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What is PrivateVP* and why do you need it? Internet security is exceptionally important for your business. VP* connection provides anonymity on the internet and secured connection with the server. Online VP* service allows getting easy access to any websites, even if they are blocked for your IP. VP* service has many advantages:
•secured connection;
•ability to open any websites;
•reliable encryption of transmitted data;

PrivateVP* servers are located all around the world and we can guarantee uninterrupted work of the service 24 hours a day. The system supports OpenVP* UDP/TCP, IPSec, and IKEv2. Please note that we never store any logs, it means no one can track your online activity or intercept important messages.

PrivateVP* has a number of key benefits:
* Security. Connecting to a public Wi-Fi hotspot, you don’t need to worry about online fraud and man-in-the-middle attacks. The communication channel is protected and the data are reliably encrypted.
* Anonymity. It’s impossible to track the user’s location if compared to a traditional connection.

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Doesn’t always connect


I downloaded the app and it takes me right to a login page not a place to set up my account or anything so I put in my email address and maybe a possible password but nothing and there’s no way to reset password or try to make a account


I can’t seem to sign up


A bit disappointed using this app as it appears to have slowed down my WiFi AND the app itself is excessively slow to load.

Taylor SWift

There money back guarantee that is. I signed up to try, decided to cancel (within 30 days) and was denied. The most dishonest VP* I ever encountered.

Samuel amigon

The price was decent but the app failed. It did not unblock all websites. This app caused my internet to run very slow. And sometimes the app worked and sometimes it did not. It’s been one week since I requested a refund and I still haven’t gotten a refund back. DO NOT GET THIS VP*, there are better ones out there like Cyber ghost


Overall, this product delivers, but just barely. The mobile app is particularly disappointing. Rarely does it connect on the first attempt. Usually I have to log out and back into my account to connect. It often blocks the ability to connect to a wifi network and I have to try several different sequences several times to establish connection. Quite disappointing.


Iv notice using this VP* my internet and apps work really slow .

wait for summer

The application is simple and easy to use. I am satisfied with its speed and stability.


Interferes with WiFi on both iPhone and iPad. The protocol it installs doesn’t allow disconnecting without an automatic reconnection. Browsing the internet was impossible so I had to uninstall on both devices and I’m just really sorry that I ever spent any money on this service.


The app disconnects me from internet when the VP* is on often. Its frustrating. Their customer service is from 9am to 3-4 pm London time( GMT+1). So, if you are from USA or anywhere else, you wouldn’t be able to get help from them. I would recommend only if you are looking for cheap VP*. Otherwise its not recommended. There are other VP*s which work really well like Express VP*, NordVP* and Surfshark ( all these VP*s customer service is 24*7).


i cant complain… I like this VP*.


Been good 👍🏻


I had PIA VP* for a long time which is GREAT (that’s what I’m going back to ) but I just was curious in trying something new, so I did. I ran into private VP* and it was good when it worked. At least once a week though it would lock me out of my account and I wouldn’t be able to use it for several hours… I talked to customer service multiple times and they were no help other than tell me to reinstall my apps lol. I honestly regret letting the 30 days pass up cause I wish I could get my money back. When it would work on my phone, the connection would drop all the time… not a good mobile app

Male On Male Sex

Please just send a jihad to slit my throat in the middle of the town square like I’m a Jew in Pakistan would be a far better fate than using this service again.


FOR Apple tv?


The interface is easy to use when you need it. However, the von will not turn off when I switch off the WiFi. Private VP* does not work with my cellular provider’s internet.

Bharath Sankaranaray

The app signs me out when I use my work WiFi. And when this happens, my phone can not connect to the internet anymore. Please fix this and I’ll revise my review score to 5 stars. I’ve been with you guys for over an year now and I have no qualms about the PC version.


I paid for a year and I haven’t experienced anything good not even the connection and the app logs me out I don’t understand this trash


We got this VP* cause it was working quite well. For the first month. Then it got slow and laggy and wouldn’t work with the services we were trying to use. When I attempted to get a refund, they said it was against their policy but that I could email the manager. Never got a response from the manager.


The most recent update took out my cellular and blocked all my WiFi… very annoying


It doesn’t so what it says it will do, I don’t recommend it. I had it for a week and thought a site was down, but it turns down the servers randomly drop. It’s bogus. I cancelled it and went to Express VP*..that one is amazing!!


Worst VP* ever created by Humans! They never update their software and it never connects. It was nothing but a waste of money. Try ExpressVP*/NordVP*, these two are the best VP*’s available that beat the competition.


I have never had a problem connecting or with the speeds. Actually have faster speeds when connected. I have left it on accidentally and never noticed the difference. Great service! Money well spent!


Verry lag and bad server


I really love this app but after the update it logged me out of my account. I don’t have my login information and it won’t let me reset it


App is horrible and has problems. Come on guys we pay for your service!!




