【图】Goddess: Primal Chaos下载
【图】Goddess: Primal Chaos
【图】Goddess: Primal Chaos

Goddess: Primal Chaos iOS

Goddess 简介

War is coming! Are you ready for an epic combat? Join now with your friends in Goddess: Primal Chaos, the cinematic real-time 3D action MMORPG mobile game!

Transform yourself into a legendary hero, summon ultimate dragons and monsters, kill the dominating Tyrant for revenge and battle your way against millions of online players worldwide!

Order or chaos? Only the strong can survive in this clash age! Do you have what it takes to win the battle and conquer the world? Lead your hero to victory and rush forth on a fantasy adventure now!

– Stunning visuals with excellent 3D graphics and special animation effects
– Choose from wide range of heroes: Summoner, Warrior or Bloodline
– Collect rare blades and rings to upgrade and evolve your super heroes
– Equip your heroes with unique Mounts, Swords, Gears, Weapons and Furious Wings
– Hack and Slash! Easy to control, one-tap combo and amazing experience
– Manually choose targets or directions when unleashing skills. You call the shots!
– Challenge Multiplayer Dungeon, Boss World, Urgent Wild and more dynamic quests
– Fight alongside exclusive Goddesses of mass destruction. You will never be alone!
– Vanquish the force of evils in discord and occupy their generous legacy
– Forge powerful alliances to maximize your growth and rally league to defeat rivals
– Various PvP modes in Arena:1v1, 2v2, 3v3, Team battle and Alliance War

Plus, even more exciting contents and new gameplays await your discovery! Try the hottest next-gen game of 2017 now! You will be the King of Legend!

Note: Goddess: Primal Chaos is FREE-TO-PLAY but some in-game items require payment. An internet connection is also required to play.

Visit our Facebook Page at: https://www.facebook.com/GoddessPrimalChaos/

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Goddess 下载

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I logged into my account and pressed my character my sever wasn’t there I tried to look for my server but can’t find it game is bad now and all my progress is gone.


I like playing this game but i cant recharge, it says i purchased items but i never recieved them


So I got a player up to level 90 and decided I would play on another server to kill time. BAD idea!! Well the login page does not allow you to type in the server you need!! It did not show my other characters when I hit show other characters!! I’m so angry. I put money on this game and now it’s lost!! Oh so I figured I will just delete and re- download, NOPE don’t do it NOW both characters on 2 different servers are gone!! I’m sick of games like this


Recién descargo la app y me dise q no puedo ingresar porque se a dado error de conexión ya intente de todo y nada porfavor arreglen eso


Just needs more events :3 lol that’s all



star chance

I love this game but it takes so long to load plus I got to this one level and I could not pass it no mater what I did I was a mage so I made a fighter and I passed like it was nothing really?!?!


Please fix this app I was trying to make a new account and it closes out on me


I lost all my progress. I think I was level 100+ on there and when I tried to get back I 1) couldn’t find the server and 2) couldn’t log in AT ALL! I know the username and password but the server is gone


Booooooreed game


I love this game. But when I checked in today, I got kicked out of my account and it wanted me to start as a new character. I was at lvl 123 Bloodline, and don’t want to have to start all over. Please help.


My IGN is Karlpulga, I was using my Facebook account and I clicked on change account by mistake, now I cannot find my account anymore


This game is okay. I was doing good until a server merge where even the best of our players on our OG server were trounced by the server we merged with. They dont tell you when you start out how far along everyone else is on your server so I was immediately at a disadvantage. Graphics are good. Never have had a problem with lagging other than when I have something that is taking up a lot of bandwidth. The community isn’t full of people screaming obscenities at each other on chat. Overall a good game for even the laziest of players like me. Still fun/good time waster if you play solo.


My Only Concern It’s My Energy It Won’t Tell Me When It’s Ready Or How Long I Need To Wait For It Other Than That The Game It’s Fun.



Anti PG

I have played this game for years now, it is a lot of fun. However, most of the biggest players all cheat, and when you prove this to support, they basically blow you off and tell you they aren’t cheating. If they’re playing by different sets of rules than everyone else, it’s cheating, plain and simple.

Penitant tangent

While still an overall good game. It seems to be glitchy on the iPhone. Trying to use the chat seems to result in a crash that resolves itself once the game restarts.

Bella Iove

After a bit of not coming on, I decided to come back & it completely deleted all my progress and my character that I spent lots of money and hours on. I linked to my Facebook in the very beginning thinking it would be fine, had I known my progress would’ve been wiped from existence I would have never spent a second of my time on this game.


