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【图】Gin Rummy The Card Game
【图】Gin Rummy The Card Game

Gin Rummy The Card Game iOS

Gin Rummy The Card Game 简介

Gin Rummy Card Game Free

Start playing the best Gin Rummy on the store now! Just install and tap on it! Have fun like never before. The game was developed by professional Gin Rummy players. perfect sized cards, Crispy clear, awesome AI that auto adjusts to your playing level and the easiest to play interface will get you hooked!

The rules are very simple: Get sets of three or more cards that go together. These matching collections are called melds. They must be of the same rank, like a set of nines or to form a sequence of the same suit. At the end, the deadwood are the cards left in a player’s hand that are not in these collections. You get the sum of their values deducted. You should discard unwanted cards and get cards that might form a meld.

You can play it for testing your abilities or for relaxing. The game is suitable for beginners, average and advanced Gin Rummy players.

You get:
* Incomparable gameplay
* The most incredible Artificial Intelligence
* Better than playing with people!!
* Fabulous cards animations
* Auto sort cards in your hand
* Auto save if interrupted (by calls, etc.)

Start playing this super popular card game and try not to get addicted 🙂 We made this game for your enjoyment and fun. Some of us play it for a few hours a day. Try to stick to some 30 minutes. If you can! 😉

Gin Rummy is extremely popular in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom and also in some other countries.

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Gin Rummy The Card Game 下载

App Store 官网美版


Morris 1973

Great entertaining game!


This Game is the best totally would recommend it. It’s so much fun and it’s got some great graphics. 🤩


To slow


I had this app for years and enjoyed it daily. Yesterday it froze. I had to delete it then reinstall it. Now I have many more ads. May delete it and go to another version of the game.


I’d like human opponents as well as computer.


Fun. Would be nice to have more control of my cards. It’s like I’m not playing.


I never get tired of playing this game.


Fun and easy to learn game of gin rummy.


Best game ever, easy to understand rules.

Marcao 93

I love it


Clear and quick. Easy to read!


Fun to play an old classic!

Lady midget

Great fun!


When I click on the remove ads button it is directing me to iTunes. And I can’t change anything. Please help. Love the game.

Dier grove

Great game

Luna maroon

Pretty basic game. No bells or whistles. Good time passer, but nothing special.


The gin games I have found do too much. They tell you when you can knock or gin and they score.


The app plays the game for you. It puts the cards in the order it thinks you want them to be in. There isn’t anything to do but chose the card that’s up or the one in the pile. Really boring!


I love this game!!! Just like the rest of you I learned it a little differently, but I’m sure the changes made were in order for us to be able to play against the computer. I love that we play against the computer because I spend lots of time on this game and there may not be a human ready to play when I am… With that being said, the only thing that makes me want to scream is how annoyingly high the percentage is of when my card comes up yet the computer knocks or gets gin…😂😂😂😂 other than that I’m going to always be playing this game and I don’t have many favorites…this is a FAV!!!

I miss Rock

Different than how I learned the game but easy to catch on to the rules.

Norma Eloise

Fun game, moves fast and is entertaining.


I have dlove the game of Gin Rummy for 40+ years,so when I saw it pop up tonight I dove in head first. I’m a little confused with the rules my family taught means I’m sure that each one of us had a family that taught us. Each with varying rules etc…what is a “pass”, what is a “Big gin win”? Several comments have me confused fused and even reading them I not sure wtheck is that I reading. Probably could use some one on one training are game playing etc to get used to this style.


Great fun!


Worth the cost to get rid of the ads, which were a pain.

New Mexico Woman

Love it!


This game is just like playing a game with a live partner. I am hooked!


They pop up even in the middle of a hand. I understand that’s how you make your money, but come on!

Nelson Womack

Very fun

Joni mojo

For the most part this Gin game is enjoyable and helps pass the time when needed.


Enjoy this game but will be removing it soon because of all the advertisements


I love being able to play the machine as I often have to stop and do other things and have to put the game on hold. The game is fun


It is a challenge and lots of fun to play, even if you don’t win!!!🙂🙂


Fun to play


Been playing about an hour, now, and since I like to play gin I’m really enjoying the digital version. Good job, Writers!!


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