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Aurcus Online iOS

Aurcus Online 简介

“Aurcus Online” is a 3D MMORPG for smartphones featuring Non-targeting combat system.
Apart from the targeting system (select the target for automatic attacks) of the usual MMORPG (Online RPG), the non-targeting system allows you to hit the enemy in the striking range.
With this non-targeting system, you are able to enjoy even more exhilarating experience, and more real time-like and exciting battles in this MMORPG (Online RPG).
Furthermore, PVPs where you go against other players, and the addition of new fields will be provided in updates, expanding the world even wider.
The basic game play is available without payment, so please give it a try to experience the stimulation of non-targeting system, and if you have any requests or suggestion for the game, please let us hear you from “Contact” in the official website of “Aurcus Online”.

Levaria, the land protected by the spirits.
Countries have fought with swords and magic for hundreds of years for their order and independence.

A few years ago, the advent of the Dark Force brought further chaos to the world.
Nations were perished overnight and many towns were invaded.
Not only monsters getting wild in various places but also the ancient beast is about to awake by the dark power of death.

To cope with the Dark Force, the alliance of the countries was inevitable.
However, the common enemy was not enough to wash away the grudges from the past.

The Galleria Kingdom proposed the founding of cooperative organization, and the conclusion of “Blood Oath”.
That is an ancient spell that cannot be discarded even by the destruction of the world.

Thus, in the midst of the emergence of the Dark Force and the discord of the countries,
a stateless organization- Sword of Aurcus was born.

People start to gather to join the organization.
And you are just one of them right now…

**Please Note**
-This game is an online game. You will need to connect via Wi-Fi on iPod touch or iPad.
-The running speed may change depending on your device.
-You may not be able to access the game depending on the connection environment or due to emergency maintenance.
-Please play in good manner to avoid troubles with other players.

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Aurcus Online 下载

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Very. Good


This game is awesome its my favorite.


I prefer toram online tho it’s pretty good all tho I don’t like torams auto combat it offers many different skills of each class and side skills like alchemy and blacksmith support skills dual wielding and many more and have a ton of weapons to choose from of each class and offer an incredible story line that I don’t see much in any other mmorpg and instead of haveing a selected amount of skills on the screen in this game toram has a button that opens a list where you shortcut your skills to use any of them in battle and that’s what I love about the game too I don’t see any other mmorpg do this and if they did then they deserve full stars


Back to the game after about 4 years break and I’m thoroughly enjoying the experience once again!


Please do bring celes on iOS and please take the language barrier off it is very unplayable in that way

Summoner Hero

I love this game and I started playing. My only concern is that whenever you attack you automatically face the front of the camera instead of attacking in the direction you usually face and it’s kind of annoying. Appreciate it if you’d fix that

Guildty crown

It’s a game with cool mechanics and really nice graphics I been playing a month and it’s really entertaining and addictive I have four stars not because is bad just because I wish they could bring more events like they did before personally I think a lot of people would buy new avatars and get more into the game thank you for your time and keep up the good work

Shadow ninja12

This is honestly a great game 1. Very fun, lots of content to explore 2. NOT pay to win, you get weekly premium shop currency bonuses from just logging in and completing achievements, you basically get rewarded for just playing 3. Combat is very dynamic, it’s not tab target system MMO like 80% of mobile MMOs out there The only bad thing I can think of is the bad English in the game. However, let’s keep in mind this game is made by a Japanese company. This explains why translation at times seems rough.

Shepard Nova

Best game I’ve ever played reminds me of elder scrolls a little great work guys keep up good work.


Everything about this game is great but I bought a lot of stuff in the shop recently with a lot of coins and yet I literally received nothing and I also didn’t get my 3k coins back which is kinda ridiculous because I didn’t pay for those coins I actually worked for them. So I lost 3k coins. I bought god lord accessory lotto like 3 times 2 keys of exp and some other things a few days ago. Never got anything. Other then that I like this game a lot and honestly even after losing all that stuff I am still going to continue to play it just because it is fun and there is so much to do.


Great game but needs better instructions.


Is aurcus going to have a big update soon or is there going to be no more aurcus?


So far so good


It’s a horrible game. It keeps saying that the connection is unstable and the frickin Aurcus team ain’t doin nothin about it! I want them to help me. And I have full bars of WiFi!!!!!!


Its very good pls add a more modern version but not with how avabel lupinus character looks. More serious and better graphics with better pvp implemented. It will really draw in lots of people




Very bad connection problem.


