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Flex by Jitjatjo 简介

Flex is designed in New York specifically for hospitality talent seeking flexible work and Instant Pay!

Flex is the gateway to joining Jitjatjo’s community of hospitality talent seeking a better life.

Jitjatjo is Human Powered and our mission is Human Betterment. We want to help you reach your potential, help you to gain control of your time, and we’re here to do everything we can to support you.

Start your journey today to a better life. Download Flex and join Jitjatjo’s applicant pool. Share your experience, skills, and knowledge, so we can start working with you to help you advance. Jitjatjo’s hiring process is rigorous and the easier we can validate that your experience, skills, and knowledge are a good-fit for the current gig opportunities, the faster we can progress your application. Once hired, you’ll become a member of Jitjatjo’s talent community and an at-will W2 employee.

Flex offers gig opportunities in catering, restaurants, bars, cafes, corporate hospitality, stadiums, theme parks and hotels.

Simply set your availability and Flex will invite you to gigs aligned with your preferences, skills, and location. Upon accepting the gigs you want, Flex will guide you towards success. Follow that guidance and you’ll be offered Instant Pay at the end of your shift, or default to weekly pay. Jitjatjo handles payroll and withholding taxes, so you can focus on living life to the max.

Download Flex and introduce yourself to Jitjatjo today, we’d love to meet you!

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Flex by Jitjatjo 下载

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A great flexible company to work for


I worked here for almost 3 years I love the opportunities they offer and it’s flexible and convenient


Jitjatjo is an excellent company with a very intuitive app for accepting jobs, I’ve loved using it as a platform to get some extra work.


I’m a little perplexed by all the 5 star reviews… I worked for this company for a couple years and did a lot of gigs with them. I hung in there because I was rooting for the app to get better. The work is fun, but the app is a disaster. At least 1 in 3 gigs did not pay on time. I spent valuable free time chasing down my “Instant Pay”, which often came 10 days later. At first it was just when the app malfunctioned, but then it would happen when the app was working fine. Jit Jat Jo would always remind me that Instant Pay was not guaranteed- but when I would go on Craigslist looking for new jobs to replace JJJ I would always see their ads “Flexible Work- Instant Pay”. Not cool at all. Service industry workers generally work paycheck to paycheck and NYC is expensive, so it’s unacceptable to run a business this way. The rep from HR would reason with me that I should “understand” the situation- they were expanding to Washington DC and Chicago. My answer to that is that no company should expand if they can’t deliver what they advertise. Either fix the Instant Pay, take it out of your advertising all together or keep working on it as a “beta feature” letting each and every worker know before hand that it is not an actual feature but one that is being tested. I see that the company is switching over to essential worker jobs, which I commend. But if they keep advertising Instant Pay and not delivering, that’s going to be a problem.

Vivi the creator

This is my updated review so the app works way better than it did last year and communication is a little better. However the instant pay feature isn’t up to par and it really lags. It was originally designed to pay you with in a 24 hour period. But really the company’s pay out method isn’t all the way upfront on expected deposit times. I worked a 3 day gig and each day I was on time and selected the instant pay feature and it’s been 4 days and I still haven’t seen pay from the each of them. I spoke to a representative and they mentioned the payment is still pending but with no real reasons to why it’s pend after 3 business days and it has nothing to do with my bank.


I would recommend anyone in the restaurant industry to take part, very flexible, and plenty of good work.

king caesers

The most consistent and reliable app/agency there is for catering gigs


This app and Jitjatjo has increased my customer service reach/skills and provide additional ways to earn extra doe ina fun environment.

Bass Musa

Good lobs


It definitely gets u off. Stressful situations. Very engaging. Staff And best way to network


Love this app!

experienced server

Despite reading the negative mediocre reviews I decided to apply to this app anyway because sometimes reviews may be deceiving. I took their app test and passed with a perfect score. I have worked in the customer food service industry my entire life in nyc. Granted it’s been awhile working in the food service industry but being this was Suppose to be a part time gig for extra money my work experience should stretch far and wide. When I went in for the interview aspect, I thought well this will be casual and fun but frankly it felt demeaning and downright rude. I pride myself as an organized,communicative, and honest and open individual because one has to be in any work environment to succeed. But I got the distinct impression from the interviewer that this company did not understand that. After the interview I was told I’d get an answer in a day but it took over two weeks-a clear indication of disorganization. I definitely WOULD NOT recommend. It is a waste of time and a bit sketchy.


