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War Games – Commander is a real-time modern war strategy MMO game completely FREE to play and it offers the ultimate experience for users who love to prove their strategy ability with players from all around the world.

Players gather and produce resources to build and grow their bases, train soldiers, craft powerful weapons and build assault vehicles to wage wars against their enemies.

War Games Features:
– Resources management (electricity, oil, iron, food, cash, and gold) to build your buildings, train your troops, craft war machines and upgrade them.
– Level up your Commander Hero and equip him/her with the most powerful weapons and protective armors. Install mods on your equipment to make them stronger.
– Train 16 different troops like Frigate, Battleships, War Helicopters, Air Fighters, Navy Seals and many more.
– Build your base defenses like Antiaircraft Guns, Rockets, Air Defense Missile, Beam Machine Guns, Sniper Towers and many more.
– Develop 142 different skills and enhance your power.
– Create or Join powerful alliances to get daily bonuses and gifts. Rally attack your enemies with your mates to become the most powerful alliance in the world of WGC.
– The real-time translation chat allows you to chat with everyone across the world without language barriers in 32 different languages. You type in your language and our system will immediately send the message to the receiver already translated.

What our players say of WGC.
5/5 – “Great game, better than MS by a long shot. Hope they don’t get greedy like MZ.”
5/5 – “A breath of fresh air from that other game.”
4/5 – “Good game to pass the time and like I said before you can really get into it.”
5/5 – “Much better game, it doesn’t cost an arm and a leg to play.”
5/5 – “Easy to learn and play. You will meet a lot of good people to play with.”
4/5 – “It’s better than Mobile Strike.”
5/5 – “Closest I’ve found to mobile strike. This game is, in my opinion, much fairer as MS has turned into a game for the rich who can buy daily updates.”
4/5 – “I really like this game. It helps me think and relax.”
5/5 – “Amazing. Really enjoying. Same as others I agree, but it’s young. It’s like playing Mobile Strike two or so years ago. Yet this game still thinks of the players and not the money. Great jobs ladies and gents”

War Games – Commander is completely free to play however, some game items still can be purchased with real money. If you don’t want to use this feature, please disable this function in your device or the store settings.

Gold Club:
Weekly Gold Club Member
– Period: 1 week
– Price: 9.99$
Monthly Gold Club Member
– Period: 1 month
– Price: 29.99$
Quarterly Gold Club Member
– Period: 3 months
– Price: 79.99$
• Payment will be charged to iTunes Account at confirmation of purchase
• Subscription automatically renews unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24-hours before the end of the current period
• Accounts will be charged for renewal within 24-hours prior to the end of the current period, and identify the cost of the renewal
• Subscriptions may be managed by the user and auto-renewal may be turned off by going to the user’s Account Settings after purchase
Terms Of Use: http://wargamesapp.com/TermsOfUse_gs.html
Privacy Policy: http://wargamesapp.com/PrivacyPolicy_gs.html


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Please do not let this game die out! Advertise, do something to attract new players. Really fun game, just need people to play it.

Crazy Davester

I played this game as a credit offer to get Habbo Credits. The requirement it to get to level 21 Headquarters within 21 days. By the time I got to level 11, every building took several days to upgrade, and as anybody who has played these sorts of games knows, to upgrade headquarters you have to upgrade nearly all the other buildings on the board. You would likely have to spend HUNDREDS of dollars on In-App-Purchases to meet these requirements. Not worth the time.


Love it


This game is ripping other games off


This game could be great but developers fail to respond to their players advice. There is no nerf here so it makes Kill Events useless and unfair, there is no strategy involved in building 100 million t1’s, why bother having events that are almost impossible to win. Not enough players because of no advertising and first point above. Their in app purchases are to expensive for what is offered, not enough rss or speed ups to do much. They need better servers! Game lags and glitches like crazy during Kill Events. Customer service is bad! Days before you get a response and then it’s automated so it takes days if not weeks to get issues resolved. This could be a good game, but because they fail to give their players what they ask for it will never see the glory that MS or others have had.


Notifications have stopped working


Since the developers decided to cater to the big spenders the average player who spends about $30 a month is left in the cold. All the challenges are set up for the bigs. That recently changed. The old challenges offered gold for shields and speed ups. Now the offer feathers that only can be used if you spend 400dollers to open up buildings that offer better gear and bye the time I would do that more new and powerful things come out. This is a game of catch-up. Unless you pay a thousand dollars monthly. I’m getting out.


We spent a load of money on this game, and the service we received from your help desk , lacks proper responses and the ability to fix our issues. The only response I ever get is please send photos, at time photos can’t be done, the u say did we fix your issue, we say no and you won’t respond back.


No strategy at all game is completely whoever spends the most wins. Has become horrifically boring no rallies just fighting over dead bases. Waste of time and money.


