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【图】Clone Evolution: Cyber War
【图】Clone Evolution: Cyber War

Clone Evolution: Cyber War iOS

Clone Evolution 简介

The future of science fiction themed card games is here! Download this amazing IDLE RPG battle game to begin commanding the evolution of your next generation army of clones today!

It’s the year 2045 and on the borderlands of South America’s Atacama Desert a team of expert scientists under the command of the evil F-Tec are presenting their findings of a series of never seen before biological experiments to senior F-Tec officials.
Within the capsule surrounded by the crowd, stands a familiar figure, one of the clones comprised of the strongest genes ever synthesized in the history of cloning. As the onlookers stare intently, the eyes of the figure inside slowly begin to open…
The news of F-Tec’s success in developing this threat to mankind has now spread to all corners of the world. Fortunately, a former F-Tec scientist has been working from the inside to uncover this conspiracy and has all the evidence he needs to conduct his own research and develop the means to defeat the clones and to resist the company’s evil plan in the battle for dominate the evolution.
Are you ready to take over our scientist and start creating your own army of clones and mutants to destroy this enemy and win war of clones from your secret lab?

Features of this Sci-Fi Idle RPG Action Card Game
– Automatic system of intelligence: Free up your hands and enjoy the fun as the system takes the strain
As progress continues in the background, put your trust in this action game to receive rewards, train and evolve your clones and develop your legion to fight on your behalf, even when you’re away from this idle RPG game!

– Gene cloning: The most comprehensive gene bank in the universe is ready for you to explore. Enjoy the science in this IDLE RPG battle game
The intelligence and evolution gene pool contains six combat attributes, weapons and more than a hundred genes of numerous historical heroes including Alexander and Pharaohs who are eager to do battle and fight in the arena.

– Multi-line RPG development: Equip clones with a chip from our dual system to success in the arena!
Receive awesome equipment, special access and generous packages to aid you to collect and create unique and invincible heroes with fearsome, unrivalled combat attributes and weapons. Plan your battle strategy, attack the war boss and win the battle against the F-Tec artificial intelligence.

– Immersive gameplay: Endless PVE/PVP Sci-Fi idle combat
Wisely select the composition of your army, evolve its skills and weapons that will secure victory and challenge F-Tec’s impending domination of the world with your attack! Compete with players everywhere to determine who will lead the world’s fightback of clones after this war!

– Unrivalled aid: Register and log-in to receive colossal bonuses!
Download and log-in to Clone Evolution today to take part in thrilling events and missions to begin calling your heroes to the ranks of your awesome, F-Tec opposing army of mutants as well as receiving legendary techy equipment to help you in your idle Sci-Fi campaign quest.

Select and evolve your best fighter from your card deck, plan your battle strategy and strike with your mutants in the arena of this IDLE RPG. Take part in the ultimate duel against the F-Tec Corporation and master the evolution science! Are you ready to fight? Play now!

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Clone Evolution 下载



Ye s yes yeah




Abraham Golden

The game has Donald Trump and Stalin as champions. Delete these heroes and I’ll drop a hundred dollars on the game.


Game is fun and different compared to all the other idle games but it continues to crash. Bugs need to be fixed….

Zay Babie

It crashes every time I login to my Facebook account


I really want to love the game but the truth is this game is heavily based on spending real money for you to progress, or just wait for hours to progress a little. I purchased a 14.99 package and it still took me no where. Most P2W games give out generous amount of resources in the beginning, not to mention a huge advantage if you spend money on those gotcha games. But not for Clone Revolution, the developer shows they know exactly how to torture a game player by adding unreasonable amount of restrictions in the game. It’s pure garbage and I was stupid enough to spend.

Big Ceeze

I appreciate all the bouncing boobs


This game will keep you entertained

boiiswakandaand his

Polo polo monopolizing concoction a


I love this game even though it’s a little hard but it’s for the love of my swag bucks but I receive that I play it!!


Great game


I remember this game in 2017/2018 when I was on 4th grade it looked awesome and I had all purple cards on my team


Pretty fun and enjoyable, the only parts I don’t like is that you have to pay to get good things like orange heroes and trump


Promised a payout after reaching 3 orange heroes. They never paid out even months after completing the task. This reflects poorly on your brand as well. Don’t do business with crooks.


From it’s weird cross of Handsome Jack, the Psycho, and Axton on the app’s icon, to the main art style. It tries it’s best to be borderlands, and miserably fails in all ways conceivable.


Why do s237 keep crashing?