Instapay is not a feature that often works, the company does not communicate when it has failed, or if it’s been simply delayed for it’s up to 72-hour waiting period. Employers are given too much time and leeway with the time given to confirm worked hours, for their interpretation of assigned job duties, lack of gig availability and diversity.


I like the app and the functionality, but there are no gigs available even when I put full availability. I was sent two gigs in total, each posted 30 minutes before start time. Interview process also felt rushed… be prepared to communicate in a New York minute! Overall not happy with this app and probably will delete it in about a month if I don’t get any gigs.


Looking to supplement your 9-5? This is an easy choice. Easy to use and easy to understand. Weekly payouts plus the occasional instant pay make for a great addition


It would be great if they put something in the description that says whether or not it’s in your area or at least saying that locations are limited…but I still can’t see where it says that?


Everytime I’ve downloaded this app, it gives me the options to start off with entering my email address. Than once the next screen pops up, it shows that a text code will come to your phone, and if it doesn’t, you have the option to hit the resend button. The invite code never comes once you hit resend several times. How would I even get started if the app doesn’t work itself?


I applied and I went in for an interview gave all my information ss #, drivers license. They made copies of everything. And told me to wait for my background check to come through and in could start on that app. 4 weeks later… nothing! No email no contact from them! SO UNPROFESSIONAL! Such a waste of my time! time I won’t get back! 0 stars!

wandering soul for w

If your an average New Yorker looking to make quick money there are more reliable apps than this. The work isn’t bad pretty steady once you get into it. But the service from the reps and payroll are the worst. Not to be funny but I hope they move to a state with more friendly and helpful people that are more relatable and understanding. Instead of being helpful to you they are borderline rude. They say they offer instapay but it’s a 80-90% chance it’s not instant. I work with a few apps and as far as getting paid this is the worst. Instead of automating payroll like most other apps they choose to manually pick and choose who to pay. I have a friend that uses the app he says he has no problem ever getting his instapay. Which if true shows why automation is needed. Favoritism as far as who can get paid when is a horrible thing for people working hard to take of themselves and family. It’s not like I’m new I’ve busted my behind at jobs and still can’t get paid when I should be. Replace that entire New York office with bots I say.


Be careful with this company, they don’t follow their own protocol as far as the hiring process goes and they underpay people and very unprofessional.

Xipec Toltec

Desperate to get a JOB I landed not one, but two job offers in NYC within a week as a Busser. First restaurant was crazily busy in the morning on a Saturday. Pay terrible $10 hr zero tips because of so called training. Corporation has zero benefits and zero chances of exceeding 30 hours weekly. Lasted one day there. Second job is also busy but not as popular. Same garbage. Expect no benefits or to exceed 30 hours per week. I am still working there. They expect you to be readily available any day at any schedule. These companies make over $10 millions in sales, yet they share nothing with you. At my second place, 3 cooks did not show up for work on the busiest day. Not sure, but I believe 2 guys quit, the other got reprimanded. Who’s gonna be motivated to work where they just give you “busy” short hours and miserable wages. Well, this app says I have an interview ASAP in 3 more days. We”ll see. Restaurants in NYC are purely crony capitalists, all for them, and little to nothing for you. Even Starbucks baristas work very few hours, yet they get some decent benefit.


I’ve been working with JitJatJo since November 2018! On one hand, the company is great and has connected me with some amazing companies! I even managed to get hired full time by a company i started doing gigs with. They actually brought me in as a manager! If you do great, JitJatJo will give you a kind of raise where you qualify to get higher paying gigs! I’m already in the $20/hr + range and have been given a raise twice! Now here is where it gets tricky. JitJatJo’s customer service reps are absolutely horrible! They are not good with responding nor does it appear that they can read as they have misread several messages. Need help from them on a Sunday? Good luck because they apparently don’t work Sundays which is crazy as we accept gigs on Sundays and may need immediate assistance on those days! I’ve bore witness to JitJatJo blatantly refusing to help someone and even went as far as to not give them any phone numbers or address to their downtown location for further assistance. Though the clients we work for are important…JitJatJo will always choose the client before the worker. If you need assistance and they’re assisting a client..you will not be attended to by anyone until they’re done resolving whatever client issue they have. I have spent several years in customer service and i requested a position as the go between with customers and JitJatJo. Not only do i listen, but i respond in a manner that pleases all parties involved. I would love to be a customer service representative. Though these gigs pay well and I’ve yet to do anything extraneous, i would be PERFECT doing customer service with JitJatJo. I know both sides of the coin, the worker, and the service rep. I speak 3 languages and JitJatJo has yet to put me in a position to utilize them. Glitches within the app can affect your pay, BUT for the most part, they’re pretty good at resolving any discrepancies.

