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【图】WideProtect Spam Call Blocker
【图】WideProtect Spam Call Blocker

WideProtect Spam Call Blocker iOS

WideProtect Spam Call Blocker 简介

Allows you to block spammers using phone number prefixes. Forget about unwanted calls, SMS and MMS, and spammers spoofing tricks.
No subscriptions, pay once and use for any ranges you need!
Now the app supports blocking up to 70,000,000 phone numbers – whole 7 area codes in the USA!

WideProtect was mentioned on:
– Mac Geek Gab Podcast (https://www.macobserver.com/show/mac-geek-gab)
– LifeHacker (https://lifehacker.com)
– Beebom (https://beebom.com/how-to-block-spam-calls-a-complete-guide/)

Don’t forget to give permissions:
– to block numbers to all 35 WideProtect extensions through iPhone Settings: Phone: Call Blocking & Identification.
– to filter SMS and MMS to WideProtect extension through iPhone Settings: Messages: Unknown & Spam.

The app requires iPhone 5s and higher, iOS 10 and higher (iOS 11 for SMS and MMS blocking).

Use Help button to see details about how the app works and watch video instruction, and please write email to me (support@v-and.com) in case of some troubles or questions. Thank you all!

– Do not remove the app from iPhone memory while it’s updating blocking list – but you can do it after updating.
– Blocked calls may be forwarded to voicemail, as it works on mobile operator side (contact your mobile operator for details).
– If you use ‘Do Not Disturb’ mode, blocked calls may appear silently on Home screen and in Recently list – to avoid it disable DND mode.
– Sometimes iOS does not display WideProtect extensions in iPhone Settings immediately – in this case just add needed prefix to the app, then wait for 1-2 minutes, and then go to iPhone Settings.

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WideProtect Spam Call Blocker 下载

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Worth every penny. I love this app.


This app is exactly what I need. However, there are some major improvements that are necessary to make this a true five star app. My personal number is not given to anyone but direct family and friends. When I subscribed to T-Mobile cr*p service, somehow my phone line was offered to every spammer in existence. I purchased this program and switched phone service. This app did previously block all numbers by area code. Now it doesn’t. Why? My phone should only be ringing if it’s family. Instead, I’m having to manually block these numbers when in fact this program app should be working as expected. The options are turned on and each entry slide button is green. Another complaint is this program supposedly has the ability to block unwanted text messaging by area code too if enabled. Unfortunately, to accept this feature you must allow this developer unrestricted access to all your personal information sent by text! Why? Why do you need to review any data other than the phone number being used to block a simple area code? Why hasn’t this been fixed from the beginning when the app was created? Group messaging has also been turned off to help with limiting group spam but if this phone app is not working what’s the point paying for your service? Please fix these major problems or refund my full purchase price so I can pay for a app that does work as intended without releasing private information to a developer.


There are a bunch of wide protect options in my iPhone settings and I have no idea what the f they are. This app is designed by idiots


I gave 3 stars but I’m not sure about that rating. I have used this app for over a year, it has worked well to block spoofed numbers. But over the last few months, I’ve been getting over 40 calls per day. So I tried deleting and updating the app. Still got 40+ calls per day. Tried deleting again and each time I deleted, I got only 20+ calls per day. When I installed again, it doubled. So, I’m confused about why, when I install it, I get twice as many calls. Also, I starting getting calls from numbers that were blocked, while the app was installed. It seems as if the auto dialers are aware when I have the app installed and then proceed to increase the attempts from spoofed ( nationwide NPA/NXXs) numbers. Even after I blocked 11 million numbers based on multiple NPA/NXXs.

Lady Kayla

UPDATE: Call blocking and identification came back on its own after I left the review. Not sure what changed but it is working now. Thank you to the developer for the response with steps in case it happens again. Since the last update, the app stopped working. Call blocking and identification no longer appear as an option in Settings for some reason and Wide Protect won’t work without it


This app has been excellent, but I’m now having issues updating the block list. I believe it only started happening with the latest update. I’m using an iPhone 7 with iOS 14.1.


While it’s a bit cumbersome establishing all the call blocking parameters, it does do what it says. It can block entire area codes from where spam calls originate, albeit limited to a max of 50,000 numbers which is an Apple restriction. All in all it does a good job blocking and never rings my phone.


I bought the app to stop spam texts and blocked numbers by area code. Unfortunately the spam texts keep coming through the area codes I listed to block. I know the app is only $3 but not worth it


Numbers that can be locked is too low. Fake area codes need to be blocked. This program way too limited.

tulsa dude

35 different databases to allow that take forever and throw up error after error. Every-time you add a number it takes for ever to go through all 35 databases Deleted it. Want me money back


it still sends it through to both my IWatch and IPAD? Message blocking is the prime reason I am trying to use this and it doesn’t really seem to block anything. Sure, it moves it off to junk on my phone but I still get it every where else. Thank you to the developer for responding. I didn’t realize this would work on iPad. I’ll have to think about trying your suggestions for the watch.

