A new way to enjoy photography

RICOH THETA exceeds your current world, capturing your entire surroundings with a single shutter click.
You can view and share on a computer or smartphone the images and videos you shoot.
You can use the smartphone app to shoot, view and share images from your smartphone.

*The RICOH THETA SC2 for Business/SC2/Z1/V/S/SC/m15/2013 (sold separately) is required to take spherical images.

◊ RICOH THETA and Wi-Fi connection
Simply install the RICOH THETA for iOS on your smartphone and connect to your RICOH THETA SC2 for Business/SC2/Z1/V/S/SC/m15/2013.
You can use RICOH THETA for iOS as remote control to shoot or to view spherical images.

– Remote shooting
You can use the RICOH THETA for iOS as a remote control to shoot photos on your RICOH THETA SC2 for Business/SC2/Z1/V/S/SC/m15/2013.
In still image mode, you can shoot while checking images in live view.
You can also switch between still image mode and video mode by the app.

– Viewing
You can use RICOH THETA for iOS to view the images and videos you shoot.
Spin around, enlarge, or shrink… Experience the fun of seeing the entire space around you in a spherical image.

◊ Sharing on Social Networking Services
You can share on Twitter, Facebook, and other social network services the spherical images you shoot.

Show the world a new way of enjoying photos by 360° images that provide a feeling of being where the image was taken.

◊ Note
* Not compatible with iPod Touch devices.
* Please visit www.theta360.com for additional compatibility information.
* Compatibility is not guaranteed for all devices.
* Compatibility is not guaranteed for devices without GPS capabilities.
* Compatibility information may be changed at any time.


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App Store 官网美版



I spend so much time just trying to connect and reconnect to this camera that it is not worth it to have one since the useless app is needed to operate it. I had hoped to get away from using Matterport for Virtual Tours bur cannot because that would mean relying on this useless app that constantly can’t make a connection and is always crashing. Ricoh sells overpriced crap cameras. Can’t wait to return mine.


If you step further than 6 ft from camera, the app/iphone disconnect. Tried app on 3 different phones, same issue. Renders camera unusable. Fix the app!


Just got it so much better than GoPro fusion no needed to go to desktop, you can edited and send straight from the phone with built in software and free apps and pictures look great


Today was my first day using the app with the camera to capture a 360 tour for a real estate client. I looked extremely unprofessional because the app kept disconnecting from the camera over and over again. Was standing within 6 feet of the camera! Touch the button to take a pic and then the app would disconnect from the camera. Very very unhappy with the performance of the app and hope will be fixed with an update soon.

nospam man

Excellent app software again in this 2.15.0 version (a month old as of this review). I’ve been using Thetas professionally for 5 years now, and the Z1 is Ricoh’s best yet for photos. Operates flawlessly on multiple iPads and iPhones at least that long. Apple’s latest iOS 14 has a new option that will prevent a WiFi connection to the Z1, without an error message to explain the repeated fails. So, you must manually Allow (slide switch to become green) in the Settings/Privacy/Local Network screen. For any other app you probably would never want it to see what else you’re connected to. But with Theta, won’t connect without it.


Does anyone know how to use the watch app? I can’t get it to connect and there are no instructions.


This application is very frustrating to use. The application is very slow and it keeps on disconnecting when I start taking photos? Please let me know what can be done to fix this issue.


App consistently won’t connect to phone called support 3 different times and did all the troubleshooting measures. First two calls eventually it worked but kicked off. Now it won’t connect at all.


Sometimes it works fine and other times it crashes and won’t take the picture. I have to shut down and reboot several times.


Another Update: The app was fixed after a short period, maybe a week. It appears to work well now. I expect better photos with the HDR mode now. The ones I was getting were good and usable. I’m impressed with the short time it took to fix the app. Update: Support has identified the problem and passed it to their developers. They were helpful in telling me how to use the camera manually with a timer. But I cannot adjust their exposure or bracket so the less than capable camera produces grainy photos with windows blown out. Not at all good enough for my Real Estate business. Very frustrating. (Original review): App doesn’t work on latest IPhone update. Telephone support said they have never heard of this issue but there are a lot of people here and elsewhere with the same issue. Tried deleting and reinstalling, shutdown and restart, and a reset of the iPhone 11 Pro Max to factory specs. Black screen with Theta logo only. Extremely frustrating with clients waiting and my reputation at stake.

