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Blades and Rings iOS

Blades and Rings 简介

3D Fantasy MMOARPG Masterpiece, Blades and Rings

Return to the dream worlds of the middle age

Start your fantastic ring hunting journey!


Blades and Rings is a medieval fantasy 3D MMORPG mobile game. In this game, players travel to the wondrous homelands of the elves, dwarfs, gnomes, orcs, cyclopses and more in order to collect 27 powerful rings and save the world! Featuring many unique game modes and systems, such as the free equipment system, where equipment is obtainable only via killing monsters. The free trade system, in which players can freely trade items without price restrictions. A powerful and diverse social system, including Emperors and civilians, masters and apprentices, guilds and teams. Plus a balanced and exciting world boss system where bosses can be found across the world map and refresh all day long.

[Game Features]

——New Era, offline auto-combat
Unique auto-combat system design that even offers offline auto-combat will help you to upgrade and kill bosses when you are busy, creating a win-win situation for both work and play.

——Advancement, exclusive customization system
Featuring a fully customization system, in which you can advance as you see fit, outside the constraints of a traditional class system. Acquire your very own exclusive titles, spectacular skills and featured looks.

——Cool mounts, customizable looks
Dozens of cool mounts including tyrannosaurus, skyfyre and griffins are at your service. Customizable equipment and looks will make you stand out of the crowd.

——Trade freely, buy or sell equipment
In the market of this game, you can freely sell any unused or extra equipment obtained from killing bosses or completing quests. None of your resources or time shall be wasted.

——Splendid wings, fierce PvP
PvP is allowed on all maps. You can team up to take on high level players and if you are lucky enough to give the finishing blow, then the ultimate equipment is yours. High drop rates add thrills and excitement.

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Blades and Rings 下载



bed bug474

I love this game it help me get sleep

games and math are f



I want my acccount back plzzzzz


I used to play this game and was a regular. Then I got an “acquiring server” error at log in for over a year. I submitted several help requests and am still unable to get into the game. I just downloaded and installed again… and I still have the same error. Do NOT, under any circumstance, download this game. Ever. There are better games with better support available.


There’s is one problem with the expansion pack downloading process it gets to 95% and it stops loading iv reinstalled the game same thing I can’t do missions/quests I can’t go any were ether can u fix this cuz I’d like to play the game with out bugs like that. If it gets fixed thanks but if not I’m gonna stop playing the game

Monster legends user

Just try playing this game. Get into it and figure out what it’s all about, which is difficult on its own because nothing is explained and the Chinese to English translations for half of it are too bad to even be intelligible. Waste a bunch of money trying to advance just to eventually see that it didn’t matter. It’s 100% pay to win, but oh my god the loads you have to spend to get anywhere is plain ridiculous. Try just spending a few bucks here and there. Not even close. Try spending 10 bucks a week…. 20 even….. try spending 100 dollars a month…. still not enough. The top players spend thousands and even they still get screwed on the regular. It’s merely a multiplayer app, with nothing special about it whatsoever, and yet you will need to spend something akin to a literal mortgage payment just to even remain competitive in the grand scheme of the game as a whole. Certain players have existed who apparently have money to burn and have spent in excess of 100,000 USD on this game, and even they have eventually come to the conclusion that it’s no longer worth devoting any more time to. Save yourself some time and frustration and play some dumbass crap like candy crush. And with the money you will save you could buy a vehicle or two instead. Or perhaps a house. Waste your money on something else that’s at least tangible. Anything else but this

bubby gamer mode



At first this game was great. Tons to do and never a dull moment. With the last update the game keeps freezing but instead of fixing it they just shove more pay to win methods in our face. If any in game issues occur the customer service keeps egging you on so that after 60 days it’s not there problem anymore. It could be a great game but all they want is your money they don’t care about the player base.


Quit playing for 2 years, came back because why not? Was stuck in quarantine anyways and sure enough these idiots still haven’t fixed the game. And big surprise since the last update it crashes even more than it did before! Are they going to fix it no they just keep building new servers to bring in new spenders instead of fixing the game to keep their current spenders.


Dungeon Matching – severely Broken, wait for hours to find players on your dungeon… hours… if they even show up. Server Boss – kill a boss 99 times for their loot to drop. Watch out though, as you get near the 99th life it is highly likely that another player will come kill you, making them the “loot owner” you have to respawn, run all the way back and hope that you can kill that player before they kill your boss that just spent 20 minutes beating down. If the boss does first, that player gets all of your loot. Pay to Play – this is a very obvious pay to play. $50 to play as a special character, events end early, no real point to playing this. – Delete-


The stupid game won’t let me log in when it does you will get a better review and rating


My whole account was deleted


I used to play this game a while ago and wanted to come back and see what changed. Come to find out a lot has changed I can’t even play the game lol.


