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For The Culture iOS

For The Culture 简介

This game is For The Culture.

Grab an opponent or a group of friends and start the party anywhere with this wildly entertaining guessing game. For The Culture puts a modern spin on the classic game night favorite, charades.

Pick a category and use your friends’ clues to guess the words on the screen. Tilt Up or Swipe Left to “Pass” and Tilt Down or Swipe Right for “Correct.”

There are over 20+ categories to keep the fun going.

Decks Include:

Historic Figures
And More…

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For The Culture 下载

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This game is AWESOME! It’s nice to have something that you can authentically relate to without having to stretch yourself. My only suggestion is to work on the apps software because whenever I try to advance to the next question to guess after I’ve gotten one correct, I literally have to keep tilting the phone down or up over and over, once I did it SIX times before it advanced (that wasted a lot of my partner and I’s time). It would definitely help if that was fixed.


I absolutely love this app, but it keeps freezing and there seems to be plenty of bugs. I hope these issues are fixed so I can continue to have a great user experience. This app would be perfect without theses issues.


I got a new phone and the decks I purchased didn’t transfer over.

blah long wait

This game is fun and honestly does capture many of the ubiquitous black experiences and “common” knowledge of being a person of color in the United States. Good for game nights, family fun, friends and any old entertaining you want to do. However, with that said, the game should charge $10 bucks and you have access to all or set up a subscription for $2.99 a week or something. To buy all of them would be around $20 and which isn’t enticing…so I play and then put it down without spending anything. Not great for marketing your game.


Game freezes up


It’s lit !


Has a lot of great topics. The “option 2” of the game where you can swipe left or right works tremendously better than tilting on your forehead. It’s not sensitive whatsoever. Requires you to motion the “pass” or “next” multiple times. I would’ve purchased more topics if this wasn’t an issue. The same developers have a game called “For La Cultura” and it has the same issue. I really wanted to love this game. ☹️😕


Best app ever…on the gang! 😜


It will change before you are ready


Purchased this app for thanksgiving. Fun product but very buggy. Would give it 5 stars if it didn’t have so many glitches.


Thaaaaaaaaaaaank you for this!


I downloaded this game on thanksgiving and can’t wait to play with my entire family I absolutely love it #ForTheCulture


Love the app, we need more apps specifically for our culture! My only critique would be have more answers for some of the categories. Other than that great app! Great game to play during a wine night, date night, or even on a rainy day.

Mrs Lovely Lawson

I really love playing the game at all gatherings! So much fun and something for everyone. Issue I have is that I purchased extra categories using my iTunes account from my iPad. The categories are not available on my iPhone though. Why would I need to rebuy categories that I already paid for??!


I mean, it’s FUBU.


So I’m having to repurchase additions? I literally am upset because I do not want to repurchase these additional categories again! Same phone…had I known you only get a few months or weeks of usage then I would have never bought the additional categories!

redd gall

My family loves this game. I never write reviews but for this game i just had to 5 stars all the way.


Love this app❤️❤️


I’m sure this will be fun I want to play but upon opening the app and following the instructions once I reach the end it will not let me swipe right for the categories! Please fix this!


A great game to play in a large group setting.


OMG, we played this game last night after the New Year rang in…it was so much fun. If you are super competitive, watch out…lol

you must not want th

I love this game it has been great during the holidays but I was quite turned off to find that the Black History Category was filled with the names of Men and women murdered in police custody or by the hands of officers. We are well aware of the climate in America today but I could only imagine how I would feel if I was Sandra Bland’s cousin or Mike Browns Aunt trying to have some fun with the fam. These events are not trivia they are painful and another reminder that our lives our not valued. Not sure if that is the vibe y’all are going for here but it made me neglect the category all together. Other than that the game is great, I appreciate how relatable it is and relevant to our culture.


I love for the culture! I literally play it at every game night, holiday party and get together I go too! Any opportunity I get, I say “”let’s play FTC!” I love the categories, they’re unique and the games really get intense. Swiping to get back to the main menu is a little tricky and if you accidentally click a category you have to force shut down the app. But despite the minor bugs, it’s a great icebreaker and adds flavor to any social gathering


Sooooo I freak love this version for the culture. Thank you to the creators who made this. Played this finally at a Christmas party and it was a total hit. Everyone loved it. Only thing I would love for more categories 😅 and also more answers for the categories. We were playing with a large group and by the time everyone had a turn it seemed as though the answers got a tad repetitive. Maybe we could have categories please. Keep up the awesome work. I love this game.


