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【图】Glooko – Track Diabetes Data
【图】Glooko – Track Diabetes Data

Glooko – Track Diabetes Data iOS

Glooko 简介

Glooko is the universal diabetes management platform that helps you understand how food, activity, and medication affect your glucose levels – now available at no cost (a one-time hardware fee may apply for users who are not part of a sponsored program)!

Glooko syncs diabetes data from your blood glucose (BG) meter, insulin pump and/or continuous glucose monitor (CGM), and lets you easily track your medication, food and lifestyle data. The Glooko app is compatible with most BG meters, insulin pumps, and CGMs available in the market. See www.glooko.com/compatibility/ for a complete list of compatible devices.

You can also share your reports with your healthcare provider, so they can make informed changes to your care plan and support you in-between office visits.


– Sync readings from 80+ BG meters, insulin pumps and CGMs to create an automatic logbook.
– Create insightful graphs and charts that show how your glucose is affected by insulin, carb, and activity.
– View your glucose trends in multiple ways: chronologically, by periods in the day, week or month, or compare time periods for insight into your BG trends.
– Sync data automatically from popular activity trackers such as Fitbit, Apple Health, Strava, and Moves to see activity data.
– Add foods using the built-in barcode scanner to log your carb intake
– Set reminders to check BG, take medications or anything else you want to be reminded about.

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Glooko 下载

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I like that this app syncs with my glucose meter and fitness meter. I like the history tab where I can see my blood sugar, exercise and food in order for the day. It would be nice to see total daily carbs here like they show total daily steps taken so far. Even better if the food log would keep track of net daily carbs.


I love being able to download my readings! That way my doctor and dietitian can see my progress!

Colleen P

I like the app but it has not synced well with Dexcom for a while now. It seems like the app needs an update or maintenance. Or maybe it’s Dexcom that’s at fault.


I really like Glooko and I’ve found it incredibly helpful to track all of my Diabetes related information in one place easily. I like the incorporation of food, exercise, insulin and BG in one streamlined timeline. There are a few issues and hiccups I’ve noticed though. – There’s strange behavior when I set the time on certain entries. Rather than being able to swipe a finger to spin the day, hour, and minute wheels I have to tap through them or the wheels roll back to whatever the starting point was on their own. Pretty big pain when trying to add exercise to a previous day. – I have issues with the data sharing to the Health App on my iPhone. When I tried to share BG it copied the data multiple times and in some wrong unit because none of the data was right so I turned that off. It would be nice to interface with the Health and Workout apps properly so my exercise would come over automatically on my Glooko timeline. – For inputting Custom Food it’s sometimes difficult on a small screen to click behind a serving or carb number that’s already entered to edit it. For me I’d rather see the field clear and let you enter new information like the units do on the insulin entry screen. – I can’t get the CSV data export to work at all. Some might not need that, but I have a data background so I’d like to take my data out to do some custom analysis for trending. It’s not an option on the Web version either so I’m wondering if it’s broken by design? It is however my personal data so having full use/access of it is important. – It would be great if there was a way to create a Custom Food Grouping. For example I typically eat the same breakfast or lunch 3 or 4 days a week. It would be great to create a group called Normal Breakfast that rolls up the 5 foods I eat into one entry so I don’t have to pick multiple items. More of a nice to have than a bug. Overall I’m impressed, originally I was skeptical of using the app, but now I find it an integral part of my management each day. I’m moving to a Dexcom this week so we’ll see how that interfacing goes and then I might be pursuing an Omnipod next.


I have had issues with my device syncing. The Dexcom took like two days of work to get it to sync to the app with up to date info. The glucose meter was synced but now won’t sync anymore. I know it’s not the meter because other Bluetooth devices are reading it. It’s just the app. If I didn’t have to have it to share with my son’s doctors I wouldn’t waste anymore time with it.


I’m having a lot of problems with syncing and app hanging during sync. I also had problems with the setup with Accu Chek Guide wouldn’t find meter even when next to phone. Phone was also already paired with meter.

