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INFINITI Connection® iOS

INFINITI Connection® 简介

The INFINITI Connection® app allows you to remotely lock or unlock your vehicle, contact roadside assistance and set alert notifications for things like maximum speed right from your iPhone or Apple Watch.*

INFINITI Connection is available on the following models:

2017: Q70, Q70 Hybrid, Q70L, QX80
2016: Q70, Q70 Hybrid, Q70L , QX60, QX60 Hybrid, QX80
2015: Q50, Q50 Hybrid, Q70, Q70 Hybrid, QX60, QX60 Hybrid, QX80
2014: Q50, Q70, QX60, QX80
2013: M/Q70, JX/QX60, QX56/QX80


INFINITI Connection opens a new dimension of connectivity between you, your vehicle, and your world. This extensive suite of digital alerts and remote services are your direct link to personal security, confidence and convenience.

Choose the level of service that is right for you. On equipped vehicles the INFINITI Connection Plus package is included with your first six months of ownership.



– INFINITI Connection Skill with Amazon Alexa
– INFINITI Connection Action on Google
– Remote Door Lock/Unlock
– Maintenance Alert
– Scheduled Maintenance Notification


Includes all INFINITI Connection Select features as well as:

– Automatic Collision Notification
– Emergency Call
– Connection to Roadside Assistance
– Stolen Vehicle Locator
– Alarm Notification
– Drive Zone Alert
– Valet Alert
– Max Speed Alert
– My Schedule (Google Calendar™)
– Mobile Information Service
– Connected Search
– Google® Send to Car
– Destination Send to Car
– Journey Planner
– Destination Assistance
– INFINITI Personal Assistant®


At the touch of a button—or automatically in the event of an airbag deployment — INFINITI Connection response specialists can request response services, connect you to roadside assistance, or help the police locate your vehicle in the unfortunate event that it becomes stolen. You can also receive alerts on your device if your vehicle’s alarm is triggered.


Drive Zone, Max Speed and Valet alerts allow you to monitor how your INFINITI is being driven, even when someone else is behind the wheel. Enable Maintenance Alerts to receive a notification if a malfunction indicator light is triggered in your vehicle.

The INFINITI Connection app allows you to lock or unlock your INFINITI remotely with your compatible iPhone. Send your latest destination directly to the vehicle’s navigation system or use the in-vehicle connection to contact an INFINITI Personal Assistant to perform tasks on your behalf like making a dinner reservation.

*Subscription Agreement Terms and Conditions apply. Available services/features may be shown. Compatible connected device may be required. Only use services/features and device when safe and legal to do so. Subject to GPS and wireless network availability and connection, and system/technology limitations. Text rates/data usage may apply. Some services/features provided by companies not within Infiniti or its partners’ or agents’ control and may be discontinued at any time. For more information, see retailer, owner’s manual, or www.InfinitiUSA.com/intouch/important-information.

Privacy Policy: http://www.infinitiusa.com/global/privacy

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INFINITI Connection® 下载

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They have a couple versions available and they’re all pretty much the same, runs like a web page pop up. I feel like they can do better and I’ve seen cheaper brands run a better app. As for the in car connection, it doesn’t seem to completely work in my car so I’ll just chalk it up since it’s a complementary subscription and as long as most of the SOS features work.


Can’t even use this feature. App closes before it even opens. So sad. Waste of time

Dj Chelly Chelz

Before you can even use this app after signing in, it times out not allowing access to features. Very disappointing.


This was an function sold to me yet it has never worked.


This application is like you should not have an app. It’s HORRIBLE!!! It does NOT WORK. THAT’s It!


Has never worked. Try to log in, give my VIN, app kicks me out and asks me to log in again. Wish I could give it 0 stars.


For a luxury brand, Infiniti is Finite at best. I haven’t seen electronics this out of date since the rotary phone. I would keep a close eye on those 2020 models in the works. Hoping they get an upgrade to an 8 track tape player and an atlas in the glove box. !!


