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【图】PrimeTrust Financial FCU
【图】PrimeTrust Financial FCU

PrimeTrust Financial FCU iOS

PrimeTrust Financial FCU 简介

PrimeTrust Financial Mobile Banking allows you to check balances, view transaction history, transfer funds and pay loans on the go!
•Check Balances
•View Transaction History
•Transfer Funds
•Pay Loans
•Secure Messaging for support

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PrimeTrust Financial FCU 下载




We need the ability to take pictures of your check to deposit, also I can’t access my account number from this app that’s frustrating


I love this app for paying bills & managing my accts.


Doesn’t provide support for mobile deposit.


II find


Need to be able to cash a check with a photo and also transfer money to any account. Thanks


I have been w/WGE/Primetrust since early 1990’s. Great customer service. I have never had an issue with my account & the partnerships with other credit unions is fantastic!!! Keep up the awesome work. I would highly recommend PTF


A bank that makes you feel at home and take care of you and your business like no other.

Eddie 1420

Love how we can put all acc lovein one app. I hate the new app.

P T bs

Slowest app ever

Smari Giss

I use this app all the time and it is really good work well! The only thing I don’t like is this yellow color on the letters, when you get older it an be really difficult to read this in bag lights!


In all of our busy lives there are times where things get away from us especially our bank accounts it would be so appreciative if there was some kind of notification if there is going to be an overdraft give us a little time to fix the problem instead of charging us $28 if we are just one penny over I feel like as long as I’ve been a member. There should be some kind of waiting period there are a lot of banks doing this for their members. Because once you overdraft it is a trickle effect and every time a check goes through there is another $28 Dollar fee before you know it it’s over $120 in fees. I know this isn’t the banks fault it is the members. I feel like there could be a happy medium for your members please consider looking into this it would be highly appreciative thank you for your time.


The App is very easy to navigate 😁


Easy to use, user friendly. Love the lay out, simple.


I love this app it is very easy to use I can log in and check my balance at any time I need to!! Love love love this app


I would love to ask if you can make it to use Face ID log in 🙂 ty


App is pretty good however where is your mobile deposit capability?

Florida Flamingo Gir

Great improvements – love easy access to credit card, and access to statements. Would like to deposit checks through the app. App is very slow.

prime trust customer

The old app is much better I don’t like how this app has with draws in red to me red mean negative. I just liked the break down of the old app so much better seemed easier to use. Wish I could go back to the original app.


The new improvements were something to get used to because it worked fine for me before! I love prime trust and this really helps me keep track of what I’m spending and where I am spending it. It is also super simple to transfer money throughout your different accounts which is nice!


Great addition with the credit card, now only if we could deposit checks through the app like some other banks then it would be perfect!


I can tell they have spent a lot of time working on this new app. Good job! You deserve a pat on the back.


Love the new credit card options and ability to turn on/off debit card from the app! (Not that I’ve ever temporarily lost my debit card)


This is a great mobile app, but with iOS 9, it locks up when trying to enroll fingerprint. Please fix!

Haleys Ipod

Testing in works right now. Testing going well.


My old bank’s app was really useful so I was psyched PrimeTrust had one. This thing is so clunky and awkward it’s hard to use, and the online bill pay not being included makes it kind of useless for anything other than just checking my account balance. The fact that bill pay on the actual website won’t work on ipad/iphone is insult to injury.


Very happy my bank has this app available! This will make things very convenient while being on the go with family and work:)


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