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This summer, you and your best friends are heading out on a quest. You’ll climb through dark tunnels to reach mystical mountain temples. You’ll match wits with goblins, ghosts and sentient coffeemakers. You might even save the world from tearing itself apart.

All you need to get this quest started? A magical phone. Be sure to read the fine print.

This is Guildlings, a new story-driven episodic adventure brought to you by Asher Vollmer (maker of Threes), IGF award-winner Jamie Antonisse, and the team of dedicated indies at Sirvo Studios. Drawing inspiration from classic RPGs, point and click puzzlers and visual novel games, it tells a lighthearted coming-of-age fantasy tale within a modern mobile frame.

Traverse hand-crafted low-poly environments, including floating ruins, a tavern built from a shipwrecked boat, and the mountaintop teen hangout known as “Makeout Temple”.
Use a text-message inspired chat system to make conversations and choices. Characters will react to your decisions in satisfying (and sometimes hilarious) ways.
Leverage your Guild members’ abilities in playful turn-based combat. Each Guildling has a unique set of powers tied to their personality.
Affect the world around you through your Guildmaster magic. A single touch can unlock doors, open treasure chests, or even blow up your dad’s favorite lamp.
Guildlings’ magic powers are tied to their moods. This system ties conversation, exploration and combat together. Keeping your team happy will make your journey easier, but sometimes a little drama will take the story to interesting places…

If you’ve read this far already, what are you waiting for? Boot up your Tome, meet your new best friends, and become their Guildmaster. Worldaria awaits.

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Kristi King 12

I love this game, it’s cute fun, and relaxing. I played it when it first became available on the Apple Arcade and had no issues. However, the new update that adds part 2 is completely unplayable. I always get stuck after completing the battle with the living pasta with Parlance. I replayed the battle over four times and the game freezes completely at the same place. I’ve given up on the game. I’d have preferred to wait longer and get an update that actually works or just left it as was. I emailed support and never received a response of any kind. RIP Guildlings.


This game is amazing, I’m not usually someone who plays mobile games a lot but this is a game I would keep my Apple subscription for. I could not stop playing. The characters are amazing, the story so immersive and when I reached the end I couldn’t wait for more! Highly recommend!


If I wanted to play as a moody teenage with high level of sarcasm I’d stick a controller on my cousin. Game play is lengthy, but the story line is good.


I found Guildlings to be a pleasant surprise. Fun characters, plenty of dialogue, unique world, and clever gameplay. I definitely hope the story is continued!

meat dorito

Guildlings is an amazing game! Unfortunately I have a few complaints. One. Sometimes there is a weird bug where one of your characters or more will be frozen in place acting as if they are climbing a ladder in slo-mo. Two. There is a bug where your characters are frozen in place. That made me restart the game once. Three. The story is incomplete. Nobody likes a game that says, “next time on ________!” It’s just like Jenny leclue. I lost interest the moment it left on a cliffhanger. Luckily, I did enjoy this game, so I might stay around for the next chapter. Also, I did notice a bug where I just can’t do anything. One more time, I am getting tired of playing the same story over and over. Please add the next chapter! I loved the story so far though. UPDATE: OMGOD ITS FINALLY HERE THE SECOND CHAPTER MY HANDS ARE SHKING edit 2: I have a few requests. Release official soundtrack, and add skins for the heroes. Add more heroes too! you can’t deny more hero categories are out there! You showed us in the temple!


But I couldn’t find it. It starts with screen after screen of scrolling text, requiring me to hammer on the continue button to get through it. Eventually you move a little diamond sparkle around. And then, there’s more of the same tapping through text. Monumental bore of a game.


I really like the game but for some reason if I try to talk to the wood knight about the shield for a second time he won’t list all of the requirements and I have to reload the game, I can’t figure out how to get the arcane shield without the hints!


I love this game. The music, art, mechanics, sooo good. Just the right amount of challenge to it.The characters are well fleshed out and the overall inclusiveness of the story is amazing. Hoping an update for after lawnhenge comes out soon?


