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The War of Genesis iOS

The War of Genesis 简介

Go to war against fearsome monsters and the armies of Dark Armor to reclaim the continent of Antaria.
Experience captivating stories and become a true hero in a new strategy MMORPG!

– The War of Genesis features a large cast of heroes with unique abilities to adventure with.
– Control ancient Machina: Devastating machines of war that can turn the tide of battle.

– Battle using your ideal party of different Airships/Machina/Heroes!
– Customize your characters with different items and skills to suit your personal strategy.
– Research technologies to unlock new Airship capabilities and become the best captain!

– Perfect your strategy by hunting various monsters.
– Defeat raid bosses and fend off dark forces!
– Battle players around the world in intense, real-time war PvP!

– In this MMORPG, don’t adventure alone! Strengthen your forces by joining a guild!
– Assemble your fleet and warp into intense battles!
– Upgrade your guild base and defend your territory from other guilds.

– Joining a guild makes you a shareholder! Invest and help your guild grow.
– Collect resources to help your guild dominate!
– Obtain valuable items with the trade system and always be war-ready!

– Create your own epic quests, side stories, and secret histories with custom story mode!
– Share your creations with your friends and fellow players around the world.
– The best custom adventure will be featured as a monthly best!

Access Authorizations in JOYCITY Games
– Camera authorization is required to customize your admiral portrait image.

**By downloading this game, you are agreeing to our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.**

Like us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/thewarofgenesis
Customer Support: https://gnss.zendesk.com/hc/en-us
Terms of Service & Privacy Policy: http://policy.joycity.com/en

The price of monthly subscription is $9.99.
Machina Speed up +10% , hero attack in monster combat +5%, hero defense in monster battles +5% during hunting while subscribed.

Please note:
1) Payment will be charged to your iTunes Account at confirmation of purchase.
2) Subscription automatically renews unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24-hours before the end of the current period.
3) Your account will be charged for renewals within 24-hours prior to the end of the current period, and identify the cost of the renewal.
4) Subscriptions may be managed by the user and auto-renewal may be turned off by going to your Account Setting after purchase
5) The subscription will be renewed within 24 hours of the monthly payment date. The subscription effective dates may be subject to change every month.

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The War of Genesis 下载

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Uno pizza err

Don’t know what happened, but since yesterday evening (after a “new” day from the app’s perspective), the app has crashed every time and cannot be loaded anymore.


Good RPG and Stratagy game. I joined a really good guild too. We have each other’s back. Be sure to connect your acct to your email. Even if by accident you lost your account the developer will patiently help you retrieve it. They have a excellent service in that! You will love this game!


The game used to be fun but like most games in this genre it becomes less so at time goes by. Earlier in it was fun and competitive; now it’s boring. What I mean is at the higher levels it’s all about how much you are willing to play for an app. Frequent updates with new higher level characters that can basically only be unlocked with a credit card.


The method for summoning new heroes is the worst I’ve ever seen even low tier heroes take a lot more than they should have a 3 just on graphics def a pay to win.


The game is a lot of fun, I don’t normally play games but this one has caught my attention. The cost for upgrades are the only thing that prevents this game from getting all 5 stars.


Doesn’t appear to be a huge money sink, while cash purchases are available. Nice mix of gaming. Glad I found it!


Fix your broken game. Lazy developers!


Great game and fun.


Wife I




Works fine on my iPad, but doesn’t work on my iPhone11 at all. A small part of the application is displayed within the middle portion of the iPhone screen. Deleted and re-installed the app to no avail


After download and launched the app the ingame screen is not full screen and not full screen for the ios . It is unplayable and did not get to access anything but a screen menu where you cant see the whole screen.

you dont need to kno

This game is really fun I love the graphics and gameplay I’ve been playing for a few years stopped and then started playing again the only problem I’ve found is that for some reason I can’t upgrade the capsule room it says I have all the ingredients and it’s only level 1 I don’t know if this is just for me but it’s really annoying overall this game is great.


I hate that I lost my original profile, but I started over, and I’m still enjoying it! Hopefully this time I won’t lose this profile! I love the storyline, and gameplay is totally cool! Get this game ASAP!


Great!! Loving it so far. It can be a bit tedious in the beginning. Having a background in city builder war games will help. The battles and cutscenes are worth the time and effort though. Give it a try. Just don’t expect to be super competitive without investment. F2P do not fare well in these types of games. I am playing for entertainment value and have not been disappointed yet.


