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Great Southern Mobile Banking iOS

Great Southern Mobile Banking 简介

The Great Southern Mobile Banking app serves up powerful tools for Online Banking and Cash Management users*. Online Banking users can easily activate Send Money, Account Alerts, Text Banking, Quick Balance, and Debit On/Off in the app. In addition, Bill Pay and Mobile Check Deposit are available by enrollment.**
All Online Banking and Cash Management users can:
• View and manage accounts
• Activate eDocuments
• Reorder checks
• Transfer funds instantly between Great Southern accounts
• Enable Biometric login features on eligible devices
• Communicate with us through the Secure Message Center
• Find Great Southern ATMs and Banking Centers
• Use our handy calculators for tips, savings, and monthly payments

*Must be enrolled in Online Banking or Cash Management to utilize the app’s full capabilities.
**Some features not available for Cash Management Users.

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Great Southern Mobile Banking 下载

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Angel Peguese

I have gotten locked out of my account many times for entering my password in correctly. I’m truly sick of wrestling with this app.


The ui for bill pay is amongst the worst. It used to be a quick moment to pay bills, now it’s a scrolling nightmare.


Can’t paste password from password app. This makes this app useless to me


Last update completely locked me out my account.


I like the mobile banking app, it’s generally easy to use…until it’s not. Sometimes if your phone or app updates, it will log you out and force you to reset up your log in and Touch ID credentials. Also, if you ever try to make a new password, the programming has an incredibly inconvenient glitch. If your new password doesn’t match the two times you put it in, instead of an error text box popping up and telling you the passwords do not match, it will log you out completely. From here, you have to re-enter your username and old password, just to make a new one. It’s incredibly aggravating to go through this process, because it often happens more than once.


The only thing consistent about this app is that I can’t count on it to work. 75% of the time it never loads the login, or I get an error, or it’s so slow the connection times out. It’s been like this for months and it’s also never let me reset my face recognition to login since the new update. I am considering switching banks because the app functionality is so poor.


At least once every 3 months I try logging in and it tells me I’m using the wrong password and then proceeds to lock me out of my own account. I’m getting really sick and tired of it, especially when they tell me my security questions are wrong. I have everything written down and I typed in correctly. I don’t see why it’s necessary to keep doing this.


You MUST fix your mobile deposit. This is the only bank app where you have to endorse with a certain phrase and also in perfect block letters. I’ve had one out of ten checks go through. I have a large balance with this bank and it’s ridiculous that your app can’t handle this simple task. I’m tired of going to the bank for every 20 dollar check.


Since the update I have not been able to access my bank account on my watch. Any suggestions to troubleshoot this issue? I’ve tried deleting the app and resetting my watch completely. I have the “quick balance” enabled so I know that’s not the reason.


This app was never really the smoothest experience if we’re honest but I could at least login and use my face id to sign in. The mobile banking was down for several days for an update and then after it downloaded I had to call to gain access to my account again. Ended up being locked out and when I finally get it all fixed it says I need to update again to use ‘Pilot’ Stop “fixing” your app by making me, a customer, work harder to be able to use it. Thanks


Unreliable app access to accounts at times when browser access works just fine. Update kills sessions too quickly and made it a pain to log in via mobile by disabling bio-credentials without cause, not allowing paste of secure passwords, and requiring too many clicks to get from app launch to “cash management” session. Terrible UX on this update.


Before the update it was quick and easy for me to login,, after my Touch ID won’t work, my password won’t work, and the link to change my password won’t work,,, I used to use the app everyday but because I have to call customer service every time I need to login I use it considerably less V frustrating.


