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【图】RPG Dragon Sinker
【图】RPG Dragon Sinker

RPG Dragon Sinker iOS

RPG Dragon Sinker 简介

Join forces with other humans, elves, and dwarves, and set off on a journey to slay the evil dragon, Wyrmvarg!

Employing 8-bit graphics and sound that hark back to the golden age of RPGs, Dragon Sinker brings a visual and audio feast to the table of hungry gamers starving for the nostalgia of the great classics of yesteryear!

– Retro Graphics and Sound!
Following the recipe of traditional RPGs, Dragon Sinker also adds a taste of 8-bit goodness with renowned game composer Ryuji Sasai lending his talents to the score to create memorable chiptunes that complement the pixel graphics faithfully rendered to depict those of the 80s and 90s! Plus, with plenty of subquests for a hero to tackle and secret dungeons to explore, this is one adventure not soon to be forgotten!

– Battle Using Multiple Teams!
Lead up to 12 party members into battle and swap freely between 3 teams to take on a host of powerful foes! In addition, by leveraging the traits and characteristics of the different races and jobs, team leaders and members can take advantage of a multiplicity of effects!

– Gotta Collect ‘Em All!
Scour the world in search of new companions and collect more than 16 jobs! Then by mastering the skills particular to each job, battles will play out in increasingly strategic and exciting ways! And if that were not exciting enough, character costumes also change according to their job, giving pixel lovers something even more to look forward to!

* The game can be played in its entirety without the need for in-game transactions.
* Please contact us through the Contact button on the title screen if you discover any bugs or problems with the application. Note that we do not respond to bug reports left in application reviews.

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RPG Dragon Sinker 下载

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I was searching for any 8 bit retro rpg and dug deep and came across this. I was so excited to get off work and play this I started on my lunch break. Amazing game any retro gamer will fall in love as soon as you start running around. Please make more. I would gladly purchase it if you made more like this. I did get this for free which is unbelievable but anyone who doesn’t give it a try is seriously missing out.


It’s basically Dragon Lapis with no character progression choices, no equipment choices for most of your characters, and a ridiculous combat system where you have to input your actions in advance which often causes unexpected behavior. Skip this and play Dragon Lapis instead.


Makes me feel like I’m playing final Fantasy


This game is fun and adventurous and exactly what you would want to find in a good RPG

Tellah the Sage

So far I’m about 3-4 hours into the game and really enjoying it. Takes me back to my childhood years of playing NES versions of DQ and FF. Now that I have kids, I needed a game that I could save anywhere, and play in 10 minute segments without losing the story line. This really hit the nail on the head. The character development is fantastic, story is light but fun, and the strategic elements of the job system really allows for a customizable and replayable experience. Reminds me of FF5. I’m playing on hard, and the difficulty is manageable for an old school RPG veteran. I haven’t had any problems with ad overload, just the quick screen shot ad after you save. Can’t wait to see where the story goes from here, and I’ll definitely end up doing a second play through after seeing how the job strengths work out in my first run.

sleep become me

I just wish the graphics were better but I love beyond that. Everything else is excellent keep up the good work.

Mormon Paleo

Old school retro fun. Good gameplay, characters, story. Ads are not intrusive compared to at least some other free RPGs. Lots of fun.


Great game although the difficulty can prove to be annoying at times.


I first played this game on the Nintendo Switch, but decided to try out the mobile version for kicks. Honestly, the premium version is worth getting – as Dragon Sinker is a solid little RPG. But this review is for the free version, with has deplorable ad placement and tries to trick players into leaving a positive review before most of the ads start popping up. When I first started playing, ads only showed up on the save screen. It was a great method, I thought, as it guaranteed players would see ads almost every time they played, but at predictable, unobtrusive moments. Then things got weird. A bonus scene plays about an hour or so into the game, prompting the player to leave a review. It’s a cute scene, and I decided to write my first review praising the game and it’s method for deploying ads. Then another hour into the game, they gave me a much less cute scene telling me that ads would now be more common and prompting me to buy the premium version. Ads are now insufferable – there’s constantly a banner ad at the top of the screen, and pop up ads show up randomly – on top of the aforementioned save screen ads. Pretty sure I’m going to stop playing now and be contented with the Switch release.


Reminds me of the old dragon warrior and ff, definitely fun and it’s free


I really enjoyed this game


I like this game


Good Game


Dope game


So far it is a great game. Reminds me so much of dragon quest. I really haven’t run into many add so far.


Awesome retro game. Reminded me of my early gaming days!


Fantastic game


Hey I just got home from work and I just finished the game so I’m going be best app game ever make number 1


Only to part where basically forced to write review. Decent so far. Not the best story but gameplay is good so far. Definitely recommend


This is an amazing game with really great storyline!




Playing game for 2 hours and enjoying it good work


First 3 hrs of gameplay there are minimal ads. After that you get slammed with a constant barrage from random button presses and screen changes. Gameplay 5/5. If they toned down the ads it would be tolerable. Brings it to 1/5.


I am playing the game for the first time. I think I will really like this game. Gameplay controls are easy to use and the story flows.

jackson 1273

i liked rpg games when i was little. this is my favorite rpg game.


Yeah lol I did it for the snuggles, but this is a quirky and cute game; genuinely funny and well written. Nice one.


💓💓💓. I actually love this so far.


Ads aren’t annoying. Great gameplay. Wonderful pixel art. Try it.

the old hick

I like the writing for me playing these games is all about the interaction with colorful NPCs I’m still in early game but I really like the little romance with Mia and the protagonist. She is a little like what I go for in real life haha. Love the personality’s and subtle jokes


This game has a decent storyline and, battle system. Easy to navigate and, has an expert difficulty I like…. to challenge me as well.


Fun to play. Interesting approach to getting people to write a review


Well played


Definitely love this game.


Is not a stinker, groovy baby


Amazing!!! Simply amazing!


Great way to spend time


I can’t quit playing it

Freddy Funtime Bear

I see nothing wrong with this amazing game I love it! It’s the first rpg I’ve ever played and high expectations are left for the rest! Anyone should definitely play this game it even gives you the joke of writing a review for the game which is where I got the chance to do this! It’s a great game but be sure to know what Mia does before you write it it’s hilarious! Anyways this is a great game and play it now!


It’s a great game that is a mix of Dragon Quest and Final Fantasy


Pure epicness


Great game love it gave 5 stars cause totally worth it


It’s a great game for a small console


The elves use magic and con you.


This game kinda trash but I flex with it


Tye game is fun to play and well designed

Night Renger

Just like a retro from dq1 1995 the game is awsome i love it but when you snuggle with an elf named mia I lost all control


Enjoyable game. Love the music.


The quality of the game wasn’t good and I got bored real fast.


It’s a fun game and so far I haven’t had to pay to win. I haven’t had any problems playing it.


Nice game, except for review snarking


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