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【图】Free Cell Solitaire
【图】Free Cell Solitaire

Free Cell Solitaire iOS

Free Cell Solitaire 简介

This advertisement sponsored application includes all standard games of solitaire like Solitaire, FreeCell, Pyramid, etc. It also includes master-class solitaire games. You can play as long as you are online to receive ads. You can buy game packages through in app sales to remove advertisements or to play offline.

– double-tap/gesture right = hints
– triple-tap/gesture left = undo
– gestures must start on any green area (not the ad though)

This game package is built using the Super Solitaire Game Engine:

– drag and drop play
– minimal battery drain
– gestures (collect, hint, undo, deal)
– automatic save and resume
– animated dealing
– advanced hint system
– undo
– collect cards
– sound

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Free Cell Solitaire 下载

App Store 官网美版


Vic C

At times it just disappears….quits, while making a move. Not sure why but it is frustrating,

Peekskill Pat

Even though I have the sound muted within the app, it now periodically and unpredictably BLASTS an audible ad. It is both frightening since my volume is at max to hear iPhone ring; also so embarrassing in waiting rooms. (Lowering volume on iPhone while I n games, unlike Android, affects everything.) Never used to do this. Used to be 5 stars – love Aces Up game in it.


Great free ap to bad they changed the ads to having sound so much for goofing off and playing a quick game now you never know when the thing is going to make noise and it’s LOUD other wise would be 5 stars but I suppose everyone needs to get paid


Love all the games in this app. The variety is Great!

Lisa Acker

Fun game but don’t like the ads in between when they have sound.


I play only Seahaven Towers and this version of that game is the only one that I know of that allows the strict rules of the original game. While play is supported by ads, you won’t notice them unless you’re easily distracted. However, play stops when your internet connection does. Small complaint: wish stats were displayed automatically after each game. Other than that, great job. Update: paid to eliminate ads and can now play without WiFi connection. This is an outstanding game that deserves your support. .


Once I start playing I can’t stop. Love this game!!


What ever the latest update. It has ruined the game. Plz fix it. The screen is small cards do not stick when placed. Miserable

Copywriter in a Kilt

Great way to keep the mind sharp while unplugging for a couple of minutes


I am addicted to this program. I play it all the time. This is an excellent version of free cell. My only request is: I wish the results screen would indicate how many games in a row the player had won or lost.


Great fun! Only complaint is it wants to size itself for the mini even when I’m playing on my older larger iPad.


Very annoying and distracting ads. Not worth it AT ALL!

Katelyn sanchez

I LOVE this app!! My favorites are Milligan cell and Free Cell! I wish the rules were more clear. They really don’t explain much. Some I can figure out after playing the game and using the hints. My favorite app for these kind of games!




Love to play King’s solitaire but the sketchy rules keep changing.Suddenly it’s not possible to UNDO–very frustrating!


Excellent game of skill!


Lots of games, endless enjoyment.

Doc shovaqo

I give u as free cell 10 but with annoying adds not proper advertise 10 belooo


Fun games!


Enjoy these alternatives to spider, etc. directions aren’t very clear for some games and scoring is a mystery, but after playing those with sketchy instructions a few times you can figure it out.


I love all the games that come with this app. It keeps track of scores, etc.

Gordon 1944

I play this several times a day. It is a great game. I highly recommend it.


Great game, lots of choices, a lot of fun !

mary bonomo

I love freecell and I love this game…hooked!


I fin d myself picking this game up constantly. Great game!


I am addicted!


I really enjoy the different games and the clear playing fields. A lot of good fun.


I really like the challenge these games give. Some are hard to figure out how to play. But most I could.

Penelopes mom

I’ve been a fan of Seahaven Towers for a long time. When I got rid of my Mac, I tried to find a version on the PC but couldn’t. One of the first things I did when I got my iPad was to look for Seahaven Towers which is part of this game pack. I don’t play the other games, quite honestly. My biggest gripe is that I can’t resume a game I’ve already started. If I do, it flips back to the “beginning” and I end up playing the same hands over and over.


I love this app! I went into withdrawal when I updated to OS 7 and the app hadn’t been updated yet. It has a large variety of games. Way better than most apps you pay for. So glad it’s back and running so well. It’s the only card game app I play. Thanks.


Worst upgrade of all time. App no longer opens.


I used to love this app and played it all the time. Every since I updated the app on my iPhone, it only crashes. I hope they fix it soon!


Loved it when I could play it but now it won’t open! Deleted and reinstalled – won’t open. What’s going on?

Just me 70

Crashes upon opening on iPhone a d iPad.


Why was there no notice of an update?

mcp in Phoenix

I love this game, it doesn’t work in the IO7. Please update it!


You need to fix, please.


Like it!




Once you start playing its hard to stop. Wish it had auto-complete to complete the game.

Ditto Dave

Very good

Its only words

Good Cell Game. One of the best.


Love this app, so relaxing. I’m new to this whole cluster of games and I am soooo enjoying the variety and the challenge each one offers.

Granny of Two

Love this app. Just wish I knew how the points are scored but this doesn’t ruin the games. Other apps bore me after awhile but this one never does.


Really fun and very challenging! Love this game….sometimes it freezes up and the undo button wont work.


Love it.


This game is easy to use and I find I have to look to find all the moves. Love it!


This is one of my two favorite solitaire games. I played this a lot while much younger and it is good to be back at it. I can tell when I can really tackle it and when I can’t think it through. It takes patience and I need more of it. I recommend this version. Easy to use and it keeps track of your % wins.


I enjoy this game because of the variety of choices. I am home a lot and don’t have a lot of money to spend on outside entertainment so games I play are important! Lol!

Lancair Doug

Returning to a game in process can be a pain and I would love to figure out the scoring system, but the game itself is great.


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