The highly vaunted daily quest system was changed forcing players to spend significantly more resources to complete without increasing the rewards. Seriously taking a quest system that could be finished in a hour or so now takes several hours and it’s just another way to make money for an already greedy game. Summon stones are slow to acquire and expensive to buy. If they don’t want to lose players and income then the daily quest system should be returned to the way it was or the rewards multiplied by about 20z

Eric Weiss

Enjoying the game, but at level 15 characters, game asked me to re-login, and find out I lost my characters and need to start again! No seeming way to NOT play thru tutorial, so no way Jose! I m outta here!


The dialogue is cheesy in English, but the game play and acquiring heroes is adicting

Angelic Vampire

Updates made regularly always break the game. Then of course they push the updates adds to add salt to the wound. Please remove this app. Still hates my home WiFi that PC and PS4 have no issues with


The only thing is that my phone seems to crash on certain fight actions such as using the Mech. Please fix this. I use a IPhone 6


Fun game. Just got a 5* character so off to. Good start.

Gino42 75

This is everything I look for in a game!!


Really cool I am just not a fan of turn based action


It is really addicting to play


It is a great game. iOS update are wonky but the game is still worth playing.


So my game needs an update, but when I attempt this in the App Store, my only option is OPEN. What can I do to actually update the game and play it, the option isn’t appearing the the App Store?




So I’m seeing a pop up screen saying a new version is available, however, there is no new update available in the App Store. Not deleting and reinstalling, if that is suggested I’ll simply remove it permanently.


Downloaded the game played for about and hour and keep getting the update notification and there is no update available so I can’t play it, i like the game but the update notification needs fixed… Thank you


This game would be great if the updates didn’t take 3 days for iOS


I started playing this game as soon as it was launched globally and it seems that from the very beginning issues with the game have been none stop. The amount of maintenance breaks are so annoying in a game that requires a lot a farming. Also, iOS user seem to get more done over then android users because sometimes the updated version of the app isn’t in the App Store when an update is released and you won’t be able to play without the update. It’s unfortunate that the game developers seem to be so incompetent since the is pretty good.

Yung B Beat Master

Game keeps telling me to update after I’ve updated please fix as I have not linked my account yet 😭


The game is difficult. It’s a slow to progress in the game and if you don’t know what you’re doing it’s even slower to progress. It will take years to reach end game. Plus there’s a 99% chance for maintenance to be extended and/or the game will not update once maintenance has been completed. It will say “update this app to the latest version” and you can’t update it. If you have patience this is a game for you.


This game has a lot to offer. Collection, interesting combat, group efforts, events, and large scale PvP. The interface is fluid and not too cluttered. There is a bit of a learning curve and some walls will present themselves. This is a multiplayer game and an active guild will increase your enjoyment exponentially. The rewards you receive from an active guild will prove invaluable. The characters can be difficult to obtain, but activity in a guild and during events will provide. I can’t stress enough the importance of joining an active guild. Pull rates start low but as you continue to pull the rate increases. Summon stones are rare, but the events give you access to select characters you want directly. I would say summoning is the least efficient method by which to attain characters. I am enjoying my time with this game immensely.


Great game!! Hard to not do in app purchases though… :/


It’s a nice mix of base building and turn based rpg, gatcha game. Cool characters. But sometimes it freezes and you have to hit buttons several times which can lead to u wasting resources. If they fix the bugs I’d give it 5 stars


Let me start by saying this is by far one of the best games you’ll ever play and fall in love with only to have your heart broken because as you advance in level and skill you’ll discover too late you’re a prisoner on a dead server with a single guild domination that greedily uses their strongest player to bully anyone’s efforts to put back a multi guild competition putting at risk their no effort easy win at storm isles and continued completion of guild fest events that only strengthen their hold and widen the gap between weaker players and guilds. Multiple complaints get a standard response. New servers are opened instead of channeling new players on to existing servers. While the idea is to keep older stronger players out of new servers to protect new players the system does exactly the opposite of what it was designed to prevent. Developers need to reduce guild size from ridiculous 100 to realistic 30-40 opening up better chance for multilevel guilds with more diverse players power and experience and provide weaker guilds buff assistance to balance guild competition and return fun to a game even winning player are finding boring as a result of the lack of competition. How powerful do you need to be once you can beat every guild and person on your server? Big failure of the developers not to fix this before it grew and infected every server. As a paying player I expect value for my investment and trust in your product. The failure rates of upgrades and top level rewards in monthly hero, gear and research are ridiculous and makes you wonder where they went to business school. Something so basic as know your customer— Wouldn’t making your inapp purchases reasonable encourage a larger audience to buy ? Example if 4million buy your offers at .99-4.99 daily vs 1,000 buying your 100 offers occasionally where’s your biggest potential for profit? Think about it. Look at lords mobile a successful competitor with 100s of servers that are full of multilevel players and guilds. They have reasonable packs offered daily and only new servers are protected for a 4 month period after which migration can be done multiple times allowing more selection of guild options and more competition. DragonSoul was a great game but because they didn’t allow server migration they lost too many players even though of all the games they offered the best inapp offers and ultimately the game ended. If war of genesis developers don’t wake up soon the same fate will happen to this game. I’ll be extremely upset and never support another Joy City product ever again should that happen. I convinced friends to play invested my time and money supporting your product now do your part and fix this before it’s too late.