Dr Eggs

Never worked on my iPhone XS. Got very timely replies to my emails, but program never appeared in the Phone setup. Completely cleared phone and reinstalled using iTunes, and never worked. Great response but $3.00 flushed. UPDATE: After having the developer work with me, this app is working perfectly. Problem was with a database for another blocker that became corrupted, and thanks to Apple, it could not be cleaned up or removed and it took a complete system reset to fix that and then WideProtect installed correctly. My problem, not the developer’s.

Jonk Plonk

I paid $3 for an app to block spam and it has spammy ads in it under the guise of “News” with no way to opt out. Cool.

Fidget spinner subwa

After one month it stopped working.


This app stopped spammers from calling me many times a day. This is the best app for the money and it WORKS GREAT!! I HIGHLY recommend this. It totally gets rid of annoying calls.


App works great! Blocks all my spam calls

larry yz

When you go to settings as directed at least a dozen buttons appear with no instructions whatsoever. Messing with them locks up the phone . Big disappointment!


Bought this app, blocked the area code plus first three numbers and for some reason doesn’t work at all


I had enabled all the extensions before but the were all disabled and won’t re-enable, rendering the application unusable.


Since the IOS 14 upgrade and now within days to 14.1 update, Call Blocking Identification on Wideprotect-14, 10 & 9 have been spinning for “DAYS” and I cannot update my list for Wide Protect App. Ordinarily there isn’t a significant problem like this…please fix ASAP.


5 times a day, every day, calls nonstop from one area code. This app stopped all of them. Excellent!


App works great to block calls. Support good also – had question developer answered right away.


I blocked an area code knowing that my contacts would not be blocked which is exactly what I wanted. I have since received 2 trash calls in less than a week from the “blocked” area code and neither of these numbers are in my contacts. One solicitor was able to leave me a voicemail! I hate being taken advantage of. this is only the second time I’ve paid for an app. It will be the last. I opened the app and it shows that the area code is still blocked. Wish there was a way to get my money back. I hate to waste money, even if it isn’t much.


App doesn’t register in the call blocking settings. Literally can’t enable the permissions to use.




Been using this app for a couple of years with no problems. When T-mobile came out with their ‘Scam Shield’, I decided to give it a try (heck it’s free… Not totally). Wide Protect is so much easier to use and does not have any hidden cost like Scam Shield does. Wide Protect is also fast when adding more area codes. I Highly recommended Wide Protect. It has a permanent space on my iPhone.


Not sure if all the reviews here are fake, I believe it is because this app is useless. Blocking the whole freaking numbers with the area codes still available to call me. It’s annoying because the spam risk callers are calling early morning.

Eurik 07

Enabling call blocking via the iPhone settings never works. Always get a failure message saying the extensions trying to be enabled “Encountered and Error”. This is needed for the app to even work…… Waste of money. Don’t bother purchasing.


I was getting anywhere between five and 10 calls a day from four particular area codes with the same first three digits. I found this app via an online review and thought I would give it a try. I cannot believe how great this app works! And, it just caught a call from a new area code and alerted me with the message, “Scam Likely.” Fantastic! If you have been bothered by Robo calls and want to catch them, and not have to bother having your cell phone ring off the hook, then you need this app. It was very easy to set up and use, and inexpensive too. 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟


Need a better way to block entire area codes without using up iPhone limit


ok for blocking calls, text blocking does not work

Radar OReiley

On an iPhone 11 ProMax with maximum memory and 9 total apps. It took me several attempts, but finally the app IS stopping malicious text messages I was getting from bogus “Trump” team members asking to click on a link and contribute to their campaign. I entered the area codes I was typically getting the malicious and fictitious texts, asking me to contribute to Trump’s campaign (I’m about 99.9% certain the texts originated in China) entering several area code prefixes, in the app finally stopped the daily influx of bogus text messages. You can block an entire prefix, and in the case of the Trump garbage (833) and they were stopped! I went further and added 800, and several other area codes where bogus calls (and text messages were being spoofed, and so far, sooooo good. The developer was very responsive in helping me get this set up. I’m so delighted with this app, I’d be happy to pay 10 times the amount!


I go into iPhone settings click on iPhone click on block calls etc. and is denied access to use this app why is this happening?


