【图】Big Buttons Pro ++下载
【图】Big Buttons Pro ++
【图】Big Buttons Pro ++

Big Buttons Pro ++ iOS

Big Buttons Pro ++ 简介

Most cool and fun soundboard app to play pranks on your friends. This app has all sounds imaginable for all and any occasion. Don’t believe us, download it yourself!

• Over 500+ custom sounds to choose from including popular vine sounds. (IAP required to unlock sounds)
• Built with simplicity and common sense
• Search bar to quickly get to your sound
• high / low pitch sound effects
• Low pitch makes all sounds funny
• Create and save your own custom sound
• Custom sounds are shown with a star next to them for easy access
• Preview custom sounds before saving
• Multi delete feature.

There are no Ads of any kind in this app and best of all its FREE!!! What are you waiting for? Download now!

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Big Buttons Pro ++ 下载




Ok. So I installed this 2days ago for the first hour you have all the buttons but after that it stops letting you do buttons that start with f and wants you to pay $10.99 for the rest and that is REDICULUS


Hi jejkeieieidkididid


Can’t even test it without money. Deleted.

bella the squishy ma

It is fun

look pops

It’s just terrible



0 friends

Needs my name Jeff




Good nesssss

big pp all the way b



When it says 9+ it means 9+ has some explicit content

The critizizer

Pretty good app




Epic swag

JACKSON 993933737


button apper reviewe

There was buttons that had some bad words.I do not think kids should download this app.


I poop


I can’t hear any noise coming from the buttons



I can get some satis

Might give five star and pay for full experience if you add tutturu~ button



what the stuff

You get almost all of the sounds for free but you have to pay 2 dollars to get all of them!

Tussle Sprout

It’s a great app



gah blegh gah blegh

I makes u pay for every button individualy

piece of

I downloaded this app and tried it out right away and got to the “f’s” and I got a pop-up message saying I can unlock all the sounds for a fee of $1.99 and none of the buttons worked from the f’s on. I deleted it already. Sad.

piece of

I downloaded this app and tried it out right away and got to the “f’s” and I got a pop-up message saying I can unlock all the sounds for a fee of $1.99 and none of the buttons worked from the f’s on. I deleted it already. Sad.


Cannot record custom buttons easily. I downloaded something called InstaButton instead. 1/5 ease-of-use 1/5 app construction


Best button game


Omg this would never download! But when it downloaded IT WOULDNT WORK But when it finally worked sometimes the buttons BREAK But when it didn’t break the sounds were not GOOD LOOKING Omg the point iam making is….DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS APP AT UR AUNT JENNY’s MOTHER’s GRANDMA’s HOUSE. ok thats all


This app is okay


I may have this game for no reason but then I got addicted to it but there were some 🤬 words in it but it’s fine I just at least want to bleep half of it


This is pretty good I wish you didn’t have to pay for the rest of the buttons we only get like 50 buttons!!


App was so great but the person who said it was terrible was wrong because that was the early version know how I know because I have the app and it’s and App was so great but the person who said it was terrible was wrong because that was the early version know how I know because I have the app and it’s 2019When is game is so awesome I prank so many People I made my cousin laugh

Madison ryan

I liked the game I had it when I was very young, when I re-downloaded it I had a trip through memory lane. When I stared scrolling though I realized I couldn’t get rid of the search key and the sound a rate at the bottom. I had also soon realized that towards the bottom you have to pay for a lot of the buttons.It had also annoyed me how some were really long and others really short and a lot you could not understand what they were saying. Other then that I don’t have to much of a problem with the app but the first time I downloaded the app in a lot in a while couldn’t turn on the sound I downloaded other apps and that worked so my phone was not the problem.


The app is really funny for some good laughs


It’s kinda good


I agree with captain awesome

B 62

Really funny sounds


I downloaded this and was not at all able to play any sounds. I definitely do not recommend!

demanding I use truy

Downloaded to i8+ and does not work


When i was like maybe 6-8 year younger I used to mess around with this app a lot and everything used to be freeeee


Some buttons are the same, and you have to buy most of the decent ones. This app is just GARBAGE 👎🏻

denki kaminari

So I downloaded app about ………3 months ago and it worked perfectly fine. Whenever it was free time (at school) we could all use our devices I would go on this app turn the volume up and play memes. It was great …..but all of a sudden I couldn’t hear it so if I could get some help with that.👋 bye


I t is fun


I can’t un mute it




This is my new app that I love that I should download this

Um maybe hi

I got this app …because well I don’t really know but anyway it’s just useless I can’t explain anything right now. It’s like I don’t really get it. And whoever thinks this is a good app it probably is a joke or they’re just like dumb so yeah and this is useless and bye.😭😭😒. Also well just don’t get this app. 😩😩😩😩😩😒😒😒😳😳😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😳


It’s very useful


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