Nyapussy cat

You’re better off going to Craigslist for work.


So I was looking to make some extra money but since I don’t have experience in these areas I wasn’t excepted, there was not even a option for entry level, I am almost certain whatever Job it is they will train you or explain how they want it done.

NY Voice

Brand new and loving the Jitjatjo team! Some minor issues accessing particulars on the mobile app. But, very happy to be aboard! Professional, hard working team players!

Tanya Zondo

Love my job. Supervisors, management all the employees from JitJatJo that I work with are very nice and understanding. I will gladly recommend other people who qualify to register for JitJatJo. My every day is a new challenge for myself trying to elevate my production each day. I love the fact that JitJatJo gives me room to improve myself and my skills and if I do they make sure that they recognize it and they honor you with a promotion. JitJatJo is the way to go if you want to stay busy .


I signed up for this program thinking it could help me get some extra cash. All they did was have me go through a very long sign up process. Followed by a very long waiting process to get gigs. Then when I finally received a gig I worked it to not receive my money. They tell you about this whole insta pay beta bull$%#* program that isn’t functional. So it’s been a week after my gig and I’m still waiting to get paid. Don’t waste your energy on this company is really a scam.


I am having trouble getting past the sms code section because no code is coming to my phone and I can not edit the app to make sure it is sending to the correct phone number.


I was recommended JitJatJo by a friend that did work for them. I signed up as a Dishwasher/Porter, did some jobs making $15/hr for a hotel that won’t be named. They asked me to do multi-day gigs and some doubles. no problem. when working doubles the app doesn’t tell you that you’ll be clocking your hours on two different pages if you don’t click “on my way” on the second job ( why can’t the app acknowledge i’m working a double at the same place and clock it in as such?) so there were problems with that. also, to the poor souls that think you are secure with these jobs, they will not hesitate to cancel ALL your multi-gig jobs because you decided to cancel one. they do not care about how much sleep you are getting when you sign up for this you are a working machine hired to help. I’m currently in “The Hole” because this job cancelled my jobs and now no one will hire me and support has been ignoring me about money i’m missing. a good app when you agree to be a little slave but horrible when you know your worth.


Just like someone wrote before. And there not o let one person. It’s an app for an “app profit” Nothing else. Interview at Jitjatjo was odd. Never asked about something specific, HR wasn’t ready to hear or ask anything off script.


After filling out all of the paperwork and past the test the interview process is stupid. If you are qualified they will still reject you it’s a waste of time if your not going to hire a person. Plus it’s a place for extra work why will you not hire a person??


I took the aptitude test twice, and it asked very rudimentary questions such as what is scoring and which of these options uses an oven. There is no shadow of a doubt in my mind that I was providing the correct answers, and yet the app failed me twice. This is garbage and a total waste of time. If i could give 0 stars I would.


BEWARE THEY DO NOT PAY YOU for your WORK Payroll is insanely difficult to get in touch with and the numbers don’t add up. This App is on the decline even for casual work.

Kid Treye

It’s a hit or miss if the app developers made jujitsu or whatever it is available in your area. If they haven’t made that possible yet, then your SOL until they make it available


This app just keeps telling me I’m entering my information in the wrong format and won’t let me apply. Fix this bug please I’m in the NYC it’s expensive to live here lol.


A gig means pocket money. Extra side income. Not a full job to hire you to work for them. It means they need some help maybe 4 hrs or maybe 8. When you have days off!. Not everyday or all week long You are not their employee just a helper for whatever day!. Which if you have a job And apply to this and once every 1 month or 2 months they call you to help GOD BLESS AMERICA now you have an extra 50 inside your pockets that you did not have before!. That is a gig Employers searching for a helper for a day!. If you quit your job to do this It is not the app fault!. It is your fault for thinking a gig is a regular job!. It does not advise that you quit your job they have a position for you!. It is a gig You download it they will line up work at a certain place on a certain day and you apply If you get it lucky you But first get educated about what a gig is!!!!. If you are not happy with your present job Then download indeed those are real jobs! Thank you

Bertrand Mitteen IV

After trying to fill out my references on their terrible app which said it was invalid data, I chatted with someone who said I could send my resume and references to an email address. Very helpful, but this is where the good feelings ended. I completed the ridiculous and repetitive skills assessment, getting 80-100% on all of the positions, and was asked to come in for an interview. I arrived early, sat with about ten other people and waited to speak to someone. Some of the other people were super unprofessional. One girl had her gym clothes on and one man reeked of marijuana. I interviewed first with a man named Stephen who sped through the interview and barely seemed to care what I had to say about my ten plus years of experience in the industry, including managing or serving and bartending at 3 Michelin Bib Gourmand restaurants located in NYC. They emailed me two days later to say they were pursing other candidates. What is it I didn’t possess? A professional demeanor? Years of experience? Willingness to take on roles far beneath my experience? Open availability? That is what I had to offer and they gave me no reason as to why I wasn’t chosen. And all I wanted was to work some catering and events gigs here and there. Terrible app design, terrible interview experience, zero transparency.