Really wish it had the ability to block as many area codes as needed. I get spoofed and spam calls and texts every day. This is a really great app ! I literally have hundreds of calls blocked in my Verizon iPhone . Soon as I block them they just use a different number. I have never answered a call I don’t know. To the developer. Hats off to you. Thanks for answering my email so fast. Bill


My wife and I both installed on our iPhones. After a day, neither of us could open the app. Deleted it, re-installed and it worked. A day later it crashed on both of us again. Third day and it did it again. If you pay for an app, it should at least work. Apple should remove this from the store.


I’ve been plagued for years by robocalls. This app was able to stop them completely. Easy to use and effective. Just learned of being able to block SMS by keyword and I am so excited. I get spam texts addresses to another name all the time. I have just added that name to the SMS block list. I’m hoping this works as well as the phone calls!


This is the best application to block calls and SMS from around the world. I even blocked someone entire countries 🙂 The developer is very helpful and reactive. 👍🏻 I’d just wish that the application could work with eSIM card. Update 1: I don’t see the correlation with iOS 14. iOS 13 already support the eSIM. Update 2: Sorry to say that you are wrong. There is another app named « Orange Phone » developed by Orange Télécom which does the job for eSIM and for all operators. I just downloaded it. Update 3: They can block any network operators not only their own. So you can download it and even use it with your own operator in your country.


After trying several of these spam call blockers, WideProtect was my favorite. Simple to use and you’re also given the option to block text messages with certain key words. This feature is quite handy with political robo ads around election season. The developer is extremely helpful when I needed App support.

junk dont buy

I would like my money back!


Not all that useful to me since it does not prevent the neighbor spoofing calls from leaving a voice mail so in essence, it doesn’t actually block the call it just prevents the call from ringing. The deluge of voicemails fills up my VM storage very quickly and prevents others from leaving a VM. It looks like there’s now a mention of this at the bottom of the app description but I did not see it there when I purchased. I’m bummed to see the other comment about needing to disable DND to prevent these notifications because it’s not a feature I’m willing to disable, especially when I already getting hit w robocalls etc. I just reached out to support earlier today, it’s unlikely there’s anything misconfigured but if there is and it can be fixed, I’ll update my review. For now, even at the low cost, it’s just not worth it as it doesn’t truly block the calls.


I know the BLOCK NUMBERS can be upload to ICloud. what about the PHRASES OF BLOCK SMS ?


Doesn’t seem to work. Not impressed so far. Update: could’ve been my fault. I’ve cleared so carrier side setting I was using for Google Voice and voicemail. The dev was very responsive. I can’t imagine trying to help everyone. Will update again if there are any issues.


I wanted to block texts from certain numbers using this app. I followed all instructions from the app but I was still receiving text messages from the blocked numbers. Yes all call blocking and identification switches were on. Yes the Messages filtering was enabled. I needed to switch to a different service for these messages to stop.


To enable permissions for this app, you have to enable about 40 different instances of the app that have registered themselves in Settings.app. To do so, you have to click each one and wait about 5-10 seconds for it to register before you can click the next one. Horrible experience. Wish I could get my money back. I do not have the time to set this app up.

Wildebeest boy

I was getting 2-3 calls daily with caller ID the same as my number except for the last 4 digits. Since installing the app I had not had any in the past several months. Thanks!

kinky giant

my phone number has been attacked by spam signups which has resulted in receiving over 2000 messages as if emails are being forwarded to my number my SMS. i tried other apps in attempt to combat the spam but none of them would filter the messages. this is the ONLY app (that i found) that lets you create your own filters with SMS by text which was the only way to combat these spammers. thank you so much to the developers, your app has seriously made it so i didn’t have to change my phone number. thank you.


It blocks calls as advertised but the blocked calls still show up as Missed Calls in Recent call history. If I block a robocaller its a distraction to see them still trying to contact me.


Surprised how easy this is to set up and appears to block the prefixed numbers in question. However because these particular spammers are so diligent they call with ‘No Caller ID’ as well. Is there anyway at all to block these or is it totally undoable? I tried blocking within iOS but not luck.


When my phone was blocking calls from my wife, I tried trial&error method to identify which of the several WideProtect line items was not recognized my contact and was blocking my important contact – my wife. Finally, after several hours of tech support by Apple & Xfinity, I changed the SIM card. But even that didn’t help. At that time, the only choice was to scratch my brain and find the solution. Thus, I could identify exactly which of the several line items of WideProtect was causing the problem. But, thereafter, I couldn’t delete that particular line (WideProtect-1).


Wide Protect used to be great. It now sometimes crashes when turning on some of the protection. WideProtect 10 won’t even enable. It just hangs and hangs and hangs. Quite frustrating.


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