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BlazeTV is the best source for the most thought-provoking personalities and conservative ideas free from censorship by the coastal elites. BlazeTV breaks free from leftist censors and empowers content creators to be who they are, without filters.

BlazeTV has the content you want, on-demand, when you want it.

Download BlazeTV to watch the best in pro-America, pro-free speech content from conservative personalities you know and love. There are no PC advertisers controlling the content, no digital mobs calling the shots, and no big tech censors muzzling the message.

Free speech is under attack. Get the uncensored TRUTH.

The BlazeTV app plugs you in to on-demand video from the best talent in conservative media. Tune in to Live TV to stream live broadcasts from your favorite BlazeTV hosts. Watch Mark Levin, Glenn Beck, Steven Crowder, Eric Bolling, Phil Robertson, and many more whenever you want, however you want.

Don’t miss these exclusive BlazeTV shows:

– Louder with Crowder: Late night is finally funny again. BlazeTV is the only place to watch Steven Crowder uncensored and on demand. Every Crowder video banned by YouTube is available just for BlazeTV subscribers. Hold on to your butt (or laugh it off)!

– LevinTV: America’s nightly town hall meeting with the Great One, Mark Levin. Levin’s program leaps from radio to TV with in-depth episodes exploring the U.S. Constitution, explaining the meaning of liberty, and fighting progressive tyranny.

– GlennTV: The truth lives here. As a staunch defender of the Constitution, individual liberties, and free markets, Glenn Beck breaks out the chalkboard to expose anti-American progressives and fight for conservative solutions every day.

– America with Eric Bolling: Be bold, be brash, be America. Eric Bolling is back with the show they wouldn’t put on cable TV. Join Eric for exclusive interviews with movers and shakers in Washington, D.C., inside looks at Congress and the Trump White House, and good, old-fashioned American pride.

– In the Woods with Phil: Duck Dynasty star Phil Robertson is back. Progressive TV executives wouldn’t let him speak his mind, so now he’s coming straight to you from the woods with 70 years of unfiltered wisdom and uncensored biblical common sense.

– The Steve Deace Show: Fear God, tell the truth, and make money. Steve Deace is here to deliver principled conservatism with a snarky twist served up daily. There’s just one rule: No B.S.

– The White House Brief with Jon Miller: Jon Miller is BlazeTV’s man inside President Donald Trump’s White House. Miller’s trademark no-holds-barred style of covering not only the president but the White House press corps has turned him into an internet sensation.

– Humor Me with Chad Prather: Nobody has a way with words quite like “The Political Cowboy” Chad Prather. Ride along and experience the comedy, craziness, and common sense in Chad’s life firsthand — on the road, at home, and on the stage. Get ready, America — you’re in for quite a ride.

To access all premium content you can subscribe to BlazeTV on a monthly or annual basis with an auto-renewing subscription right inside the app. *Pricing can vary be region and will be confirmed before purchase in the app. In app subscriptions will automatically renew at the end of their cycle.

All payments will be paid through your iTunes Account and may be managed under Account Settings after the initial payment. Subscription payments will automatically renew unless deactivated at least 24-hours before the end of the current cycle. Your account will be charged for renewal at least 24-hours prior to the end of the current cycle. Any unused portion of your free trial will be forfeited upon payment. Cancellations are incurred by disabling auto-renewal.

Terms of Service: https://blazetv.unreel.me/pages/terms-of-service/a/terms-of-service

Privacy Policy: https://blazetv.unreel.me/pages/privacy-policy/a/privacy-policy

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FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THINGS HOLY! Fix the casting issues! Can’t cast live! Fix force closing issues! Allow to be played in the background! Allow notifications for select shows! AND GLENN, LOSE SOME OF THE ADDS! You’re whole show is an infomercial!

Connor Beato

Whenever I’m finishing an episode the app will close and bring me to my Home Screen. Gets annoying. Could be the phone but I Checked for update on that and it was good.


You updated the app and made it worse… Nothing about the new app is better and easy to implement features like pip and Background playback are gone….


I really like the idea but I can never tell which shows are actually live and they don’t have many shows. Would be much better if the shows that said they were live were actually live!


It would be nice if we had the option to control the icon sizes in the app. so that they aren’t as large and we can see more on the screen before scrolling.


Beck dumps on Trump in 15’. His ratings stink as a result. He goes full Pro-Trump afterward to save his channel. Now that he may lose the election, he’s back to bashing Trump and pro Biden. Basically he’s a fake.


I wish I could continue to listen even if I’m not in the app. The daily wire allows the video to minimize and play in the background but this app does not. It is functionally more restrictive than YouTube and I might as well not pay and get the content there. Just audio or background video is what this app needs.


