【图】Reach – Internet Best Friends下载
【图】Reach – Internet Best Friends
【图】Reach – Internet Best Friends

Reach – Internet Best Friends iOS

Reach 简介

Reach helps you make Internet Best Friends. IBFs share personalities and interests. They speak honestly and communicate constantly. IBFs make life better and help you get through difficult times.


Answer 5 easy emoji questions that describe your personality. We use this to match you with the best IBFs.

Send an Invite showing your interests and what you are looking for in an IBF to get an immediate response.

We look at your whole profile to offer the best ideas for new IBFs today.

Look for IBFs with a specific age, gender, country, or hashtag.

Introduce yourself, ask questions, and make authentic friendships easily and quickly.

Build streaks, share everything, and create long-term, real connections.

Reach is for friendship, not romance or jobs. We have a very positive community and work hard to quickly remove anyone with bad intentions (as you can see from some of our reviews from those people).

Reach is free, now and always. No monthly fees, upgrades, or in-app purchases. We don’t share data. We will have ads one day, but not yet.

Say hi in the app, email us at help@reaching.to, or tweet us at @reach_ibfs

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Reach 下载

App Store 官网美版



I am an autistic 30 year old stay-at-home mom that struggles to make friends in the outside world, especially now that I have a toddler AND we’re in quarantine. This app has helped me make SO many new friends that I have SO much in common with and already one that I am sure will be a VERY long friendship! I am forever grateful for Reach ✨🖤

Theres WAY too many

Found lots of great people on here, but it lags soooo badly all the time. I thought it was my wifi at first, but then it started happening constantly unless I restarted the app.


Guys should Allow people to talk to more people


i’ve met one of my best friends on this app so i might as well give it 5 stars


I think this app is great for making tons of friends! Although I think there should be an option for adding/saving friends, because after many conversations it gets hard to find specific people. On that topic the apps tends to be extremely laggy from time to time. Other than that I think the app is doing a great job for its Title! Thank you


It’s a great app but put more features like dark mode or themes.


I met my best friend on this app. I was lonely looking for friends and found possibly my soulmate, we’re gonna meet soon. Also it’s a little glitchy but worth it.

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Got called homophobic because I didn’t want to date someone’s friend


A few days after using this app, it crashed, and I can’t even get into my account anymore. Reach is a good app, but I don’t like how it’s operating now.😞


Its a good app to make friends all around tje world but it’s slow


This app definitely does do a decent job of what it’s aiming to do, but I noticed that the chances of actually finding a good friend on this app are pretty slim. The majority of the people on this app are 12 year olds, and hardly capable of carrying on a decent conversation. However, I was actually able to eventually find someone that I was generally interested in being friends in, and we are still keeping in touch to this day. So, as mentioned before, the chances of you actually finding a good friend on this app are pretty slim, but still there. Give this app a try, but don’t get your hopes up. And remember, always be careful when dealing with strangers online!!

Pokemon Rulz

It’s all around a great app, and something really cool and new ever done before. The problem is the fact that the messaging service is so garbage, i can barely talk to people people because it’ll glitch out 90% of the time. Other then that, it’s amazing


I love this app. Being an introvert, it’s hard to make friends in person. Reach has helped me connect with others all over the country. Great app. Keep up the good work.

queen hailey

Cool app


Saw this app on fb and decided to try it out but unfortunately didn’t make it too far. I tried signing up with two of my emails (only to see if it was gmail messing up on me) and never received the verification email on either so I couldn’t go further to actually use the app.


I never write reviews, but I love reach so much, I met some of my closest friends there from all over the world. As of today though, it won’t let me into the app. It logged me out of my account that I’ve been logged in for since more than a month ago when I downloaded it, and it won’t let me log back in. It won’t even go past the initial reach with the logo when I click on the app. Please help, I don’t have many of my IBF’s phone numbers and reach is my only contact with them, I don’t want them to think I’m ignoring them! Then I’ll give it five stars!


It won’t let me in the app and I am 14 years old like

red hair maniac

I love the app I use it all the time But out of nowhere I can’t use it anymore says that my account was not found now I can’t access in anymore


It’s interface pretty simple and easy to use there seem to be lots of users using the app but the amount of people who actually respond is pretty low so I say the community is kind of dead. The app sometimes doesn’t want to load or will take long times loading and it isn’t a wifi or data issue it does this when the internet is working just fine. The notifications are always messing up and not telling me I have a message and then the notifications will appear when I don’t have any messages as at all.


This app is really great to make new friends. My only problem is there are a lot of creepy people on here and when blocked they can still message you. What I think needs fixed is if you block someone they shouldn’t be able to send you messages on here and your nobody and should disappear when marked read all. Other then that I met a few cool people who are awesome to talk to and actually made a few friends who play animal crossing as well.


I plunged into what I thought was the point of this app: conversation with new people with the goal of developing “pen pal” type friendships. I soon discovered that it is mostly full of people looking for a sugar daddy (which I’m not wanting to be) and Wiccans seeking to connect with other Wiccans (which is not my thing). No one I chatted with seemed to want to stay on the app and chat—they wanted to move to WhatsApp within minutes of beginning a conversation. I’m giving the app 2 stars because it does work well on a technical level. But I’d give it zero stars otherwise—unless you’re in the sugar daddy/sugar baby crowd, or are a Wiccan looking for a coven to meet with.