I deliver food during the evening as a way to get income and I transfer the money over to my bank which is supposed to be instant. I try to check if it went through but it doesn’t. It takes hours for the money to show up on my account. Since they’re doing some sort of maintenance at night, it glitches and it tells me I’m $-200 or $-60 in the hole. It gives me anxiety because I know I never spent that much nor do I have any subscriptions that automatically take out. I can’t even call anyone at that time to get it figured out. I just have to wait. I find that very unfair because I’ve been a good customer at this bank for two years and I get this in return. I’m not usually one to complain but it is very frustrating having to work around this issue. A banking app is supposed to help people. Not give people anxiety. I hope they fix this soon or at all because it’s really making me want to look for a new bank.


Before the update I was able to log into my app with a fingerprint, now it won’t let me and I have to stop and type in the password everytime. The only things I need from this app is to check my balances, set new transfers and check on pending transfers. Those haven’t changed with the new update, but the fingerprint access did. Therefore, the new update is now less convenient. They closed down online access for several days for less convenience. Thanks.


So, so, so slow!

William Marquez

You can set your option of using your fingerprint or not. I choose the enable fingerprint option every time and it never saves. So remember your password you’ll need it every time.


Your app is total ass. It locked my account several times even after I successfully changed my password twice.


It’s is so much easier to drive to the atm than mess with this worthless app to many bug logs you out the when you try Roy get back in to it it will say wrong password really makes me want to change banks


I really like the app but after this last update I’ve been disappointed. I had so much trouble logging in after the update and then now it won’t let me use my fingerprint to log in no matter how many times I go to the settings and reset it. Still needs some work guys


The app itself seems more like a HD version of a website that was originally made in the late 90s to early 2000s. I mean it works alright but I would like to see it brought more into the modern era, making it more streamlined to do basic things and giving it a much needed facelift. For example: The recent transactions do not need to be so detailed on the main account view. Instead it should show up with the date (you can group all like dates together), pending or posted status, vendor name (shortened) and the amount taken/refunded. Then when you tap on the transaction, it’ll give you the rest of the information. Some other options that would be nice would be things like receiving notifications when a deposit hits your account, or when a electronic check clears (with an option to turn those notifications on or off of course), etc. Siri integration, a way to view your account and routing numbers (after logging in again or using biometrics), basically just adding some quality of life features.


I am already fed up with this update. It took 3 days to install it so I couldn’t access my account. It was suppose to be up and running Monday morning and it wasn’t until later in the day I finally went through the process of setting up my user ID and password all over again to finally get into the system on Tuesday. Same login info worked again on Wednesday but today I keep getting messages that it’s down again and now it just keeps telling me my user ID or password is wrong. So I’m not certain if it’s still down, if I need to reset my ID and password yet AGAIN, or wait until morning and see if it’s working ??!!? I truly despise this banking app.


I love the Great Southern app on the iPhone. It’s always updated my balance rather quickly and it’s nice to use Touch ID to get into my account. The only reason I gave it 4 stars is because the update was a pain.. I had to reinstall and login with the last 4 of my social. Then change the password. Took me a few tries to reset my password before realizing I needed to also use the last 4 of my social in the “current password” field. Hopefully the update has some features I will be able to use and if I find it works great from here on I’ll update to 5 stars and change my review.


Down for 3 days and then won’t let account sign in. Not building confidence in your ability to take care of my money.


Great southern runs their business like it’s 2009. Apparently it’s acceptable to not let people check their balance for 3-5 days.


After the new updat I cant access the app at all


Unable to login haven’t been able to see my account for days now.


App is super slow after logging in, even on hi speed wifi, took over a minute to load after, crashing twice. Online banking really shouldn’t be down for 3-1/2 days. One of my accounts name has changed?? Really down quite often, would like to stay with local bank, but it’s almost getting to be more trouble than it’s worth.


After three days of being unable to access my account online you would think the new app would be a redesign of an already cumbersome user interface. They decided to go backwards. More clicks for simple tasks,scrolling left/right just to read items like bill pay is horrendous. Apps aren’t supposed to mimic web interfaces. I will be switching banks.


