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AE Slot Machine iOS

AE Slot Machine 简介

A Vegas upsurge is sweeping over the world! AE Slot Machine here!

Any feedback please email us, because we can’t reply on comments. Thanks very much for all your support in our games!
If you like Roulette, Baccarat, Solitaire, Spider, Video Poker, UNO, Texas Poker, Card Ace: Casino, Blackjack, dice and other card and casino games, you shouldn’t miss this game!

Four Slot Machines let you choose. Try your best to unlock all the game modes.

– Classic Slots: 3 coin classic, max coin bonus
– Fruit Slots: 5 coin multiplier, jackpot bonus
– Wild Slots: 3-line, 10 coin multiplier, jackpot bonus
– Pirates Slots: 5-line, wild symbol, 15 coin multiplier, jackpot bonus

Graceful design and realistic game feeling makes you just like in Las Vegas Casinos, which will give you a real and addictive gambling experience.

Bet and spin! Shake your phone, bet max to win the Jackpot!
Special bonus and experience exchange will give you extra income.

Come on! Good luck and be a rich man!

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AE Slot Machine 下载

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the best slot game on the app market ! 10/10 would recommend a friend or 2


This game stinks!! No spin button. I guess you swipe each reel individually to spin, but the reels don’t seem to line up. I don’t know what the developers were trying to accomplish here but they failed miserably. Had to delete after about 3 minutes of trying to figure this out.


What happened to this game. Was my favorite but changed recently. Lines don’t match up. Uses my credits but does not pay. I want my old slots back. I can’t believe that you did not fix this. I guess I might as well delete it. All it does is takes my credits. Does not give. I am so disappointed .you should be ashamed .

Seor Frustrated

Characters (sevens and apes) in third panel of Wild Slots don’t always line up accurately, cheating me out of credits! Purchased additional credits and never received them. No way to contact AE Slots for complaints or customer service!


The worse slot game I have ever played. If you play other games on regular basis you won’t last 10 Minutes on this one. Ugh


It take to long to get even level 2. At 3 cent a bet. You have to get 1000 points to move up. Auto spin would be nice, as my thumb is hurt from have to keep push the spin button. Plus it really don’t pay out very often.


Entertaining time killer

Jackolin moko



Addictive… Love to play!


This is how slots should be! I searched through dozens of trashy apps before I found this gem. Money hasn’t run out on me once and its a simple three line slot the way slot machines still should be!


Great game to past time!


Great game !!! Need more levels and coins

Crazy zombies last H

My new addiction… Just wished it paid out more


As a disabled vet my days are long and boring. This game eats up those lame days in the hospital.


Fun game

G inglese

Not a good and easy game


Thesis a fun game and realistic but I wish there were more payout lines! It can get boring quickly


I have played these slots for a week and the highest payout was 75 coins. Today played 500 coins had a payout of 30 the rest were 5 or 10. What a joke…deleting after this review!

Sheldon Walk

I like this game because I’m not losing any money!

Vicki Parker

This is one of the most boring games! 20 spins and nothing then have to wait a hour to do it again . Looking for a new slots game

Little rock n roll

Game is ok for a very short time. Don’t win much on it.


Very entertaining!!! The best slot game out there!!!!!


Great game!


What an exciting game to kill time with. However I never win all the money! Exciting, and adictive.

Thomahawk jim

Game is ok but the most I have got is a cherry here and there. Need better payouts.


Hours of fun!!!


Where are the ET slots that are on the windows version ??


Games are fun. You don’t win huge amounts of money, but you also don’t have to pay huge amounts of real money!


Love this game!


Awesome! Love it!


This game is addicting and entertaining. You wanna hit the jackpot but it’s a tight setup, making it realistic. If it were real money, I’d be broke, but the entertainment value is just as good. Download it.


Second time I tried to receive my bonus the bonus froze giving me nothing. Please fix this and them your rating will be 5 stars

Janet 66

These Slots are fun. I like that it’s more like the ‘real’ slots. I still stand by this review, however, the hourly bonus has frozen up. Please, if this can be fixed, this will get you back to 5 Stars.


Realistic slots. Just what I wanted!!

Dr Matthew

Absolutely exactly what I was looking for – no FB or Twitter hoops to jump through. Just straight forward slots fun with plenty of extras to boot! 5 STARS without question! Thanks for a truly perfect app!


Great game


Great game


I like the game. But true I’ve never hit a jackpot. It is cool that u can stop the reels yourself if u want. I play all the time.


I love the different slots that come w/ this app. The challenge is there because the slots don’t play too loosely or too tight neither! It’s an enjoyable game because it offers slots with low max. bets & slots w/ higher max. bets so that You have a variety to choose from! I would recommend this slot app for those that like No Muss No Fuss, I haven’t had any problems w/ bugs or crash issues.. Lots of Fun!!


Love this game !


Hey guys ur boy Optic Scumpy here! Love this app;)

Joshy Squashy 81

It’s fun to play, but I don’t like how you can stop the reels to up your odds.


This Game NEVER hits jackpot and I’ve never even seen three of a kind. I’ve been playing everyday for a week. No jackpot, No fun.


In the third level you bet 50 tokens for 3 lines. You burn through the tokens very quickly. It’s fun. But you don’t hit as often as you should.


This game should pay out more than it does. I think I’ll delete this app. I know it’s supposed to be “realistic”, but come on- it’s not like it really pays out!


Great game, needs more coins more often and more rewards.

Christian cheney

I know it’s supposed to be real but I just want to actually win more often and bigger payouts


I love to play this game, but the payouts need to be more and the bonus should be every hour, no matter what your score.


I love This gane


Great game one of the best apps I have found….and it was free


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