Harry the forgetter

Excellent app for controlling blood sugar


Pros: -Easy to read graphs. -Easy to enter information quickly without extra clicks. -Excellent reports on website. Allows entry of custom medications such as Symlin, GLP-1, etc. -Data export feature (however this could be better; I have to select the email option and then grab the file from an email rather than export directly). -Pleasing color scheme. -Reminders for medication -Displays average BG and insulin over various periods of time. -Syncs with Strava for exercise data! -Fast load without the extra useless eye candy of other diabetes management apps. Cons: -Does not write to Apple Health unless you have a CGM. For finger stick people, neither glucose nor insulin injections export to Apple Health. -Does not import food data from 3rd party apps. PLEASE PLEASE add this! This will bump to 5 stars! Either a sync with Cronometer or a read from Apple Health will do (Cronometer writes carbs, protein, and fat to Apple health). If you read carbs, fat, or protein from Apple Health, then effectively you have added sync from other popular food trackers such as myfitnesspal. -Export of CSV only vía email is a bit klunky, though it works. -Cannot remove bad data. If you have sugar on your finger or use a strip to test to make sure it is really Diet Coke that the waiter brought you, those readings cannot be removed from your database – and mess up your charts.


The home s


This app is very good. I especially like the large number of glucose monitors it syncs with and the reports you can print. However it has short comings: the food database is limited, so many meals you have to enter by hand. This could easily be solved by better integration with the apple health app which syncs with many fitness and dietary apps. This brings up the other shortcoming, it only syncs with the apple activity section of the apple health app. It does not share the glucose information or any of the nutrition info that you enter. This could be a 5 star app with better syncing with the apple health app.


Just hook up the dongle and go. Easier than getting the blood.


This app is great for diabetes management – I’ve tried the others and they don’t compare. Love the features and ability to use various meters as my insurance company seems to change which one is covered all the time. Love being able to connect with Strava for workouts and there hasn’t been a good I haven’t been able to track in this app thus far. I’m having some trouble with the share csv function which may not be popular but I like having it so if someone could help with this that’s be greatly appreciated!


After weeks of sharing glucose data with Apple Health the app now shows Apple Health as an “Incompatible Device” and no longer shares data.


I am having so much trouble knowing that my data is received at my providers. I cannot see any screen icons to tell me I did so. Maybe it’s just me.


Will not work with my new iPhone.


Barely useful to begin with. Food data base etc is much less than other apps. Trouble syncing on a regular bases. Now I haven’t been able to sync in over a month. Several emails and nothing but lame responses that are of no help. Initially getting this app I would have rated it about 3 stars but after all these issues I’m lucky to even give it one since it’s virtually useless! Currently I’m looking for another app.

Felix GV

CGM data takes forever to sync. Lots of double entries that are not correctible except by deleting and re-installing the app. Overall, useful, but far from perfect.


Could be very useful if it would sync Omnipod data to Glooko app on the iPhone. Very disappointed that it does not.


The Glooko hardware was extremely useful when used in conjunction with the phone app. It unlocked the mysterious trends of my blood sugar.


Refuse to use any health related that requires a login. Login means cloud. My health data on your cloud? No thanks. Just want an app to take my readings and shove them into Apple health. Is that’s so goddamn hard? If you think you need to make money then charge me for the app. Not a subscription an app charge.


I like this app. It would be even better if 1) you could add favorites, or your own, carb food choices. 2) you could incorporate exercise in the graphs.


80% of the time that I start up the Glooko app on *either* my iPhone or iPad running iOS13, I see: Downloading your data. This could tak a few minutes. Download freezes at 45%. Nothing changes for 10 minutes. I give up.


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They don’t bother telling you that you will have to buy equipment to sync your meter in order for any of this to work!!


I take all of my glucose readings to my doctor every three months I show him to her and this is the way it helped me


The app is just about perfect from a diabetes management perspective, but the latest update completely destroyed the Bluetooth connectivity. Whereas the connectivity was formerly flawless, now I have to restart the app one or two times, AND shut down and restart my Contour Next One meter I order to get the reading to sync. Doesn’t seem to matter if the app is running first, or if the meter is on and ready to measure first, it will refuse to sync until the app and meter have both been restarted. Again, the connectivity piece was formerly rock solid. Please fix this ASAP. Readings have gone from a 30 second affair to 3-5 mins each to ensure the reading is captured in Glooko.


Takes too long because app freezes constantly

Audiobookz addict 12

I love Glooko as a program, but the app is only 3 stars. It really needs some fine-tuning. It’s very slow to load on my iPhone. I wish there was auto-correct on the free-text “notes.” I wish it linked with something like MyFitnessPal for calorie/carb counting and weight loss functionality. Please keep working on it, it has great potential!

Cheryls iPhone 6 Plu

Make a Apple Watch app. Please. Thank you. Thank you🎈


This was one of the first diabetes apps many years ago. I remember using it with the cable before every device had Bluetooth. Unfortunately they have not kept up. Apple Health integration is limited to capturing steps. Yup that’s it. You can send glucose readings from the app to Apple Health. Geez, it’s not like this is mainly used for glucose readings or anything. The meter companies are usually slow with tech. I expected more from Glooko.


