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MaX UC 简介

IMPORTANT: Full telephony functionality is only available as directed by your telephone service provider.
With MaX UC, you can take control of your home or office telephony services on any device, wherever you
Key features:

High quality audio optimized for both Wi-Fi, and 3G/4G connections.

Collaborative meetings with up to 200 participants, allowing screen share, recording, and integration with office
room systems.

Chat on any device to others in your business, with messages synced across your devices so you can pick up the
conversation any time.

Seamless, one-click uplift of calls or chats to a full Meeting for those spontaneous collaboration sessions.

Flexibility to take a call or meeting on your laptop or mobile, and switch mid-call if you need to.

Powerful voicemail control with alerts, transcriptions of your received messages, and visual voicemail management.

Realtime presence from your business contacts to help you get in touch at the right time, and custom presence to help
others reach you.

NOTE: Your service provider may not offer all features listed or may require you to pay additional subscription
charges to access certain features. Contact your service provider for information. MaX UC also requires
data or Wi-Fi access. Use of these services may incur additional charges.

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We have android and iPhones on our account, every time Max UC pushes an update it stops working on the iPhones. It takes days to get it resolved, but we’ve been told it has to do with incoming calls having to go to Apple first for authorization then being sent to the phone, and this stops with every update. Unfortunately they update often, so the app is not working more than it’s working.


I see reviews from many months ago that complain about the app “reconnecting” constantly. Still happening on new installation in November 2020. It’s obviously not being fixed and I would wholeheartedly recommend staying away – far, far away. Two thumbs down-moji.


The app constantly crashes upon receiving a call. I’m also constantly receiving notifications that maxUC has lost connection to the server. When I receive calls from work the app opens, crashes and hangs up the call. I’ve been forced just to use my cell phone because the app is extremely unreliable.


Probably 20 times a day my screen will wake and show a Max UC incoming call saying “connecting”. There’s no actual incoming call and it goes away after about 5 seconds. It’s annoying because it’s disruptive, causes my watch to notify me, and it mutes other audio. Been reported but after months of not being fixed, I give up. Uninstalled.


The app started reconnecting after the latest update and then just completely stopped working. Phone hasn’t rang since Friday morning.


I really like the efficiency of this app and it’s ability to host a different number on your phone. My issue stems from an inability to edit callers and contacts. When I want to block spam callers, or edit images and names of callers, I am unable to do so. This is hard when trying to give a more personal experience to my clients. I will happily give this app five stars if those features were made available.


The Max UC is nice in that the app is pretty much the same on a laptop or cell or tablet. Chat and presence shows up across all three and are update simultaneously. I can change devices mid chat. The presence ties into Outlook calendar so I see if coworkers are in meetings or on a call or available. Probably what I’d like the best what I call the Call Pull feature. If I’m on my desk phone or PC, the app on my cell knows it and gives me a blue bar that I can touch and pull the call off the desk phone on to the app on my cell. I can then walk around the office get something I need then walk back to my desk and “switch” the call back to my desk phones. Probably the next best feature is an ability to “switch” the call to a direct cellular call. If I’m on the app on my cell phone and I run out of good Wi-Fi or get in my car it will switch over to 4G seamlessly. But I live in some foothills and the cellular data coverage can be can be spotty. The switch feature allows me to make the call come from provider to my cell phone as a standard call and move off a voice over IP. Brilliant! The Integrated meeting feature is pretty cool as well. Being able to uplift a voice call to a meeting with video and desktop sharing is really convenient. I’ve even done this from the cell phone app. I’m used in a number of apps and clients that are just so clunky I don’t really deliver. This is the first one that’s really integrated everything together and thought through all the call use cases.


First it was alerting me by calling and hanging up every 30 seconds. I deleted the app. Finally that was resolved. I reinstalled the app. Now you can’t delete more than 3 voicemails without the app crashing. Needs to much work to bother with! I’ll delete it until they make this app actually functional. After the 3rd time it’s gone forever!


Keeps reconnecting. Very frustrating 😡


I’ve given up trying to make calls with this app. 9 times out of 10, the other person cannot hear me.


I use this app for work and since the new company has taken over my phone rings randomly saying ‘reconnecting’ all day and all throughout the night. I have tried to delete the app and re download it and it doesn’t help. It’s the most annoying thing I’ve ever had an app do. On top of that my signal is not great often times people can’t hear me, doesn’t matter if I’m on WiFi or not.

inytay thats tiny i

After the app was upgraded to MaX UC it constantly reconnects! Lighting up the screen, vibrating, interrupting any audio or video you have playing on your phone, etc. Fix your app! Revert back to the previous version! I encourage everyone frustrated with this reconnecting issue (which by the way apparently doesn’t affect their Android app) to go into the settings of app and “report a problem” every time it reconnects with a “reconnecting w/ a date/time stamp”!


The call quality is not good; often callers cannot hear me. Chats come through as a notification on IPhone but when I open the chat, the message is often not there. Lost chats are NOT good. On some IPhones in my office, the notifications stoped altogether. Yes, everything is up to date with the latest version.

Navy Rover

Call quality through the app is inconsistent even when using WiFi. Other parties are heard, but can not hear user. Call rings and then hangs up when you answer. Sound quality is tinny and garbled at times when both users have at least 3 bars or WiFi.


Constantly reconnecting all day and night. Only way to get it to stop is to log out of the app but then you’re missing calls….you know, what the app is intended to do?!? Please fix this ASAP.


This app is absolutely terrible! I mean awful. Literally never works! When I asked a call it take so long to connect and no one can ever hear me. It often says the app isn’t accepting phone calls! TERRIBLE!

