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Featured by Apple, Forbes as “New Apps We Love”, “Finance for Happy Couples”, “Inspiring Stories & “Best Tech Apps To Help You Save & Invest”, Honeydue is the best personal finance app for couples. Track your balances, budgets and bills together – and engage in meaningful conversations about your habits and goals.

• Introducing Joint Banking by Honeydue, a modern digital bank account designed for couples. Each of you and your partner gets your own account number and debit card on top of a shared balance. Track your budget in real time and get on the same page. Enroll for a joint bank account today.

• Choose how much you share with your partner
• See all of your bank account balances in one place, neatly organized.
• Set monthly household spending limits on each category, and get notified when you and your partner are nearing it.
• Add your own custom categories.
• Get reminded you when it’s time to pay your bills.
• Send a thumbs up to encourage your partner’s spending habits, or choose from 18 other emojis.
• Ask your partner about that mysterious purchase.
• Divvy up expenses, and square up with your partner when the time is right.
• Automatic categorization of all your spending, or setup custom categories.
• Support most banks in the US.
• Bank level security for your peace of mind: Your data is encrypted in storage and in transit.
• SSL/TLS, passcode & TouchID, and multi-factor authentication.
• See the big picture and argue less about the little things.
• Free up your time from financial chores and go enjoy your day!
• It’s FREE!

Monthly Tips
At Honeydue, we want to earn your trust and treat both you and your partner like adults — you can decide what’s fair to pay (yes, even $0). No additional content is unlocked by tipping us.

iTunes will charge your monthly payment once you confirm the subscription.
• Your iTunes account will be charged for renewal within 24-hours prior to the end of the current month.
• Your monthly tip automatically renews unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24-hours before the end of the monthly period.
• Subscriptions may be managed and auto-renewal may be turned off by going to your iTunes Account Settings after purchase.

Privacy Policy: https://www.honeydue.com/terms
Terms of Use: https://www.honeydue.com/privacy

Any questions or feedback? Reach out to us at:

Note: Honeydue is currently available in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Spain and France.

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Disappointed with the lack of response when requesting to cancel our account. No confirmation that the request to cancel the account has been processed. Has been almost a WEEK and no resolution. Despite multiple messages to the company, no phone number to call to resolve/escalate the request. Have tried to delete our checking account information, but only able to “disable” it and the app continues to send transaction details that confirms our checking account is still actively connected.


I would love to completely love this app, I’ve had it for over a year & have found it useful except I can’t connect my CashApp account which is my main bank. I’ve messaged the developers a few times about fixing the CashApp login to be compatible but it hasn’t been fixed😕 CashApp login works by typing in your phone number & it sends you a code. You enter the code and then you’re logged in. There are no passwords. But when I go to connect my CashApp to honeydue, it asks me for a password & there are none!! This is so frustrating. I tried using my card PIN number as a password and that doesn’t work either. Please fix this‼️


I love this app and I can tell that it’s made with care and thought put into it. However, it doesn’t play nicely with some bank accounts, specifically with certain Credit Unions and JP Morgan/Chase. If we could get a version of Honeydue that talks to the bank apps that I already have on my phone to authenticate instead of going through fincity or whatever to login, that would be great. IMO, the onus is on the big banks to make my accounts more easily accessible, but unfortunately I am not going to change my bank accounts to work with my 3rd party financial consolidation app. I’m just going to find a different app. I love you honeydue, but it’s just not going to work when you can’t login to my accounts to verify balances. #stillfriends


I wish it allowed deposits into one account or into the app.


Broken and will not resync certain accounts. Now unable to add accounts


The account linking seems to be broken for a lot of financial institutions. I was able to link a few accounts but a lot of institutions like Wealthfront, Robinhood, Betterment, Vanguard, BofA, etc I cannot link. Clicking the institution or searching for it just shows a quick progress bar and fails silently.


Best money management app I’ve tried, you can see how much you make in total and how much you spend in total plus what you spend in different categories, it tells you who spend what and how much.

traitor of the state

Overall great so far, i can only see individual investment from my Robinhood account though, it won’t show me anything in the investment page for my ameritrade.

Tais MacBook Pro Ret

Love this app. Are here plans to further develop support for iPad? As it stands it’s basically just a bigger iPhone version. A landscape view that shows the budget with a chart would be amazing.