I love this game! Most people claim it is pay to win but what game out there are not! I gave it a 3 because it suddenly stopped letting me by things! It would claim it was illegal transactions! I payed for every transaction and did nothing illegal! Not sure if it is a bug or what . I won’t spend anymore money for diamonds til it is fixed to say the least!


I’ve been playing this game for about a couple months now which is a good game but now there is a new update that won’t let me update the game and kicks me off is this a bug?


Poor support, how is this company around? I better hear back or else, game is garbage


I love the game but, is there level you have to be to unlock the summoner/ gunslinger? I am not going to let this keep me from playing but, would really like play those classes.


The game play is fun and everything is earn able if you are willing to spend the time to do it. The one thing is it needs to be optimized my iPhone 5s can no longer run the game because of the amount of ram and processing power required to start up the game if you guys can somehow dampen the startup to where it’s not a all at once overload into a over time load.


There’s no tutorial, and I can’t see what’s going on, though I see some potential


Stars just keep going down huh? Such a shame y’all wouldn’t read your comments. Players been warning y’all for years to improve and still nothing…glad I gave up before I went broke trying to keep up.

kak you

ConnieB is a stank hoe


I am fed up with this game after playing from the start two years ago. They over charge for everything and even when they advertise something in an event where you have to spend a lot of money, they end the event early without any warning (which is ironic because they only ended half of the event where some stuff was being rewarded for completing quests daily which also cost money but you could still get some free stuff). In a nutshell, they are crooks. They end the free stuff earlier than the event advertises so you spend more money trying to get to the last rewards. When you write to customer service you only get a pre written generated response telling you “there is no issue and sorry for the inconvenience” and nobody cares about doing the right thing even according to their advertisement. Let’s put it this way, If I had the money I’d hire a lawyer because they really take people’s money without honoring their own guidelines and announcements. I used to enjoy playing, now I hate it so much I’m trying to find a way to get my money back for false advertisement and complete lack of empathy and customer service.


Bought the 8 day ns privilege rewards only got 6 days seriously give me my money back this is bullstuff


It says new update but I have the lates version.


Alright I use to love this game and always played it on my Android phone but I got an iPhone 7 a few months ago and it won’t let me use my old account from android so I have to start over and there is no way to connect to the old account. If you fix that I’d like it more because it took forever for me to get the Dragonkin and now all that progress is gone.


Played this game is the past and recently started up. Spent about $200 because I enjoyed it so much and spent about 2 months on this game. However my character was deleted from the server and was top 10 ranked. Deeply unsatisfied with this game.


They charge your cc while you sleep. Even if you have fingerprint mode on mobile devices they can bypass that too. Then they just send you the same reply over n over. Oh and they said that Apple let them rob my cc twice. So it’s apples fault that I got robbed n not their problem. Had to cancel my cc before they clean me out.


This games not even translated why would I agree to terms I can’t even read do the work or don’t put the game out.


Won’t let me get items in the market. Says illegal trade detected

Thy diablo

I played this game when it first came out and it was great and they seemed to love the players but as I’ve been playing it lately it seems like it is all about pay to win instead of the old school way of it which was skill

Ishak Pasha

I’ve played this for quite a few years now and spent hard earned money on it as well. I was away for quite some time and have decided that I didn’t want to put another dime into the game. So i asked for a full refund and let them know i was okay with being deleted from this game and even banned from this game as long as I received my full refund. They always come back with a non-caring statement of “Hi, if the order is complete and you have received the items, we cannot refund you. Please understand.” I do not care about the items. Im wanting my money back so I can use the money on something that will benefit me better such as bills. Its not not like the amount of money I spent is going to severely hurt their bank account if they fully refunded me when they have people spending thousands on it in a week. I didn’t want to have to post a review but this may be the only way I can get them to refund me.


This game is really great the graphics are amazing and you can make the best goddesses ever from normal warrior to archer to a wizard and the ultimate one the dragon/human and many more. You can steal rings from gods, dwarfs goblins to get different powers. You can enchant your own awesome armor. But best of all there is a offline mode we’re if your offline you can still battle monster and go from level 20 to 200 in one night. This game is amazing.


for 2 days now cant log in. it keeps telling me Failed to connect please check your network.. there is nothing wrong with my network. any help would be appreciated


I love this game but when I got my phone iphone6/6s (can’t remember which it is) i had a iPhone 5s and it never did this. it crashes after a few min of being open. It’s hard to play when it does this

cop op 2029

It glitch’s and it restart everything so I hate it

what of it

Awful game been playing for years now and every time I long in they have found a new way to take your money. The new thing is they offer different packs for in game cash but only the higher ones work. So they do an event and then wonk let u play in the event unless u spend a lot . Oh and a lot means a few thousand dollars each event and there’s one a week maybe more. So if u don’t like your time or your money this game is perfect for u.