I love this game but can’t log in starts to but then stops. Please fix this and I will change my rating.


It is a good game please make a second one


This game will not load, and it is so frustrating. I had just spent hours grinding and didn’t make an account, and ofcourse it would just not let me get in. Don’t expect to keep one account for a long time because the servers are so terrible and laggy they don’t even load you in.


I love it but why is it so hard to get the cute outfits


I used to love playing this game with my friends a while back, we would grind and do missions together and customize our characters too. The only problem I’m having now is the game won’t launch and only says it needs to restore a failed purchase in progress and then loads forever. (Even though I’ve never made a purchase)

Darth Deceptious

This game has everything I am interested in aside from my addiction to Star War! 5/5


This game reminds me a little bit of the old Avabel online


This game is more fun to play if they add more class like they only have magician swordman clerick and archer i wish theres more class in this game


I’ve been playing this game for 3 years now and it’s great the graphics are great for the time it was made and the story is amazing and keeps growing. The fighting system is good but i think they should change it up some and add new jobs than the additional ones on there.

Ms Mozza

my IGN Ms. Mozza love this game so much


Legit reported a player for hacking, never even heard back, the majority of guilds hack these days, to the point where i can only trust 3 guilds to play clean amd the devs have segregated the Japanese servers because they dont wanna mass ban and patch out the cheat engine AGAIN also can we make this game apple exclusive? you cant hack on ios.


Gameplay is unique


Nice to have great mmorpg that isn’t click auto battle. Playing now 100days still entertaining


Haven’t ran into the gacha problem a lot of mmos have and the community is very helpful

Kaitou S

Good gameplay for those who don’t like auto. Pretty graphics (scenery-wise) and many avatars to mix-and-match. Bugs always come with each update though. Would be nice if we got events more often (as well as any other additional content)… Beware of hackers and scams in the market.

War robot lifesaver

By far one of the best MMORPG games I’ve ever played. It’s a small game to download and loads of fun. Good friends,great vibe, & plenty of adventures to go on. Thank u AURCUS ONLINE AND KEEP IT GOING U DIG


This game is amazing I want to keep on growing and get stronger


They finally fixed the story bug where you couldn’t progress or lvl up although it was 3 months later i still wanted to play because I spent my money to play samurai games fun even tho no one to play with but bots of other ppl in dungeons lol no lock on makes combat hard at times but I enjoy the game alot definitely worth a try


Every time I go to gate 2 with party members I always freeze and ALWAYS pls fix so I could get rich organic ore pls???


Hey guys I really like this guy but please allow trading free and and Allows us to trade avatars because I’m only getting male and I play as a female so please make that possible. Also make the game exciting add more classes the channel needs to be pack with players add more avatars add way to get coins easier add better graphics. Add more skills to the jobs but overall it’s a good game


Ok so I was playing it and this GIANT ogre came out of no where and i instant counter kill it XD its awesome




Exactly what I’ve been looking for. I can’t believe I found it so late! Great game. No good samurai games out there and this one does the best job at it totally in love with this game. Just wish it would have a remaster or something. But other than that in my opinion the best mmorpg there is out there!


It needs just a little better graphics


Nice loving it


Very nice


its a very nice game

theradbrad fans

I’m really love this game, it’s more like YS series


Me and my coworkers were in search of a top notch MMORPG for mobile that supported IOS and Android..I am sorry to say but your game is very buggy and often up enjoyable..I like the darkness tower keys but upon entering the tower my connection often becomes unstable and the game reconnects..of course when the connection stabilizes I’m not in the tower but lost the key? Seems like a pretty serious bug honestly. Almost forgot to mention the one thing this game lacks, you need to have male and female variants of the lottos..I got 5 Afemale leggings from the noble draw and no torsos?

wakka is baka

Fun game very addictive lol

Klyntar 6575

This game is great, the only problem is I have done the demon lotto twice and it didn’t give me what I won(if the developers see this, please fix it)other than that this game is perfect.

shadow is mi charect

I always thought this game was fun and it’s the type of game that I haft been looking for. It has changed a lot over the years and I love the new dialogue and more characters. Keep up the good work game developers!!!

Dragonball Master

By far the best MMORPG, open world, mobile free to play. Millions of customizations and endless equipment fun. As well as a great story and hundreds of sub-quest. Guild missions are intense. Only thing my friends notice when I show them this game is you can’t change skin color. Hopefully it can be possible in a future update.


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