My boyfriend and I are very pleased with this app! We’re saving for a house, and Honeydue has been incredibly helpful in keeping us mindful of outgoing cash. Plus, we were able to stop using another app for splitting expenses, as you can enter split bills right into Honeydue. Highly recommend for couples trying to be more fiscally responsible!


This being just day one, my wife and I like the app. Right away I noticed the app is not iPad Pro friendly. Unfortunately the app is portrait mode only and does not switch to landscape. That would be a beautiful and much appreciated update.


I love this app. It has so many great features. It worked really well syncing all of our accounts but in the last week everything has stopped. I’m sure it’ll go back to working well with the next update. Can’t wait to see what’s next!


It keeps saying that my passwords wrong but I checked and I’m entering everything correctly so yeah fix it

name json

Please consider adding bulk transaction splitting. It would save a lot of time if I could select multiple transactions, apply a percentage split, then have the app calculate the split amount and apply it to all selected transactions. Being able to set a default split amount (other than the default 50%) would also be helpful.


Great App, but would like to see theme customization and 0 based budget option. Would also be good to have a more information at once when looking at the budget.


This would be our preferred budget app if it kept more than 6 months of data. I keep checking in hoping it will allow us to see a medium or long term view of our budget, but so far that isn’t an option. I would gladly buy a one time addition to the app that allowed for a longer duration of transactions to be kept (I don’t do subscriptions). For now I’m still using that app occasionally, but we had to move our primary focus for budgeting somewhere else. I just lost all of the data from January because I didn’t screenshot it in time (it was gone July 1st). No one should be keeping such a limited view of their budget. Moving the data to being stored on devices or allowing people to choose where their data is kept would also be nice. I’m a little uncomfortable with our data being stored on remote servers when I can very easily store it on my phone and back it up from there.


I’ve been using Honeydue for over a year now. The concept is great….the execution is okay. One of the major pain points is that your bank accounts don’t update in real time, so you don’t really have an accurate view of your finances at any given point. The other is that your banks often disconnect. When this happens, support will always tell you they’ll switch you to a more stable data aggregator, but it doesn’t always work and some of these integrations seem unstable. Lastly, the user experience could greatly be improved. I’ve gotten use to navigating around all the noise, but it seems like more efforts and resources should be dedicated to make sure the core product works correctly, rather than push out half baked ideas like the activity feed, bill splitter, or Visa card. I would happily pay for the app if it was more reliable.

Allergic to Rover

This app has been a lifesaver for us! I’m super into budgeting but my husband…. is not. This app lets us both set up our accounts separately but only one of us (hehe me) has to categorize the transactions into our shared budget. It’s a great tool for couples that share a budget but keep separate bank accounts and credit cards. It’s also free! What is not to love? We don’t use their visa or money sharing tools as we transfer directly from bank to bank when needed, so not sure about that functionality, but it can do that as well. The customer service is excellent. I’ve asked a few questions and they are always helpful and responsive.


This app is on the verge of greatness! I have three requirements for a budget app, and so far this one is the closest: I want to be able to share with my partner ✔️ I want to track spending ✔️ I want to have goals for savings ✖️ I’d really like to be able to tell the app that the money in this account is money I’m saving towards X goal, and have partner also be able to contribute to those savings goals. Additionally, none of my banks work very well with Honeydue. Either they can’t be connected at all, or if they can, I need to log in again whenever I want them to sync, which is too much of a pain to bother with. I’ve already emailed support about this quite a bit, and they’ve been semi-helpful, but overall I’m still having these problems.


The whole point of getting this app was so my husband’s spending was showing since he always forgets to tell me when he’s purchased something. The app doesn’t update the balance consistently enough to keep track of what’s actually being charged. It also doesn’t show the actual available balance in the main balance screen. Deleting and looking for something else.

Want to watch games

After some back and forth after my last review with support, a new update came out and the app is usable again. Thank you.

Frak this

None of my data loads. Displays network error, although apps on device have no issues.


Last update is now causing app to crash every time it is launched. Please fix.


Latest updated causes my app to not open. Tried to send support, but it attempts to open the app. I love this app, works well for what we need. Will definitely update this rating if a hot fix can be made so I can get in!