To be as concise and clear as possible I’ll explain the continuing to worsen issue. Gear RNG is insane as there are set pieces and flat stats vs % stats. % is better across the board except for a few exceptions. This complaint has been acknowledged by the devs many times. They say they hear us and will provide a way to reduce rng factor through additional gear crafting means. So far the most recent attempt which was touted by the devs, and in the works for months, to decrease this crunch resulted only to further increase it. Game has been going downhill for months. Content has also been lacking for end game players. This recent update has not helped in the least to change that direction.


I have never seen a game with so many awesome functions before. Beautiful graphics that are not too over done and the units looks awesome. This game has been blowing my mind for 2 straight days now. Only thing I would suggest is maybe a slightly higher pull rate on the units. 1% is insanely low for a gotcha game. 3 -5% would be great. Prices seem a bit high for stuff, paying that much for only a 1% chance is a real turn off to buy a bundle. I honestly believe if you fix the prices and summoning % this game is gonna take off like a rocket.


Erased all my data after signing me out of my Google linked account. It’s a fun game but starting over from the beginning after two weeks of play just isn’t worth it.

Joe Castaldo

I have supported this game to the tune of over $700 US dollars and I made a mistake while selecting shards from a stack of 1,320 1-3* chests. I only needed 60 shards to complete a summoning and the slider moved all the way to the right and I turned the entire stack into 2* shards. I contacted customer support and they said “No, to provide fairness to other players who have lost items due to mishaps”. Look, this is what part of customer service is, fixing things, especially mistakes, considering the complexity of using the UI on a phone. Its not a point and click mouse, its a finger on a touch screen, on a phone! So a large portion of the $700 I spent was to attain the shard chests, and customer service refuses to assist an honest and verifiable mistake. If thats the way you treat your fanbase, especially those who have supported your team generously, than I recommend that no one waste their time on this game. The app store is LOADED with so many other games with rare summons, arena play, guilds, etc etc, that is not worth the headache to mess with this game and its horrible team of customer service.


Logged in to the game today since I was playing as guest and it prompted for me to login using one of my acts; google, facebook or email to save progress. I am lvl 29 and my entire acct and profile is wiped; starting me from scratch again. Of all the hours put into the game. I am disappointed that my data didn’t go across when prompted to login.


Updated removed my account info.

Ant T w

It’s a real fun game to play……I think most people will like it a perfect for your a more classic RPG fan.


So far not pay to win and pretty generous with the items keep it up and I’ll keep playing


My all time favorite rpg so far on tablet. Yet the gameplay is no longer fun and very repetitive, nothing new but characters that aren’t original…


This game doesn’t have anything new, but it does combine many aspects of other gams that I find enjoyable. Between the storyline, tactical turn based battles, and empire building, I would say that this game does a good job at merging many fun game aspects into fun experience


I’ve been playing for a couple of hours, already have my first 5 star. I may be extremely lucky but I like the 1% chance, it helps to curb the pay to win effect. Overall a good balance of rpg and strategy, great graphics and a story I actually care about. I really like that monster can be hunted either in the world map or through adventure. Only issue I’ve had is that I had to force close and reopen to get credit for a quest completion.


I have a nice 99 cent deal on a package that originally costs… $110,000? Might want to double check the pricing there, devs. That’s the level 8 package by the way.


Undoubtedly a pretty game with entertaining gameplay, but the pull rates for any decent character are abysmal for the amount of summoning crystals given to you over the course of playing normally. Totally playable with the characters they give you for the story, but I feel that other similar games that grant premium currency for playing every day, even just a teeny bit, are more worth your time (if you’re free to play, that is).


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