Very inconsistent remote door lock function. Some days the server is not available and on most days it just fails to lock and request’s that you try again. Without success (almost an infinite loop). App is almost worthless except that it does have a couple of functions that are usable , such as direction downloads to the vehicle.


For the amount I paid for my car there should be a much better application. The application does not even allow me to register my vehicle. I recently turned in my Buick and their remote start application is superb!


Simple interface and features work the way they were designed.I use my all the time.


I’d give this 0 stars if I could. App is useless. Was never able to send directions to the car. Even tried calling for the concierge service and they couldn’t even send the directions. Total waste. Who cares about remote unlock and lock the doors. Previous car and service, I could at least remotely start the car too.


can you please install an update or get this fixed?!?


Always required relogging in at the most inconvenient times. Features aren’t very good either and the app layout could be better


The app absolutely does not work with a 2016 QX80. Infiniti customer service is terrible and cannot resolve the problems with the app. The dealership is no help as well. For the price of this luxury car, this quality is far below the competition.


I wanted to love this but twice in 6 months it has stopped working for a month at a time. When you call for help they say they will report but then you are left to wait and you keep paying while it doesn’t work. Normally they update you every two weeks. Do not purchase


For such a good car, this app is pretty bad. I have talked to the customer service reps numerous times and their response is that “we will accelerate this” and nothing happens. To be clear, the remote lock/unlock DOESNT WORK. I took the vehicle back to the dealer (at the CSR’s request). The tech rep at the dealer said that they inform new customers that this feature of the app doesn’t work!! Infiniti—get your act together. Your car is too good to have an issue such as this plague the experience.

Justa commuter

This app is totally useless. And INFINITI provides no support. I’m very disappointed Infiniti.

Kea is

The app only responds to the door lock/unlock command. Other functions such as valet alert and drive zone will not work with the app. I’ve made numerous calls to support but nobody can help. I consider the money I spent for this service wasted. You would expect better service from Infiniti. Disappointing.


Several calls to the service number and no one ever calls back. The dealership has tried not their fault. Infiniti should be embarrassed. My husbands GMC truck app works perfectly. Don’t bother with it.


Always says “ Services Unavailable”. Many calls to Infiniti have not resolved the problem. The functions work through the web portal some time but never with the app.


The Apple Watch connection is buggy. Works sometimes other times it hangs. But it’s consistent with most of the Infiniti applications. Poor..


Couldn’t be more dissatisfied. App doesn’t work, customer service agents useless. Can’t wait to get rid of this vehicle all together


I can never get this thing open and it really crappy app!!!!!!! Software engineers need to be fired. I think Infiniti should refund me the money for the functions unable to use


New app looks better but doesn’t work well.


Infiniti would be best served to recall this app update entirely and restore the previous version prior to the recent overhaul. It simply doesn’t work…. for example the lock/unlock commands fail…. App also shows a prior Infiniti car in my profile that I traded in over 7 months ago, when I call Infiniti to ask they’re dumbfounded because they no longer show the car in my account. Do yourself a favor and bypass this app and the Infiniti subscription altogether; I’m cancelling my subscription tomorrow because I’m tired of waiting for them to fix their crappy app.


Nissan said we might loose access for a week or two during a transition. That was over a month ago and I still can’t log in through the app. It worked fine before that transition, and I can log in to the service on a PC in a web browser…. just not in the app.


New 3.0v app doesn’t work. Can’t log in and shows my account doesn’t existing even though I’ve been a member and account holder for 3years. Got the new updates and still can’t log in with my active account. What is going on?!?!

lopez 1986

Doe not even let me open it it was working fine untill the last update


I’ve subscribed to Infiniti connection for years and haven’t been that impressed with the app. I hardly write reviews but this app update deserves negative stars. The update broke the app. It does not work any more. Of course I locked my keys in my car the day of the update. Ordinarily I open my app and unlock the car. I was unable to do so and was stranded until someone could bring my spare key. I called support and they said they were going through “routine maintenance” and it should be fixed shortly. I received a voicemail today from support saying they were still performing “routine maintenance”. Calling it routine maintenance is absurd. Call it what it is. Don’t sugar coat it. This is not what I expect from an app I pay 400.00 a year to use.


