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Mahjong Crimes iOS

Mahjong Crimes 简介


Unravel the mystery behind Agatha Christie’s renowned Murder on the Orient Express in Mahjong Crimes!

– Play 250+ captivating Mahjong levels!
– Experience fresh new puzzle mechanics!
– Dive into “Murder on the Orient Express” by Agatha Christie!
– Use boosters to crush tricky Mahjong puzzles!
– Collect cool looking tile sets!
– Play anytime, anywhere! No Wi-fi needed!


Mahjong Crimes is an addictive puzzle game where you pair tiles to reveal hidden clues, essential to solving crime cases. You’ll need a sharp eye to spot the identical tiles and connect them to clear the board to progress. Use power-ups to help you get past tricky time-based levels and collect amazing awards along the way.


This unparalleled Mahjong game is all about solving crimes! Climb aboard the Orient Express with its elegant compartments and affluent travelers, where opulence is just a cover up for the crimes taking place behind the Mahjong tiles. Match tiles to investigate crimes, defeat thugs, and untangle the obscure mysteries! Embark on a fun adventure that will have you glued to your devices from the very first tile you pair!

Do you have what it takes to solve these captivating Mahjong puzzles and mysterious crimes?

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Mahjong Crimes 下载

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This game is really addictive! I am waiting for new case to start, however when I want to go back to old games and beat my score they ask me for keys to go to next chapter – but I already was there and pass all case just not with full starts – why? Also, one more thing about challenges. When the challenge start I played it and then close the app, after I open app again challenge disappeared. It wasn’t expire because same challenge appear in the next few days and it happen all over. Why? Can somebody can explain why sometimes I have challenge sometimes I don’t? I know they usually they few days etc but it just disappeared like is hidden or not loading properly.


I love this game but had stopped playing a while ago because of no updates. I’m glad you have made updates and the challenge events are back!


I don’t understand the challenge event. I completed 10 puzzles with 5 stars on all. The meter at the top says to earn more stars to earn the 100 and 150 star reward, but I don’t see any puzzles past #10.

the portraitist

I really love this game. But in case 2 I’ve done all games with 3 stars. But on 137 I have only 2 stars. When I’ve tried to play this level several times but I get kicked out of the app. Several times. How can I go the the next case? I’m not going to buy it because the challenge is to play the game. Is this a glitch? Please fix it. I’m sorry I had to give it a low score but if you correct this problem, then I have no choice but to delete the whole app. That’s a shame.


Absolutely love this game!! There needs to be faster updates though… I swear it’s been a year since I finished the second case 🙁


I enjoyed this game but now when I try to launch the game it tells me I have zero lives. Is there a fix coming?


I absolutely love this game and have been waiting for the update for months. Please finish the game!!


Great game however there’s no update after the 2nd case

Jodi Horsley

I played this on Android and loved it! Now I have an iPhone XR and still love it, but a portion top bar of the game is blacked out because of the XR screen. I can’t see how many keys or lives I have. Thanks!

Unhappy with new upd

I absolutely love this game and can’t get enough of it. I’ve been waiting for months for the new case to come out, but there haven’t been any updates. Is this the end or will an update be coming? There’s been multiple comments asking for this… can we get an ETA of when this may happen?


I am truly enjoying playing this game! My one issue is that I am unsure what those extra gifts mean. Are they usable power ups, or what? There aren’t many explanations for those keys that I have earned, and some of the other gifts. Help! But, as I stated, it was a great find for me recently! Thanks, Rosemary Alkofer.


When is the new case going to open?


I love this game so much but I have been waiting months for the “newest” case to open when will it?!?


I love mahjong games and when I found this one I immediately loved it. The storyline was great and the puzzles were fun and challenging. After solving two cases I have been waiting for a new one but it never happens. Is it ever going to happen or did I miss something? The Agatha Christie case was the best of the two so far.


Love the game but there hasn’t been an update in like 3 months and would love to go to the next case. Is there anymore updates or is this game done?


I loved the game would have given it a higher rating however the update changed the lives. Three lives every 2 days isn’t fair. I’m considering deleting the game. Please fix this issue. I’m not spending money on coins why not just make a flat fee and most people will pay for it. Also I can’t get past 96 I can get two stars and that’s it. It’s a waste of time. I really hate the fact that this game only wants money. Never mind I just deleted the game. I really like the game but when it’s impossible to get through the timed levels without spending money it’s not worth it to me. Thanks for not fixing this problem.


I am addicted to the music. I have purchased less than $20 of coins, and use them only when I get stuck for a week…


Enjoy this game, EXCEPT…… I have completed all cases and the next case has been “coming soon” for months now and I have over 800 unused coins. I have sent several messages via the support link to determine when the next case would be released, no reply. If there is not going to be a next case soon, a want a refund for coins purchased. H


I love this game because it’s a mystery game I also love the updates and the graphics to😍

Sassy boohoo

Great game,love playing.

Lady Katira

I love Mahjong tiles since I was a kid and Agatha Christie as well this game is addicting

Hot stuff50

Great game


I’ve read this book (though I haven’t seen the movie yet) and Agatha Christie is my favorite author!


Love the game

Jo momma 2012

I had liked the game, however, I’ve been stuck on level two for more than a month. I have no idea what the story is about anymore. There is no way your going to get past it without spending money. I did purchase a time pack, but it did no good. I’m not sure what gives and why it won’t let me get the last key, but I’m deleting the game. I will spend money on games, but not if the results are pointless.