The latest update has broken all functionality! This game used to be awesome! That was until they began with the updates. Now they are trying to add new updates monthly and even weekly in some cases. There were numerous issues prior to this that needed to be addressed. The developer either chose to ignore or could not rid the game of these issues. Now that they are adding new updates at such a rapid pace, old issues with the game have become even worse. On top of that, the new updates are not working and are also breaking the normal gameplay functions that were in place prior to these new updates! Support tickets to the developers within the game go unanswered! Currently I have sent three since July 5th, 2019 and have yet to get even one response from them! Now it gets worse! Three days ago (July 14th, 2019) they added a new building called the development center. For some reason ONLY android users (google play customers) are able to see this building within there base. Also the new gold packs that can be purchased to unlock and update the development center are not showing for Apple device users, but they are for android (google play) users! This is a blatant breach of their own terms of service agreement to have fair and equal gameplay! I would also think Apple would not like to know that this developer is unfairly treating their customers! I would suggest to Apple that they totally remove this app because it is flat out defrauding their customers. We are at an unfair disadvantage based upon the very device we choose to use despite their claims of it being a level playing field! If I were any current players that read this, I would IMMEDIATELY delete the app and request a full refund because this developer is a scammer!!


I wish I could rate this higher. The game started as a good alternative to Mobile Strike. But they really don’t give you anything. You also can’t earn it. You must buy it for every element plan on spending $100.00 each time. So I wouldn’t spend your money here at this time I might change my review if i see the developer of the game actually try to make an effort to change the way you grow in this game. Unless you spend a $1000 dollars you can’t even catch up with most players in your alliance. Maybe they will listen let’s see.


I am so addicted to this right now I really don’t know why there’s so much hate on it


Love it.

rider marty

The game would have been better with better base picture or by adding some moving soldiers

Going back to XBox

Mega spenders ruined this game the same as Mobile Strike was ruined. If you aren’t spending thousands of dollars don’t bother downloading. Still only two states after two plus years.


People are tracking bases by leaving comments on my base. I get a notifications that someone commented, I look at my base and it’s shows none. I know how to delete comments but hard to do when I can’t see them. Others can though. Glitch is costing them money because no one hits my base


Best game ever. Support rocks

LeRoys IPhone

Missing several things while the game has gotten better I bought about 10 packs and through out I have noticed I am missing rss and also speeds for research and building along with about 10 cyanide pills which is crazy so I haven’t really been buying anymore packs since then it is once I am paid back for my stuff I will resume buying some more stuff but I haven’t figured out if they will remedy this I hope so then the game can go on there was an issue little over a year ago and my commander was taken and killed due to a glitch but recently they fixed those issues but have never either reset the stat or repay me due to this glitch. Anyways the game has gotten better and there are a few little things to fix but all in all still a good game


It’s a lot slower than mobile strike, but still pay to play if you want to be a ‘player’ the updates don’t ‘tie’ together…I think the game is slowly dying…. I only log in once a day now…


I have been playing this game for over 2 years. Never had one complaint. I sent in a ticket because of a glitch in the game. They said they would compensate. Never happen then ignored the issue completely. Save you money move on this game and the people that run it BLOW!


I have a simple issue which had to do with an in-game buff offered in one of the packs that was for sale in the game. The buff offered a time reduction of 30% when activated. The idea was to use less speed up items which are scarce in the game. Speed up items are offered in different time increments and are used in conjunction with resources to upgrade one’s base. I took screenshots of training time remaining before the training speed buff was activated, and one after the buff was activated (training the same type and amount of troops). The outcome was clearly and obviously not a 30% reduction in time. This item was located at the top of the advertised pack in order to make the pack more appealing to buyers. I provided proof to the customer service department which included several screenshots on March 22, 2019. A response was received 2 or 3 days later apologizing for delayed response and requesting more info. The requested info was provided and I have yet to receive a response as of April 2, 2019. Even after basically pleading for a response or resolution, I have not received any type of response. This incident raised 2 questions. 1)What other advertised items are not functioning correctly. 2)As a developer, wouldn’t it be a top priority to make sure the items you are advertising/selling, actually work? I’m going on a week now without so much as a follow up response from customer service (2 weeks total from date customer service was contacted). I clearly did not get the item that I paid real money for. I see a response on one of the reviews that claims how important customer service is to the devs of this game. I don’t see how this response time is acceptable on any platform. Given the nature of the incident and the fact that I’ve been given the runaround, I feel cheated. Fyi, the item mentioned in this review is still being offered and sold in the game. Do not get ripped off by this game!

the waterat

Customer service has been none for a game full of glitches. I can’t train or heal troops for months. No response from customer service. Advise to game elsewhere.


Game only has 2 states. Need to separate the bigs from the smalls


Been waiting for a pack for over 5 days now, not even an email or comment saying that they’re working on it. Customer service doesn’t respond. Very frustrating.


Great game, better than Mobile Strike. They actually fix their bugs in game and give u free gifts when they do. They don’t price u out of playing game like MS did with their cybers. More bang for ur buck in this game, cheap $19 packs 🙂👍


Pretty cool game


Purchased a pack. Didn’t get it for 3 days. Sent a ticket via feedback. Response was” need screen shot of receipt screen shot of the exact pack I purchased , linked email address and game user name. 3 days now and have not heard anything back since I provided the required info !!!


