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Four Plus iOS

Four Plus 简介

Four Plus is an intelligent puzzle game with a simple and elegant design.
Though challenging, Four Plus has a relaxing flow of play. Since you can interrupt and continue the game at any time, Four Plus is truly the perfect casual game!

You have to place random shapes consisting of different colored blocks inside of a rectangular field.
Whenever there are four or more neighboring blocks of the same color, they will be removed and you gain back space in the gray field. Additionally, you earn one point for every removed block.
So you always have to find the best spot for placing the current shape! The game is over when the next shape does not fit into the gray field anymore.

Compete with your friends via Game Center or share your new highscore in social networks!
You can also unlock achievements, e.g. skill levels; can you make it to become a “Legend”?

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Four Plus 下载

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Addictive addictive


I really enjoy this game but it has continually been crashing. Have reinstalled twice with no improvement


I love to use my brain to figure out moves. This game relaxes me as well.


What is the recent problem with this game? It gets extremely slow and locks up my iPad and I get a black screen. I’ve done all the updates. It does okay for a few minutes and then gets extremely slow.


Very relaxing. I love that I can start playing this game have to end it and go back to where I left off later. Just when I think I’m doing bad all of a sudden I pick up the pace and I’m doing much better with a game. I love to try to improve my score.


I love this game. It is a puzzle game that requires my focus (helpful for ADHD-ers), but doesn’t demand deep problem-solving mode. It gets incredibly frustrating, however, when the algorithm is clearly giving you pieces that will NOT work with the board. As in — inTENtionally giving you the exact opposite of what you need. Almost as if this is actually a rage game in disguise. I just wish it had a “chill” mode. Sometimes, I really need a “win,” you know? A relaxing game that lets me calm down from the stressors of work and life. But, this game gets to a point every time, where it just starts giving you complex pieces that don’t fit in the right spots. It’s as if the dev is enjoying watching me get madder and madder. TL/DR: This game is fun and relaxing . . . right up until the point that you want to wring the dev’s neck.


Love this game; it never grows old.


I enjoy this game while watching tv. It settles me. I hope it’s good for an aging brain!!


I hate to admit how addicted I am to Four Plus! It is SO MUCH fun and relaxing, and I find myself playing it every chance I get! Never have I ever enjoyed any game as much!


The Game Center logo continually pops up at the top of the game letting me know what levels I have achieved. I’ve turned off every notification I can find. Please disable this.


Nice game


I love how calming this game is. No loud music or flashy graphics. Even the ads are unobtrusive and easy to navigate away from. Please don’t change!! This is my go-to game when I’m stressed, bored, listening to a podcast, etc.


Great relaxing game!


App ends the game when there is room for the tile. Haven’t been able to get close to beat my highest score. Ready to delete.


Every time I try to beat my score y’all act like I can’t beat my score . Ion know who made this game but it aggravating . It’s making me mad .


Too much ads showing up in the middle of the game


The game is really cool designed for calming a mind. One of my friends recommended it to me and I was skeptical from very beginning. It works! I truly recommend it.

sister blu

I enjoyed this game a great deal! Recently the pop up ads stopped closing. It is nearly impossible to get past the ads to get to the game. This has been fixed and the game is accessible and fun! Thanks for fixing the ads!


This is a very relaxing game to play during this guaranteed time.


I can’t get the music to turn off. I’m going to have to delete this game.


It’s been awhile since I played . It would have been nice to have a chance to do a real review, because I really enjoy this game. Interruptions is always an annoyance with all games.


Four plus is a logic puzzle game I have found very enjoyable. For those whose interest is in racing or battle games – not your game. I do wish there was an “undo” function. Sometimes the piece to be played gets dropped inadvertently, but no way to correct the error! This game also takes a lot of time. My best game is over 27,000 points, with each square played being 1 point, that game took weeks. The length of the game suggests another request: could a designated player feature be developed? This would allow my grand kids to try the game without having to end my game.


Would love the option to turn the blocks to fit.


First off, I like/d this game a lot. I was looking for a relaxing but mentally stimulating puzzle game, and Four Plus seemed to be just that. But after playing a handful of times, I started to pickup on a pattern: the algorithm for which puzzle pieces I was given and in what order seems to change drastically in difficulty every 5-6 games. So my score history looks something like this: 1) 5550 points* easiest alg. 2) 183 3) 79 4) 840 5) 230 6) 7900* easiest alg. 7) 85 8) 190 And so on… I enjoy challenging games but only when uniformly difficult. It also takes a looooong time to build up points, and it’s really frustrating to reach 5000+ points and then have the computer start giving pieces that create an unwinnable board. It feels like time wasted when I know that it’s not really up to me whether I reach a top score.


I’m pretty good at games … why can’t i score points… Best score is about 2000 yet my sister in law is at 10,000… there is no way she’s better than me. What gives? Seriously.


After a hectic day a work a game or two relaxes better than a drink!


Would you consider adding in Bonus points when the entire field is cleared?

davenport itlike

It’s so much fun and addicting, you will love it, get it, it’s so worth it

tehachapi teacher

This app is challenging and appropriate for kids. Love it!

1947 Bob

Makes me think before I move !!


Just wish it had back button or restart game

Cindy Wildwood

Fun but hard


its so gude. i Like it

Give it a try 15

This is the only game I play now. Every game is different and totally challenging. Just when I think I have a strategy to maximize my points I get a low score. Strategy is the key in this game, but that being said as the combination of number of blocks and colors displays you have to be strategic about where to put them. Yea…crazy. My high score of 1,500 points took forever to play. Good luck and enjoy.


Love this game , its very relaxing and addictive


Challenging and addicting.its challenging and fun


This is my go to game. It’s very calming for me. You can play for two minutes, an hour, pause and go back to it where you left off. It’s the pass time for the doctors waiting room, or anywhere you are stuck in limbo.


Perfectly simple. no gimmicks, just squares. A+

Linda Weidemann

Loved the old game — pastel colors and size of the board! Pretty much despise this update’s blah colors and small board. Please give us the option of reverting to the old game! The old game would be 5 stars. The new game gets a few stars for having night mode, but that’s it.


Love this game


Love this game


Relaxing and helps ease stress at the end of the day. One session I played for several months reminded me of Bejeweled in “Zen” mode – it just kept going and going and I wondered if I had somehow enabled a zen mode on this game (that’s a mode that automatically bails you out when you get close to losing – it throws solutions at you so you keep playing without losing), but no – it finally ended and I lost with a score of 31,603. Now I’m wondering if high scores for this game are posted somewhere?

sedona magic

Very relaxing and keeps your brain sharp

Maam in the Moon

Can’t stop playing this game. It’s my new favorite, besides Spider Solitaire.


Love this new app!


I’m hooked. I love this game because it requires anticipating and strategizing for success. So fun!


I’m totally addicted to this game and play it often. I’m curious about the leaderboard data. Some time ago, I was awarded the level for removing 125,000 blocks and according to the awards display, I’ve surpassed 250,000. My new high score is 9495. But when I look at the leaderboard, my point total is only 9495! What gives?


Fun but would be more challenging if another option would be to rotate pieces.


Like this game because you can think about your move or just be random either way is fun


This game is quick and fun. I find I’m improving my skills game by game. Enjoy!


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