Support. Before I got an email back, it finally connected so I let them know right away. I got an email from Manish Gehlot asking if there was anything else they could help with. I said no, other than if they are having problems with their product? Mannish wrote back and said, “Are you making fun of me?” WHAT?????? When my subscription runs out, I’ll buy from someone else. That remark was uncalled for. CONGRATS MANISH! You just lost a customer!


, cannot seem to go very long without dropping connection on iPhone. I haven’t yet discovered why, possibly an over trafficked situation at server, or is setting which is dropping connection at a preset interval or maybe loses connection if dynamic IP is reset. (Alternatively, some free VP* services have no problem staying connected). But it still a very smooth interface that works extremely well for at least short term communication. I have liked very much the computer version for Windows 10, no real issues other than automatic connection on boot up is not a thing I have been able to make work; on the paid premium application. This problem, however, may be a firewall/antivirus issue in my own system. Once on, it has been excellent. It is one of the few VP* services I like and recommend. OR DID, ANYWAY. Adding update: Many times switching countries( certain countries), will be an improvement to connection stability. U.S located servers seem to be jittery (for undisclosed reasons)😱. Additionally, the PC version needs to have a removal tool to lift out old version (which seems very well embedded) so that new updated version can be installed. At this point the current version will not install per it’s own conflict message and is totally useless on a Windows PC. Paid the yearly upgrade fee and apparently it is a poor bargain. Only usable on IOS mobile. At times.


I’ve been using for a couple of months and no issues. I especially like the ability to use their VP* servers with my windows 10 device as well as both of my apple iPhones no sweat. Only knock would be the user interface on the app. The lack of ability to control different options as well as the lack of customer support. But for the price so far so good 2 months in.


I’ve been using this app for almost 3 months now, and don’t seem to have any complaints, yet. Haven’t had many connection issues; except being disconnected randomly at times. Generally able to connect when attempting to do so. Overall good experience with the app; and appreciate the directions from main web page. Not the most knowledgeable about the best VP* settings to use, so always appreciate the directions available to use the apps special features effectively.


This has to be one of the worst VP*s that I have had to use. It constantly disconnects itself for some reason and given that I spent money and paid for a year, you’d expect slightly better service but That’s not the case here. I’m sorry but this has to be worked on.


Using for a month so far, no any problems appeared.


Terrible app, disappointed,


The app does not display all the networks compatible with netflix. Please update


App hasn’t been working on my iPhone for more than 3 months


You should trust it


Constantly have to switch VP* servers as servers go down (or the connection stops working for some reason). It’s really frustrating and annoying that the app won’t just automatically (re)connect you to the server with the best ping and speed.


Thought I had a problem with my phone. Under settings WIFI was supposedly connected however there was no WiFi icon present on my display. Trying to connect with anything verified I was in fact not connected. I disabled WiFi in settings. Same problem. After 3 hours on the phone with both Verizon and Apple, the Apple rep made an appointment for me at the nearest apple store. Phone was checked out it was capable of WiFi but not able to connect. Apple rep cleared my phone as if it was new. WiFi connected no problem. Was advised to add apps manually in case one was the cause of the issue. I restored app after app and still was connected to WiFi UNTIL I restored Private VP*! The same problem returned. I immediately deleted the app and the WiFi was back. I won’t be using this again….I paid for one year but have to ditch it after a couple months. Waste of money!

none of your busines

The app was working fine till you updated it, Hong Kong 22/443 and India 22/443 were working greatly but now it’s keeps disconnecting !


I see some bad reviews but none seem to deal with any actual issues. Mostly logging in and things like that. I looked around for a while and ended up trying this out, it connects quick and automatically, no lag of any kind, and lets me connect 6 devices at same time. No real issues in almost a year.

Frustrated US7

if you can connect to its server without any failure in 5 minutes,go buy a lottery ticket ASAP!


Constantly losing connection then being stuck in reconnecting loop. I ask for refund, I am told there was an update. The app is still the same, same issues. They don’t respond to emails, and when they do they are dismissive. Pass this app by.


Since iOS 12, this app keeps getting stuck in a connection loop. The only way I have been able to fix it is by uninstalling the app.

Allan Reeves

The latest version 2.1 is the worst update ever. My VP* is always trying to connect even when I logout from the application. I need to completely uninstall the app to disconnect VP*. This is just ridiculous.


Was working perfect for months, new update keeps stating I have wrong login. But I can sign in website and television fine.

Findley oaks

Horrible company! First this VP* doesn’t work, can’t connect most of the, and if you’re fortunate enough to get a connection it will be lost within a 1/2 hour or so. The service worked ok for the first month then it was terrible. Suspicious since that’s the time period you have to cancel. I called owner of company and asked for a refund of unused time but he responded in a sarcastic and rude manner. STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY!


Very good service on windows and android but it never connects on iOS devices. I mailed the costumer service many times and they replied after one month with none sense and it never worked.


This service works fine on my laptop but this app never connects to a VP* on my phone. It’s beyond annoying especially for a service I’m paying for


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