Love this app but your new update today immediately crashes on my iPhone XS running iOS 13.5. Please fix!!! I’ve restarted my phone several times but it still crashes every time.

Abria Y

I first contacted support on May 3rd and again on May 16 because I didn’t not receive my debit card. I am contacting support again because the funds that I currently can not access were meant to be used for our deposit to move to an apartment. I need access to those funds by the end of this week to pay the deposit for our move. I need someone to contact me and assist me in getting the card to access the funds or how to access the funds otherwise. I am trying to secure housing for my partner and I during these tumultuous times. Please advise.


Create an IPad version please


Been using this app for about a year now, and it used to be pretty clunky, but it’s getting better! I LOVE the Pull Down to Refresh option now, vs having to go into the Bank Tab, into the Account, Options, then Refresh. I only really use it for a basic overview of my husband and my finances, and it gets the job done! The only other thing I wish they would improve on is if the app could better “remember” categories. Like I get my paycheck every 2 weeks, and change it to Salary every time, but it still autos to Miscellaneous Earnings the next time it comes in. I also love the little logos they do now for the bigger companies like McDonalds and Netflix, so cute!


Nice to see all of our accounts in one spot. I’d like to be able to exclude some accounts from the budget (for example, credit card transactions show up multiple times – once when you charge something then again when you pay). Would also be nice to see a running total of an account with all bills upcoming.


Former YNAB 4 and YNAB cloud user. (Still currently use YNAB excel spreadsheet monthly). Due to the subscription cost of YNAB now and unable to continue to use YNAB 4 and associated YNAB classic iOS app, I needed a system to keep up with the household budget and spending between me and my spouse. We’ve been using Honeydue for the past two months combined with an old YNAB excel spreadsheet. Keeping high level categories in Honeydue along with manual expense tracking accounts for Groceries, etc reconciled with YNAB spreadsheet at month end has been a great alternative. I still have my sense of control over the budget to ensure every dollar is assigned and at work, as well as my spouse not only seeing the high level roll up, but being able to see our overall picture in our other financial accounts. Honeydue has been a wonderful experience thus far. We are also looking forward to being able to use the joint checking account in the future once some of the “upcoming” features are released and limits are adjusted.

Gabs Romero

I will tell you my whole experience with HoneyDue, and it’s really up to you to sign up after. My partner and I downloaded the app and created our accounts because we thought it was going to be beneficial to have a joint account since we were going to move in together. The whole signing process went smoothly. * TRANSFERRING MONEY IN: It takes 4-5 days for money to clear and be available once you transfer. * NO TRANSFERRING MONEY OUT: There’s no way possible for you to transfer money out of this account, to another one. * NO ATM FREE OF CHARGES: You won’t be able to withdraw money from any ATM without facing at least $3.00 fee or $5.00, depending. * LIMIT AMOUNT TO WITHDRAW PER DAY: You won’t be able to withdraw more than $250.00 per day per account. Meaning, that you would only be able to access to $500 maximum if you withdraw $250 on each account. *LIMIT AMOUNT TO WITHDRAW PER MONTH: You won’t be able to withdraw more than $1,200 per month. *HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE: When you call over the phone, the customer service you receive is really HOPELESS. You will wait forever on the phone and won’t get any response. After this whole experience, There’s really no point to get this app rather than going to a full credited bank.


My wife and I would love to try this app for its features as we are looking to move on from our old bank but we can’t even get the simple act of creating a joint account to work. I have an account that I send an invite to my wife from, she receives the invite name proceeds to create an account so we can be linked. It then proceeds to tell her the pin code she received seconds earlier is invalid. Every time. We’ve tried cancelling the invite and resending to a different email address. Same thing. We’ve tried texting the invite. Same thing. So we are stuck not being able to even get her into the app. I can understand certain glitches and quirks that an app may have but when that glitch is a barrier to entry it’s extremely frustrating. Hope it gets fixed so we can actually try out the app.


Honeydue is the best finance tracking app I’ve seen yet. It is perfect for my situation because I share finances with my partner, but it also has the common sense features other finance apps lack. I love how easy it is to add cash purchases, split single purchases into multiple budget categories, and remove “purchases” that are actually just me moving money around. Honeydue is the only app I’ve ever used that actually gives me a clear overview of my finances, and it definitely performs its core mission of helping me and my partner split purchases.