Definitely one of my favorite games, there have been a few bugs that I have encountered, one bug is there is a conversation in the guildhall I can have with Chazazz that will repeatedly raise his level when you say Sam is him with flip flops and long hair. Also, if you come into contact with two enemies at the same time, the second one will just freeze, even after you finish the battle with the first one, the only way I found to fix this is reloading the game. Besides this, I have spent hours on this game and have enjoyed every moment on this game, I can’t wait for updates to come. There is another glitch with the sales person at slug shores. If you ask for the key with Gwynn in your party you can infinitely level up her too

Tall Tyrian

Never have I come across a mobile game so beautifully designed nor as richly written as Guildlings, and I’m actually really disappointed to have reached the cliffhanger so soon. The characters and dialogue are hilarious, I’ve lost track of how many times I’ve busted out laughing while playing. In the few days it took for me to reach the last installment (so far), I’ve already recommended Guildlings to two friends. I wait in rapt excitement for the next installment of the story. To eliminate some bias here, there is a small issue of the game being slightly glitchy at times— more than once I’ve had to restart the app in order to be able to move the characters or click on objectives. But otherwise this game is one I’ll be watching and waiting for!!


The pasta level will not let me pass


So, I love this game. I played it for a few hours when I first got it but today when I tried going into the app it was only a dark screen and exited me out of the game immediately. I’m not sure what the problem is and I really wanna get back to it. I don’t know if anyone else had had this problem but that’s the only thing that’s been an issue for me. I’ll try some more and I hope I can get the game to work again.


I loved this game! I just wish the story was finished! A cliff hanger! Come on guys! 😫😁 Also seems to be a bug with the mailbox side quest. I have all of them but when I go to turn in, the same dialog box pops up. Anyways, thanks for this amazing game! Such a neat mix of genres and cool world y’all created here!


I really like this game, the art style and gameplay are great. My only problem is the fact that I have to select a place to save to after every single action I take. It got really annoying really quick. I would like to open more than one lock before I have to select where to save my data to again


I really enjoy playing it but I’m stuck in this bug right now. I’ve fought with the living pasta once, but I accidentally ran into it with Palance on my team the second time. When the fight is over, the dialogue won’t go on no matter how I tap the screen. Would you help fix this bug please or I’ll have to start over again ;-;


11/10 i cannot recommend this enough i love it more than anything… that ending is awful though… but the amazing part is you just go “oh.” And replay to your hearts content. It is undescribably amazing from the amazing story from the first seconds to the end, the kawaii graphics, the unique and fun battles, and the fact that chazazz has a crush on the mailman. My only complaint is its so short i wish i could do more with these amazing people!


Love the game! I fell in love with every character the moment I saw them. The environments are so vibrant and fun and I love how your choices affect who levels up faster. I got past Lawnhedge and everything ended and I got really nervous that would just be the end so I’m really hoping for updates

K1ll3r 4ng3l

But I already completed most of it and I just really want a new update already lol no critiques just excited for more to come (and very impatient)


I absolutely adore this game, but I can’t give it 5 stars because of the bugs. It tends to freeze up, you can’t click out of a conversation, you’re stuck in an enemy’s red spot and no matter how many times you reset you can’t move your characters, etc etc. I actually had to delete an entire saved game because it froze up so badly in a fight with the Living Pasta lol. Aside from said bugs, this really is a brilliantly put together game and I really enjoy playing it. I can’t wait for the next chapter!


Maybe I’m getting ahead of myself, but I sincerely hope there will be a next part to this story! I loved this game and all of its characters, especially the way in which which guild members you bring with you to certain places seems to change the way the story unfolds! In other games companion choices mostly only impact what dialogue you see, but in this game who’s in your party seems to actually impact the story, beyond just who you choose to give the shield to before entering the temple. It feels so much more real, because of course having different characters with you should impact the story, just how it might in real life. Incredible game and writing, hopefully more games will follow suit in the future! And more stories for Guildlings!


I’ve been loving this game From when i saw it to now, I completely recommend it. However for me there is a Tiny bug about it. I found that this game had the story update I was waiting for, so I got the catch up clip, then it asks me to choose a file because cloud is different then the current game, so I choose my current file, even though the cloud file is just the to be continued file. But then every time I want to talk to some one or make any choice ( excluding during the talk ) it asks the same file question, and all the to be continued file does is replay the game from the recap scene. Can you Please fix this?


OMGosh this game is amazing! I love how it combines modern tech and magic. I can’t wait to play the next chapter and meet new characters!