I have had one, just one, conversation with a real person since I have started using this app. Everybody else have been bots trying to get me to join this app called Hangout. Just for fun, I tried to login into hangout and I can’t get in without a developers code. When I explained the dilemma, I was spammed with messages as to what I needed to do to get in. That’s when I really knew that this was a scam. I also reverse image searched a selfie and it was traced back to a model in the Ukraine. I reached out to her via her website and she was not aware that her images were being used on a social media site. I wish I could give this app 0 stars based on how fake it is.




I’ve had nice people so far! And it’s easy to make friends when being an introvert ☹️


So far I’ve been on the site for a little over a week and I’ve got nothing but contacts from “women” trying to give me money saying they’re just trying to be a sugar mama. Telling me to give them my Cash App account to send me money or get me to send them a steam card. Periodically they accidentally type in Nigerian and then claim it as a typo. This app is a joke! NOTHING BUT SCAMMERS!


So I really like this app because it helps you find friends you may not have in real life and it has no adds idk if it’s supposed to but it doesn’t so that’s amazing and yeah there’s nothing really bad about it so far at all


It’s nice

Word Racer

The 5 question personality test (basically, pick 5 adjectives from our very limited list) is really superficial and inadequate. As a result, the suggested people matching is poor. Not sure there’s a lot of people or variety on the app either, at least not yet.


Edit: apparently my hashtag of friends only or don’t send dick pics weren’t enough to actually not get unsolicited dick picks 🤷‍♀️ I don’t have this installed anymore because I was constantly harassed by men who would get downright abusive if I didn’t give my actual phone number or WhatsApp or hangouts info


This should REALLY be higher in the App Store ranks. I have yet to run into creepy people. It’s just cool people who want to make friends over the web. Seriously, I’ve met some of my favorite people here from ALL around the globe. Tinder and Snapchat quake in fear at this amazing creation.


This app helped me discover many wonderful friends 🙂.


So I tried to make some friends so I reached out to people and it only let me do five before it said people needed to reply in order for me to meet someone else. The problem is no one replied except for one person but she became my friend so thank you for that.

Balack Ubama

I was gonna use it but it asks too many things about me.


Here it is, rating on how active you are. Personality tests and profiles. It’s amazing great job thanks

Anant Yadav98210

Its a great app but i just run out of hellos it should give us hellos back if someone doesnt reply us till2 days or give us hellos for logins everyday


Fun easy to use


Great app..only thing is sometimes I don’t get to see images but my messages work and deliver just fine..I hope they fix this soon and I bet am not the only one going through this. And most of all keep the rules and you won’t get deactivated from what I observed so far.


I came across my bio with the #test. I did not post this. Additionally, the app allows users to search their user database and exposes every users IP address and geolocation longitude and latitude. Notifications also do not work.


i found my boyfriend on this app and i’m freaking 13!! he lives 15 mins from me and ughhh i love it. it’s so fun i really encourage to get it 🙂


Actually enjoying, I’ve done different apps to meet people but this one isn’t weird at all.. real people ! Love it so far


You can meet real people

Nymphdora Tonks



It’s good but sometimes I feel like I’m about to be catfishes

DJ Chrissy Chris

An interesting 🤔 app to find new friends around the planet 🚀 !

Lillly x

I’ve connected with a lot of different people do far, but the app glitches. Hah even now I can’t see what I’m writing, so please excuse any errors. I’m sure it would be wayy more popular if people could use the app more efficiently. The formatting could be a bit more user friendly too.


I love this app, gets me to meet new people. However, I would like to suggest an age group range. There would be 40-50 year olds messaging me, and I’m only 21. I do block them, but sometimes it’s hard to tell with their profile pic unless I actually look them up in Search and zoom in. I can’t just swipe left and see their profile information easily. I also think that is something that should be added in the Messaging part of the app. This would really help. Thank you!


I very like reach got to meet a lot of cool people that are now my friends, if you think about getting this app bc you need some new friends I really think you should! If you see this review than I hope you had a great rest of your day/evening/night wherever/whenever you are! -Ella.💛


I just started today and was doing great, but now when I put in my cell number it won’t let me sign in


I love this app. I didn’t think it would be legit at first, there’s a lot of “friend” apps out there where you still get flooded with spam or gross messages. But I’ve met some really awesome people on here and I have NEVER gotten spam or gross messages. Definitely give this app a try.


The app does what it aims to do and isn’t bad at it, but it can be annoying for people who are trying to find a few friends. People can message you anytime forever and you can’t change that. I’d like it more if one: You could both limit who can message you and who comes up in your feed. (Via: age, country, gender ect. And blocking tags) and two: There’s an option to make your account private. It sounds useless but it’s nice for when you think you’ve got enough people to talk to. I’d only recommend the app if you’re always down to talk and meet new people. If you were hoping to just get a few friends, this app isn’t terrible, but risky. I myself wanted to meet new people but it’s getting a little overwhelming now. I probably won’t be deleting the app anytime soon, since I’d feel guilty if I did but it’s kind of weird that I feel GUILTY for leaving the app. Anyway, be careful y’all.


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