the end of your trial, unless you cancel at least one day before the end of your trial. If your subscription does not include a free trial, your iTunes Account will be charged at purchase. All subscriptions renew automatically, which means your iTunes Account will be charged for renewal at the same rate within one day before the end of your current billing cycle, until you cancel. You can go to your iTunes Account settings to manage or cancel your subscription and turn off auto-renew at any time. Any unused portion of a free trial period, if offered, will be forfeited when you purchase a subscription to the Volt service, where applicable. By completing the purchase, you understand and agree to Volt’s Terms of Service (www.voltathletics.com/terms) and Privacy Policy (www.voltathletics.com/privacy).

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Volt 下载

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little lois may

Takes all the guess work out.


This pushes my body to my limits and helps me track my work out and keeps me focused on what to do next.


I use it during weight lifting. Love it! Easy and user friendly! Best work out app on the market. 20/10


I’ve been in the fire service for over 20 years and this program fits me perfectly! I’ve been using the tactical military program and week after week I am being challenged! Love it!


Next best thing to a personal trainer! You won’t be disappointed.


Would give it 5 stars but in my opinion it’s missing one thing, a total workout timer I’d like to know how long my workout was I know it’s petty to ask for but add that and this app would be the perfect workout companion/trainer. Also is there any way that you guys would update the app for users to created their own workouts like an upper lower split or push pull legs and use your algorithm to break through plateaus?

Liz Leymon

Thanks to the latest update I can no longer stream my music and have the app open at the same time. Total motivation killer.


It help a lot when you need to get ready for season


Impossible to complete setting up my program – keeps crushing. Tried reinstall many times and remains the same


Really liking the app so far – the workouts are challenging without seeming impossible and I like being able to swap out some exercises for other options – really helpful especially if machines or benches are occupied at the gym. Two points that would make this app even better: – Ability to have decimal points when inputting weights. Right now, if I use a 12.5kg dumbbell for example, I’ve just been rounding up to 13 – Area to track weight progress to see all my 1RMs etc in one place


I have loved using this app. My favorite feature is watching the videos to confirm correct form. Would highly recommend for any level of athlete.


So far I really enjoy all the explanations and video demonstrations of each exercise. But sometimes I feel like there is a little bit ambiguity during the work out and with the suggested primers, saq, finishers and extra that they recommend. Also there have been recent improvements to allow you to modify what equipment you have but one more thing I would like to see is a notification system to set aside designate time to work out or an overall improvement section. It’s a great app for those who are new to fitness and trying to figure out a regime and definitely worth the subscription.


The app is so convenient. Like the timer feature.


I would first like to say that you guys have some of the best workout program. Very well constructed and challenging. I have used other paid apps like IFit and I must say that the app and workouts are pretty good. The app is simple and easy to navigate. Now; the disappointing part of my review. 1) NO Calorie Tracker or estimation – I like the toning related stats but calorie estimation or tracker is a basic feature that each fitness app should have esp in Weight Loss programs. 2) No Time tracker on how much time did it take to complete a program. 3) No Audio to help guide or explain the exercise. 4) App required me to watch it all the time as there are no audio guide. 5) The recalibration of the program doesnt allow the days to be skipped and doesn’t track previous completed workout history. OVERALL; excellent product with great potential but app interface lacks basic features. I hope my feedback helps.


I love the app but it would be much more easier to use if we could get a landscape view for the iPad app. It is irritating having to take your iPad off the keyboard to exercise.

big red toko

Started yesterday and today I almost skipped due to busy schedule and soreness. So glad I squeezed one in🙏🏽 So far program is simple to follow 💯


If you have access to a gym with multiple weight options – dumbbells, kettle bells, medicine balls, all different weights – then this app is probably pretty good. But if you have limited equipment at home, then you are severely limited. Also, it seems strangely calibrated. I’m a female, and while I can do a few pushups, the expectation of this app is that I’m a marine. But, ask me to do 5 whole squats? Ok… I can do 50. There’s no customization on skill or strength level. I did this for 6 weeks and thought maybe it would get better, but nope. Also, I got the app to improve my running. I know I didn’t give it a ton of time, but there’s no explanation of what these exercises do to help you. Finally, the workouts take a lot of time. It’s probably 40-60 minutes, if you skip the breaks, like I would. After running an hour, I’d skip the warmup, but it’s still a big time commitment to fit this in on top of a run. Without an explanation of the program, the intention or impact, I don’t know the point. I feel like I can do specific targeted exercises in far less time and achieve the same or better results.


Amazing app. Flawless all the time, and never has failed me.


I’ve been an athlete all my life. Currently I do Jiu Jitsu but I’ve played American football, rugby, powerlifting, wrestling, tennis, basketball, track and field, and bodybuilding. This app has been a lifesaver. It saves on time and keeps track of everything! Not to mention it is extremely affordable. You would be paying AT LEAST 4 times as much for a 1 on 1 personal trainer. This is like having that trainer in your pocket at all times! Everything is customizable and can be altered to fit both your capabilities and specific goals. I highly recommended this app to anyone and everyone!