Indiana Drew

I just bought the Theta V for work. I downloaded the app on bother iPhone XS and iPad. All that happens is the app opens to a black screen and then crashes. I also bought a GoPro Max 360. App works great and so does the camera. Get it together Ricoh or I’ll be returning your product.


Omg, the Theta cameras are useless without the app, when will you fix it? I’m a professional real estate photographer and right now, 360 walk throughs are my most requested shoots! I cannot use the required app now that it won’t work, which is detrimental to my business. Angry!


Worked previously. Do not update!


Theta app doesn’t start up. All I get is the Theta logo and then get booted to the home screen. If I reinstall Theta app, I get additional prompts for Location services and Bluetooth permission. Then I get booted to the iPhone home screen. Tried iPhone XR and 6S and a Theta V – all on the latest versions and firmware. Other apps seem to work; I tried easy 360 for RICOH, RICOH Tours, and RICOH THETA HDR. I want to use the on-camera auto HDR mode, so these apps are not a substitute for the Theta app.

LA hah g

The app doesn’t work on iPhone


Just bought Theta V and upgraded firmware. Installed the theta app on iPhone and iPad but it never opens. App starts and crashes after about 10 seconds. Doesn’t matter whether I’m on WiFi or Bluetooth. I can use the camera with Zillow 3D or Matterport with no problems. Please fix the app.


Does not work on iPhone 6S running iOS 13.4.1. Opening app brings up the Theta logo and prompts for Bluetooth access, but then jumps to iOS home screen. Using App Switcher, restarting iOS, cold restarting iOS, and using with or without a Theta V connected to the iPhone via WiFi.


With the new update, the app is crashing.


Just like everyone else, it will not load. App crashes on launch. This needs fixed ASAP. We require this app for work. Grrrr


App has been cumbersome, however the new update simply doesn’t work, it launches-hangs and crashes….


I can’t even get the app to open, it crashes every time I click on it

M F Ruckus

App will no longer load. Just shuts down at loading screen. App worked prioritization that latest update.

mr sean photo

No cool! I show up to a paid job and the app will not load.


I got this specifically to do 3D tours at work, but downloaded this app first . The capabilities were so so entertaining I just carry my Ricoh with me everywhere. I had no idea how easy it would be to use but I seem to do complex things with ease constantly . Love the app love the camera !!


Please fix interval shooting on iOS. This feature works on Android but not on any of my iOS devices running 13.3. Also please find a way to take bug reports like this on your support site.


Cannot connect iPhone 8 Plus after iOS upgrade to 13.1.3. Any recommendation, I used theta for work. I try to reset network setting with iPhone and it only allow you to connect WiFi one time and is broken after the 2nd attempt. Any solution.


Using iPhone 7 and iPhone XR report cannot connect to wifi. Have called Ricoh support to no avail. Basically turning cam on and turning wifi signal flashing, open the app go t center shutter button, asked to register camera with serial number upon entering app reports cannot connect to wifi. I just not kidding this is happening on two Ricoh z1 units. There’s an obvious bug plz fix it or they are going back.


Can’t connect on iPhone 11 with new iOS. This is ridiculous.


I’ve spent the past hour trying to connect my theta sc to my iPhone 11 pro with no solution in sight. I’ve tried power cycling, WiFi cycling as well as checking for any firmware updates. Nothing. This is a huge problem as I use the device for work.


The camera and app pretty much do as they describe, but a very annoying limitation is that if you export to Facebook or social media, it lets you choose the center point for the flattened image, but it doesn’t give you that option if you don’t want to export to social media.