When is the next update coming out?


yeah sure there are a few bugs every now and then, but it isnt anything that restarting the app wont fix! this is hands down the best phone game ive ever played, the story is strong, the characters are so lovable and varied, the world is so exciting its really hard to not just explore every place you can. i really hope they add more because i just dont wanna stop playing !


I absolutely love this game!!! I’ve already been through the 2nd update and can’t wait for the next! The side quests make the game even more fun, playing with all the guild members and getting different outcomes! Guess I will see what happens when I start over from the beginning 😉


I love this game like so so much. However, on the new update I accidentally fought the Living Pasta again, and after I won, it wouldn’t let me do anything else. It says,” You are a most unusual Guildling, Palance.” And under that it says ,”Tap to continue,” but when I tap my phone it just stays the same. So, I closed the app and went back on thinking that it would just like reset me to the guildhall or something, but it just put me back in the Living Pasta’s fighting zone and I had to fight him again and after I fought him it froze in the same place. Can you fix this so that I don’t have to start over from the very beginning please.


Just finished the latest chapter, and it was a lot of fun! I liked the new side quests and interacting with characters that had new dialogue (which was all of them). I can’t wait for the next chapter!

can we please have m

Though I absolutely love this game there is a part I’m stuck on which is the lawn-hedge part I can’t get through the crash wall because there is no way for me to make the shield person feel cool like no way. I tried going to a different place fighting something then coming back but every time I am in that HQ it makes them all feel calm. I am not the best at explaining stuff but I really wanna get to continue this game but sadly I can’t.


The update was fun. I’m glad the game kept my save data in the cloud, since I had deleted the app. So confused by the ending though! Was that the end of the game? Will there be more? Last time there was a “to be continued” but this time the credits just rolled on a huge cliffhanger. Right after asking me to confirm my party! Edit: thanks for the response! It would have been helpful to see something indicating that it’s going to be continued, but I’m glad to hear that this isn’t the end. And you guys totally deserve a break, will look forward to the next chapter whenever it occurs.


I love this game so much! The interactions between the characters are so funny and lighthearted, and I am so excited to see the second chapter! I did have a bug where I got stuck at the temple and couldn’t move anywhere, but it seems like you fixed that. I play this game all the time, and I really enjoy it. Updating this because I just finished chapter 2. So, I love this game so much! I do want to know if the game chapter 2 ends on a huge cliffhanger and it doesn’t go any further, or if there will be a chapter 3. Also, this company should make more games! They are amazing 🤩


Seriously. You didn’t just make a good story, you made good mechanics, charming music, and smooth gameplay. You put a lot of love into this game and everyone who plays it can tell. Part 2 was just as good (if not better) than part 1, just much shorter which is understandable. Thank you for putting love into this game and keeping the story going in an amazing direction. Also, I have a question, does the way you talk with your party affect anything other than mood and sometimes there xp? This is a great game that I would highly recommend. Also, thank you developers for responding and helping people with problems, it sounds exhausting but you helped them all have a really good time. Ignore all the stupid hate reviews and keep being awesome.


I always look for reasons to keep Apple Arcade and games like this are it. A completely original world to get lost in and characters that are memorable, sympathetic and interesting are a rare gift. The writing is top notch, the visual style is delightful. The few bugs I encountered did not ruin the play through. It reminds me of chrono trigger in all the right ways. I don’t have the time to play something like that now but this is a modern and grown up take that is short enough to finish yet meaty enough to sink your teeth into without the mindless grinding of classic JRPGs. I’m really looking forward to the next part. Bravo👏


This is a 5 star game to me, so I was so excited to play some more as I’ve waited a long time for the update! I would have waited a little longer though if it meant the update didn’t glitch like it has been in the first 20min of gameplay. I’m currently stuck in a loop fighting the living pasta. The game freezes for me during the dialogue between Tome & Palance after the fight. It freezes, I restart the game and it automatically puts me in battle w the pasta again, putting me on an inescapable loop towards the dialogue freeze 🙁 Really bummed because I can’t advance OR move backwards or do anything at all.


This game was amazing and fun to play! But I really really wanted to keep playing……. I mean, it ended before I was ready! It’s kind of frustrating! The game ends with fighting the hedge and then…. It just ended. Is there going to be a guildlings two?

Vacation wrangler

This is a great game and has a fantastic story I useoly do not do games like this and even I am impressed,but the end was the WORST because it does not make sense if you do not make the right choice (of words). I still love this. But it also has a little inoproperit words but it limit’s any super bad words.