This era

I date some of my month end expenses to the next month due to timing of when I get paid. The new update added a filter to my expenses which makes it so I can’t see my expenses dates into the future.


Just tried this on my iPad but now my next is killing me! Why can’t it switch when I have it on my keypad (landscape)?


The idea of this app was intriguing. My spouse and I have our own bank accounts, but we always openly share how much money we have, what bills to pay, etc. this simplified it a little bit. It doesn’t seem to update balances very often so usually I would be seeing a balance that was from the day before. We decided to give that Honeydue Visa card a try. The cards came in the mail. I decided to deposit a small amount of money into the joint account just to see the time it took. We are almost to day 6 and the money still hasn’t cleared. It cleared the funding account quickly of course. They blamed it on the holiday…which was day 4. My bank clears money the next day, weekday or weekend. My paycheck clears almost as soon as HR posts them. The time it’s taking Honeydue to clear money that they’ve had for days is a huge turn off and I don’t foresee using this joint account anymore. I can’t imagine how long it would take if I moved my direct deposit to this account. I would be waiting a week for my paycheck. If the bank transfer is going to take this long then there should at least be an option to use a debit card to fund the account without the huge wait.


The app is amazing. I’ve used a couple so far, but this one blows them out of the water. Functionally, almost flawless. Visually, the app is a little annoying to navigate. The news feed section on the first page isn’t necessary and the general layout is too complicated. If the app were simplified, it could be a lot easier to use.


Like the app and functionality but consistently experience issues with capital one credit cards syncing. Hopefully something you guys can address so we can keep using the app.


Before we started using this app, my fiancée and I didn’t have a good way to split our expenses. We would try to alternate who bought groceries (sometimes they cost $20 sometimes over $100). One would take care of the phone bill, another would do power and gas. It was awkward reminding your partner to pay if they forgot. With this app, you can go through your bank transactions and mark the ones that need to be split. You can split them evenly or just share a portion of the cost. You can even add expenses manually Incase you paid by cash. I love this app. And it’s FREE!! No ads, the creators occasionally ask for a voluntary tip which I was happy to give for a wonderfully well designed app.


The app is great but it’s really annoying that it takes so long to transfer money from my bank account to the app. The app has already taken the money from my account but yet requires another 3 days to move it to Honeydue app. So annoying.


I had this app for a while on my phone and I though now would be a good time to set it up… upon attempting to do so, I ran into some issues. “Network error” said something about not being able to process my request. Kind of upsetting but I’m not complaining. I just want the app to work for me.


Really great for my husband who are waiting to get a joint bank account until we move. The Visa cards are excellent and the customer service is INSANELY fast. I had a problem and I didn’t even need to email, they fixed it on their own and emailed me saying it’s working.


Sometimes it is nutty to get spreading notifications couple hours (or half a day) late.


I downloaded this app so that my fiance and I could keep better track of our spending and bills. It seemed great at first….after the first couple of days I found myself having to re-sync all my accounts every time I logged in. The account information was never accurate. It is beyond annoying.

Daniel in ATX

But I have issues with it not being current and having to remove a bank and re-add it just to get the balance to update. Sometimes accounts will go unresponsive and won’t update anymore. If it could update balances when I opened the app it would be useful.


This app is not good idea if you are married it looks like you are looking both spliting all the finances. It will cause fighting and arguments.

SPed Teacher II

My husband and I have been using this app for several months. We love the features and it helps us to budget together. However, the developers need to add a cash flow chart. I would like to be able to see what my total budget is in compare to my income.

ka di sp

Not a fully realized app, it’s impossible to transfer money in as most things use Plaid but Plaid doesn’t recognize honeydue so you have to sign up for direct deposit to fund your joint Visa. Support said it’ll take 1-3 months but why release the card if it wasn’t ready to be used as it was intended?


I love the app so far and still learning how to navigate it but the downside is that you guys do not support TD bank yet😩 if it were not for this I would give it 5 stars.


Just downloaded and got confirmation email. Put in the code. Put my name in to personalize my profile and I get an error message. If I click “I’ll do this later”, when I get to the show me the app page, it reverts me back to personalize my profile.


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