The 1 Goddess



Since the update today just keeps looping from open to update and never opens


You would think this game is relaxing…it is but not the timed puzzles!! It gets me all worked up. I think the time limits are too short and I’m possible to past for even the advanced players. I also wish they had a daily spin or something that you get free coins or hearts. OR with EVERY puzzle you pass, you earn/receive coins.


I enjoy the game, but now it won’t let me play unless I update the app. However, there is no update to do. This needs to be fixed as there is absolutely no access to play without an update. Ridiculous.


There are so many things this game has going for it, but I’m losing my patience with the puzzles that are obviously impossible to win. You end up wasting your lives only to realize that they’ve obviously made it impossible. Not hard, as with time limits, but not POSSIBLE. Why frustrate players like this? Game designers best beware that you will lose your fans if you get greedy. Note right now, level 8 on the Easter challenge. Don’t even bother trying…


The game is fun but I’m experiencing the same problems as every other reviewer. The game won’t load properly since the last update, just loops from the beginning and loading screens. The time constraints are stressful and way too short on level 88. I’ve gotten 3 stars on nearly every other level, but can’t get 3 stars on that one to save my life. I tried using power-ups but each time I used one, the game would tell me I failed because there were no more matches, thus losing my power-up. As a rule, I do not pay for in-game purchases, so unless these bugs are fixed, I’ll be deleting.


Hi, not sure if you are aware or not but after the last update the game will not load at all. I absolutely love this game snd play it everyday, can you please fix the issue thanks!


I have a bit of a vision impairment (astigmatism)but slogged thru to pt 2. Basically you have to solve the puzzles so fast I can’t enjoy them. Of course they want you to spend $ on pwrups – no thanks!


I enjoy the game but you have to spend real money to advance to level three. You need five keys and I have gotten all the keys that are available to me and it’s only four. So to get the last key I would have to spend money. I guess I will look for a game that doesn’t try to force players to spend money. I’ve spent money on lots of games but I choose games that make it optional and don’t try to force it so much 😕🤨


I’m enjoying this game but I don’t like being timed.


After I press Play the yellow bar at the bottom stops about an inch from the right margin and the game never fully loads. I have an iPad Pro with iOS 11.2.6.


Fun and goes fast

Crest nick ne

Always getting stuck when you go on n the twenty’s why is that it’s a great game fix it and don’t mak people spend money and it doesn’t work


I’ve enjoyed playing, but I’ve finished the murder on the orient express case (and gone back and earned 3 stars on every level) and was just wondering when the next case will be unlocked/available?

Sammi Yo

This new game is awesome!!! This is the first time playing this new game and I can’t put it down! Make more like these game!!


This is a fun game with a different spin on mahjong but I agree with other reviewers that some levels are impossible to beat. I have been trying to get the key on level 88 for weeks and can’t do it—there simply isn’t enough time to clear the board, even by using power-ups, to get the three stars required for the key.


So…I’m on level 96. I’ve had lots of three star levels. Never spent a dime of real money, so it is possible. But I’m ready to delete the app because I cannot progress to chapter three because in two of the five “key” levels I’ve only earned two stars, hence can’t get the key for those levels. I’ve replayed them countless times. After 96 levels I can fairly assess if I played a level super-fast, had minimal mis-clicks that plague this game, and clicked on multiple time tiles throughout the game. I’ve done all these things and still just two stars. So I assume the game is fixed to force players to buy/spend coins to continue (would need the $3.99 package). Nope, against my gaming code. I just won’t spend real money on fake coins. Would love if game admins removed the requirement for keys to progress through the game. Eta…bad to worse I’m afraid…the latest update with the Christmas levels was fun for an hour or so until my lives were done. But then I discover that with the update it now takes 3 DAYS for one life to regenerate?? Vs old way of 20 minutes? I’m hoping this was just a really careless mistake and a fix is offered right away. But even if fixed I’m pretty sure the game is fixed to prevent players from getting three stars on all the “key levels”, which would force them to pay a few bucks to get to the next level.

S trains

When u updated the game u took out my daily hearts please put them back I don’t want pay for it I am enjoying the game I would have enjoyed playing Christmas train. Thankx suetrains


I loved this game b/c I love mahjong and Agatha Christie. Yeah it was pretty challenging to get 3 stars + keys (sometimes it seemed like it was impossible without paying for a skill) but at least the game gives you coins every once and a while to save up for it. But with the update changing it from 1 life every like 20 minutes to three days is unreasonable. If you run out of lives now, it’s either wait three days or pay and that takes a ton of the fun away.

Tired of Waiting me

I updated last night and now I have to wait nearly 3 DAYS for my lives to replenish? And the challenge ends in 6 days and I can’t even start it because I have no lives? What happened?!?!


Was enjoying the game until I updated. Now I need to wait 3 days for my lives to refresh? Ridiculous. Why would I want a game I can only play every 3 days?


I liked this game at first but as others have said the time restraints are tough to get by. I’m stuck in a chapter because I can’t get the keys on certain games. Also, i clicked too quickly and missed how to get rid of the frozen tiles and I can’t find anywhere to give instruction otherwise, so I feel stuck! Might delete since I can’t win rounds like this.


Most levels are timed. Almost impossible without paying. Instead of being fun it is just stressful. Very disappointing because the game has great potential. I am just tired of always having to rush through instead of being able to enjoy it. Verrry expensive.


I really enjoyed this game, but as others have stated the time restraints are unrealistic. I would almost rather try and play Dark Souls with a firearm pointed at my head. I swear, it would be less frustrating.


How many reviews have to say that the time constraints on the timed levels are ridiculous. I have high blood pressure already I don’t need any help, deleting this game before I lose my mind


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