Desert Doctor

Always reconnecting… at all hours… has made a fairly good working app completely unusable. Everything went downhill when the name was changed to MaxUC.


Ever since the update/name change I receive a “reconnecting audio”ring through several times throughout the day: 5am, 11pm, 1am. Not only is this disruptive in my work the time of day is horrible. How can this be corrected/stopped?


When this app was accession, it worked fine. But now that it is Max UC, it’s terrible. My call quality has plummeted, and I get a “reconnecting” phone call every 10 minutes. I actually just had it do it while I was in the middle of writing this review.. Please fix it. It’s so broken that it’s not even funny. I need this for work..


This app used to work pretty well when it was called accession. Now that it updated and went to max uc it keeps ringing my phone and just states reconnecting. It is getting really annoying and I’m about to quit using it until it gets fixed. The business I work for uses this to answer phone calls!


My VoIP just switched my mobile access from Accession to this program and it’s extremely annoying. It reconnects, seemingly every 5 minutes, and when it does it interrupts me typing a text message or anything else, there is a momentary dropout on my cell phone calls. Not the worst things that can happen but very annoying nonetheless.

billy bob 2000 not a

Please, please fix! This app is unusable because of the constant reconnecting message.


With this “new” update, all I have seen ALL day long is “Reconnecting” phone calls. It interrupts everything because my phone treats it like a phone call. I will have to uninstall until this bug is fixed. It’s actually quite ridiculous…


Now when my sip registration refreshs my phone makes a out bound call. So now every 11 minutes im interrupted by my phone making a 1 second call somewhere. This is very annoying especially if listening to music


App “reconnects” every 10 min causing phone to ring or buzz like someone is calling. Also crashes when you try to delete a voicemail. You just shut down most apps that don’t work but this one reminds you every 10 minutes how terrible it is. Unfortunately required for tele-work.


Keeps ringing me all day long to “reconnect”. Incredibly disruptive!


The app interrupts my phone every 15 minutes or so with some connecting error. It vibrates and acts like a phone call is coming through but it’s nothing. Please fix this issue!!!


Like others, this app is constantly calling me to ‘reconnect’ which is very disruptive. Shows up as a missed call in my iPhone call log. Fix is needed yesterday


As with other reviews, the app is constantly connecting and disconnecting.

Kelly Fischer

Many times throughout the day it seems as if receiving a call for a split second. Driving me mad


This update has been TERRIBLE I’m getting 5-7 calls an hour from “Reconnecting” and I can’t stop the calls from coming in. I think it’s an important call or client trying to get ahold of me but it’s a fake call. It doesn’t show up on the call list and you can’t accept or decline the call either. Please, developers fix this quickly.


Not sure what happened in the update from Accession but now this app constantly calls me and says that it’s reconnecting. This is also happening for all of my employees. Very disruptive and annoying. Please fix this!


The new (today) version of this app is “connecting” or fake calling me throughout the day, interrupting meetings, my music streaming, and phone use throughout the day. Extremely annoying. Make it stop! I would delete the app if it wasn’t required for working from home. I tried to contact support, but needed a login to do so? Ugh.

nickname 687215

Whatever updates you made in the last few hours are irritating. My phone is frequently ringing and says it’s reconnecting. Rings for less than a second and disconnects. Desk phone right next to me is not ringing. Help!


It’s an OK app for connecting to your work number from home. Not great. Issues: -No ability to pick up a call from park -New update has the app constantly doing dummy calls to my phone for “reconnecting” the app -Needs to be completely off when I close the app (I.e. swipe up to kill the app). I want it to ring only when the app is active or open in the background. When I kill the app, I don’t want calls coming through.


The app constantly calls my phone in order to reconnect. It never did this action before, so the new update must have triggered an unintended programing error. PLEASE. FIX. IT.


The newest version of this app installed on my phone last night and has been constantly disconnecting and reconnecting. I had to delete it as it’s interrupting my phone calls, music, draining my battery, etc. As of today I can no longer use the app for work.

Under taxi

A wonderful app. It has total changed the office.


The setting for the ringtone is NOT in the normal iOS section. To change the ringtone, go to your profile (top right corner, might be a picture of your face, with a green dot usually), and under Calling Mode (where you set how outdials work, like Internet Calling or iPhone Dialer), there is at the top the Ringtone – all ringtones from your Settings are available.


Love it uses my office phone number so customers don’t get my personal phone number! Is it compatible with Apple WATCH? If not can you make it compatible with Apple WATCH ASAP PLEASE!! Thanks so much!!

Yaddish the Raddish

There seems to be no Bluetooth functionality with this app— there actually seems to be the opposite of functionality: every time I try to take a call with any Bluetooth earbud, it disconnects the device altogether. Please please please fix this.


Transfer options not working on any Apple mobile devices. Very frustrating during remote requirements.


When you’re texting in the app after the second line it disappears

Need to fixTY

The program seems to be fairly stable. It will disconnect from time to time and reconnect on its own. The only drawback is there are no ringtone options. The default ringtone is distorted and loud. It was recorded at a very high level so turning the volume down doesn’t soften it very much. That’s about it.

Ray h gu

Works really well with GTA. Zero problems and really clear. Better than my desk phone.


Continues to crash after last two recent updates. Non functional!!!

angisk r laldn

I have an IPhone X And every time I want to use this app.. all it does is crash. I am so tired of redownloading everyday. Please fix this problem.

Mel Zimm

Won’t even open. When a call comes in, it ring once. The call then goes away and I can’t answer.


Since updating the app, it will not open. I click the icon and it goes to start up and then crashes and closes out.


Clients here an echo feedback of their conversation when used in a Toyota Highlander with handsfree Bluetooth enabled.


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