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Pei Wei Online Ordering iOS

Pei Wei Online Ordering 简介

Wok-fire your favorites in a flash! Placing pick up orders at Pei Wei is a snap with the app. Plus, our Rewards program is built right in, so earning points (and delicious rewards) is easier than ever.

· Pay in the app and skip the line when picking up your order.
· Earn delicious rewards with our rewards program.
· Save your favorite orders and location for easy reordering.
· Browse our menu, place an order, and find locations near you.

If you’d like to give us feedback or have any issues, please use the Contact Us button in the app.

*Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.

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Pei Wei Online Ordering 下载

App Store 官网美版



Had to uninstall because it never let’s me sign back into my account, stating that my device has already been used. Yes its been used because I already have an account! 🤦🏻‍♀️ It’s a fast casual restaurant, not a bank. Lighten up on all of the obstacles for signing in.


I’ve reinstalled this app several times over the past year. It always gets stuck on choosing a location, but it won’t let me choose one. The rest of the app can’t be navigated until a selection is made, but it’s impossible to make a selection. Very disappointing.


Very slow app…every time. And they probably have the worst reward program out there. By the time you come back to use it again your rewards have expired. Trash!


No Apple Pay. Please add Apple Pay.


Can go through the entire order placing process but crashes at payment stage and entire order is gone.


The app quits and won’t load when I open it. Tried to update but it’s the newest version. Not Happy


Took some time asking the kids and wife what they wanted got everything ready to go and I tried to scan my card per the option on the app but the app did not have access to my camera. Going to iPhone settings and giving the app access to the camera canceled my order.


There is only one size available for entrees, yet when I try to add an entree to my cart it reads, “Oops! Please make a selection for size.” It’s not a useable app.


i have eaten very offen at pei wei but i chose to order for delivery this time when it was delivered i open it and had a ton of fried rice but not very much of the Mongolian beef it was to be a full order and look like a small or 1/2 order all those i still love their food it was a disappointment when i saw my delivery order mushrooms were almost non existent but ton of green onion ☹️ i may try again and hope i get what i order this time


My phone is listed as being used so I can’t log into the app to order. I have contacted support through the app 3 times without a response. I get their emails so it’s clear have me on file. Terrible app setup and worse customer support.


I have never been able to get this app to work. I forgot my password, so went through the password reset procedure — it takes 10-15 minutes for the reset e-mail to arrive. Then, when I finally reset it, and type it into the app, I get an error message saying, “Phone already in use.” I have tried several times over the past several months to use this app — only to have to just order in person. If this is how much PeiWei cares about their app, I might as well find someplace else to order from.


I’ve tried using this app two different times and neither time was I able to complete my order. I had to resort to using my computer or placing the order at the restaurant. The biggest problem is the app forces you to turn on geo location although I don’t want the app to always check for my location. This is clearly a flaw that violates privacy options. I am perfectly capable of identifying my location and the closest restaurant. I have since deleted the app and won’t use it again.


This app is terrible. It crashes at checkout every time. I can’t get my rewards unless I use the app to order or am in store- there’s no where to enter rewards if you order online. App is pointless unless you’re in store since I can’t complete a transaction. I spend 15 minutes every time trying to order and end up going in store or online. So frustrating.


When you have a phone number linked you can’t unlink it! No email, no way to in link. Then you just try and link Facebook and again the phone number BS, but this time no way to back out of the page. It’s terrible. One of the worst I’ve used.


Be careful. This app will charge you but not place your order. Had to cancel card because of lack of safety. User beware. Absolutely no service or help because these days they do to have to. Save yourself the headache and give your business to a locally owned place that cares


This app is terrible, added with the very unclear messaging outside your restaurant. Pei Wei has done the worst with the Covid crisis. Not sure if I cannot use the app, how do I get food? I hope I do not own any stock.


This app is such a joke. It won’t let you order. Just blank screen when you try. It never scans the barcode for rewards. Ever. Pretty useless


Tried to make an order for takeout. The screen went black on the order screen. I can see the news, the reward points and options. I cannot order. I closed the app and reset my phone. Still nothing. I even deleted the app and re-downloaded thinking that would help. Nope still nothing.

Home on the Texas ra

One can drive and place the order in person faster than using this painful app.

Hunter Chaffin

I’m tired of seeing bad reviews that are not in their hands. Some things they can’t help you with. This restaurant is Awesome and one of my favorites because the food is so good.

Arizona Man52

Still does not work with gift cards I purchased at Costco. I have the updated version that was supposed to fix the problem.


Anytime I try to login I get “Error! Phone has already been taken” App is pretty much useless since I can’t login.


Attempted to order a dish with tofu and vegetables, but the app doesn’t allow ordering it as such. It makes you select the “extra” tofu or vegetable options at an additional charge. Pei wei should get a refund from whomever they paid to develop this app.