Jesse L G

I can load my game fine but after a couple of seconds it kicks me out of it. I have a iPhone and I don’t know if it is because I have it, but the issue that I am complaining about won’t let me play the game which I enjoyed when it didn’t have these issues.


I love this game have it on my android phone an iPhone but for the iPhone it crashes every few minutes an it makes it hard to play when that happens granted it does keep ur progress when it crashes but if that doesn’t get fixed I might uninstall it from my iPhone unless it fixed will still play😍😍😍


It loads and then it will crashes how do u fix it

Master Kiaser

Hi so I’ve played for about 7 months I’m lvl R462 Mia46. Honestly I’m so addicted to this game that I can’t sleep. If you love growing from nothing to a god with tons of and tons and tons of different things to level and talent trees this game is for you. However the last event they stole our communities money by false advertisement. So this past “elf party” event they had a (Victor Genesis) labeled prize for 60 (candies) anyways you only get 1 candy per fire work you buy (each 80 diamonds) 62 diamonds is 1 dollar so do the math it’s expensive. Anyways when me and our worlds players opened the prize up guess what? It turned to (leader Genesis) a absolute rip off and I brought this to customer service 2 days ago and have not heard back from them and several of us want our money back or our Victor Genesis sent through the mail. That’s the least you can do. I love the game I recommend for anyone that has a lot of time on their hands to invest some time into this game however I will update this 1 star rating with a follow up on how they resolve this issue and if they truly care for their gaming community. Still guys give it a try but will wait and see if they stole our money or if it was an honest mistake. I’m currently on Dog server formally RatS1 along with rabbit S2 ect since new cs merge pls correct this mistake leader is a 4pc set it’s not a 10pc Victor. No one wants to spend 60 candies on leader……


Game constantly lagging and not meant to be played by anyone who has an iPhone. They haven’t even attempted to fix the issues for people with iPhones nor do they plan to. Horrible customer always blaming the issues on you when it’s a game flaw…


So I received a reply to my original review which said 90% of this game is in Chinese. Instead of acknowledging or giving helpful information to get me back into the game they said if I have further questions go to their Facebook page. Where to begin…. 1 I don’t want to be your Facebook friend or interact with you on Facebook. I don’t have facebook I don’t like Facebook the world would be a much better place without that crap platform. You can quote me right to the creator of Facebook. 2 I see that many people have issues with your app and they pretty much all get the same canned response from you which leads me to believe that you have no intentions of helping anyone…. 3. I see a ton of fake ratings on here. 4. I have opened a complaint with apple support since I have actually spent money on my account and it’s now unplayable. If you don’t get it together your company can and will be barred from the App Store soon. Have a nice day


I really want to try this game because a friend of mine plays but the game won’t stop crashing can only play for a minute or two I would love some help with this issue


Best game ever buy far I’ve played


new update makes the app turn off every time i start playing. they told me i need a new phone. really? i’m a loyal fan and now i need to purchase a new phone because of their new ram increase? nope.


Can you please make the graphics better like put more details into the game if you make the graphics better it will be the coolest game I have ever played.


I’ve played many of these games, and usually even in the p2p games you can still get needed items without paying. Well not here. Over the years these developers have gotten incredibly cheap. You want gear, buy it, you want weapons, buy it. You want anything that you could possibly need to be able to play the game, buy it. And we’re are not talking small amounts either, everything is so overly priced is just pathetic. They have run off more than 3/4 of the players. People quit every day because they tired of farming for nothing. On average I kill 30 bosses a day, that’s 2700 bosses a week (no small feat either) and get nothing. Only thing to ever drip from bosses are quills (you won learn to hate this word) quills are items for lvl 10 players and usually only needed for a week and then even they are done with them. But lvl 800 bosses drip them like they are going out of style ( and they did, a long time ago) say anything to customer support and you get pie typed letters that usually have nothing to do with your inquiry or a letter basically telling you “better luck next time” This game used to be something special, something all players loved to play but over time they have gotten too greedy and now give players nothing and make you pay for everything.

Taytay123 56

Ive been playing this game for 3 yrs have 20+ characters on 10 different servers and its never crashed on my iPhone


Company did up date a lot of players are now unable to play these are players that have played for years company does not care I’m sure it’s a matter of time before they update again and I won’t be able to play it’s not as if players can go and buy new devices I’m gone Developers response is pathetic


I really like this game but changing it make me and so many others not be able to play it unless we buy a different phone which some of us don’t have the money for. I’ve put so much time and resources into this game it’s really not fair to make like this. Please fix it


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