I love and hate this app at the same time. I love that it can integrate with Dexcom & OmniPod and you can put your information in there to see how everything works together -food, exercise, etc. What I hate about this app is that it takes forever to load and to be able to enter your information. And it’s not my Internet connection.


The application keeps crashing when logging into app. Worked great before new IPhone IOS update.


So, seems like a nice app, but useless for those who use the Freestyle Libre CGM. App doesn’t support it, and though the developers replied quite quickly to my email about it, they put the ball into Abbott’s court. Since it’s the Libre that I use, the app is useless for me. Would have been nice to keep track of everything in one place. Oh well.


I love seeing my pump, cgm, and step data together. Logging my meals is simple and the food library is pretty good. Love the barcode scanner!


Managing diabetes is a lot of work and this app integrates everything in an easy to use format. Integration with food databases is s huge plus. And detailed reporting makes it much easier to communicate with my doctor. Thank you!


I am thrilled the product team implemented the scanner… great job


Thank you for adding the bar code scanner. Makes life easier when we are on the run and making something quick. My grandson recently got Dexcom G6 and I was glad to see that we could link to this app as well so we can figure out how particular food trends for him.


I already pay a fortune for medication and testing supplies. I don’t feel like paying another $60 for an app subscription.

Bobby J76

Finally found what I was looking for! This app has completely changed my life and I cannot be more grateful for all the hard work and dedication they’ve done it to Glooko.

Willy wonka candy

Every time I attempt to share my report with my doctor the app crashes. Wth?!? Also I’m not sure if I’m missing something but it appears the only way to sync the omnipod is through actually connecting the omnipod to a cable and downloading/syncing with the computer. Not very convenient…why download the app at all?!?


Love the app- makes it so easy to see trends and adjust basal and bolus rates accordingly. I really need it to work with more exercise apps and import data from them, though. I love the Nike Run Club app and Map My Run, and would love if my data from them could be part of this. Exercise affects my blood glucose level more than anything else I’ve found, and this would help me manage my diabetes even better to see the timing and intensity of my workouts along side the info from my CGM and insulin pump. Please considering adding these!

Russelk C

11/1/2018. Prior to most recent update you could select a custom insulin type and dose and have it show up in your history page correctly. Now, even selecting the insulin group causes the whole app to freeze. It does this even after I‘ve reloaded the app and all the data. I don’t know how it is possible, but Glooko is getting less and less useable with every new upgrade.


When I downloaded this app and started signing into it I noticed a line asking for phone number but it also says optional, so I filled out other info and found it’s not optional it will not let me set up a profile without 1. Giving my phone number and 2. Agreeing to have 3rd party info sent to my phone number!! Thanks but no thanks!!!


My last doctor appointment was very disappointing. Using an Omnipod and Dexcom G6 has become more difficult because he has to refer to clarity reports and Glooko reports. Please update app for G6 support


I loved this app for a while, and then it stopped syncing with my G5 for over 6 months. I completely stopped using it because all the info was from a year ago :/ but now I have a G6, and there’s not an option to sync Glooko with a dexcom G6…..I really loved all the data I was getting when I first started using the app, I was hoping syncing a new transmitter would get it to work again. When will there be a G6 option?


Worst app to try and use. Don’t


I had problems sincing my accuchek Aviva expert. I called about 7 times and they could not correct the problem. I found the problem myself. I really wish I could just scan in the bar codes for my food log. I won’t use this food log because of that. Too bad. This ap and set up is just barely ok for me.


The reports that the app produces don’t provide enough clear information for me to make pump adjustments which is why I wanted to use the app.


Useless until G6 support is added.


Oh my word at changes. I did use it ALL time. The changes are unmanageable for me. Old app: I could log combination of foods for my meal and easily get total carbs. Adding notes was so easy and I could attach the notes to meal or to insulin taken Changing quantities was simple. For example from cup to 1/2 cup and it would calculated and adjust the nutritional info. I keep good records for my doctor. Only thing I would have suggested on old app was adding pic of meal plate like on lost-it and organizing custom foods in alpha order. BUT now, the NEW ApP: I cant change quantities on some items , have to add carbs up for meal manually, cannot connect notes to insulin or meal, lost most of my custom foods I had set up. Totally flustrating. Will be searching for a new app. Disappointed, Patricia Dodd Cell 870-500-8506


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