This developer is the worst. Don’t get responses to questions for weeks. when you do get a response it, they don’t really answer the question or address the issue. Don’t waste your money. Game is now down to only two states. Not much action.

x tumblr fan

Game started ok after mass exodus from MS. But in the end just had enough players for 2 states. One state allowed tile hitting and they killed all new and small players. Game developers don’t promote or advertise on Apple so this expensive game is dying. Each time we ask developers what they are doing to bring in new players they say it takes time. Many players leave the game each week. Finally software has big glitches that result in you not getting packs you pay for them the developers demand you supply photographic proof you pitched the pack rather than seeing it electronically. They delay and delay hoping u will give up. Bottom line: This game is a terrible value. Stay Away!


I injoy it a lot


Much better graphics than MS. Need better speeds in pack. I have sent a review quit asking lol Need to work on packs


Give away more Gold and speed ups. That’s what would make this game better. Also, there should be a limit on how many times a base’s commander can be captured. I’ve had my commander captured 14 times in a month. Also, players from other states are capturing commander’s and teleporting back to their home state with the captured commanders. If it is State 5 vs State 7, then any commander from a State 7 base captured by a base from State 5 should be released before the player from State 5 can teleport. Fun game but there are lots of cowardly players on here in my opinion.

Frank Allison

I like it. This game is pretty good.


I would highly recommend this game as a good starter to learn the fundamental base.


you’ll love it


Be wary buying packs. These thieves won’t give you bought. Sometimes it works buying, but when it doesn’t , they don’t return your money or your pack. 2 weeks and nothing, but them saying they’ll handle it.


Today is 9/26/2018 just opened my official mail it says there’s an update and gift if I do the update well I’m here and there’s no update.

this ap is bs

It wont let me collect the gift in my mail keeps redirecting me to the app store. Ive updated and everything

body count 1

They say they fix bugs but lie. U send screenshots of bases holding commanders with shields up and don’t respond back until event is over stay away will only get worse. Lag is so bad u will lose commander before screen turns red, really crap csr support to. They just cut and paste responses, u have been warned stay away if u value time and$.




This game is full of bullies who do nothing but constantly pursue and destroy small players accounts. These people are afraid to attack players of their same size. They are wallet warriors who feel that their enjoyment is all that matters. The developers do nothing to discourage this type of play as they are money only type of developer. Advise you to find other game to play and not play this one. Costs a lot of money to be able to grow.


Like it so far spent less then ms and just as fun with less drama


Sure, you can level up faster by buying a pack. But, you aren’t holding your alliance back if you don’t. The devs make it possible to grind this game to top level. Came here from Mobile Strike, definitely prefer this game.

cat lover in NC

Love the game lots of fun

Why they do that

No response from customer service! Game resets it’s self and i have to delete it then reinstall it! Dont play!!!!!!!!! Real waste of money


Glitchy game doesn’t always work. Developers rarely respond to problems and or fix and resolve their mistakes. Money grab not here to support the customer or provide what you pay for.


I’m constantly locked out of my account right when I need to exchange my shield. Seems like the developer’s way of ripping us off completely! We spend to build it then they allow us to be wiped out say oops sorry and never replace all that was lost. This game is horrible! I wish I could get my money back. What a waste!! I had tried to give this game a shot and played a while without a purchase. I made a couple small ones that were successful. So again I tried an in app purchase and I am getting no response from customer service after sending several tickets. It’s funny they say to post a ticket number here yet there is no ticket number. If I could post here I would post the screen shots showing the amount of times I’ve sent a ticket and got no response, a response months later that was unhelpful, and again no response. I have screen shots of Apple having a purchase pending, yet I received nothing. I have sent in all the screen shots as well. The customer service for this game is horrible. I would really like some help actually getting some help from them!

JDUB 001

Billed for 5 game packs and only received 1. I have sent numerous in game feedback with no response. This is a financial hardship for my family and I need reimbursement to my bank account ASAP!

Eminem is a balla

It’s a must get

x JAR x

Took five days for them to get back to me on this last ticket ! Just for them to not take credit for cliches . I tried to shield and game was lagging and wouldn’t not let me shield . Even tried backing out of game nothing would work . Don’t waste your money on this game We apologize for the inconvenience and the delayed response. In regards to your query, our team was able to verify that you didn’t have any issue when you were attacked. Battle Time: from 2018-08-04 00:47:24 UTC to 2018-08-04 13:45:52 UTC In 2018-08-04 00:35:54 UTC, you have canceled your Peace Shield by scouting other’s city. We didn’t find any records that a new peace shield was tried to use after the scout. We’re very sorry but we can’t compensate. Once again we thank you for the continuous support. Thank you very much and we hope that this does not discourage you from playing the game. Do not hesitate to contact us again should you encounter any issue within the game. Thank you for your cooperation. WG Support Team


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