Love the way it is made. But I do wish that you could have more guild members at a time!Also plz finish it. I do not like cliffhangers. But otherwise I love the game! One thing I really like about this is that it has kids with flaws. You can tell that prisma is like one of those shy loners. Or that chazze is an unpopular nerd. But they put their differences aside and United as heroes.


Guildlings is such an incredible narrative — it’s centered on friendship, adolescent emotions, questing, and just good fun. You can tell the team had a blast building this world. It has limitless potential for the future — you’ve got to play this game!!

Master of the House

This game is by far the best I’ve ever played on AA or maybe in general. The art is adorable, the characters have their own personalities, abilities, and are really in depth, and the mode of conversation is nice. But I finished what I think is the second part of the story, and after I see the part where they go down into the forest, my screen cuts to the credits. After that, it shows me the Paintbeast and takes me back to the save screen. When I ended on the cliffhanger last time, it said to be continued. This time when I click on it it takes me back to the forest elevator. Is this the end of the game? If so, I’m very disappointed and dissatisfied. If it’s not, I’d like to know whether my game is just being weird or that’s just the end of part 2. If it is the end of part 2, it seemed kind of short. Thanks to any devs or others for taking time to read this. If any devs could reply to this to explain, that would be very helpful and much appreciated. 🙂


Unique gameplay. It’s a good combination of adventure and card playing battles. I’m excited for the next installment. Update: thanks so much for the update! The developer responded so quickly to resolve my issue. I just wish more segments of the game were released at a time. Waiting a year between updates is just not something I’m willing to do. I am enjoying how the story is developing! Great game so far.

mrs CJM

I love the story of this game and it’s very fun but I can’t get past the hedgesphinx and the wisp. The wisp keeps telling syb to use her power it gave her at the end of the duel and I AM DOING THAT! 😡 One more thing I love that they call me coda and my name is Cora 💖


Amazing but I tamed the loving pasta and it is now stuck in a endless cycle because the circle isn’t gone


Fun and hilarious dialogue. Fresh game concept. Lovable characters. I’m completely hooked. Can’t wait til the next update! You guys rock!


This game was quirky as heck from the beginning, but it was charming in its own way. I played all the way through the first half of the game with little to no issues. I was really glad when new content came out, but now my save data has been corrupted into a dead end loop with the living pasta on compass island. Even before my game reached a dead end cycle I found myself losing saves because I had to restart the game. Save yourselves the grief, and check out another Apple Arcade game before you become invested in this game like I have.


This is a fun game to play. Lot of different paths to take, with many different ways to play.


Look, I’m probably missing a good game and story based on what other reviewers have said, but dear god the start is so slow, so pointless. I have no idea what that was supposed to do. The first time I stopped after 15 min of the most boring intro before stopping. Since it didn’t save I had to do it over again. 30 minutes later I closed the app and deleted it. Visuals are nice, but the tap tap tap tap for poor dialog lines is grating.


Yay! I updated right away! Can’t wait to see this amazing adventure!

Random Human 20

This game is really great, I was mesmerized my it and played it almost constantly until it just stopped. As I waited for the next update, I offloaded the app so it didn’t take up much storage on my phone. It said it would save all my progress, but now I redownloaded it and everything is gone. I don’t know if that’s an Apple thing or something with this game, but I’m not happy I have to play it over agin to see the update. I will, but if anyone else had this I think some people would just delete it. Otherwise, the plot and gameplay made for a really great experience. Usually games have one thing that is really good; graphics, plot or controls, and then the rest is just okay. Guildings is overall good with everything, and I really am enjoying every moment I’m playing. There isn’t any reason not to try this, it’s a really fun game but don’t offload it if you don’t want to have to do everything over again. Really one of the best games I’ve played so far on Apple Arcade.


My only complaint is that I finished it too soon. I’m so excited for new content to this game. It was so engaging. It reminded me of the choose your own adventure books that I loved as a kid, and with just enough of a nod to retro gaming elements without being too obvious. Love, love, love. Please give us more soon ❤️


I can’t wait for the next chapter!

Em pea

I really loved this game. I couldn’t put it down. But almost a year ago I got to a point where my file says ‘to be continued’ and I can’t do anything about it! There’s no updates or anything to progress the story, or even load it. Very disheartening


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