Infiniti’s app has always been sub-par but at least it worked! This new release says I am not subscribed which I am when I go online. I called and am now stuck on hold forever and there is no way to submit an email for support. Not how I wanted to spend my day. Love the car but the apps and InTouch in the car are way behind all other car manufacturers.


New release – couldn’t sign into my account and when I finally did – the App didn’t accept the VIN. Clearly, the App wasn’t tested.


Can’t log in. Won’t accept my VIN. What’s going on….


Hard to believe that a Company like infiniti would release apps like these and not tested properly. Their website is also down. Who do you employee there?


App won’t let me log in. Glad I pay $400 a year for an app that doesn’t work. You would think that infiniti would invest some of that money on their back end infrastructure. Garbage as usual

Steeeeeev H

Log in, get a spinner for over a minute. Close app, open. It asks for my VIN. Type that in, press enter, another spinner. Close app. Open the app, it says Infiniti Connect and sits there. Over a minute. Finally: “Unable to Enroll”. Huh? I’ve had the car THREE YEARS. I’m enrolled. So much for software QA.


I don’t know how well this app works, because after entering my username and password I had to wait over a minute for the app to respond, and the first thing it did was ask me for my VIN. Leaving aside the ridiculous burden on entering that on my phone, after I did, the app was once again unresponsive for over a minute, at which point I gave up trying. No matter how well their vehicles perform, experiences like this make me associate the Infiniti brand with being slow and unresponsive.


I am prompted to go to the “Owners Manual Website” after in input my VIN. Same happens to the other Infinity app. Maybe first day hiccup but as of right now, worthless.


I’ve only used this app to lock/unlock my car, and most of the time I try to do that, the only result I get is an email a few minutes later saying it didn’t work. I think the problem is the overall Infiniti connect system, not the app. I’ve had other issues: car’s SOS button often fails to connect on first try, call them and they reset something remotely and everything (even the app) works for a while, but then when it all fails again they tell me I need to bring the car in to the dealer (no thanks when obvs it’s not the car but their system), website shows different expiration date than what they tell me when I call, and twice they charged my Visa card even though I’m supposed to still be in my first year free trial (got it refunded both times). It’s just a mess overall.


Tried to log in and it says wrong password. Change password and still doesn’t work.


Needs to update to use on watch face!


I try to log in and it states that there is a network connectivity error. I CAN connect with every app and internet. Needs to be polished.


This is a really bad app in every way possible.


iPhone app works great, but the Apple Watch app doesn’t work!!!


Only lock and unlock work, and that’s only some of the time. There is no support, and they will charge you multiple times for a year of service. That’s after they had to upgrade the 2G radio they ignorantly installed in a 2015 model vehicle. Crazy. Infiniti is terrible.

Dont buy mental case

The registration process on my iPhone is not working at all. Infiniti should fire peopl who made this app. Don’t install!!!


Terrible app Poor features for a luxury car. Ford app is better.


If this is supposed to work with or unlock paid-for features for Infiniti customers it is a huge disappointment as it doesn’t work! This should be fixed quickly.


The remote start Works about 50/50. Signal is good, so I don’t know what the issue is. Cool when it works.


Does not work: continues to ask me to upload a photo but does not specify what the photo needs to be of. Then after uploading a photo it will not let you proceed to the next screen. Crashes and looks like an outdated app that should be on an iPhone3.


Just purchased a 2017 q60 red sport 400. The dealership promotes this app as if it’s the best on market yet it’s absolute garbage. It looks like it’s built for an iPhone 4. The remote start doesn’t work and always prompts an error code. It requires you to login and prompts you for a pin every time you want to do something. Just garbage. Complete garbage. After spending 50k on a car you’d think they’d have a functioning app.


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