How do I get a orange hero


Personally I love it it’s fun and realistic but I wish there was a starter pack


The only way I can explain it is it’s like the claw machine at an arcade. The more money you put in the more likely you’re able to get something from it. Words and descriptions have misspellings. Game shows a lack of quality. Time is the only way to progress, even with powerful heroes. You have to meet certain levels before you start to win. Skill and strategy is not a requirement to progress. VIP levels is an obvious disappointment because why should you have to pay to be good? It’s a money generator game. Download and play for a little and you’ll understand exactly what I mean.


I like the games mechanics but the arenas matchmaking is very unfair in putting you against the same players with over 1 mil power then you making it impossible to move up rankings after you smash the lower power ones. And why not just ban the ones that don’t play in months or quit game off the leaderboards or make an active players one so that in cross server you don’t get put up against impossible opponents after the 1st rank. This game is very unfair to those that don’t have the cash to buy the passes for hundred bucks and is catered to those who pay to win they just buy vip load up on gems get a full team of orange and crush your team when they are 40 levels lower then you. I been playing for a year and nowhere close to getting a red yet and can’t even get the orange ones I want just crap. If you like these kind of games it’s ok at the beginning but don’t expect to be getting a full orange or red team without spending a lot of money or playing it daily for years.

hannah banana

I got this for robux


This game is old but I just downloaded it for the robux


Pay to win game. The odds are terrible. Very stupid configuration Note: If you come to this from offer wall. They Don’t pay you a thing.


At first when I saw the game it looked mad hard and I was like I don’t think I can play this but I still did but it was kinda confusion, also it was so hard to find a orange hero idk why but like it’s still good! 😌🤚🏼


Very frunnnnnnnnnn




I’ve been playing the game for years and am still upgrading my characters with long way to go. The amount of stuff u need to collect for each upgrade on the start of the game is nice but later one u literately need to play everyday for a month to buy one thing that would add 0.0001 to your power!! I tied deleting the game many time but it’s very addictive.


Preparation no longer matters you can save up and spend and still get nothing good



Idk Pick one for me

The two stars represent just how rigged these random chance elements are. It’s crazy that 300 casino spins doesn’t yield a purple hero. It’s a really fun game don’t get me wrong, but the odds for pulling certain items, not even rare items, is miniscule.


Pretty awesome game thus far 😉

Frankie Bonze

Very in depth & addictive. Best app game I have played in a long time.

vada lt3 swiffy

This game is fun in the beginning. They make it too hard to get orange characters and advance over time and I got 3, then they start blocking levels until you get to the next level number which is dumb. Gets super boring once you reach like level 80. I tried it through a appkarma/cashKarma app that didn’t even credit me for playing this as well. Don’t waste time playing this because once you get orange characters and reach level 90 it gets even more boring.


Please put in an option that allow players to auto join guild, instead of having to approve it each time.

coco puffs coco puff

This is the best best best game ever it is so so so awesome and is the bomb


Good game


I’ve been searching for a amazing game like this for years!!

d paugh

Good game. Takes time to understand levels and how to power ur players to achieve maximum advantage. Daily task help with gems but keep at it


Pretty good game kind of boring at times but I like it

Jake Ryan 10

I absolutely love this game, it has all the elements in an idle rpg I like to see. I would love to see a small change though in being able to send flowers to all friends at the same time instead of individually.


Keeps crashing when I try to switch accounts.


I just started playing the game two days ago so far it’s a lot of fun


I love playing games that are play to win and also pay to win. It’s such a fun game and I can last a pretty long time playing this game. I usually don’t write reviews but I need the public to know how amazing this game is


The best game no pop ups ! great fun gameplay thanks to the developers 🤘🏻✌🏻


Fun enjoyable good game it’s gets harder of course but it’s fun

Jack ventures

Play this game everyday


This game is super fun and the instant I started playing it, I was hooked! The characters are diverse and there are plenty of them, and the game provides a lot of different ways you can progress. The different powers each character has is great and I just love the style of the game! Clone Evolution has to be one of the best games I’ve played on mobile in a while. So to the people behind this game: You did a fantastic job! However, the game does sometimes crash randomly – I hope the developers fix this problem soon. Other than that, great game!


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I will admit it’s a fun game and I spent money. However, I went to link my account with my game center account so I wouldn’t lose it and it glitched. I had to start completely over from scratch and I was about to get my first orange character. Nobody from the game or publisher will respond to me. That is money down the drain. Be careful playing this game.


But I got Donald Trump on my front line so its a 10/10 MAGA for me. Jokes aside, it is a pretty awesome game.


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