I have used this app using the google pixel as well as the iPhone XS and now the iPhone 11. Since my iPhone XS had already linked to the camera, it continued to work after updating to IOS 13. However, once I swapped out my phone to the iPhone 11, I can’t connect to my camera anymore. I tried deleting the app and reinstalling, restarting the phone, turning Wifi and Bluetooth off and on etc. Looks like the theta Z won’t work until a software patch is put out. Please let us know how soon to expect a software update! FIXED Reset the WiFi on the camera and then reconnect the camera. To reset the camera’s WiFi settings hold down the WiFi and Mode button. The lights will flash red and the camera will shutdown. After restarting the camera I was able to reconnect like I was adding a new camera.


New iOS 13 broke the WiFi registration to the camera. So it’s all broken.

Dan Piraino

Absolutely love this apple-It’s honestly amazing what it will do ❤️ Just make sure that you have some usable memory on your smartphone or iPad and it astonish you with the results!




This app is nice and works well. It would be nice to have iPad support. It would editing and viewing much easier than my tiny phone screen. I typically take the phone with me for capture but prefer to edit and manage on a larger device. I import to my iPad and my cloud services take care of getting the images where I need them. Since there is already an iPhone app, I know it is not much more development to add the screens and make it work properly on an iPad.

One Pixel World

1pixelworld.com proves it


The camera is amazing!! quality is great in most conditions but I have consistent connection problems. The app will disconnect and ask me to enter password. I don’t have a password so I just restart app a couple times till it doesn’t ask me and connects anyways. When I’m in live view the camera is very laggy seems like it takes a frame once every 4 seconds.


Thanks to the app, I have bought the THETA. It took the photo everywhere in our room. It was pretty good, I rate this app 5 stars! Don’t forget to give this app a rate! Bye


I use this camera with an iPod touch. It’s been a while since I took it out, and imagine my surprise when I find out that the app no longer functions on the iPod.

Chris Stephany

They updated this app and it no longer works on my iPod Touch. I can’t get the previous version so now I can’t use this camera that I NEED for work.


Really wish I could choose to store my transferred photos in the app without cluttering up my Photos collection like the Theta m15 app did. (Why would I want them in the device’s photo collection when the Photos app cannot view them in their intended format?). Better yet I’d like the option to use the app as a viewer of what is on the Theta without storage in my iDevice. Since I am going to back them all up to a computer later, this would be a much better workflow. Love the camera itself and full screen on the iPad is nice.


Theta V so far so good. However having a problem sharing files since update can not upload to facebook and can not also share via theta360 website pls address


I’ve been trying to upload my videos and pictures on Facebook for the longest and have yet to succeed. What’s going on. Plz work on this app.

GMRZ Erick

It crashes every time that I want to play it once I download it to my cellphone!! What’s going on?!!

Jeff Bixler

The camera is great, and for the most part the app works well. What *doesn’t* quite work, though, is the Twin Lens VR view (Google Cardboard) on an iPhone X. Images viewed in this mode don’t line up correctly and you get a double-image. Works fine on a 6S Plus, so it seems related to the size of the screen. Please fix, Ricoh!

Bleuz Meats

Like many users, it connects fine via wifi but then says cannot connect to camera in the app. Won’t be buying a Ricoh device ever again.


Unfortunately having a bad app renders the camera somewhat useless. Constantly disconnects from the camera & freezes. Already returned the Nikon for the same reason. Hope you guys update/fix soon!

Dansker for Beer

First of all, if you are looking to make a series of street-view images, Ricoh may likely be the ticket, I’m using the ThetaV and it’s better than expected….. the app on the other hand. Dear Ricoh, Couple things, when the Camera start up in self-timer mode, please have it use the last setting, so that it would be possible to start up in self-timer shooting “HDR” “EV-1” as an example. Unfortunately it’s required to control the camera to use the same setting I always use 🙂 Also, when shooting a series of images with EV correction, I frequently get only one exposure, even when I change the exposure for each shot. Not great. Basically the camera works best in auto 😉

mann savage

Camera and phone sync fine but now downloading and playback both make app crash. This needs addressing as it’s useless currently. Previously worked like a dream.


I got this camera and app to use in a school for projects. It worked fine until the recent update. Now, when I go to share a photo or video, the app crashes. I’d love to be able to use it again. This is frustrating.


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