Lame , this app is NOT worth it


The app is broken and won’t let me sign up. When I tap “next” it just infinitely loads. I can’t sign up with my Google account either.

Ash Mav

Not worth your time

Diani Mason

First things first level of communication between JJJ and employees are horrible but don’t be late by 2 minutes the whole team will reach out to you if and only under LATE CIRCUMSTANCES. Secondly, don’t ever work over the hours of the shift they have given you because you will never see that money. So I worked about 10 unpaid hours just because the app didn’t say to 🤷🏾‍♀️ which is a total waste of time because the point of the app is to make extra money. The app can be better way better, the communication is unprofessional. Steven fired me because I talked to another JJJ team member when he couldn’t do his job and assist me. IF YOU ARE READING THIS PLEASE USE MY PARED REFERRAL CODE [Cheddar-51765] WHICH IS A WAY BETTER APP THAN WHAT JJJ IS TRYING TO DO. Steven is a horrible employee of your company and should be under review.


They don’t give you advanced notification if there’s a gig. It’s always for that day or night, or worse sometimes. I was notified of a gig this morning at 5:40am – the gig started at 6am. If I was employing Jitjatjo, I might be a little worried to know that 20 minutes prior to events they’re still hiring for it.


A big waste of time. Customer service completely unresponsive. And no access to actually well paying gigs as they claim in the ads.


Was hopeful when I saw an ad for this on instagram. I was surprised at the how much personal info (including social security number) they wanted before even going to the interview. Then I read some more reviews and it seemed clear that this is an app for “app profit” and not beneficial for anyone who actually works in hospitality. $12 an hour is just about minimum wage. It’s also clear that the majority of the reviews posted are by interns and employees posing as happy clients. Don’t even get me started on the strangeness of the interview process. The interviewer seems to just rush through questions without even waiting for a response, maybe having more important things to do in the warehouse of an “office.” You can do better. $12 an hour after tax is what, $8?

Geraldine Grace

Been on other apps in the past but I like this one and find it really easy to use. I’ve already had some great jobs and I have recommended it to my friends and other freelancers in hospitality both coworkers and also business owners. Highly recommend.

dicky titles

This app is so difficult to use and you barely get any gigs !


The gigs are very sporadic – perhaps that’s because I’m new? I don’t really know. They would send me gigs on days that I had specifically marked as off and when I sent feedback there was no response. When I received gig updates via text or notification, I’d click on it and when the app opened, “an unexpected error” would occur and there was no way to access said gig. Definitely shouldn’t have wasted my time on an interview for this. ✌🏾


I spent more time going thru the questionnaire in the app, filling out a w2 form and going in for a 2min interview while I waited for 20mins to be called, just to get a big X with a “sorry” 2 days later. I’m currently in hospitality with front and back of house experience 7yrs and counting so I thought “ok piece of cake”. All seems to be a waste.

lohtgotsb fbb

It’s been 3 months since I signed up and I haven’t had a gig since, assumed I would get gigs because they advertised it so well I was fooled. PLEASE DONT WASTE YOUR TIME.


No GIGS which is no money. My availability was open about 6-7 days. I was pushing on three weeks and received one gig which the time of that one was one hour before it rung it in to me. It’s interesting that I saw the ad for this 4 times on Indeed and 4 times on Craigslist through out the month of June specifically stating that they’re in “high demand” for barbacks and bussers which would lead you to believe they would have a few shifts a week for individuals. But nope! Totally misleading and also representing the app as though you can use it on your days off to better fit your schedule is kind of not accurate as well when you barley get anything in the first place. so if you narrow your days down less than OPEN your pushing for longer than that. I received just ONE. If I had to guess it would be that they just need a certain amount of people for specific titles to be lined up as protocol and/or the only jobs available are going/ being offered to the same individuals before you since you’re newer. OR they just don’t have jobs as they claim for the position they hired you for. But hey what are you going to do. Oh yeah if your thinking about leaving your job for this or feel you can lower your current job days and do this part-time you might want to think twice if you care about surviving and paying your bills.


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