I first started using this app a couple years ago (Spring 2018), the price then I SWEAR was $7.99/month. It stayed that way for a while or maybe I caught it on a deal but idk. Everything was fine until I ran out of money and had to cancel, I went to go to resubscribe when I found more money, and it was then $11.99 or something. Fine I guess. Since the Coronavirus hit, I canceled my subscription because I can’t work out properly and lack the funds for a home gym. I come back to the app and it’s now $15/month. Don’t get me wrong, it was a great app but some things were a bit confusing and for months I was actually not training to the best the app could do for me due to misunderstanding of features. Overall once I started getting used to the app, I started to see some results but usually when that happened I’d have to cancel for some reason. Just disappointed in the price now because I cannot continue.


VERY expensive compared to similar apps and programs. Advertised on Instagram as 30 days free but when you sign up the most you can get is 14 days free if you sign up for $99 year- insane. I hate when developers are deceptive. Try Onyx instead.


If you’re going to force someone to renew a subscription they are already paying for at least have the app function properly. Paid $30 to renew and the app keeps crashing


I had originally I had only signed sign up for the free trial. But once that period was over I wanted more, these at home workouts kick my butt every time. It’s a good pain.


For anyone who’s motivated to train but doesn’t know where to start, Volt is definitely the place to go.

Gamer god 548

I think it is dumb it cost money because what if I want to get ready for football season but I can’t BecUse it cost money then you want me to fail and you want me to be fat this is why I rated this app 1 stars

Nicky Blackmon

Let me start by saying I’ve tried all of the top fitness/ work at home apps in the store. Volt is more comprehensive than all of them (Keelo, Fitbod, Freeletics are all great apps that lack a plan or any transparent periodization or structure. You just keep doing the thing 3-5 days per week, which does work for a while) Well recently my wife and I worked with a friend of ours who is a personal trainer and he helped us develop what our ideal program should look like and introduced the need for phases in our programs and gave us a plan and tools for how to move forward. Well. I didn’t want to become our family’s trainer and fitness programmer so I tried finding a new app that would help. I need to find one that would be a helpful tool for my wife who needs more varied workouts with a mix of cardio and hypertrophy etc. Enter Volt. I remembered from looking through some apps previously that volt had the phases and a programmed approach so I downloaded it again to see if it had change or if a sport program may work for us. Lo and behold they had introduced general fitness and at home workouts and the ability to adjust to the equipment we had at home. We jumped in and started doing the workouts and following our plan and it’s been great. We’ve both been able to find programs that very closely matched the phases our friend recommended (for me Hypertrophy followed by Strength cap and for my wife endurance, hypertrophy, and athleticism). It’s been the right amount of challenging while also working in the unload weeks so that we don’t injure ourselves or go too hard all the time. Overall I love the app and it has the best ui and features and plan I’ve seen but i give it a 4 because it is still lacking some pretty basic features. Probably because it was originally more targeted for supporting sports and groups which is an awesome Niche idea. The only features lacking that I’d like to see are (some that others mentioned too) as follows: 1. It would be really great, basically essential to have this connected to Apple health for tracking calories burned etc. or at least estimating them at the end of the workout. This was present in every other app I’ve used and was standard across the less sophisticated apps and I’m confused how this was not already a feature. 2. If I do a finisher, warm up or other add on, it would be really rest if it tracked the weights and movements in the same interface as the rest of the app rather than expecting the user to walk themselves through it in a stripped down interface and no logging of the work done. 3. Similarly to the above. It would be great to have more ability to edit the workouts if I’d like to add more exercises to the mix or have the workout be more challenging if after completing the readiness check in (which seems pointless and unused) I’ve marked that I’m feeling great and not sore at all this is something a Fitbod did a great job of. 4. I’d love to be able to see a fitness profile for myself where it tracks my history of 1erms and shows me a general fitness profile. Keelo does this exceptionally well 5. The jog and walk intervals on endurance phases are a bit hard to work with esp. if there is no Apple Watch app. Having to carry your phone as you jog outside and then mark it off and continue is a bit clunky. We’ve fixed this by just timing on our watch as we run and then coming back inside and logging them all at once but it seems tho could be easily fixed with and Apple Watch app. 6. Lastly, even though I have chosen the various equipment I have at home and limited things like bands from the list. The app still regularly recommends exercises that I don’t have the equipment for and I have to manually replace them.