Awesome game!


This is a fun game. However, it takes FOREVER to get access to categories I purchased. I purchased the rap category almost two weeks ago, was charged for it but still can’t play it. The same thing happened when I purchased the dance category. Why does it take so long to get access to a game especially after it’s been paid for???


My family & I played this game on Thanksgiving. It made the day so much fun and brought us so much laughter. ❤️


I have this app and like it but it’s not giving me access to all of my in app purchases 🙄

Fiirstimpidsswtjo gd



This app is awesome for us by us! It works great and it’s a hit at ever function!! Thanks for thinking of this!


Fun app for drinking


This game is the BOMB but there are a few bugs that need to be worked out. Other than that… I love it!!!

Bills R Us

Been playing the game with family and friends!!! We all love it!!!!

Zees Treats

This game brought the family together both young and old. I would highly recommend it for family game time.


This is really a cool game but when I purchase other categories my payment goes through but I can’t access my purchased categories. I have tried deleting and re-downloading but nothing works and feel ripped off.


It was great having a game with categories my friends and I could relate to. The extra categories are only a dollar as well, so that’s great.


It’s a dope app, just needs to be updated so I won’t have to go thru the tutorial each and every time. Or swipe so much to get to the categories. Has potential tho.


I bought three categories but for each category, it charged me twice. App constantly closes on its own and is slow!

Draws the best

I love the app. It’s a lot of fun. Whether it’s one on one or a group of people, we always have a great time playing. HOWEVER, I don’t appreciate that when we played the “guy talk” category, the topic of “codeine” came up. That’s not a “black” or “for the culture” topic. If you’re going to bring that up, put it in a “drug” category. That’s more than offensive to the ”guy talk” and by all means “for the culture” app.

Cash app shawty

I love this app. I do wish the categories had more words before repeating them and whoever made the Greek category dogged the zetas lol but it’s okay! I lovvvvvvvvve this game! It’s a great party starter


This has quickly become one of my favorite games to play with my family!!!


Had an amazing time playing this with family on Christmas! It’s great for all ages, and really entertaining.

Cocoa Cari

Played this game during my family’s Christmas Party and we had a BLAST!!! We did “Boys vs. Girls” and of course the girls won 🤷🏾‍♀️ lol. But, hands down, this game was the bomb because it brought us laughs, fun, team work, and memories that we will keep with us forever. Thank you to the creators for giving us a game that is not only fun but one that we can relate to 🙌🏾. Keep bringing on new categories and questions and this game will remain a fav of mine.

DJ Lionrock

Great game, concept and experience. Getting back to the main screen is an issue. Make a big arrow to click so that if you accidentally pick a category you can go back to the list. Allow make the two games in the category buttons instead of swiping.


Awesome!!! Fun, exciting, stimulating, must have for game night and/or family fun


Had soo much fun playing with family and friends!!!!

Zack Von G

Love the game. There are some improvements necessary that will make this game bomb af but we’re looking forward to playing during the holidays. I suggest adjusting the calibration so that the correct and pass are consistent and a wider variety of cards in the existing decks. Otherwise fantastic! Also, the University category seems unclear and inconsistent with the rest of the game

Early 2000s trash

Its all urban, and heads up is way better


Okay so maybe it’s just my phone. But it’s hard accessing anything in here , like I LITERALLY have to swipe 10 times just to get back to the categories. Also after the first time you enter the app you should no longer have to go through the rules or tutorials or whatever that is at the beginning . Every time you click the app it’s goes through the rules and then it’s says swipe right to select categories which brought me to my first point , the extensive swiping to get back to the categories . Another thing is when trying to tilt the phone forward/back it’s takes like 3 or 4 tilts before it goes to the next word. Those are my only complaints so far .. Other than that I really like the concept y’all have so far . With the right promotions and a few tweaks yall might have something 👌🏾!


My friends and I absolutely love this game. We cannot stop laughing at the clues each other gives as well as the responses to the clues. We’ve played as often as we can. Even roped my s/o into this and he had a blast. Hopefully there will be updates to add to the categories to avoid repetition.


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