Online ordering: Unable to use gift card information? User Interface: Oh god, so clunky Log on with Facebook: If you didn’t mean to click this, game over. There’s no back button and if you try to restart the app you’re stuck in the screen. You have to uninstall app Needs overhaul for both app and website


I love this place. I go here probably once a week if not more. The only thing I would change about the app is to have more specials/deals. It’s hard to find on the app and would be nice to see them on there rather than just on the website! Other than that it’s great, not sure why there are so many people complaining and leaving bad reviews.


Such a difficult app to use and it’s not intuitive. I attempted to place an order for curbside pickup but the app wouldn’t accept the make model and color of my car. I got all the way to the end had to cancel out of my entire order to attempt to enter my car info again. Finally gave up and just called the place to order.


Quite possibly the worst app for trying to order food. We literally gave up trying to figure out how to add dishes on the stupidly designed family special order form. We’re now going to Chen’s, nice job on a ridiculously designed app, really pathetic


Selected curbside and had to enter make, model, and color of vehicle. It kept telling me that I had missed sections. I had not. It never worked for me. The app has promise but buggy.

Drew Lesueur

Just wanted to let you know that I had to enter the Model and Color of my vehicle multiple times for it to take. Thank you and good luck ✌️


We want to order 2 Teriyaki Chicken bowls – with different kinds of rice. Can’t do it. Can’t even enter them one by one. Geez.


Crashes, won’t let me log in even with Facebook. Thankfully their website online ordering is easy and working.


I originally rated this lower because it didn’t offer the small option for rice bowls, but I see they no longer offer that option in the restaurant, either, so that’s not a negative about the app. The regular size is still too much food for one person, though!


Same problem as flyerguy1, ridiculous problem preventing my rewards or even online ordering. I love Pei wei, hate the app.


I don’t really appreciate being forced to put my phone number in when I don’t have to do this when logging in via the browser. Also, forcing me to enable notifications. There is no skip option. It’s REQUIRED. Uninstalled.

K2 W

Super annoying that I had a large order in and went to ApplePay. No can do seriously? So I went to add a card. App sent me to camera settings. Came back and order gone. Your developers have some major work to do.


Never completes.. just goes to black screen. Have tried on iPad and iPhone. Uninstalled, reinstalled. Just flat out doesn’t work. Worthless.


App screen is frozen on “will send you notifications” Did manage to get past the frozen screen. I can use it now.


This app is trash, I’ve been using it for the longest for the rewards but there’s no rewards at all. The points kept adding up and just when I was 200 points away from the 1000 it went back to 0 all my points disappeared 😂Pointlesss.


Please add back ApplePay. Otherwise I will order and eat somewhere else. It is really silly that you accept Samsung pay but not ApplePay in stores. This app should use all applicable native Apple functionality/services…..ApplePay is one of these.


After reading the bad reviews I don’t think I’ll be using this app until all the bugs are fixed.


Buggy app


About once every three months I forget how much I hate this app, hope it’s improved, and then go to make an order. Within 30 seconds I remember and vow to never open it again.

Rebel Revel

Nice app but after just downloading, it crashed the 1st two times while I was just adding my info. I found the ordering very simple and cleanly laid out. But what I found and why I can never order from the app is that it does not allow you to edit your order, such as removing the spicy tuna and replacing with a 2nd tuna poke’ in the poke’ bowl or instead of removing rice, how about allowing us to remove lettuce as well. Just place rice on bottom instead. A poke bowl really should never have lettuce but mine was not great lettuce last time and I ended up throwing it away anyway. Lets save you time and money. Thanks for listening. Lets try to get that option to say “light spice or no soy sauce” etc.

Sam Mermaid

ridiculous that you can’t make another account with the same phone number. the bigger problem though is you can’t exit out of the screen once you’ve found out you can’t have another account with the same number.


The people in charge of this app is a bunch of idiots. I had 2 credit cards saved in this app last week, and yet today they say that I don’t have any.


Really frustrating that you can’t see full nutrition facts for the menu items. Calories is provided but nothing else. Went to company website. They aren’t available there either. Especially with the big changes to the menu this is unacceptable. I will not eat from a place that is too ashamed of their foods nutrition to publish it.


It’s ok, but there are so many in store options that you cant get on the app. Example, you can’t leave comments on your order for extra ginger or you can’t get the option for mixed greens instead of rice for a salad, can’t do half greens half rice.


Doesn’t send email link to reset password. Keeps asking for location. Can’t complete gluten free and regular food order without being bumped and asked for location again. Had to call in take out order after frustrating 10 minutes trying this app.


Downloaded and tried to order food. Never would load to let me type in payment details. Promptly deleted. Not worth your time.


Keep waiting for app or online to have the same menu items as the selected store for pick up.. this has happened more than twice..there is a side salad I like for example but not online or on the app. But available on the board in the store. The App itself doesn’t reflect going in and ordering.. this is my opinion from visiting locations in Oklahoma and Texas


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