The content is awesome, 5 stars! But the app needs some real work, 2.5 stars. I’d like to be able to skip 10 or 15 sec forward if need be not just back. I’d also really like to be able to have it playing the the back ground while still using my phone for other things. Gotta be able to multitask. But overall the content is great!


We would like to have shows play while using other apps. Needs a 15 sec forward and backward button.

Mushroom capt

I listen to bullies while I’m working and it drains my battery! Need a radio button!

Revelation 18

I rarely write reviews but I felt this one is warranted. Are you tired of biased, untrustworthy, and down right lie spewing news, then go no further, BlazeTV is what you are looking for. I joined BlazeTV a little over a year ago and I absolutely love it. I know that the news I get through the numerous diverse channels they offer will be truthful and non bias and is a good platform for either side of the spectrum. I originally joined it to watch Steven Crowder (Louder With Crowder) as I love his content. He brings great insight and truthful commentary on current happenings with a comedic flare. I have since been watching other shows as well on BlazeTV such as Mark Levin, Glenn Beck, Dave Rubin, and Candace Owens to name a few. The content is relevant and it will blow your mind as to what the media is not telling you, even Fox. Also, customer service is awesome and actually goes out of their way to make sure you are getting all you can out of BlazeTV. Please do yourself a favor and download the BlazeTV App and join the family at BlazeTV, you won’t regret it!


The app has great content but isn’t very user friendly, yet. 1. There needs to be a “table of contents” or some kind of guide to what’s playing and when. 2. Also “Live” doesn’t really mean it’s “Live.” It just means it’s what is currently being shown, even if it was previously recorded. 3. And one of the biggest issues is that you can’t go away from the app while listening and read something elsewhere. (It won’t keep playing in the background.)


Look, I love the content, but more often than not, it’s telling me that it can’t load the current live video or fails to show me the live shows on the AppleTV. On my iPhone I can watch the video, but on AppleTV it does t load the same content. A bit frustrating that I want to watch Morning Mug Club on TV and today’s episode it isn’t showing as available (while I watch it on my phone). I’ve restarted, logged out and other things, but it doesn’t fix it. Frustrating I have to switch to another platform to watch the content.


Love this app. Let’s me know that there still is a news source that tells it how it is.


I have terminated all legacy media (I will not pay for news on cable anymore!), decided to subscribe to people and values that aligns with my family and spend our hard earned money with companies that promote values and report the news like NTD news. Glenn, thanks for creating this channel and keep up the great work!

Owen Smith 6 yrs ol

Appreciate the content, supporting both sides. Love to listen to Stu, Steve, Glenn and Pat.


I love the content the shows and everyone on the Blaze! My only complaint is that it isn’t commercial free and I hate commercials 4 stars because of the commercials. Still love ya all! Sorry guys for the 4 stars.

MikeMac 23

Please bring a full screen option to iPhone.

lil slim0124

The content is a+ but Not being able to play in background is unacceptable.


I mostly use the app to listen in when I’m at work an can’t always have a video playing in the foreground, would be nice to be able to play in the background.


Bring back radio or audio only button

No Sound 32

My original review was in September. I actually waited a couple months for things to get straightened out before I left a negative review. Time just kept on ticking by so I wrote the review. I was coming back to update the star rating but unfortunately I can’t go below 1. This is getting ridiculous. These past weeks have been the most critical political times of our lives. This week is like the Super Bowl, Stanley Cup, and World Series of politics all put together. The app is still unusable unless you keep it open on the screen and god forbid you better not check a text or take a call. I love The Blaze but if the vehicle to consume the product is broken then what’s the point. I wonder if Glenn knows about all these bad reviews. I can’t imagine he does because it’s so embarrassing that these problems haven’t been corrected. We’re going on a year, a freaking year, of hearing that the solutions are coming. To not have got it resolved before and for the election is beyond disappointing! We’re always thanked for being subscribers but I’d rather never hear it again. I’d rather know we’re appreciated by receiving a good working product. Updated rant over…… My problems with the app are the same as everyone else. No background play. No FF. No downloadable episodes. No audio only. We’ve been hearing since February that new features would be coming. That’s 8 freaking months ago. It’s so frustrating that this app is basically unusable for me. I pay for a subscription but end up using Apple podcasts and YouTube for the content. How much longer are we going to have to wait? Please be more precise than soon. We’re way past the “soon” from many months ago.


Background listening – id like to be able to listen to this app without having my phone open or in the background. Mini display when searching – similar to YouTube i would like to see a mini display of what is going on when I’m moving the time icon at the bottom. 10 second forward – y’all have it for rewind but not forward. Date listed – it would be nice to see the date of each video without clicking into it.