More cowbell


Hello! This game is wicked sick, but I could use some more characters like reaper, witch, archer, stuff like that people like I mean in my opinion, reaper would be wicked! This is just a suggestion, but this game, AWESOME! 💖🌸🔥


For some reason I had an account linked to this app and I had a couple of the avatars being used. Lately when I wasn’t using the app, it seems to have caused a small issue. Every time I go into the app it resets everything and makes me start all over even though I already got so far into the app when I was using it. I am sure it happens to everyone who plays the game and it is frustrating to start over each time when I enter the app. The game is fun and all which is very amazing. Especially the graphics and everything

Min pin Tank

Great game. Can do lots without paying


I enjoy playing just wish they gave more free rewards to upgrade ugh.


Since last update,I can’t log in at all


I love the game I am just upset that every time I update the game. I go login and I can’t! Please fix this I’m tired of having to start the game over again! I made to level 58 almost 59 And this crap happens! I’m not satisfied at all


I play this game on a regular basis. I downloaded the new update and it logged me out of my account. I am logged in through Facebook and the new update doesn’t connect to Facebook. All my money and time spent on this game was wasted. Thanks a bunch.


My whole account and all my purchases have been deleted I have my account I’d number from registration but won’t let me access account please help


I love this game but after the update I can’t log in? I was connected to my fb but for some reason it’s not working ?? Please help, I don’t want to stop playing or start over.


After the update cant even login with fb


This game is a pay to win, so if you are not willing to drop thousands of dollars, move on.


This is ridiculous. I think I’m even more upset because it was actually a fun game to play… The problem? It would delete my characters or switch them for less levelled/skilled. This would particularly happen if I surpassed level 60. Then I would log in the next day and BAM a new character- level 2 if I’m lucky. This has happened 5 times. The last time. It didnt fix itself and help was useless. Facebook connect didn’t work and it took your money and didnt give much back… Dont recommend.

just random player

I really enjoy this game, but I have to say the auto lock feature is annoying get rid of it or at least add the option to turn it off for players that don’t like it.


I like the game but recent update is poor as now I can’t log in at all to my account and recover where I left off. Last day I able to login was 10-28. Guess I won’t be playing anymore unless they can get it fixed but even then I probably won’t. Very disappointing to say the least


The cost to stay competitive is absolutely unrealistic. Support is non existent and no guidelines are enforced whatsoever, top characters never leave the game as they are passed on to “pilots” and are impossible to complete with. Overall boring and expensive, don’t waste your time.


Understand that you WILL NOT be able to get your money back by leaving the game. In fact, if your account is inactive too long they’ll delete it. Otherwise this game is pretty fun with a few bugs here and there. I would suggest starting off on one of the higher-numbered servers because they’re newer, meaning you don’t have people with 5 or 6 million power stomping you all the time in some of their gameplay features where there is no separation based on power.



Cali country

If you have a problem with your account, it could apparently take a few days to get it fixed through their customer service. That is if they don’t start ignoring you. Going on 3 days since last email to them with all the information able to give without the ability to log in to the game. Apple says it isn’t their problem and are not responsible for refunding in-app purchases for an app even if it has locked you out of that account, even though apple is the market that processes these charges. Technically, apple is the title that shows on receipts and they still say it’s not their problem. UPDATE 10/15/19: As of this moment it’s been a week with no reply from this apps customer service. It looks like the have already deleted my account, the character was just outside of the top 5 in rankings, it no longer appears in rankings. The developer is stealing money, after spending thousands, the won’t respond. Apple is also allowing them to do this. Apple says that it isn’t their problem.


I keep losing control over my character every once and awhile. Mostly on the hourse. It’s irritating.


The accounts are easily lost or unbound. When you go to them for help it is bad. They only answer one email on the string a day. They ask you for the same information again and again that you’ve already said you don’t have. Only invicta watches has worst C S than this game. Be careful spending money.


Hi I got issues with recharging can someone tell me how I get my gem end reward back


I would like it more if people didn’t abuse their muting powers and also if we could report them.


I don’t like waiting and downloading things every time I open this app. Seriously? How many times I going to download the resources for this game. First time, and second time, I let it slide and then third time? No!!!its not yet even a week or two. Today, tomorrow, next day… download again. Enough, I’m deleting this game. Bye


looks nothing like ad, has some glitches i would love a game that did look like ad with kills being how you upgrade


You did a good.


The graphics are very nice but there are entirely too many update requirements.


This games support is crap, the doesn’t load most of the time (fresh install) and if you glance through the other comments you’ll see that spitting into the wind is more rewarding!


I just paid for a monthly card and it’s showing I don’t have it I went checked my balance it got paid for I reset my phone still doesn’t show up. 🤬😡

We want our right

It really is a failed game. What is this joke? How do you pull all the charged jewels and ban the account? The last one says compensation is not equal to the value of what has been paid. We want a solution to the problem. Many people have retired A lot of them pay money out of paying $ 500 and pay them more than they pay less


It really is a failed game. What is this joke? How do you pull all the charged jewels and ban the account? The last one says compensation is not equal to the value of what has been paid. We want a solution to the problem. Many people have retired A lot of them pay money out of paying $ 500 and pay them more than they pay less


Bad bad and scammers


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