They choose to constantly update their servers and it’s usually done over a weekend when branches are closed and users are out spending money leaving customers in the dark concerning account balance. This latest update has been a complete failure and will not allow log in or any access to my account. Tellers at the bank are just as clueless, being informed of absolutely no progress or solution to online access. I bank with several banks and this is the worst mobile experience by a long shot.


System is always down, after update you can’t login. slow

Truth Trumps Lies

I am a truck driver so I am out of town a lot. In the last few years I cannot count how many times they just decided to turn my ATM card off because of their own problems. Two weeks ago I could not access my automatically deposited paycheck because they were having system errors. When I called I was told that indeed they could see it, but I just can’t have it. This past weekend they have taken four full days to update their app. Today is Monday and I have not been able to access my account since Friday. And do you think anyone will answer the phone? NOPE! I can’t wait to get home and change banks!


The app keeps glitching and then goes off the app. You have to go back and change your password like 100 times and then when you do all that it glitches off and you have to start all over. It’s stupid and I’m tired of it please get a better app.


The app updated and now it doesn’t work or even open up shuts down automatically


I give this app only 2 stars because it switches around my transactions. It confuses me and throws my money calculations off.


App crashes when I try to use the secure message center.


This app is telling me I have money that I know I don’t have the balance is so broken!


App doesn’t load for the past week. Is there an update?


New App Needed that is User Friendly this App is totally useless!!! Why can’t you banking people accommodate the customers ? We are the ones that use it. Geez move it 💔 FIFTH THIRD NOT THE PROBLEM You would think that after all the Bad Reviews on this App that they would Redo it and get one that is User Friendly instead of making life more Complicated! Then they dare to say that FIFTH THIRD WAS THE PROBLEM…I THINK NOT HOW EMBARRASSING 😱 DO YOU THINK YOU MIGHT EVER GET THIS APP WHERE IT IS USER FRIENDLY-SERIOUSLY what is with you people ??


Dear GSB, why is your app secretly taking photos without telling us? As soon as you launch the app you access the camera and take a picture. This is before any log in or attempt at accessing my accounts. I discovered this when I opened the app in a dark room and the screen flashed to provide illumination for the front facing camera. This is a breach of trust.


This app is dated. Hasn’t been updated in over a year. Some system elements render incorrectly and the overall experience isn’t all that good. The bank themselves isn’t bad but this app doesn’t demonstrate that. If anything it shows the shortcomings of GSB..


Mobile check deposit never works do other banks have same problem


But I went to check my balance and opened my first account and it said I was -$91 and I looked and nothing seemed to add it up. But I did refresh and it is correct now. Maybe a one time glitch?


Every single time I try to open the app and sign in, it just closes out of the app. Every single time. How is this supposed to be Mobile banking if I can’t even use the app on my mobile device. It used to work fine but has been awful for the past 4 months.


It’s frustrating for one big reason. When you open the app, you expect the balance you see to be what is available. However, at any given time, the app will have three different totals for balance, available balance and current balance. Sometimes with wildly drastic totals for each. This NEEDS to be fixed with a single current balance that reflects the actual amount available at the time. Other bank apps have this, so I know it is something that can be implemented here. Get on it GS.


Overall for an app made by a local bank the app works great. Despite the massive amount of 1 star reviews, the app has very few glitches and works fine as long as you stay updated on the newest version of iOS. Disliking a bank or getting upset that your app crashed is hardly a call for a 1 star review on an all around well put together app.

gsbabout to drop the

Mobile deposit function has been down for weeks. Complete trash. No reason it should take that long to make that fix.


iOS 12.1.3 and the latest app update – trying to edit a scheduled bill pay and clicking on the row to edit – does nothing.


I love this app!! Always works perfect


This app is horrible it constantly locks me out and I have to change my stuff like every other week. The bank itself is not good either it takes out and puts in money when they are not supposed to and then tell you that it’s all your fault instead. I am definitely switching banks very soon.


I’ve been having problems for months with this app!! It’ll say I have one amount then my balance would drop significantly even when I didn’t spend any money then days later it comes back


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