I have an annual membership but almost never use the Blaze App because it’s video only. Super inconvenient when I want to listen to Blaze content while working, working out, etc. The daily wire app allows you to choose if you want the audio or video version which is great! Please add that feature back! I often listen to Blaze shows through the Apple podcast app instead since it can be audio only and I can skip forward and backwards in 15 and 30 second intervals. In addition to the audio/video separation, adding the ability to download episodes to my device would also be nice. Sometimes I have bad cell service and many people have limited data but still want to listen without WiFi or cell coverage, allowing your paying users to download episodes for a road trip or out and about would be a great option as well. These are all common features on media apps, many of them from smaller organizations than the Blaze, please add them! It would bring me back to your app instead of forcing me to use third party options! Thanks!

Seor Bob Bobert

EDIT: Changed my rating from a 3 star to a 2 star. I really dislike that the videos can’t be played unless in the app. This is a downgrade from the previous app. I like to listen when I’m working out or driving and can’t do that anymore unless the video is playing. PLEASE bring back the background player. This alone has caused me to use the app less and potentially get rid of The Blaze all together. The app constantly logs me out. This is extremely annoying. The resume feature on videos is not very functional. It doesn’t remember which video or where I am resuming from half of the time. It doesn’t show older videos anymore. Only from the last few months. Overall, the app quality has gone down a lot. The only reason I stay is because I love the content. If i didn’t love the content I would not be using the app. ORIGINAL: Rating would be higher but there’s a feature that got removed in the update/republish that brought the rating down for me. I used to listen to shows outside of the app (similar to a podcast) when I couldn’t watch them. For instance, if I was driving, exercising, etc. This is a key feature I think a lot of people will miss. Also, I noticed not all of the videos are searchable/scrollable on the app like they are on the website. Not a huge deal but does make it harder to watch older episodes. The video time lengths are no longer available either. And there is only a landscape video mode. You can’t see other videos like the app used to allow. I also am a software developer, so my critiques on user experience should come with a grain of salt 🙂 I’m still happy with the content BlazeTV offers. I just think the app could use some work. Updates will turn this rating from a 3 to higher!


Even after recent upgrades the app constantly stalls and I can’t use it much. I have to view on my computer instead. Please work on the app for smooth streaming. The Blaze content is tooooo good for an app that doesn’t work much. Thank you!!


Don’t know what is going on in the last 60 days but i have to constantly login every time i click on the app button. Never did this in the last 2 plus years i have had this app. Very irritating. Don’t really care for the new BlazeTV app. Crtv was much more user friendly.


Content? No question. Awesome. Fantastic. Stellar even. The app? Meh. BUT it would be great with just a couple changes. 1. Background audio. 2. PIP It’s a little frustrating not being able to do anything else on my phone wile using this app. Example: There’s a great live interview going on that I think someone would benefit from. If I want to text them, I have to stop watching/listening in order to do that. Not to mention checking email or ANYTHING else. Please add these features. It would make this a five star app. Thanks


Plays media has some of the most interesting figureheads, journalist, and some of the best journalism I’ve seen in my entire life. Definitely worth it to sign up as well. A spectrum of politics between the catalogue which is always nice.


Don’t get me wrong I enjoy some of the shows but I have a couple issues that eat away at my enjoyment. First, why am I always logged off? Every time I open the app I am asked to sign up. Second, why can’t I mark favorite shows and have a little section with them so I know when there is a new episode? Let’s face it, I’m not going to watch half these shows because I don’t have time to sit around al day and listen to a similar take on all political issues. Third, no background play or screen lock. I mean, sometimes I just want to listen as I walk my dogs. I have to carefully slip in in my pocket and hope nothing touches the screen. And if I am watching it and get a text I have to stop the show to answer… and maybe log back in again.

Michael in Lyons

While I love the Steven Crowder content the app suffers from some debilitating issues. I have to sign in every time I open the app it will not hold my login. It also does not go to full screen and back well. It tends to get stuck in landscape mode and can be impossible to get back into portrait mode. If you stop watching a video and come back to it it does not hold your spot in the video. It’s very difficult to fast forward to the correct spot because you can only drag the slider as there is no fast-forward button.

Josh the Objectivist

Please add Picture in Picture!