I like Volt, it giving me an accurate way to workout even without the team.


great application very smart design and keep you motivated


Team trainer provided this as a way to monitor our practice while we are home cuz of covid and i have been super motivated being able to use this and still find a way to workout well


Volt is great! It’s like having a personal coach guide me through workouts. I have hated creating my own routines, and this takes care of that, while also containing guidance for form and execution of exercises. I enjoy being able to turn my brain off and just do what the app says. One of my favorite features is the ability to tell the app what equipment is available to you and replace exercises with similar movements based on equipment availability. Who knew my tiny home gym was so well equipped? I’m one week in and I’m sore, excited for more, and hooked. Highly recommend.

Coach BT STL

During this down time I downloaded the app and have been motivated to do my workouts ever since. I even got a couple of my buddies to train with me. We were able to keep track of each other’s progress.


This app really helped me feel more motivated to work out. Definitely worth the money if you will use it. It is a better alternative to a personal trainer if you are on a crunch for money. I really recommend it. Try it out and if you don’t like it you don’t have to pay anymore!


This app requires you to basically stare at your phone the entire work out. Needs more completely audible routines so I don’t have to look like an idiot staring at my phone in the gym. Try incorporation of tacotron2+Waveglow and make this app more accessible.


Pretty good workouts 🙂 Perfect for me


A pretty good workout app for me, a seventh grader


Perhaps if you’re experienced and feel the need to throw another exercise app into your mix, you could purchase this app. However, if you are new or not sure what you are doing, this app gives you no guidance. What if you can’t do any of the exercises? The reply will always be you should lose weight or try harder. True, I should lose weight, but that’s what this app is supposed to help me with. what is the purpose of being forced to purchase something which isn’t functional for you? Predatory purchasing scheme. There are a lot of other apps just as expensive or cheaper which you could purchase and have a better experience.


Keeping me in shape in quarantine! Love the bodyweight options. The next best thing to a personal trainer. Unlike other apps this one is not static, one-size-fits-all. It is tailored to me, my condition and my goals.


Great app. Finally got a timer and alert. Can there be an update where I can rearrange the order of the exercises within a workout on the fly? As opposed to swapping the exercises before starting the workout.


All the training programs are basically the same despite different sports typically having very different training programs (volleyball and football shouldn’t be that close to each other) and now they claimed to offer bodyweight only programs but they don’t actually have that available in the app. Don’t waste your time or money on this app.


UPDATE: Adding another star!! Great work Volt getting the beeps added to the timer as a way to hear when the timer is complete. This helps tremendously when working out and not having to keep checking the phone screen to know when that set is complete. I’m looking forward to adding the last star when Volt writes to my health app for health metric tracking. —————————- The Volt app has certainly delivered on its promise to bust up those plateaus and train you to get fit or get to that next level. BUT… it’s missing 2 key features that, together could get this app to a 5 star rating no problem. This has been fixed > 1. There’s no sound when using the timer. The lack of a ding makes working out and constantly watching the time very difficult. 2. There’s no Watch app. This means let its not prompting me on the time (see above) or that its not logging my exercise time so I can close my rings. BONUS POINTS: allow the app to read and write to the Apple Health app so when I lose/gain weight the AI can adjust its calculations. It can also log heart rate and recovery rate throughout the workout. This too could inform the AI on just how hard I’m working during a particular set.


The app tailors your work outs to fit for whatever sport you want. From golf to marathons to triathletes to major sports etc… You can adjust and it really puts you through. Hard workout. Can adjust the exercises each workout to wherever you might be. Home, gym, on the road. 6 out of 5


This app provides some great workouts, these workouts remind you about muscle groups that you forget about.


I like the workouts, however, if I went to the gym, it would be hard to do some of these sets as they aren’t like equipment, so you would be running back and forth to areas. I do them from home, which works good except I’m having to switch out at least one exercise due to not having the right equipment. I’m buying stuff slowly but surely and it isn’t the end of the world, just presents a challenge. I also wish there was a cool down/stretch.


I tried writing my own programs for a while and it wasn’t successful. Volt has given me workouts with a purpose that I know are helping me make progress. I really like that it constantly adjusts the workouts based on how you perform. The only critique I have would be to make the demonstration video clips match the description for each workout.

this app costs moneu

That’s pretty much it


Great concept but the app is buggy and hard to navigate. The workouts are pretty good. It picked fairly accurate weights. But things like saving a workout, editing a workout, deleting/moving a workout you accidentally saved into the wrong week because the layout was confusing… So great app if it were $9.99. Sad app for price of $99.99.


App never worked and never showed up on my subscription list but still charged me $100 randomly.


Make it so you can search for lifts/exercises. The categories make it hard to find exactly what I’m looking for. Example: can’t find leg press, which I don’t even think is in your catalogue of lifts

AD Coding

Volt is a good app overall. It gives you the workout routine you needed for your sport or fitness in general. But having the apple watch would be much better for apple watch user. So they can leave their phone in the bag and don’t need to check on their phone every set. Please work on it very soon.


It’s a great app but I wish you could tailor it to the equipment you have available.


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