I given this developer AMPLE TIME before I left a review. Promises and promises over the past year that the app would get better. This app has the worst user experience ever. It has gone backwards! Before the big “update” over a year ago the app was useable. Now it can’t get anything right! FIX the issue of having to log in every couple days. FIX the issue of the resume feature not working. FIX the issue of not having letter mode. FIX the issue of not having offline mode. FIX the issue of not having a “favorites” section so I dont have to keep finding the shows I want to watch. How difficult can this really be? Do you not care about your customers? I can understand needing a couple months to fix your issues but over a year and no fixes??? 70 bucks a year and this is the quality we get? Really sad when I have to go to podcasts and YouTube to get a workable experience…


It’s wonderful to have access to an organization that has a genuine interest in reporting and providing me with information that allows me to make up my own mind. With access to the BlazeTV network I can get another point of view and make more informed decisions. Thanks


I’m only in here for Crowder. That said, why am I CONSTANTLY being asked to login, live streams don’t work for crowder, and there’s no background audio feature? Like seriously, put some work into this. Take a lesson from the Daily Wire app, that’s the gold standard.


After sifting through old reviews there seems to be loads of comments about background streaming. Guess what? It’s still a problem. Supposedly there is an audio only feature that allows you to listen in the background. If that is possible the app is not user friendly enough to have that be obvious. Spotify and YouTube have this figured out. You have 1 year to fix this otherwise the subscription will not be renewed.

lt3 Annonomyous lt3

The content is great the app itself is useless. I paid money to watch Crowder and like the other people on the app but I’ve found myself just watching on YouTube instead. I am constantly logged out of the app, there is no Picture in Picture mode, I can’t listen audio only. Please fix the issues with the app please so I can watch my videos again.


I LOVE the content that the Blaze offers (Louder with Crowder is my favorite), but I really hate that none of the content plays in the background or when Put my phone to sleep! I would give this app 5 stars if this issue was fixed, but as it stands, this is a glaring issue!


I love the content but the live streams are annoying. If you want to look at other’s comments you can’t because it’s takes you back to the bottom every time time someone comments.


In the first several iterations of the app, there was always a radio button if you wanted to listen audio only. This enabled you to be able to do other tasks on your phone while listening. Now you have no choice but to watch. Now of course they have introduced to picture in picture for the iPhone and I’m sure you’re working on this, but you should still introduce an audio only option. This would enable the user to reduce the bitrate, especially if they live in flyover country, which let’s be honest, a lot of your supporters like myself live away from the cities for a reason so we don’t have access to the fastest Internet. We pay for the app so we should have the best user experience. Lastly please bring back the ability when you’re watching something on demand to forward 15 or 30 seconds and go backwards 15 or 30 seconds. Again you used to have this option but you removed it. I’m sure your advertisers like to force the viewers to watch the ads but this only makes it more negative for the experience especially if you’ve already seen it and you’re trying to show an episode to your family. So please bring back those buttons


Love the content! Elijah Schaffer/Slightly Offensive is my favorite podcast. My only wish is that the app would have the option to set reminders for certain shows when they have new uploads or go live.

Joseph Bull

Love what they support on this app but it is truly non functional about 30% of the time. Also the chat function is probably the worst part


Neither the mobile or TV app work when you need it to


Nuff’ said. I have to sign in every time, takes forever to load, CANT DO CROWDER LIVE-STREAMS LIVE, or otherwise have a hard time accessing them. App needs a LOT of work. If not for Crowder, wouldn’t have joined. #Badassmug


I’d like to have a feature to stream directly from my phone to my flat screen. Continue to see issues when closing out and unable to load content when signing back in. “Come one guys”

Outis Nemo

Every time I’m watching a livestream, and a notification for another livestream pops up, it automatically pulls me out of the video I’m watching and into the stream the notification was for. Then, the traffic to the site is so high, nothing in the app will load, so i can’t even get back to the stream I was originally watching. Every single time. I am always relegated to watching the second half of the stream hours later when traffic dies down and the stream finally gets uploaded to watch after the fact. Even disabling notifications in the iOS settings doesn’t prevent this from happening. The notifications still come, and completely destroy the experience. Add to that, the fact picture-in-picture, background play, and watch history are features that have never been added to the new “upgraded” app. It’s starting to make me regret subscribing. I love the content, but accessing it has become an exercise in frustration, if not futility.


Runs horribly on my iPhone X And my firestick. Requires I login every time I try to use it on my phone. I get 120mb/s downloads yet this app doesn’t load. No other apps I have run this poorly/inconsistently.


Hate signing in every time I want to use this app. And when I try to watch live streams the app wont work.

shitbag site

Every time I try to sign in on this App I get incorrect password. Your web designer should be fired. Numerous times I’ve emailed and called. Always the same partial fix until I try to sign in again. Please cancel my subscription. Love GB but website is Horrible! BW


The app is good overall, but it constantly “loses” my credentials. Please fix this bug or enable Face ID authentication. Thanks!


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